Jimmyo and Malice Talk Chainsaws and Murderous Women

Hey there Darlings! Happy Sinful Sunday. Today marks the last day of the 7 Days of Sin photo shoot for the Psychotik Girls. Make sure you check that out after you read this! Today I have a wonderful interview with Jimmyo Burril. He’s responsible for Chainsaw Sally, The Good Sisters, and soon The Darling Clementines. I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know a bit about him since Fatality Fest in June. He’s a very talented guy with an equally talented partner. Yes his wife and partner in crime is none other than the very sexy Chainsaw Sally…April Burril. ((April is also an Honorary Psychotik Girl)) Let’s see what he had to say hmm?

Jimmyo and Malice Talk Chainsaws and Murderous Women

And here is a picture of Jimmyo Burril...for absolutely no reason at all...Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Phtography

Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Malice Psychotik: Let’s jump right on your next film The Darling Clementines Can you tell us a little about the film?

Jimmyo Burril: A very brutal film about family, sex, violence, religion, tradition. I’ve never seen a film like it…. I think it’s by far the most fucked up thing I’ve ever written. It stars the deadly sexy trio of Debbie Rochon, April Burril, and Nicole Rae.
Malice: Where does this film get its roots from? What inspired it?

Jimmyo: I wanted to create my own Texas Chainsaw… something that for the times was still edgy, and scary. I wanted to make people uncomfortable…. I wanted to make them squirm in their seat… and so I went to one of our last taboos and wrote an in-depth study of an isolated family, who wants to endure… no matter the cost of their victims. Also, as usual for me, it’s a role reversal. The females are the aggressors… the men are the victims.

Malice: What type of run do you expect for the film? Do you have plans for a theatrical release or are you going to just see where it takes you?

Jimmyo: I would be surprised if we got theatrical, of course I would love one, but I expect it to go the way of American Mary or Hatchet.


Malice: Are there any parts of the film you think you are going to have to reign yourself in on, or are you going to go all out no holds barred?

Jimmyo: No, I’m all done with the reigning myself in. I will tell the story as it needs to be told… no more no less.

Malice: I find it interesting that films like this normally are male driven. What pushed you to make it an all female antagonist type film?

Jimmyo: I could tell you a bunch of reasons why… or why not.. but if I take away the PC explanation, the real answer is that I dig powerful women. That’s it.

Malice: I would feel remiss in my duties of I did not ask about Chainsaw Sally. Are you still planning on doing more with Chainsaw Sally?

Jimmyo: As long as April and I are making films, there will be more Sally. We have a good bit ready… for either a movie or a show…. She will be back!

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: Do you think a horror movie can be done well on a PG-13 rating? Would you ever try one?

Jimmyo: Sure I think they can… a scare is a scare… doesn’t need language or nudity to get that. Seems the MPAA is more concerned with boobs than blood, so yeah… I think it could be done. I would try to do one if I gave a single shit about the MPAA… but I do not take kindly to secret self-appointed censors.

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: What is your favorite type of scare tactic in a film?

Jimmyo: Surprise!… set up… misdirection… and surprise. It’s actually the same formula for comedy…. Just a different pay off.

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: What is it like being married to THE Chainsaw Sally?

Jimmyo: This Halloween is our 15th wedding anniversary… We’ve had ZERO arguments, and I have ZERO complaints. She is a great wife, mother, best friend, and great at all of the other benefits that come with that package.

Malice: Where can my Freaky Darlings pick up some sweet Chainsaw Sally stuff?

Jimmyo: Since we are mostly self-distributed, the best place to get our goodies… signed…etc. Is

Make sure you all run out and get a hold of Chainsaw Sally stuff and anything else you can. Talented people deserve to know they are. Don’t think there is a single thing you wouldn’t want. We will keep an eye out for you on this film and anything else Jimmyo has to offer.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


A Moment with J.Larose

Hey there Freaky Darlings! working out of a funk is hard work! I’ve got three more interviews left from Fatality Fest to show you. This next one comes from possibly one of the nicest guys I’ve met on the convention circuit. Not to say he’s the only nice one, but that is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when you meet him. Mr. J. Larose it is! Fantastic finally getting to sit down with him. He was one I always promised I would make it to him and get him on the site. I met his some years back at a show when all he really had under his belt was Saw 3. We had just met Shawnee Smith and walked past his table when he just kind of flagged us down and started chatting. We do look interesting in public! He was very nice. He signed us an autograph with the most words I’d ever seen a celeb write and was just pleased to chat with a fan. Flashing forward 6 years, here I am at Fatality Fest and there  J is…i got my chance. Let’s get into this baby huh?

The nicest guy you'll ever meet!

The nicest guy you’ll ever meet!

A Moment with J. Larose

Malice Psychotik:  I want to ask you first about Saw 3. How did you come across the role? Did they find you or did you seek it out?

J. Larose: Actually the Director of Saw 2, 3, and 4, Darren Lynn Bouseman, I’ve known him for many, many years. He came out of Full Sail Film School around the same time I started dabbling in acting.  I auditioned for a student film he was doing on his way out of school. He cast me in the lead of this short he was doing and we just became fabulous friends.  We are like brothers, talk everyday type thing. Then he moved out to LA. spent some years struggling out there till he hit it big with Saw 2. He couldn’t really bring me in on Saw 2, because he was a nobody at the time. Then when they offered him Saw 3, he introduced me to the producers and that kind of got my foot in the door. They OK’d me, and I worked really hard to make it good. I didn’t want to make him look bad, like they made the wrong choice. The scene came out brilliant and that’s how that all came about.

This looks sooooo painful!

This looks sooooo painful!

M: The makeup job for that scene was fantastic. Did you have any pain or difficulty when you put it on. I know the loops in the limbs were probably easy to do. But that mouth one looks like it couldn’t have been that pleasant to have on.

J: The makeup artists were brilliant on the film. I believe they have done all of them if not most. They’re just true artists. The jaw piece was actually fairly simple. One end connected to my jaw and the other end, it was like a C hook, fit in my mouth. But they coated it with rubber and tried to make it as comfortable as possible. After 10 hours in my mouth it was bit irritating but it looked awesome. Everything else was just real practical. No CGI. It was a bit creepy. I remember looking down, it was about a 3 and half hour makeup job with two people working on me, and I look down and see the ones in both my heels. There was like a flush came over me because my brain is telling me “that should freaking hurt!” and it doesn’t. So I got a little teetery on that one.


M: And that is how you know you have a great effects artist! Plays with your head! Moving on, let’s talk about Repo! The Genetic Opera. I remember hearing about this and you were supposed to play Pavi Largo. Why did things get changed?

J: Originally we had done a trailer for it. Darren still had access to some of the crew. We had done him a favor and did a trailer for Repo! To kind of get some finance for it and show them what it was. So at the time I did the Pavi role. It was a far cry from what it ended up being. I kind of looked like Michael Jackson…after the surgery. Of course it’s a rock opera, so they were trying to bring in people from the music business to get attention. Somehow they had access to Ogre from Skinny Puppy, and he ultimately ended up playing the role. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to play him, but I totally get it. A musical is hard to get going as it is and he brought this whole fan base with him. He’s really great we ended up becoming good friends. It’s a great project though. It’s something I’m very proud of, even though I have a very small role. It’s still a gas and I’m proud to be a part of it.

M: Next I’m going to talk about Insidious. I’ll go ahead and be honest, I was not a big fan of that film. I think the over-hype killed it for me. But I will say your ghost in that movie was the most impressive. At least scarier than the main one. What went into that role?

J: I’m very proud of that one too. What a gas of a project. James Wan was the director of that film. He was the director on the very first Saw film and that’s kind of how we met. He approached me and told me “Hey I got this character. This sort of ‘fiendy’ character.” I was like, “Cool man.” and we did it. When it came out it was hugely succesful. Especially when you figure in it was done on a low-budget. It did really well, but it was kind of because of by word of mouth. It didn’t get a huge publicity thing before it came out. I think the goal was they wanted to prove, “Hey I can scare you but without using buckets of blood and chopping off a limb.” So they made this PG-13 movie and it’s pretty darn scary.  A lot of people were apprehensive to the idea that it was PG-13. Sort of like why bother go see it. I’ve had so many people though come up to me and say “Hey man, you scared the hell out of me!” And I’m so glad that my character was very effective and memorable. That’s why when I look at a role, I don’t look at how many lines I have or how much screen time. I say to my self, “Are they going to remember this?”

M: Will we see a return of the big bad fiend in Insidious 2?

J: I don’t know man. we will just have to wait and see. I know it comes out in September so..

M: Let’s talk…Devils Carnival. I’m loving this film. I can’t wait for the next one. You don’t get to see much of your character, but I’m very interested in more. Care to talk a little about it?

J: Well it’s not really meant to be a one shot thing. There are going to be other parts to it. I’m part of this Carnival. I’m the band leader. Every Carnival has a band right? Well I’m the leader. It’s a background character, but it’s part of the family. I’m hoping one day I’ll get the main stage as they make more. I keep digging at Darren, “Come on give me a song in it!” It’s real fun though. I got to wear this awesome mustache and a uniform. AND I got to direct the band, so it’s all good.

Does interviewing the interview-er from Repo! count as inception?

Does interviewing the interview-er from Repo! count as inception?

M: Last I heard, Devils Carnival 2 was still seeking funding. Any word on when that project is going to move forward?

J: I’m not really privy to all of that. I’ve heard a few things. It’s all about funding though. It always comes down to the money. Also it’s more a passion project than it is a business one. Terrance and Darren have to make time for it too. They have that and meanwhile have to continue doing feature films. All the other people also are doing this out of love for the project. They aren’t doing it for the money. Their isn’t really any money involved. So you have to coordinate all of these peoples schedules too. It’s a scheduling challenge/nightmare as well.

M: Do you have anything else coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

J: I actually had a bit of a disappointment recently. I was supposed to be in this film Now You See Me. Kind of a heist film, not horror related. I saw that my scene was cut out! I still got like a second of screen time. Sort of a background thing. But the director, awesome guy, he reached out to me ahead of time. He told me they had to cut time and he just wanted to give me the heads up on my scene. It’s going to get a release on Bluray so it will eventually be able to be seen. I still got to work with Mark Ruffalo, and it was such a pleasure. I’m such a fan of his work. I shot something last year called Wind Walkers. Sort of a spiritual type Native American movie. That was a blast. Really Great script. I think that one is in post-production right now.  I’m working on a film right now called Paymon. Sort of a devil/ghost horror movie. More ghosty than horrory. Anthony DiBlasi is directing that. He’s done stuff like Dread and Midnight Meat Train. I’ve worked with him before and he’s a great guy. We right in the middle of production right now. So it’s a bit early to tell when that one is coming out. That’s kind of what I got cooking right now.

Isn’t he great guys and ghouls? Such a talented guy and humble as hell! Always a pleasure meeting this guy. You see him at a con, you be sure to stop by and say hello. Most appreciative of his fans indeed and never disappoints. Be sure to keep an eye out for more interviews. Been a long time since June, but life has a way of turning things upside down. I have a lot more in store for you all in the month of October. You won’t want to miss a beat!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Introducing Bloody Bombshell Entertainment

Hey there Darlings! What a fine day it is. The kick off for October has begun. Halloween is officially 30 days away. The Summer is over, now bring on the fall. Officially this begins my Holiday season. I’m just so excited….and you all should be too. This month I’m going to try to do things right. Do it like I’ve never done before. I have a lot of things in store for you all, but before I get into that I have some big news. No I’m not going to address the Government Shut Down. That is totally too depressing and I make it a point not to get in between a pissing match. I think we all learned our lesson with R.Kelly I’ll Thank You! ((Look at that an R.Kelly joke..heehee!)) No, my news today comes from one of our good friends. Ladies and Gentleman…Boys and Girls…Children of all ages…It is with great pleasure I present to you….of Fatality Films, Fatality Fest, The Psychotik Girls, and proud new owner of a brand spanking new BLOODY BOMBSHELL ENTERTAINMENT!!! Andrea Albin everyone! Yes, I have for you an interview with our fine lady about her new company and the direction it’s going etc. Very exciting news indeed…but don’t take my word for it…READ!!!
Malice Psychotik: This past year has been such a roller coaster for you. So many things going on…Andrea hun, how do you keep your sanity in it all?
Andrea Albin: I was insane to begin with, so keeping my sanity has never been an option. 
Just teasing! The thing I’ve learned with everything that’s happened as of recent is that I have to prioritize. That’s honestly what keeps me sane. After my car accident in July, I had to take a step back and think about what was important- and in that experience I began to apply that way of thinking to everything I did, from scheduling my day to even house chores. Honestly the accident brought me down to Earth and taught me that I can’t do everything, as much as I’d like to, and it’s given me the opportunity to evaluate how I operate both personally and professionally. 
Oh- and a combination of yoga and coffee. Well, as much yoga as one can do with a post-car accident body. 
MP: Well you have recently announced some big news for the future of your company, You’ve went from ADA Management to Bloody Bombshell Entertainment. How are the two companies different? What influenced you to make the change?
AA: The accident really forced me to approach life differently. Prior to that moment, I had been trying to do it all- and it just wasn’t working. I was overwhelmed, unhappy, and something had to give. When I was up to the challenge, my team and I sat down and discussed what we wanted to do and where we wanted to take the company. You have to understand, ADA Management Group was my baby. I brought her to life and I’ve had her for seven years, so the decision to make such a huge change was tough. Still is. However, we weren’t doing our clients any good, production was at a standstill, and we weren’t giving the conventions the attention they needed to succeed. Thus, we chose to open a new company where we could focus on my love of production and our incredible fan conventions- two areas my team and I are slightly obsessed with. ADA Management Group was primarily a management firm, managing careers on several levels, while Bloody Bombshell Entertainment is going to focus on film and live event production. This is my new baby, and I’m looking forward to raising her. I’ve heard a lot of bullshit as far as why we closed ADA, and what we’re doing to move forward- and my only answer to the negativity is that until you’ve owned your own company, built a brand, and had to make a change for your own success- there’s no room to form an opinion. Being an entrepreneur regardless of the industry is a tough road, but one that some of us choose to take. I see Bloody Bombshell Entertainment becoming a huge force; and I’m happy to lead the charge. 
MP: Fatality Films is working with Jimmyo Burril on the upcoming The Darling Clementines. What got you involved with the film? What stands out to you?
AA: I’ve been a HUGE Chainsaw Sally fan since high school, so the opportunity to work with both Jimmyo and his beautiful partner in crime April was a dream come true. The two of them approached me through word of mouth and we connected by way of career management. Now that our focus is shifting, we’re taking them with us on this journey and turning our love of Sally into a new venture, soon to be unleashed as The Darling Clementines. Jimmyo sent me the script months ago and we decided it would be something we could both collaborate on and bring to life. As a film producer, I look for scripts that challenge me as a cinema nerd, and this is a script that really turned me on. It’s sexual, brutal, dramatic- everything that one could hope for in a horror film. I see big things for the project and I’m honored to be serving as Executive Producer.
MP: Fatality Films is also connected to Scott Spiegles new feature WRATH. What about this project has you excited?
AA: One of ADA Management Group’s clients, Alex Sosin, gave us the script years ago when he jumped on board for career management. A former friend had introduced us and he brought several incredible stories to the table- WRATH being one of them. I went out on a limb last year and sent the script to Scott, who immediately fell in love. The first thing he said to me was “Andrea, I HAVE to direct this.” He started piecing together his cast, what he wanted visually, and before I knew it the three of us were sitting at a table at Cheesecake Factory in West Palm Beach charting out what our year, 2014, was going to be like with this film. It was one of those awe-inspiring moments I can’t even begin to describe- seeing a director with his screenwriter discussing the visuals of a film that I know is going to take the horror genre by storm. I’m excited because this will be Fatality Film’s debut feature and I get to work with a legend on the project. It’s also going to be amazing to see Alex’s story come to life and his dreams come true. It couldn’t have happened to a better person, honestly. 
MP: Let’s talk con business…You have 4 shows planned for 2014. 2 of those shows had to be moved from this past September and October so you can heal. What can we expect for these upcoming shows? How are you going to tear the roof off and make people remember your name?
AA: There are going to be a LOT of positive changes in store for our 2014 shows. Our website is getting a facelift right now, and we’re making official date announcements soon. I want Fatality Fest to be different and after learning a lot from our show in June, I’m ready to implement my own crazy ideas into our business plan. I don’t want to give too much away, but our upcoming conventions are going to take the world by storm because there is NOTHING out there like what I’m about to do. We’ve gotten a lot of negativity from the con industry, and to put it bluntly- my team and I just don’t give a fuck. We’re there to have fun and entertain while doing it. Fatality Fest is for the FANS. For cinema. And for the better good of the horror genre and the geek con culture. 
MP: Have any guests in mind?
AA: A few- but we’re still working out some details before we make any commitments. I just know that the guest list will be planned strategically and will implement the new chaos that we’re bestowing upon the world. 
MP: Are there any projects going on currently that you would like to get Fatality Films or Bloody Bombshell on board for? Or maybe a Director you want to start a project with?
AA: I’m living the dream right now. I can’t say at this moment that there’s a director or producer I’d specifically want to do a project with because I am doing it with those that I admire. We have only announced two films for 2014, when in reality our production slate houses nearly 20 different projects. My team and I are excited to continue offering you guys teasers, releases and so much more over the next several months. I have no doubt that 2014 will be our year. 
MP: Out-of-Hat question: What is your opinion of the Zombie craze? Some people think it’s a good thing having Zombies brought into pop culture and mainstream media…Some on the other hand think that it will only hurt the horror genre. That it will do nothing but produce tired drawn out films that will discredit the horror genre as a whole…Where do you stand?
AA: I hate zombies. I really do- there isn’t a single zombie film out there that has ever impressed me. Do I find them enjoyable? Yes. Do I think they play an important part in the horror genre? Absolutely. But I don’t like them personally. I’m involved with a zombie film right now, but it’s because I have faith in the team and the script is actually very, very good- but most people who know me know I’m about done with The Walking Dead, I respect George Romero but I can’t stand most of his films, and I’m over watching virus-infected creatures attacking people. I think that it’s cool they’ve gone ‘mainstream,’ they’re just not my thing. 
MP: Out-of-Hat question: How on Earth, Heaven, and Asgard have you managed not to have your soul sucked out through your eyes…chewed up…and spat back in your butt-hole by Grand Theft Auto V?
AA: I am the master of all things that cross my Xbox. There is no video game that can claim me; for I am invincible when it comes to that… ESPECIALLY Grand Theft Auto. 
MP: Sort of Out-Of-Hat question,but sort of not…Do you prefer an effect be done by CGI or do you prefer it to be done practical effects?
AA: Practical effects are the way to go; but I know that CGI has its place. I’m old school- I was raised on films that didn’t have a bunch of souped up special effects and computer bullshit. I was raised on horror films that had integrity when it came to their special effects team; not computer inserted blood. I want to see and feel the corn syrup. I want to know that the actors were really covered in guts. I think that practical effects are much more difficult to achieve, especially in terms of realism- and that’s what makes them so damn cool. I know that in my career CGI will eventually become my friend, but I’d like to see what we can do first before turning on our computers. 
So we have lots of things to look forward to huh? SOOOOOO excited. I can’t wait to follow both of these projects and many more to come. I have a lot more in store for you all. So stay tuned. Check the links at the bottom of the page and follow us on your favorite flavor of social network. We are on Twitter and Facebook. I promise you don’t want to miss a thing. You don’t want to have to sing that song from Armageddon do you?
Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

Chatting it up with Ernie Hudson

Hey there Darlings! Been a while I know. Lot’s of crazy busy stuff. Family gone crazy, Seras get’s a mortal job, the little Psychotik figured out how to vaporate, and some how a Carnivorous Raglefant Troll from my laboratory. By the way if you live in Florida and see this very large creature with very large teeth…I advise you to run as fast as you can. Getting back to business, I have a very special interview to hand over. At Fatality Fest back in June I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Ernie Hudson. I was thrilled! This man is in two of my top all favorite movies of all time. It was such an honor to meet such a film icon. So get the proton packs ready, and don’t cross the streams….

Chatting it up with Ernie Hudson

Photo by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Photo by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Malice Psychotik: You are in my top 2 favorite films, The Ghostbusters and The Crow. But your career goes a lot further than that. Do you have any personal favorites out of all the movies you have done?

Ernie Hudson: No I just like to work and some films turn out a little better than others but I just enjoy working. The Ghostbusters  movies, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Congo, The Crow I love those. You always put your best in and some turn out good and some don’t.

MP: One of the biggest debates between Ghostbusters fans is, which one is better 1 or 2.  Was there one that you liked better?

EH: I think the first movie was more original. I think it was actually a great movie. The second one was more family friendly but not as creative. So for different reasons I like them both but I just thought the first was really out of the box and just really original. The second one wasn’t as original but little kids find it much more accessible.


MP: The video game, what sort of experience was it? You guys hadn’t been together in so long.

EH: Yeah I think we all love the franchise and we all got together. I was happy and surprised they got Bill Murray to do it. But they did.  It was nice to come together again and put something out there for the fans. I wish we could have followed through and did the third movie. That has yet to happen but it was great being a part of the game and it turned out to be very popular with the fans and that’s good.

MP: You mentioned Ghostbusters 3. I know you can’t really trust most movie buzz going around but have you heard of a script or anything in the works?

EH: No I hear from time to time from Danny Aykroyd. I talk to all the guys including Ivan Reitman so I think everyone wants it to happen but getting everyone to agree on exactly what, that’s been the problem. I hope they can pull it together. I think the fans have been great, supportive and I think they are ready for it. They would love to see it.

MP: I had looked through your IMDB and saw a little known fact that you were up for the role of The Master in “Doctor Who”. How did you come across that? Are you a big “Doctor Who” fan?

EH: Not a real big fan. I mean I’m aware of the franchise and I had heard that I was being considered but of course it never happened. I think Eric Roberts ended up doing the part. But that would have been nice, would have been fun. Then when they did “Torchwood” which is an American spinoff, they asked me to be a part of that if the series went but the series didn’t go. But it would have been fun to be a part of that.


MP: What do you think you would have brought to the role of The Master? The Master’s character is such a sinister villain and you tend to play a heroic, very nice guy. What depth do you think you could have added to the character?

EH: Well I think nice guys make the best villains and sometimes the villains can make the best nice guys. I think it’s very hard for an actor to get locked into a certain thing. I have done a number of movies where you play the other side. It’s always interesting and I think it would have been an interesting challenge to give that character a different dimension. Obviously me and Eric Roberts are two very different people. I love his work but it would have been interesting to explore that.

MP: I have noticed that in your roles you play a police officer a lot. In Miss Congeniality you play the director of the FBI, The Crow you play Sergeant Albrecht, and there have been several others. Is that a personal preference for you?

EH: No, most actors don’t really get into personal preferences. You take the jobs that are there and available in front of you. Actors talk about well I turned this down and most actors don’t turn anything down. There’s not that much work out there. A lot of times people will take my voice, my physique I’m sure it probably comes off very authoritative and that translates into authoritarian roles. Be it a principal, warden, whatever. The FBI guy, the CIA guy and so I think that’s where a lot of that comes from. I have been very fortunate  to play other roles. I think it has more to do with physicality than anything. I try to be as flexible and try as many different things as I can.

MP: I read that you like writing. What sort of things do you like to write? Screenplays, short stories, etc.

EH: I started out as a play write. I got a scholarship to Yale as a play writing student back in the 70’s. I still write. I’m working on Jack Johnson the first black heavyweight champion “One Man Show” I’m writing that. Still working on the script but hopefully I can get that out there soon. Writing was very much a part of my life for a while. Then I sort of got more involved in acting trying to raise my family. But now that I have more time, I want to get into that side of my career.

MP: I had one question about The Crow but I know usually that is a tender subject. Do you mind?

EH: No, no! Whatever it doesn’t matter. The Crow, if it was going to be Brandon’s last movie I am very happy that I was there and I have nothing but great love and respect for him and his memory. So I don’t have a problem talking about it.

"You still have your hat on." -Eric Draven "The Crow"

“You still have your hat on.” -Eric Draven “The Crow”

MP: How did you come across the role of Albrecht?

EH: Well, I’m sure Brandon probably had a lot to do with it. I had known him for about 8 years and I know he wanted me to play that role. I thought it was a great role! I liked the character. I don’t think any actor knows how they get anything. How they got this part, that part. Maybe some who could say I got this from who knows what. As an actor, you’re out there and you try to get the role. I can’t honestly say Brandon got me the role. It could be any number of reasons.

MP: Did you ever read the comic books before you took the role?

EH: No. When I was a kid I read the Marvel comic books and some of the DC stuff but I’m not really into it. I was a single parent at 19. I raised 2 sons and so most of my life has been trying to keep a roof over their head. I never was much into the comics. I never read The Crow. Obviously once I got the role I got into it but not before.

MP: One last question just kind of out there. Fitting with Ghostbusters, do you actually believe in ghosts?

EH: I believe in the possibility. I can’t sit here and tell you that I saw a ghost clearly last night and they said to say hello. I think there are other dimensions around us that we are yet to understand or even be able to comprehend. It’s like a computer. If you have one of those old computers that are very limited, it can’t process the newer stuff. Because it doesn’t have the capability. We have 5 senses and that’s it. I believe the universe is infinite so who knows how many other senses there are. In our realm of 5 senses it doesn’t exist. I think it would be very foolish to believe there is not something else going on. So I believe in the possibility but it’s not something that I go around in pursuit of. I’m not fascinated by it. I figure sooner or later we’ll all know for sure.

The Psychotik Family and Ernie Hudson

The Psychotik Family and Ernie Hudson

Wasn’t that just….OH MY GOD ERNIE HUDSON!!! Well I got that out. I really do hope I never loose that light when I meet a celebrity for the first time. Such a good feeling. The ironic thing is of course in most cases I’ve met the actually character they portrayed. That is a story for another time though Darlings. One does not explain the multiverse in one sitting…Tomorrow I will have so HHN 23 updates. Catch you up on all that has happened. I ask all of you to keep Andrea Albin of ADA Management and Promoter of Fatality Fest in your thoughts, prayers, or what ever you do individually to send good vibes. She was in a car accident last night. Now from what I hear, she is okay. She just needs some recoup time. I’ll keep you all posted. She’s a fighter though! That lass has got a lot of moxie and I don’t think she will let this keep her down for long. Get better soon Andrea…

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Cthulhu Save the Queen…The Scream Queen Jessica Cameron

Hey there, Darlings! All of you I’m sure by now are very familiar with the indie film, Mr. Hush. So far I’ve interviewed nearly the entire main cast. I’m only missing two in my collection (yes I collect interviews and you should all be so lucky I don’t collect humans. The reason I don’t? Have to feed and shelter you…Apparently humans don’t like a crystal box on the high shelf…hmm…) at Fatality Fest, I added one more to my list. None other than Scream Queen Jessica Cameron! She is a real jewel Darlings! I urge you if she is at a show that you are at, stop by. She acts, she directs, she produces, she writes, she makes jewelry….She is the horror communities equivalent to a freakin’ Barbie!  We didn’t just talk Hush though…no we chatted about some other very cool things she had in the works. Top Hats on Darlings! Have a shot of Jager…

Cthulhu Save the Queen…The Scream Queen

Jessica Cameron


Malice Psychotik: How many films have you done?

Jessica Cameron: I have done currently over 70 different independent projects. That includes web series, tv shows (both network and non), I have done pilots, independent films, pretty much if you can shoot it, I’ve done it. Except for porn. That is available for viewing haha!

MP: One film you have done is Mr. Hush. How did you come across this film?

JC: Mr. Hush, I came across the Facebook page and I loved the story that I saw. I reached out to David and said I would love to be involved. He looked at my reel and we made an offer and I was just thrilled! I had so much fun. David is such a passionate filmmaker and he had this awesome original story. I think it is so special, to me. It really is a special little film. I love David Madison, his lovely wife and his gorgeous little child. She played my daughter in the movie. They’re just really good people. You know when you meet people and you’re like “you are good people”. They are good people and they made a good movie. And I can’t wait to see what they do next.

MP: What were some stories from the set? Anything happen?

JC: I was only in the movie for 5 days which is 3 weeks. But it was a really good set. I think it was really lighthearted. Our DP Jack Schaefer was awesome. There is a great scene where two of the leads are at the bridge and the camera angle is from the center point of view. And it was funny because the DP really wanted to get the shot and David really wanted it as well but then David was like “You know what, I’m concerned because we can’t get the shot.” We didn’t have a crane we actually had to hike up and down these hills. It took like 20 minutes to get to the location so we had to bring minimal equipment. And our DP was like “Screw it! This is why we have insurance.” He took his red camera and walked out across the rocks like in thigh high water to get the shot. At one point right after we were done shooting and when he went to come in, he actually slipped and fell. And the camera went up in the air in his hands and it really wasn’t too far  above the water.


MP: What other films do you have coming out that everyone should keep an eye out for?

JC: Well my directorial debut which is Truth Or Dare which I am phenomenally excited about. It’s my first time directing and I actually co-wrote the script. It is a very brilliant, beautiful, twisted, crazy torture flick. So it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs. If you have a weak stomach then don’t watch this movie. It’s not the movie for you.

MP: I love those movies!

JC: I know right?! That’s what I think. But you know initially I didn’t want to direct it. I wanted to find a director and half the people we approached were like “it’s too much Jessica. Tone it down.” And I was like no! You’re not changing my story. Why do I have to tone it down? You’re not a studio and I’m not getting studio money. They were like “People are going to be offended.” And I’m like so what? I have never met a horror fan who would hold against the filmmaker that they were offended. They just turn it off. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool. I get it. But you know what? I don’t care. This is my thing. I made a story that I love. That I think is relative to society and I made it as bloody and gory and insane as the story needed to be. I definitely think we are going to offend some people and people are going to walk out and I’m cool with that. This is my warning! If you have a weak stomach, this is not a movie for you. If you have a delicate moral sensibility, this is not a movie for you. We push all of those boundaries and that’s what I love about it. And if you don’t, no problem.

MP: Just looking at the picture you have on your table and you said its real gorey, how many buckets of blood do you think you used in this film?

JC: I have no idea! I know we went through about half of our expense budget was basically just blood. Those of you who don’t know, you can make cheap blood or you can make expensive blood. We actually made the really, really good stuff and we made it all from scratch. We actually kept it on camera the whole time before we settled on one because we wanted to make sure the blood looked really good and believable. You know it’s a very fine line. Blood on camera has to be minimally redder than real life to show up properly. Because real blood in real life goes into this brownish color and doesn’t ? on camera. But you don’t want to make it too much where it looks like red paint.

MP: Can you give us a short run down of the film?

JC: Well it essentially centers around a group of 6 kids who met in college during a marketing program. They have a Truth Or Dare Youtube channel. Their number one fan decides he wants to play their game but he’s got a few rules of his own. Things start to go horribly awry. It actually started with Derek, our protagonist, the ubber fan, he’s actually based off an actor we all know. You know that guy who is desperate to be famous to have people love him and to have friends. He wants to belong. That’s kind of where we started. We were like what would make that guy snap? I live in L.A. I know that guy. I know tons of that guy. What would make that man snap? Well let’s put him in front of these 6 kids who stumbles upon internet fame. They haven’t worked for it and they don’t really appreciate it and they’re not cherishing it. You know what would make him go to that breaking point.

MP: That sounds like an awesome movie! Can’t wait to see it when it comes out. So is there anything awesome going on in the horror community that you want to be a part of?

JC: The Soska sisters! I think they’re brilliant. I think they are revolutionary. I love their sense of being, their brilliance and determination and everything they do. For me, American Mary was one of the top 3 films of last year. I think everyone who is a horror fan should see it. They NEED to see it. It is a brilliant film. So I’m definitely a huge fan of them. They also happen to be women from Canada. And what’s cooler than that? They are also some of the most humble people you are going to meet. I am a big big fan of that. I don’t like people who have an attitude. I don’t like people who are dramatic. I just want to make movies. So those girls are everything I love about independent filmmaking. So anything that they are involved with I am a huge supporter and hopefully we’ll get to work together. I’ve also got Intrusive Behavior coming out which is a Florida based film. I was actually here last week for the premier. I can’t wait for the world to see it! It is a really great film. It’s actually where I met in person, Heather Dorf. I had known her for a long time in the independent scene and I met her in person and Heather Dorf blew me away! Her performances are unbelievable! That’s how I cast her in Truth Or Dare. I also have coming out Clone City 2064. It is a film that I produced and also have a small role in. It’s set in a futuristic world where we all have clones and someone is killing off one of the detectives clones. So we just signed to distributor so this is new too. I haven’t been public before but thank you for allowing press on that. We have a lot of interest and a lot of feed. I think it’s a really great story and should be shown.

MP: Well thank you for sitting down for the interview. It’s nice to add another member of the Hush family 🙂


How was that, huh? Jessica is the best kind of people and I hope to be seeing more of her around these parts. Truth or Dare looks bad ass. Can’t wait! That’s it for now Darlings. Still have a lot for you all to look forward too. I’ll see if I can drum up a little HHN 23 news for you too…

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Quoth the Raven….

Hey there Darlings! Of all the interviews I’ve done, I never dreamed I would get to sit down with a legend of pro-wrestling. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and this next interview was with one of my favorites. A Two time ECW World Heavyweight Champion…an impressive 39 time WWE Hardcore Champion…the one…the only…RAVEN! I got a little too excited, and sort of choked  back a little. But the man still did a great interview, and gave me some pretty good advice. The little Psychotik loved him to death, it was awesome. You didn’t tune in though to see me talk about that…you came to read an interview. Top Hats on Darlings…

Quoth the Raven…


Malice: In your early career you had a couple different names and you made the switch to Raven. What made you decide to switch your persona to Raven?

Raven: That’s who I wanted to be. You know you get stuck with personas because the companies want to give you stuff and with ECW I was allowed to come up with my own thing.

M: You were able to compete in all major wrestling federations WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW,  TNA out of all of those, which one gave the best experience?

R: ECW and Portland Wrestling.

M: As wrestling changed over the years, do you think it was better then or now?

R: I don’t watch it now so I have no idea. I would assume by the ratings it was better then.

M: What do you think, in your opinion, was the reason WCW kind of  fell to the way side?

R: There are too many reasons. It would take me too long to discuss it.


M: One thing I had looked up, you held the hardcore title 27 times…

R: No, actually it’s  39

M: Really? Which they still hailed you as the most reigns with one title. Did you ever look back on that and think ‘I held that record?’

R: Nah I don’t look back on anything. That is in the past. You gotta live in the now.

M: I used to love watching the hardcore matches. What went into those? It’s kind of hard to fake getting thrown into a brick wall, getting hit in the head with a chair, trash can or kendo stick.

R: What you see is what it is. There is no other way to describe it. I mean you know the creativity was usual mine. Well obviously my opponent had input too but I tried to make mine more creative than everyone else and add more psychology so mine would stand out.

M: What have you done in your career that you are most proud of?

R: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I really don’t know. Probably being successful at it. When I got in the business, I was the smallest guy in the business. The fact that I was able to make it and have such a long running career after consistently burning so many bridges and being so small comparatively. Now I’m 6’2  when I started I was 5’11 220 at the most. When I was all roided out I was 220 so I never lifted weights after 160.  My graduation weight and Jericho’s, I mean I’m much bigger than Jericho but he graduated high school at 185, I graduated at 160. And that was after 2 years of lifting so you could imagine how small I was. And I didn’t have any abs so I was small with a thick waist.  The fact I was able to make it with my size and lack of athleticism speaks volumes I think.

M: Of all the things you brought to the ring, what was your favorite?

R: The Frankenstein doll or the ficus plant

M: So you had a storyline that was offered to you on Sunday Night Heat involving the Seven Deadly Sins…can you tell us a bit about that?

R: No they didn’t offer it. I came up with it. They botched it. One of the best storylines I ever came up with but they never let me do it right. And so it just never happened but what I had originally created was so fantastic, so brilliant, so clever.

M: What advice would you have for a young start-up into the business?

R: Wrestle in High School, Wrestle in collage…they like that. Get abs, they like abs. The leaner you look the better. It’s not about style anymore it’s about appearances. Eddie Guerrero was 180 lbs but he looked like he was 230. He wasn’t very tall but his build made him look much bigger. Don’t get me wrong much guys are a lot bigger. He just happened to be a smaller guy that looked bigger. Then you got guys like Billy Gunn who are legitimately 6′ 5″  and 280 lbs shredded. Anyway, just do that and watch as much wrestling as you can.

M: Last question, one of the most controversial moments of your career was when you crucified Sandman on ECW. After you did the deed, you were then made to go out and apologize. My question is, would you have done it differently or not at all in hind sight?

R: Of course I would have done it, it was brilliant! The only reason there was controversy was because Kurt Angle was there. If he wouldn’t have been there, if they hadn’t been trying to recruit him, there would have been no controversy. it would have gone over like it was supposed to, I wouldn’t have had to go out and apologize. It would have worked like a charm. But because Kurt Angle was there, he got pissed. Then Tazz and some others jumped on the band wagon. Normally they wouldn’t have said anything, or if they did it would have been in private. It had the right effect though. There was just a hush over the crowd, everyone was silent. But it was a good kind of silence. But whatever you know, it happens…

M: I actually read a comment that went something like, “Well why didn’t you tie him to a Star of David?” and you answered, “Well then we would had to roll him out of the ring!”

R: No it would have rolled away on its own. It wouldn’t have had the symbolism. it had nothing to do with religion. It was all symbolic.

M: so it’s not about the religion or the politics it’s about the message basically…

R: Yeah, you know I was the martyr for societies dysfunction and so I was going to make Sandman feel my pain..that’s all…which we would have explained as the story went but we didn’t get a chance to because it got kabosched.

Did you like all of that? I loved it! Not often do I get struck fanboy style. This was one time for sure. But you know, the advice he gave me caused me to hit the rest of the interviews with a ferocious vengeance. A lot of other people that weekend thought he was a bit grumpy. But to me, I thought he was him. He was a legend in the flesh. Real great with kids. Jazzy loved him. He made a new fan. Stay tuned Darlings…we have a Scream Queen up next!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Breaking Twilight: a Sit Down with Rick Mora and Judith Shekoni

What’s shakin’ Freaky Darlings!? Have I got a treat for you., especially you out there that like Twilight. Hell, even if you don’t you should love this? Why? Well other than it is on Encyclopedia Psychotika…the BEST place for madness anywhere… Rick Mora and Judi Shekoni are two awesome people, who gave me one epic interview. It was so fun getting to sit down with them and just talk. I could have went on and on with these two…but…I had to pull back a bit. In case you don’t know, Rick played the Quileute in the flash back sequence with the Cullens in the first movie. Judith played the Amazon Vampire, Zafrina. Seriously, this was one of the funnest interviews I’ve done. Like I said, like the films or not…you should still love these two people. Stand up act. But hey…don’t take my word for it…READ THE INTERVIEW!!!

Breaking Twilight: a Sit Down with Rick Mora and Judith Shekoni

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Malice Paychotik: General question for the both of you. What are your feelings on the phenomena that is Twilight?

Judith Shekoni: My feelings are warm and fuzzy haha! No my feelings are that I am just very happy to be a part of it. It’s great to be a part of something so successful. And to be invited to be part of the Twilight family. I think it shows that a powerful love story can ignite the populations and that it’s wonderful there’s a movie that mothers and daughters and even fathers and everyone and sons can all go to together.

Rick Mora: For me, I’m overwhelmed. I never anticipated that my investment in my craft would have resulted in such a phenomenon. I am very honored to be a part of the franchise and to be able to represent my native culture. You know a huge part of this movie is based around the Quileute Tribe that pretty much goes under the radar. Quileute tribes didn’t wear daisy duke shorts so we understand how that works. But like I said it’s a very awesome opportunity to represent myself and my culture and to be part of a franchise that is so amazing. So beautifully amazing.

MP: As far as the daisy duke shorts go, I think it was said best in the parody of Twilight, Vampires Suck,  the guy that’s suppose to be Jacob. He walks in and she goes “Didn’t you just have on a shirt?” And he says, “It’s in my contract to remove my shirt for every 10 minutes of screen time.”

RM: Ha you got it!

MP: This is for both of you. How do you think vampires and werewolves in Twilight stand up to the traditional archetype of  what a vampire or werewolf is? Do you think they’re better? Do you think it expounds upon it?

JS: I’m not sure there is a traditional vampire/werewolf type of character. The rules are just made up out of someones imagination and so I think they are allowed to change. I like the rules that have been chosen in the Twilight world, because I think it’s not too dark. Sometimes vampires are always so dark and so sexual that they can’t be enjoyed by all the population and kids too.

MP: As you played a vampire, you not having to burst into flames when your outside, so that’s good.

JS: Yeah, I got to go out looking glam and stuff like that and I got to still talk to people not just bite people.

MP: A very good feature of the Twilight vampire versus your Ann Rice or Bram Stoker.

JS: And I think that by allowing the vampires to be out during daylight, it allows them to have a relationship. In movies and tv a relationship is the most important thing. You have vampires so restricted in the rules that they follow, that they can’t be involved with other people in the general public. It limits what can go on in the storyline. I think it works better.

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

RM: For me I think we have come far from Bela Lugosi. We’re talking about the black and white established ideal of what vampirism is all about. And we’ve taken this idea to another level and I love the idea that as time changes and social climate changes so does the climate of the vampire. And as we evolve, the vampire has evolved. And we have come far from Bela Lugosi to Ann Rice to Bram Stoker. It’s a beautiful evolution of a vampire idea. I am overwhelmed with how they have managed to pull it off into a family film.

MP: One thing I liked about the whole werewolf transformation was, that it didn’t rely on a brutal transformation sequence. In Twilight you just see the werewolves like…poof! I do enjoy brutal transformations, but I think in this case it would have taken away from the story.

RM: That’s CGI for you. That’s the development of our social climate. We have great technology now.

MP: What sort of experience did the Twilight films offer? What did it do for you as an actor?

RM: For me as an actor, it literally flipped my whole world upside down. Put it like this, you audition so much that you are stoked to get  put by a tree. But to actually get to be a part of a film that becomes a cult phenomena, it’s priceless. Like one of those credit card commercials. Time with your kids? Priceless. Being part of a franchise? I can’t even tell you how my life has been flipped upside down from this movie.

JS: It’s just been a wonderful experience. Because I got to be part of something so successful and I got to act which I love doing in life. And I was already a fan and had already read the books previously. So I got to have the experience of reading books I really loved. Reading about characters I really loved and then getting to actually personify one of those characters.I don’t think a lot of people get to have that experience. So I think it’s definitely something I will take with me for the rest of my life.

MP: Judi, you have done a lot of tv series work. How did that differ from being on the set of Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

JS: There was definitely a much longer leave time from when you get the job to actually work. I had the opportunity to really indulge myself in doing research and really making some decisions about the character. Also there was a long shooting time that there was a lot of time to immerse myself into the world and to really develop relationships with the other cast. And there was a very long time before it actually came out so it got to be an experience that we all shared for so long, that became ours. Before it was actually visible to the general public so I found it to be a very different experience and I love doing both. But I definitely would say at the moment that it is the best job I have ever done.

MP: You said you had read the books, did you get your first pick of character?

JS: Um no. What actually happened when I auditioned, I auditioned for Zafrina and Senna at the same time. And then from the auditions they chose me to be Zafrina. Then you just take it and say thank you very much. But of the characters that’s the only really one I would have liked to play. When you read the book because it is in person by Bella. I feel that I have lived Bella’s life already. So if ever they were going to redo them and want a 6 foot black girl from Manchester as Bella, I would be more than happy to take the role.



MP: I think you would be perfect for the role. So any interesting things happen on set? Anything that was particularly trying?

JS: It was definitely difficult! There was a shot in the film where I’m using my special power on Edward and the camera zooms in to me and we had a problem focusing the camera when it zoomed in because it was coming so close. So we ended up taking a shot where I was attached to like a stand and holding my breath at like 11:00 at night in Canada in January wearing a loin cloth. So that was probably one of the most challenging things I did. But also when I see it in the movie, it’s one of the shots I like the most. So it worked out for the best.

MP: I have to say, as somebody who has only read the first book because after seeing the movie didn’t want to ruin it. I was caught with unfortunate non-knowledge of the battle that never happened. I have to say, me and my Seras were watching it like, “This movie can’t….it better not end like this!”

JS: It was amazing! I think the twist they created was one of the best twists I have ever seen in a movie. Definitely taking a book to a movie. When they sat down and came up with that idea like that was wonderful. What’s interesting is when you read it in the script, it seemed like “Oh, that’s interesting.” But you didn’t really get it and realize what a huge twist it was until you actually saw it visually because it was a very visual twist. It was a wonderful experience to be in a room a few times over at the films premiers when the audience gets the twist and to even be there with the director when he witnessed one of the first times that the audience got the twist. You know it worked.

MP: Rick, I noticed that you were in Big Money Rustlas.

RM: Oh wow! You’re looking deep into my catalog of repertoire. Yes I am in Big Money Rustlas.

MP: That’s a real slapstick, funny, good time type of movie.

RM: When I finished shooting I got to go home and call my mom.  And say, “Yo, Mom I just did a movie with Ron Jeremy!” Her jaw dropped! She was scared to ask me what kind of film did I do. “Mom,I just did a film with Ron Jeremy and he was being an actor.” Besides that the most hilarious part isn’t just that it’s Ron Jeremy but it’s Bridgette Nielson, it’s JJ from “What’s Happening?”, it’s Vanilla Ice…were talking an all-star cast of the most interesting personalities you could ever put together in a film.

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

MP: Did anything happen on set? Being around ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and Twizted there have to be good set memories.

RM: Well put it this way, my trailer was next to Bridgette the Midget. I don’t know if your followers know who Bridgette the Midget is…

MP: Being in since I have a deep fondness for little people and furries…I think they know who someone like Bridgette the Midget is…Haha!

RM: But Bridgette is a “special” performer if you know what I mean.

MP: Oh yeah I know haha…

Editors Note: If you could have seen the looks we both had on our faces…priceless…

RM: Okay, so my trailer was next to her trailer. Needless to say, my trailer began to smell very good in the middle of the day. And I’m not talking about incense…  So it’s very, very interesting to work on a set where it’s all about a good time from the minute you get there. So, I can definately say that A) working with Ron Jeremy and B) working with Bridgette the Midget, we’re talking like Big Money Rustlas.

MP: Again digging deep, I read that you were in an episode of “Deadliest Warrior” where they used you as a Lakota Warrior.

RM: You know, I rode along side Crazy Horse. So it was me and Crazy Horse fighting Poncho Villa and you know obviously History Channel doesn’t get their history straight, because if they really did, they would have known that we would have cut Poncho Villa’s throat in the middle of the night. But they made us fight him during the day, in bright sunlight in the middle of the day. And you know the result of guns during the day! Obviously we lost. You know, I love the History Channel’s re-enactments. I’ve done a ton of them and it’s interesting to see how they portray history. I have played many different types of warriors for the History Channel but I like the fact that they still try to do these recreations and they still incorporate native talent. That’s very important having a place that we are able to show our face and make it as authentic as we possibly can. Because there used to be a time that still exists, but we’re working hard to change it,  where they paint people brown and put wigs on them and call them Natives. And you can’t do that with any other culture. Somehow because we don’t raise a stink as much as everybody else, they still try to do it. But I am glad they were able to come to their senses and hire real natives to portray these roles.

MP: You know you can always tell a real, authentic native film from when they use non natives for the film….

RM: It’s the difference between a long shot and close up haha

MP: Did you have to learn anything? Like did they have to teach you some of the fighting styles or how to use some of the weapons?

RM: You know the beautiful part about my place in Hollywood is that I am one of Hollywood’s natives. We already come to the table with our skills and our trade. Fighting, horse back riding, it’s all a part of our deal. I think a lot of times that’s also the interesting part because they’ll want to hire us and they want us to do everything. Yet normally they would have to hire stunt people to do the stunts, riders to do the riding, and specialists to do the fight scenes but for us we get to come to the table and do it all ourselves and  it’s a blessing and a curse. Obviously we don’t get paid the way we should but we get to be us and we get to represent our people proudly.

MP: Do you have anything going on? Any films we should look out for in the future?

RM: Oh films yes! But I’m hoping to meet a beautiful woman at some point haha. One that I can keep. I have a film coming out around November or December called Little Boy with Kevin James, Sean Astin, Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport , Ben Chaplin and about 10 more A listers. What a beautiful film. It’s a family drama. The Pope has already watched it and blessed it. So it’s got a good chance to really make an impact. I have a horror film coming out called Savaged by director Michael Ojeda and it looks like it’s going to get a release. It’s going to get a limited theatrical release hopefully. And as far as film that’s my two movies coming out other than my charity work and the convention circuit.

Editor Note: Rick is a catch ladies…show him some love! His social network stuff is below…tell him Malice sent you…trolololo

Come on ladies....COME ONNNNNNN!!!

Come on ladies….COME ONNNNNNN!!!

MP: Judi, do you have anything coming out film wise?

JS: I have a couple of films that are in pre-production that I am going to start doing. Which I am excited about. One of them is playing a prostitute in South America and the other one is playing a gambler who is addicted to gambling. And then coming out, I was working on a tv show called “Mike and Molly” which already aired. And I went to India earlier this year and did a Bollywood movie. That’s scheduled to release sometime in the summer.

MP: Alright thank you guys  for the interview. It was a pleasure sitting down with both of you.

JS: Also what would be wonderful is if any of the fans of your site would like to follow us you can find me on Twitter @JudiShekoni which is just my name or my Facebook page which is just Judi Shekoni Page.

RM: And I am at or you can catch me on my social network at Native Rick Mora. I am also on Twitter @NativeRickMora and you can check me out on Youtube at NativeRickMora007.

Like I said, this was fun times all around. Next time you are at a show and they are there…stop by and say “Hello!” Either one of them are very approachable and love to chat. Stay tuned my Darlings…we have a lot more to come from our interviews from Fatality Fest! Once these interviews are done…you won’t want to miss what we have next…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

He’s Here…An Interview with Oliver Robins

Hello Darlings! You host here bringing you yet again, another interview from Fatality Fest! It seems like these will never end, but hey that is good for you right? I do believe I was more productive that weekend then I had been in over a year! Tralalala! Anyway, this next one was with a true film prodigy. You would never guess it either. It was with the little boy from Poltergeist, Oliver Robins! This very talented guy was willing to sit down with the furry-hatted-madman to chat about the current state of film and beyond. I don’t want to pull your leg any longer than I have to so let’s get to it. Hats on Darlings because…

He’s Here…An Interview with Oliver Robins

oliver robins 2

Malice Psychotik: Your first film was Poltergeist at the age of 10. How did you land the role?

Oliver Robins: Well you know I had only been acting for a short period of time and I had only done a couple of commercials and it was an open call. Hundreds of people were called up at this audition and we were waiting outside MGM amongst the hundreds of people. To make a long story short, after a series of call backs and auditions for everyone including Mr. Spielberg, they said their one concern was I didn’t know how to scream. And Toby said to me that the key to a great horror movie is someone who knows how to scream. So I panicked! “What am I going to do mom?’ So I met with a coach and this person, believe or not in Hollywood there are people who specialize in helping you learn how to scream.

MP: Really? Wow

OR: Yes! So I learned how to scream. learned how to take it up from my chest and diaphragm and that’s how I won the role.

MP: You’ve got one hell of a scream in the movie too!

OR: They taught me well haha

MP: Were you ever actually scared by what was going on?

OR: No you know what’s funny, they shoot the film entirely out-of-order and you get kind of bored. And while I was bored, I actually began watching what they were doing and that’s what got me into the film making process. That is what made me want to become a filmmaker. And Mr. Spielberg gave me a Super 8 camera and I started making films out of it. Not out of it but I started making films from that experience. And to answer your question in long form, everything about a movie is about the special effects. I mean a movie like Poltergeist that is. And all the stuff is put in afterwards so I was never actually ever scared because we didn’t know what to be scared of. When you see us screaming at the various effects, they were waving a stick and we were like what are we screaming at? They said “we have no idea yet”, it was going to be layed in by ILM and that’s the scariest thing you can think of.

MP: So when you actually saw it in the film, did you just say “whoa!”?

OR: It’s funny because when I actually saw the movie, I jumped! I was scared when I actually saw the film. And I had no idea what I was actually going to be looking at and I’m looking at all these ghosts and creatures flying around.

MP: could you tell us about the scene where the clown doll comes to life? I was reading that the arms actually wrapped around your neck and you turned blue.

OR: You know what’s funny is I don’t remember that. But it was a very fast shoot that day. Believe it or not like the tree sequence took almost 2 1/2 weeks to shoot. This sequence was shot in a matter of hours. Maybe like half a day, 5 hours of shooting. The way they did it was tedious. More tedious than scary. They used a reverse camera so I had to start at the pinnacle, the climax of my fear and had to act backwards. And so I started up at my highest intensity and go to my lowest intensity so when the movie was played forward, it was as if the arm was wrapping itself around me. And in the different pieces of coverage, they broke it up to look like as if I were being dragged underneath the bed. My understanding is the clown dolls arm caught around my neck. I guess I put it out of my mind because I can’t even remember what happened.

MP: Oh wow! Must have been very traumatic.

OR: So traumatic I just forgot about it. All I remember is having a great time on set. I didn’t really have that many scary experiences. For me it was like going to summer camp. Everyone made that shoot a happy place for me. I mean everyone from Frank Marshall to Steven Spielberg and Toby Hooper. You couldn’t ask for a better team of people. I remember Frank Marshall on the set. He was telling me about all the sets they built and he said it’s going to be great! we have all these things you can play with. All these toys and everything else. So it really made it feel like summer camp for me. It wasn’t an awful experience at all. And he never played any tricks on me to get me scared.

"Is there something behind me? It feels like something very ominous is behind me..."

“Is there something behind me? It feels like something very ominous is behind me…”

MP: At age 15, you wrote, directed, and produced The Crystal. How did that compare to your acting experience?

OR: I think acting really helped me as a filmmaker. Because what a lot of directors don’t understand, they’re very technical filmmakers. To understand what an actor is going through is invaluable. So by acting prior to directing, I knew the kind of performances I wanted and how to talk to actors. I understood a certain sensitivity an actor is feeling. So all of that really contributed to my ability to direct. And I think it’s critical that all directors act once or at least take an acting class. So they understand not just the technical side but also the aesthetics of acting. So my experience helped me to not just direct actors to get the coverage but how to best get the performances and cater to an actor.

MP: you have written, directed, and produced around 50 films. Which has been your favorite?

OR: I loved working on this Hallmark movie that I wrote obviously for the Hallmark Channel. But I almost think that Hallmark movies are a genre unto themselves. The kind of movie I could watch with my grandparents. It’s a very wholesome and sweet movie. I have made films that are a little more adult. I love making something for television that is timeless. I think they have shown it over 50 to 60 times. It’s this story about a young boy who befriends this outsider in the town and helps him build a soapbox racer. So they need each other in their own special way. The boy becomes a champion and at the same time, helps this recluse in the town come out of his shell and discover the kind of person he has the potential to become. I love that Story. It’s a very sensitive story and I was really inspired by Cinema Paradiso. That was my inspiration or prototype. And I just put the Americana into it.

MP: Are you currently working on anything you can tell us about?

OR: Right now I’m working on some studio projects. I have been signed to secrecy but I’m working with one of my film school partners. We’re really hopeful this thing will get made. We had to sign off and not give any details about it right now. But that’s what I’m working on right now.

MP: Have you ever thought of returning to the horror genre? Like a ghost movie or something of the sort?

OR: As a filmmaker I would LOVE to do a horror film. I’ve written a couple of pieces, but as you know, it’s really hard to get something off the ground. I would love to have the opportunity to write a horror movie and direct if possible.

MP: And it’s such a shame that Hollywood is obsessed with this concept of remake, remake, remake. And no one is willing to go off and take a chance on a new idea. Very seldom do you see that. It’s like they are obsessed with recapturing the old days.

OR: I agree. I think there is a concern because films are so expensive to make that they want something certain. That they want to know the film will make money at the box office. So I think that has prompted a lack of creativity. I think that’s why we are seeing a lot of derivative films. Not just derivative, but remakes and sequels. I think they just think they have sch a fan base already. But if people took more of a risk, I think you would see a lot more original movies. Eventually that day will come, when they run out of sequels to make, and we see a whole new set of fresh film makers. it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to make a great film. It takes a good story, good performances , and a fresh directorial vision. I just hope that executives will start taking chances again like they did in the 70’s.

MP: OK last question, Poltergeist was the original ghost movie. Or at the least the one that made the sub-genre famous. How do you think that stacks up against the films today like Paranormal Activity?

OR: A movie like Paranormal Activity is drawing off of what Poltergeist started. Without Poltergeist you probably couldn’t have a film like Paranormal Activity. You have this set standard of what is a Poltergeist is, because no body really knew before then. It’s kind of like a stepping stone. When ever I saw Paranormal Activity, I was terrified. I was at the edge of my seat. I thought it was brilliant that they could tell a story that basically takes place in one place. entirely in one location.  That’s where Poltergeist is a very different movie. It’s more of a family horror. It’s really about a mothers love for her daughter. Paranormal just doesn’t draw from that. And that makes the two films entirely different animals in the genre.

The Psychotik Family with Oliver Robbins. Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

The Psychotik Family with Oliver Robbins. Photo By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. I really enjoyed chatting with him. He is a very friendly person and makes you feel like an old friend. Can’t possibly say enough good things about Oliver. I do hope to hear more from him soon. And believe you me, if I hear of anything I will let you all know. Stay tuned for more in this series of interrogations…I mean not forced interviews!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Stepping out of the Cupboard with Butch Patrick

What is shaking Freaky Darlings? Time for interview number two in our series from this past Fatality Fest in West Palm Beach. This next interview was done by our very own lovely-vampire-diva/ love of my life/ mother of my child/ Psychotik Girl den mother…Seras Psychotik! This was Seras first celebrity interview ever. She get’s nervous about choking up, but trust me, I think she did awesome! Butch was a great guy with tons of great stories. Probably could have sat there for a whole day listening to him, unfortunately, we could not. So hats on darlings! Cozy yourself up because now we are…

Stepping out of the Cupboard with Butch Patrick

That was an awesome back drop...I wanted it.

That was an awesome back drop…I wanted it.

Seras Psychotik: So I have the pleasure of sitting here today with Butch Patrick. Most of you will know him as the lovable Eddie Munster from The Munsters. You obviously began acting at an early age.

Butch Patrick: You mean I didn’t just do The Munsters? Ha ha

SP: Ha nope, not just The Munsters. How did you get started in the industry?

BP: Actually, my little sister was the target of an agent. They wanted to take some photos of her and I went along for the ride because I didn’t have a babysitter. I was 7 years old at the time and she was 2 1/2. They took some photos of her and took some photos of me. The agent in question was Mary Grady. She was Don Grady’s mother, who was Robbie on ‘My Three Sons’. She was looking to open an exclusive child agency. She was working with an adult agency at the time. anyway, She needed kids. No experience necessary. Which I qualified for that. My first three interviews I went on, I got General Hospital the first year it was on. I got a nice movie with Eddie Albert, Jane Wyatt, Soupy Sales and Brenda Lee. Then I also got a Kellogg commercial that won an award for best commercial of the year. I got all of that right out of the gate and the rest just kind of snow balled from there.

SP: So we all want to know, how did you land the role of Eddie Munster?

BP: Well it came to me about 3 or 4 years into my career. I was living back east with my grandma, I used to go back and spend some time in the midwest with her. They apparently had this series on the books to compete with The Addams Family. The people at Universal wanted something to compete with it. They looked at several hundred kids in Hollywood, and it was basically down to a couple of kids. They decided at the last-minute they were going to tweak it a bit. So they called Yvonne DeCarlo and myself in for a final screen test. They changed the cast and the rest is pretty much history.

The ORIGINAL Team Edward...

The ORIGINAL Team Edward…

SP: Was it difficult being the only child regular on the show?

BP: No actually it wasn’t that bad. They used to call me a 39-year-old midget because I acted like an adult. Filming was just during the day so I would be at home and with friends in the evening. And the weekends were my own. I used to just go exploring and made friends with all the guys. You know the grips and special effect guys, the make-up people. A studio is a wonderful place for a kid to go exploring, if you know what you’re doing. With my make-up on, everyone knew I was supposed to be there so it wasn’t like anyone was going to say you can’t come on the set. It was a fun time. Like a kid in the candy store. We were only in make-up like three times a week so it wasn’t too terrible.

SP: I read that Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo were your acting mentors. What sort of advice did they share with you?

BP: Well Fred was mostly my acting mentor. He told me to never trust the suits that it was us against them. Never take it too seriously, save your money, things like that. But the acting techniques we developed together. Well he had them and helped me develop them. Which worked wonderfully for the father and son scenes. Al Lewis spent a lot of time with me outside. Anything that involved throwing a ball or letting a kid be a kid as so to speak. Yvonne was kind of a substitute mom for me because my mom lived on the east coast. So this was my substitute family. Sometimes she would bring her kids on set to play and keep me company. So she did the mom thing which was really appreciated.

SP: What has been your favorite experience working in the industry in general?

BP: Probably meeting the people. Meeting all the stars and meeting them on a casual level. Not as an actor but just as people. Having lunch with them, chatting behind the scenes. You know how everybody sees them on TV and they are like “oh my god!” and you know them on a first name basis.

SP: So you run a promotions company. Can you tell us a little about that?

BP: I have been in promotions for years. I have been a promotable item my whole life. I was a prop so to speak when we would use the Munsters coach. When we were at the auction, here we are Eddie and the monsters and the Munsters coach being used. I do media consulting and I do promotional. sometimes I work for myself, sometimes for other people like publicists.

SP: Any chance we could see a return of Eddie and the Monsters or is that over for good?

BP: yeah that ship has sailed. There is a funny story with that actually. We just wanted to do rock videos. In 1983 with the onslaught of MTV, we made a video in New York. We were the first unsigned act ever to be aired on MTV. I did write the lyrics but I faked singing and faked playing the bass. So I was like a double whammy Munster vanilly.

SP: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

BP: Keep an eye out. I’m going to be working on a morning show. A 60’s turning 60, sort of baby boomer thing.  A syndicated Saturday night show and I’m also going to do a morning show Tuesday to Thursday to allow my weekends to be free to travel around the country side and visit fans. Go to I try to keep all my travels listed there. I’ll be doing some international stuff next year with the 50th anniversary of the show. So hopefully the next year will be more active than most.

I greatly enjoyed having the privilege to do this interview. Butch Patrick truly appreciates his fans and is a complete joy to chat with. I hope to have the opportunity again.

Until next time lovelies,


P.S Stay tuned for more interviews from Fatality Fest and new stuff from HHN23 to boot…Later Darlings ~Malice

The Psychotik Family with the Legend himself...

The Psychotik Family with the Legend himself…

Step Through the Gate with Christopher Judge

Hello there Freaky Darlings! Well, it’s time to see the fruits of mine and Seras’ labor! We did a truck load of interviews at Fatality Fest 2013 and now it’s time for them to roll out! First up? Christopher Judge! This guy is a stand up act. It was great sitting down to chat with him a bit more. He’s the kind of guy you could easily sit down and just shoot the shit with a couple of beers. I really hope he is at a future shows! You should all meet him if you get a chance. So put on the Top Hats Darlings…louche some absinthe…because it’s time…to…

Step Through the Gate, with Christopher Judge

Picture by Derek Shembarger, Infinite Focus Photography

Picture by Derek Shembarger, Infinite Focus Photography

Malice Psychotik: You were on Stargate: SG1 for 10 years and Atlantis for 1, what was it like being on a show for that long?

Christopher Judge: It was great! The security of it… we were like a big family for 10 years. We had very little turn over. We had no cast turn over until season 8 so we really did get to become one big happy family.

MP: In the world of epic sci-fi series like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battle Star Galactica, etc. where do you think Stargate: SG1 fits into all of that?

CJ: I think strictly because of how long we were on the air, obviously we were a favorite to the fans. We wouldn’t have been on so long if not. So where are we in the sci-fi campion? I definitely think among stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars and the like. We made our mark in that genre. We were there for 10 years so obviously we did something right.

MP: You played the voice of Nicholas Kuttner in Deadspace: Aftermath. If they ever decided to do a live action film, would you reprise the role?

CJ: I think that was actually in my contract. Mike Disa who wrote it, at the time we were partnered on a show called Sentinals. I told him if it ever went to live action that I wanted to play Kuttner. We talked about it but I haven’t heard anything about it going into production.

MP: Have you ever played the games?

CJ: I actually haven’t but my kids have. They said it was one of the most terrifying games they have ever played.

MP: Well how can you go wrong with undead-alien-zombies?

CJ: Right!

Aliens-Zombie-Undead...Oh My!...Picture by Derek Shembarger, Infinite Focus Photography

Aliens-Zombie-Undead…Oh My!…Picture by Derek Shembarger, Infinite Focus Photography

MP: So do you have anything new coming out? I know you mentioned Sentinals.

CJ: Actually I have a film coming out called To Have And To Hold. It’s a period piece, set in the early days of Jamestown, VA. I have that coming out. And we are prepping the show called Sentinals right now. We are partnering with Roddenberry… speaking of Star Trek and Mike Disa who wrote and directed Deadspace: Aftermath, we are all very, very excited about it.

MP: Moving on to a personal question. What would be something about you that your fans would be surprised to know?

CJ: That I’m a boring homebody. my reputation used to precede  me as a bit of a hell raiser. Now I’m more a stay at home type. I’m just a dad. A stay at home dad.

MP: While I’m thinking about it, back to SG1. Not too long ago, I saw an episode of Hollywood Treasures where you authenticated one of the helmets from the show. They look like a pain in the ass! Any stories?

CJ: They were the bane of my existence! The one that actually opened and closed, the working one, weighed about 70 lbs. And it had no support for your neck or anything, so you literally had to just back up and hold it. You like three guys behind you working the hydraulics. I absolutely hated that helmet! It was a marvel you know, in just how it worked. But one story about it, they had built it on another person, on somebody else. So I had never actually had it on until we were going to shoot. Well they didn’t build it out far enough and it actually caught the tip of my nose! The thing could open and close in like one fiftieth of a second  and it caught my nose.

Teal'c hates his helmet...

Teal’c hates his helmet…

MP: One last question. That gold mark you always had to wear, did that ever fall off in the middle of a take?

CJ: No, they had that process pretty down. At first we used spirit gum. Then it was this stuff called Prozane. Which would irritate. Like Michael Dorn had real bad reactions, everyone had bad reactions. So then we switched to this stuff called Betabond. You go to the hospital for like when have a cut and it’s not bad and doesn’t need stitches, that’s what they use. Well it caught on in the film business to the point hospitals couldn’t get it. They charged film companies double what they charge hospitals. so they sold it all to the film industry. It would hold and never come off. In fact, we had to use a special liquid to take it off. Betasolve, that was the only thing.

Well that’s one down…and 9 more to go! You’re a class act Mr. Judge and we hope to see you next time round!! Stay tuned, because tomorrow we have Halloween Horror Nights 23 news!! AHHHHHH!! Maybe…just maybe a little for Fatality Fest in October as well….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

This picture made my night, and set the tone for the whole weekend!

This picture made my night, and set the tone for the whole weekend!

Scream till’ it Bleeds with Rajan Maharajh

I’ve a treat for your Darlings! I know i said that I was dropping the interview thing from the site…I lied. You are going to see interviews pick up very soon. But to get back into the saddle and buff the rust out, why not show some love to some future stars. Most of you may have noticed the attention I draw to Okeechobee’s metal pride and glory, Finding Every Altar Ruined. This next interview is with another great rising talent, or more specifically their front man, Rajan Maharajh. He’s been waiting in anticipation for this article to pop up, so let’s not making him wait anymore. Let’s…

Scream till’ it Bleeds with Rajan Maharajh


Malice Psychotik: Let’s start things off easy, How long have you been a musician?

Rajan  Maharajh: I’ve been pursuing music for about 4-5 years now. I originally started playing guitar and did that for a wile then I realized I’m not good haha so I went to keyboards which I still play to this day and then went to vocals in 2009. And I’ve done vocals ever since.

Malice: What bands influence your sound?

Rajan: My personal influences consists of As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Slipknot, Oceana, The Air I Breathe, and a lot more. I can’t say too much on the bands influences because it all ranges from member to member.

Malice: How would you describe Reach for the Sky to my readers?

Rajan: I’d describe us as a band who just wants to make their mark on history. We wanna record our music and share it with people and just jam out with them at some shows. Our ultimate goal of course is to get signed and all that, but most important about this band is we do it because we love it and that’s what maters most to us. Our fans are the driving force for us to continue.

Malice: Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

Rajan: I hope to be signed by that point. And hopefully to have one album released and to have toured. * Crosses fingers *

Malice: What goes into the creation of one of your songs? Do you mostly pull from real life emotions or random inspiration?

Rajan: It really all ranges. Sometimes my guitarist could be listening to a song form another band and pull inspiration from that for their riffs. Lyric wise it ranges to, I generally use my life experiences in my lyrics but sometimes I just get random surges of inspiration from music I’m listening to at that moment. So I guess it’s about half of each random inspiration and emotional.


Malice: What do you value more in a front man performance, presence or vocal range and talent?

Rajan: Me being a front man myself I value performance and stage presence more than anything. Talent is cool, it gets you there, but what carries you is your ability to command a crowd, to put on a show for them. That is one thing I try to do, I don’t try to go out there and show off my range or talent, I go out there and try to put on the best damn performance of my life each and ever time. A good mix of the two is good to, show off a bit but still put on a bad ass show.

Malice: Does your band have groupies? If so…ever thought of shooting for Gene Simmons record?

Rajan: Haha I don’t know if we have groupies just yet. ( Thought that’d be nice ) Maybe when we get some we might shoot that Gene Simmons record for ya

Malice: If told to write a song about the coming Zombie Apocalypse that is to be interrupted by a machine apocalypse….could you do it? Maybe spout off some lyrics?

Rajan: Hmm that might be a bit difficult for me, but I could give it a shot. Maybe some lyrics I’d incorporate are ” the walking dead will rise, they’ll rise up into the sky, as the machines awake to take over our fate ” I don’t know I’ve never really written stuff like that. That was fun.

Malice: Who do you think would win between an all out battle between The Black Veil Brides and Motley Crue? You can pick the contest…music, drugs, or straight up fist a cuffs!

Rajan: Oh no doubt in my mind The Crue all the way. Vince, Tommy, Mick and Nikki would mess up Andy and his gang. Crue did it first BVB is just a wannabe of them. Black Veil Brides maybe might do as much drugs as the Crue did but they can’t match their music.

If you are looking to see Reach for the Sky and are in the areas listed, here are some show dates:

4/13/13 @ The Speakeasy in Lake Worth with Us, From The Outside of Tragic Hero Records
4/20/13 @ Epic Problem in Tampa w/ One Year Later of CI Records, From Atlantis of In Vogue Records, and My Heart to Fear of Solid State Records

Below is one live video and a recorded copy of a song. Give them a listen and decide for yourself!

If you like what you just saw, go like them on Facebook HERE

That’s all for today Freaky Darlings. Do check them out and show them some love. Good music only comes around if you help spread the word. Unless of course you like having the Justin Bieber’s and Rebecca Black’s of the world ruining the music scene…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

A Midnight Chat with Count Gregula…

Hey there Darlings! This is the last one from the crypt…er…I mean vault (Same difference.) This puppy has dust on it! Not sure why it was never used. I remember doing it for From Dusk Till Con. Not sure why they never used it…I’m sure they had reasons. Gregula is a real cool guy. Best Horror Host I’ve ever interviewed (and the only lol!) Need to catch up with him someday for sure. I hope you all enjoy this little crypt orchid!

Hello, My Freaky Darlings…I have a fun guest for you all today. I can say in full honesty that I have never had the great pleasure of interviewing a horror host…until now!  I have to say as much fun as this has been I’m going to have to do more. It’s so nice seeing that vampires can find work in this day and age and now one ever thinks anything about it…Really there is nothing that I can tell you leading into this interview that will help you more to understand this fellow creature of the night. All I can say is pour a glass of your favorite blood type…we are going to have…

A Midnight Chat with Count Gregula…

Malice Psychotik: I can safely say this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed a horror host! Horror hosts are not really in the lime light here in the sunshine state. So why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
Count Gregula: Vell, I’m glad you “axed” me this question because I’m more than villing to talk all about myself! Ha ha. Seriously, I am a horror host, celebrity interviewer, movie reviewer and part-time actor from The Vindy City of Illinois. For my show I haved hosted the standard B-Movies such as THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, MISSILE TO THE MOON, GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE and EEGAH to name just a few. One of the more interesting features on my show is that I try to get some of the actors that starred in the movies I present to do interviews for me that are later included in post-production. So far I have interviewed Bill Heinzman (Cemetery Zombie) for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Laurie Mitchell (Lambda) for MISSILE TO THE MOON and Richard Kiel (Eegah) for EEGAH! Those interviews seem to be very popular amongst the fans! Another innovative feature on my more recent shows is that ve have showcased original cartoons made by my resident animator Marco Tito and those segments are introduced by his own creation/persona called The Lummox! Marco makes these cartoons from scratch specifically for my shows. So,  you vill only see those little monsterpieces on COUNT GREGULA’S CRYPT!
As for my acting career, I have been in 5 movies, various other horror host shows and a national TV show to date. Three of the films are independent and 2 are studio. The titles of the movies are as follows: HAG (2007), THE EXPRESS (2008), THE DARK KNIGHT (2008), MASTER’S DEVILS (2010) and SASCRATCH VERSUS AFRODESIOUS: THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE (2011). Now for my national TV exposure, I appeared alongside my Countess last October (2010) on the Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America Volume 4” disguised as the 1950’s couple in the Liar’s Club segment!
Oops! You vanted me to just tell a little about myself…
Malice: How does one get into the horror host game?
Count Gregula: Funny story, I just got into the horror host game by chance. I been a fan of my local horror host Svengoolie for many years and thought I’d like to do that one of these days. Vell, vhen I vent to our local horror con called Flashback Weekend in 2003 I met up vith another local horror host by the name of The Bone Jangler and he gave me a brief history of other hosts that do this around the country and said I should try my “claw” at horror hosting since he knew I vas already portraying Count Gregula online on my old Munster themed fan site (Greg’s Munster Fan Club) for several years. Then in January 2004, The Bone Jangler invited my Countess & I to make guest appearances on his show and that starting the ball (and chain) rolling! I filmed my own show on location at Navy Pier in Chicago on Halloveen 2004 and the rest as they say is insanity…er history! 🙂
Malice: You tend to host B-Movies, what have been some of your favorites? Any movies you recommend for my Freaky Darlings?
Count Gregula: My favorite films that I have hosted are GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE and EEGAH so far! I vould highly recommend those movies for your “Freaky Darlings” if they like the older B-Movies! However, I also recommend more modern classics such as John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN (1978), FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984). I just say, “NO!” to the remakes!
Malice: Your website says that your first trip to the web was a Munsters fan site. Care to tell us a little about that?
Count Gregula: Sure! Vell, vhen I first acquired Internet access in January of 2000 I vas using a WebTV unit to surf around online. My main interest to look at that time vas Munster themed sites. There vere so many Munster fan sites around online back then! So, after some time I decided I vanted my own Munster themed site and self-taught myself html in order to build a WebTV Munster fan page called Greg’s Munster Fan Club. My already established vampire character (Count Gregula) that I created two years prior just naturally became the host of the site. However, Count Gregula had a minor presence on my first site since I didn’t know at the time I vould be using that persona exclusively online year after year. The popularity of my old Munster fan site is vhat got me invited to a party in Waxahachie, Texas to meet Al Lewis and Butch Patrick! That party vas a terror-ific stepping stone to even greater things to come!
Malice: I see that you frequent the mid-west convention circuit. Have any favorite haunts?
Count Gregula: Yes, I do! My favorite conventions are HorrorHound Weekend in Indy, Monster Bash in PA and Cinema Wasteland in Ohio! All those horror cons are very fan and guest friendly/fiendly. Also, ever since March 2010, HHW in Indy has been the new home for horror hosts from all over the vorld to gather and celebrate the art form!
Malice: Do you have any big plans for the hottest new show in the area, Days of the Dead?
Count Gregula: I just plan to be conscious enough that veekend to take in all the vonderful sights, sounds and smells of the horrendous horrors that Days of the Dead promises to deliver!
Malice:  Tell us Count, when you aren’t hosting…what else do you do?
Count Gregula: In all honesty, vhen I don’t host I actually vork a graveyard shift on Elm Street! No joke! Plus, it has been a real “Nightmare” at certain times! Get it?! I KILL ME! Ha ha.
Malice: Getting to you personally, what does the Count do when not hosting?Malice: In all your travels as the Count, what interesting persons have you come across?
Count Gregula: Oh, there are so many interesting persons I have come across through the years that I could never list them all here! However, I vill say that some of the most memorable ones vould have to be Al “Grandpa” Lewis and Butch “Eddie” Patrick from THE MUNSTERS, George Carlin, Ex-Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, Mayor Daley of Chicago, Elvira, John Schneider, Adam West, Julie Newmar, Christopher Lloyd, Larry Hagman, Ruth Buzzi, Ginger Lynn Allen, Thomas Berdinski (filmmaker), Zacherley (horror host), Sammy Terry (horror host), Count Gore De Vol (horror host), The Bone Jangler (horror host), Penny Dreadful (horror hostess), Garou (horror host), Sigmund Zoid (horror host), The Ghouligans (horror hosts), Ms Monster (horror hostess), Midnite Mausoleum (horror hosts), Gunther Dedmund (horror host) and all the rest of the vonderful horror hosts that appeared vith us last March for The Vampira Tribute at HorrorHound Weekend 2010 in Indy!
Malice: Well, Count allow me to reach deep within my top hat…it’s time for “Out-of-Hat” questions! First off, question one!! As a vampire, it is crucial to find your opinion on this manner. What is your take on Stephanie Meyers effect on the vampire genre?
Count Gregula: VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE! ‘Nuff Said!
Malice: While we are on the subject of vampire revivals, what about shows like “TRUE-Blood” or “Vampire Diarys”?
Count Gregula: I feel those shows represent vampires in a better light…er dark…er…you know vhat I mean!
Malice: Werewolves? Filthy vermin deserving extinction, Honorable rivals, or humble servants?
Count Gregula:Humble servants that need a good shave! 🙂
Malice: If you had a chance to meet Lord Death…what would you say to him?
Count Gregula: I’d ask him if he vould like to go out for a Blood Lite. He has a tough job so I’m sure he needs to vet his sickle from time to time.
Malice: Well that’s about all for now…feel free to take this time to totally prostitute your stuff! 3…2…1…GO!!!
Count Gregula: Fangs so much for the interview, Malice! I really appreciated it! Alright then! Here ve go! For more info about Count Gregula, Countess Gregula, The Children of the Night, The Freaky One and The Lummox please go to! Ve have shown DVDs, 8×10 promo photos and some other ghoulish goodies for sale! Done! Hmm, I feel so dirty now…
Well, Count you’re not alone…most other’s get the same feeling (Some even need therapy!) That will be all for tonight Darlings. Do be sure to keep on eye on that creepy Count. All you freaks and ghouls that will be attending Days of the Dead be sure to stop in on him and say hello. I’m off to pick my brain for some more madness…
Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

Illustrate With Lydia Burris

We have another old interview here with Lydia Burris, a very talented artist taking the convention scene by storm. This was my very first and last interview I did for From Dusk Till Con’s Tales from the Art Side segment. The article originally saw the light of day on May 28th, 2011. Why not give her a second run, huh? Enjoy!
Well, My Freaky Darlings, it seems our friends over at From Dusk Till Con have charged me with an unholy task. They have a little section of their site devoted to interviewing vendors and artists that tend to frequent the horror convention scene. The first of these interviews is going to be a darling young lass by the name of Lydia Burris. Lydia is quite the talented artist, and I do hope you all check her links out (or as a matter of fact, say “Hi!” when you see her at a convention!) So without wasting a further key stroke…Ha Ha I said stroke…(you all know full well you chuckled at that…) Put on your artsy hats and get out your paints….it’s time to…

Illustrate with Lydia Burris

Malice PsychotikLet’s start with you. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself…

Lydia Burris: I’m Lydia Burris. I make art and confuse people. I was raised by trees, and was fed a steady diet of horror and fantasy movies as a child. I’m always looking for a way to bridge the gap between concepts; Fine Art and Illustration,  Abstract and realism, light and dark, humor and stark seriousness. I am a midwest girl, but I lived in England for 14 months to get an international Masters of Fine Art. I never want to stay the same as an artist – I am always trying to grow, improve and try new methods. Art is not just a business for me – it is my way of life, and my journey, and the paths I take almost always  lead toward a darker realm.

Malice: How long have you been an artist? What first inspired you to walk that path?

Lydia: My mother and aunt always debate on who gave me the first crayon. My mother was an artist and was a huge inspiration to me and always encouraged me to be creative, to do art and not be afraid of the dark. She passed recently, but I will be keeping her website alive – to see what dark dreams I crawled out from, see her site:

Malice:  What sort of things inspire you on a day-to-day basis?

Lydia: Dreams, strange psychology, mythology, the books I collect, nature, detritus, faces, words and interesting people.

But that’s not all! I can also add things like discolored photographs, idle emotions, the struggle of self-evaluation, paint drips, the type drawers on my walls filled with the pretty and sometimes broken things that don’t go anywhere else, and the will to stay as creative as possible.

Malice: So you mentioned you have a vampire for a boy friend…how does one end up with a vampire?

Lydia: You stay up late and check out strange basement night clubs. But seriously, he’s the sweetest vampire ever.

Malice: Let’s talk more professionally, how long have you been doing professional commissions?

Lydia: While I’ve been doing art since I was a tiny, I didn’t really start to extremely market myself until after college.

I decided to become professional. I grew a beard and started wearing a top hat and carrying a cane.

That didn’t really work, so instead I started to submit proposals for projects, contacting galleries, reading freelance books… etc. That worked better than the beard and hat. Some fun stuff: I have a permanent 4’ x 8’ oil portrait scene in the city hall of my hometown, Columbus, IN. There is a 9’ x 29’ lightbox of my art in Indianapolis which will stay up till August 2011.

Malice: What kind of clientage have you brought in? I know I saw a magician poster on your blog…

Lydia: Convention folk, magicians, monsters, musicians, movie makers, madmen and more.  I do a lot of my own thing, but I love commissions because they usually give me a chance to do something I may not do on my own, thus expanding my experience.

Malice: Have you ever had any “strange” requests?

Lydia: Does ‘A Michael Meyers malkavian vampire who turns ducks into vampires with a prince duck vampire and 4 vampire ducks-of-the-apocalypse’ count? (courtesy of a fun gamer client.)

Art by Lydia Burris

Malice: Now I here tell you frequent the convention scene. Any appearances coming up?

Lydia: HorrorHound Indy, Days of the Dead!, and I plan on being at GenCon.  I’m looking into many more – my convention circuit depends on the success of the previous conventions, winning the lottery, people throwing money at me, and/or inviting me as a guest to their convention.

Malice: How do you like doing the vendor thing at conventions?

Lydia: I love it more than banana cream pie. I wish I could do this stuff full-time.  I get to meet the most interesting of people, share my art, and have bizarre and wonderful conversations all day!

Malice: So now it’s time for the mighty sword to fall…”Out-Of-Hat” questions? Let us begin: Do you think that the existence of the “Chaos Frog”…a frog capable of emitting a noxious gas that can turn people insane…should be made more public than just the private sector?

Lydia: I am not at liberty to discuss the ‘Chaos Frog’… however if we want to discuss the multi purposes of the ‘Deranged Dragonfly,’ I’m all game.

Malice: What coolness would it be if you could actually be a Cheshire Cat? You know, like if you could be a werewolf or a vampire…but you know…a Cheshire Cat instead?

Lydia:What are you talking about? I AM a Cheshire Cat!!! Notice my constant eerie smile?

Malice: How cool do you think it would be to have Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets at a convention? Mind you, they can be put anywhere to comment on anything?

Lydia: That would be awesome! Lets put Statler and Waldorf on the back of an Ostrich that just wanders through the entire convention.

Malice: If you could pit any celebrity mom’s in a death match, who would it be? Who would win?

Lydia: Lets just pick them at random and have them smack each other with banjos. I don’t care who wins.

Malice:  Are you aware of the Pecking order?

Lydia: Baaaak-bOOOaaaak …. cluck cluck cluck…. baAAAKKKityCLUCK!

Art by Lydia Burris

Malice: Well as fun as that was, all good things must come to the end. I always wish after my interviews I could give people a Tee Shirt, but you know it never ends that way! At any rate I will give you one last chance to pimp your stuff…so tell the good people where they can find you…

Lydia: I’m an online junkie, I admit it.

You can browse my website:

You can support my convention habit, buy and request artwork, prints and strange stuff at my etsy:

I have a blog called “More Self Drive Please” – all about my art progress –

I am also on facebook:

And last but not least, DeviantArt:

Now Freaky Darlings, wasn’t she just a gem!? I hope you all hunt her down and give her some business, because this is one artist that shouldn’t have to wait until post-mortem to gain her fame. Click the links above and show this lady some love. That will be all for this installment…more to come soon…My Freaky Darlings. So until then I bid you fond farewell…

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

Art by Lydia Burris

Exploiting F.E.A.R…A Chat with Mike Meara of Finding Every Altar Ruined

Hello Freaky Darlings!! Happy Saturday and how are you doing? It’s been forever since I’ve done anything in the realm of an interview on this site…so why not knock off the dust and do one eh? Ha Ha! That’s exactly what I did! I sat down with a friend of mine who recently started a pretty neat band named Finding Every Altar Ruined or F.E.A.R. So far they have preformed one show and have several coming up (dates posted below). If you’re a fan of metal….you’ll enjoy what you hear….well…here…Anyway, turn it up to 11…it’s time to…

Exploiting F.E.A.R…A Chat with Mike Meara of Finding Every Altar Ruined


Malice Psychotik: How would you describe F.E.A.R’s music style?

Mike Meara: I would describe it as a mixture. we are heavy at times with a real thrash kinda attack then we can slow down to a real clean depressing single guitar and bass bring down. We are really trying to bring all emotion into our music not just anger and rage.

Malice Psychotik: Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

Mike Meara: From the world.  All around us.  The pain we go through as people, ghouls and demons are cool and all but life is much more frightening and complex

Malice Psychotik:  What started F.E.A.R as a band? How did you assemble the group?

Mike Meara: Well I have been in 5 bands in the last 5 years as a bassist/guitarist, and I never found there what I wanted to truly do.  Being from Okeechobee I would have to drive the 45 minutes to an hour every week to make it to any kinda practice and I would always be on time and everyone else would be late even though they lived there. It became very upsetting.  After about a 2 month drop off from doing anything musicaly I decided to start my own project with the idea of I will do what ever I want with my ideas.  So after I had some good ideas I contact friends from previous projects like Systematic Hate and Edge Of Eternity.  Once I got the right group of people together it was more or less pretty smooth sailing.

 Malice Psychotik: Long term, what is your goal as a band? Are you just doing this for the shit’s and the giggles or are you looking to move mountains and change lives?

Mike Meara: I can’t speak for every one involved but for me, This is my life.  It is very important to me to be able to drive around states and play for anyone who wants to listen.  I could care less about money or fame, even though the money would be a plus.  I just really like what we do and the message we are trying to send.

Malice Psychotik: How long have you been playing music? What first got you interested?

Mike Meara:Yeah, hard to say really, I got my first Bass when I was like somewhere from 13-15, so I guess technically about 9-11 years. I enjoyed playing it but I wasn’t very good for a long time, more just seeing what I could do here and there.  After I heard a band called Megadeth is when I truly got inspired to really take this seriously. I got a hold of a Megadeth Tape “Countdown To Extinction”
and I was just blown away that you could play like that, it was fast technical and catchy, with choruses you could sing and riffs you could feel in your bones

Malice Psychotik: What matters more to you musicianship or showmanship?

Mike Meara: I would say a mixture.  From a player’s point of view it is much harder to play something complex and be right on the money every single time you play it.  But I know showmanship can really bring a crowd in.  I love watching an active band for sure, I don’t want to watch anyone just stand there and play that’s boring.

Malice Psychotik: You believe in moshing at shows or are you more the mellow out and listen to the tunes sort of guy?

Mike Meara: Honestly, it really depends on who I am with and what band is playing.  If it’s the first time I am seeing a band I will watch and listen, but if I know the band and I like what they do. I’ll throw down.

Malice Psychotik: Do you think Furry’s have a place in the world of metal music?

Mike Meara: I believe there was once a band like that called Coq Roq.  They dressed up like chickens and did the Burger King Commercials some years back.

Malice Psychotik: Do you believe that Boston woman are a paler, uglier breed of woman than say woman from other walks of life?

Mike Meara: Depends lol.  haven’t been around much but I have heard a thing or 2

Malice Psychotik: What is your general opinion of Apache Helicopters?

Mike Meara: It’s more powerful than a young boys wish.  An Absolute death machine

Malice Psychotik: What is the oddest sex move you’ve ever heard of or preformed? Describe. (i.e. Hooking the Marlin, The Angry Pirate, The Monkey Face, The Houdini, Italian Bed and Breakfast, Flying Leprechaun…)

Mike Meara: i am tied between the Cosby Sweater and the Charizard.  The Cosby Sweater you eat a bunch of fruity pebbles then throw up all over your others chest and it resembles a Cosby sweater. the Charizard is right before you bust you light your others pubic region on fire then put it out with your baby batter smack them in the face and yell “You don’t have enough badges to train me!”

There you have it guys and ghouls! Mike from Finding Every Altar Ruined I thank you for my readers! You handled this like a Sir!!! In case any of you are in the Lake Worth area, they will be there today at the Speak Easy Lounge. The show starts at 5pm and features some others bands. Party ends at 11pm. I believe they go on sometime in the middle. Other future dates are as follows: Tropical Martini January 4th and at Limitless Studios on January 14th. Show up, say you heard about em’ here and show em’ some love for your Dear Ol’ Malice! Check out links below for Facebook Page and Videos…That will be all for now…i need to crawl up in bed and take a cat nap.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

For Finding Every Altar Ruined’s Facebook…Click HERE!!!

Of Mice and Toons…An Interview with Lenny Mosco

Hello My Freaky Darlings! Today we have a very special interview from a good friend of mine. Lenny Mosco was so kind to give us an interview regarding his Youtube show, Lenny and Shinko’s Disney See. So what happens when a human and a toon make a show reviewing Disney stuff? Let’s find out…

Of Mice and Toons…An Interview with Lenny Mosco

Lenny and Shinko Show Logo

They aren’t animaniacs….but they are still zany to the max!
Logo by Deviantart’s TatsubeJones

Malice: Today we sit down with a good friend and fellow reviewer, Lenny Mosco. Lenny has an interesting YouTube show where he and his animated Side-Kick, Shinko, bring you the latest and greatest in Disney news. So, Lenny, why in a world of horror, action, anime, and sci-fi reviewers…why Disney?

Lenny Mosco: Why Disney? Well, like you said! It’s a world of horror, action, anime, and sci-fi reviewers. I’ve seen little reviewers focus on Disney. With Disney nowadays having a bit of a reputation for tween singers and idols, I say it’s time someone took a closer look at what makes the mouse tick. Granted I’ve noticed I’ve done a lot of positive reviews on some of the older stuff, but trust me *grin* we’ll get to the absolutely rotten stuff soon enough

Malice: How did you come across your partner-in-crime?

Lenny: Now why would I spoil a perfectly good origins video? We’ll touch on that, but not quite yet

Malice: I’ve seen you review Games and Movies, have you ever thought of reviewing the parks?

Lenny: Um…have you not seen my Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Review? It sort of counts as both a game and park review. If you mean the parks THEMSELVES…we’ll do that one day. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a boom mic through bag check

Malice: Wanna’ give us any hints as to what’s up next?

Lenny: Well, I actually have a crossover review coming up with the delightfully scary creepypasta reader: “HumbleLittleNarrator” who’s part of the Midnight Society group on Youtube. Also, the conclusion to the story arc going on in the show is coming soon.

Mario never looked so fierce..maybe if this Mario were protecting the princess…she’s stay safe…lol

Malice: Now enough with business, let’s let the readers know you! I think it’s fair to say you are quite the Otaku. Any anime you would like to recommend?

Lenny: Hooo boy.. FAR too many to name in one sitting!…well, if you watch my show, it’s pretty obvious I love One Piece…as for others…I recommend watching Azumanga Diaoh if you want a good slice of life series, and reading Franken Fran if you love horror and comedy. Really, if you want recommendations, go to your local anime convention! I go. Heck, I cosplay as well!

Malice: Guys and Ghouls, it’s also fair to say that Mr. Mosco is quite the fine cosplayer as well. A Maker of Props and Costumes, Lenny you do awesome. Any new projects under way?

Lenny: Thanks!! As for anything planned…well…I’ve been planning a Mario Sunshine cosplay for a good while, the frame of the FLUDD is built. Also, while it’s going to be hard, I want to lose weight so I can cosplay timeskip Usopp

Malice: Have you seen any good movies as of late?

Lenny: Amazing Spiderman, Avengers, Ted…and I’m definitely looking forward to Wreck-it Ralph and Dark Knight Rises!

I feel bad this was the only real picture he was in all night…this needs to be corrected…

Malice: OUT-OF-HAT QUESTION TIME! A Furry, a Pirate Captain, and a Mutant Slug walk into a bar..why I forgot the rest of my joke…care to finish it?

Lenny:  A furry, a pirate captain, and a mutant slug walk into a bar, the bartender looks up at them and says “…What is this? some kind of joke?”

Malice: What are your opinions on the Zombie Apocalypse? Happening right now, completely impossible, or right over the horizon?

Lenny: Anything is possible really. Though if it comes, we’ll be ready for them. Having toons for your best friends has it’s advantages…it’s REALLY hard to kill toons!

Malice: In a world gone mad with Vampires and Werewolves…what are your feeling’s on Ponies?

Lenny: Ahhh, a brony question. Bronies and Ponies aren’t all that bad, neither is any fandom to be honest. You can’t define a fandom by its bad fans…besides, Pinkie Pie herself was on my show! I think it’s safe to assume I don’t mind them much (though my reputation is still suffering for that)

Malice: One last question before we go, what do you—CRASH!! ((EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!))



Well now, if I had a nickel for every time that happened…Shoo! Go away you weird science fictiony, British thingy magoo!! Anyway, I do hope you all enjoyed the interview. Be sure to check out the Youtube channel, and for Cthulhu’s sake, if you like it subscribe! You can find that link right HERE. Maybe soon I’ll land an interview with Lenny’s Toon side kick. Come to think of it, I’ve never interviewed a toon before…hmmm! Be on the look out for a HHN 22 update tomorrow! They just announce that Penn and Teller will be hosting a maze this year called New(kd) Las Vegas! Will you survive the trip!?

Until next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

Howling at the Moon with Krista Grotte

Hello, My Freaky Darlings! What a wonderful morning for an interview! And have I got just the one for you! Remember me discussing a little movie by the name of Emerging Past? One directed by the talented Thomas Churchill? Well if you did, you should be hit in the head with a hammer and drowned in the lake!!! Just kidding…or am I? At anyrate…this interview has been on my shelf for a while now. So, it’s with great pleasure that I take it off of that shelf and up on a pedastal. I now present to you a very talented actress. Funny, Strong, Passionate, and full of energy….Park a chair outside in the moon light, wet your throat with a cool drink…because we are gonna’ be…

Howling at the Moon with Krista Grotte

You may pick your tongues up off the floor now guys....

Malice Psychotik: What got you started into acting?

Krista Grotte: I have Always been a natural performer, I was involved in everything I could since grade school, so for me, it is all I have known. I have many home videos of movie remakes I made by myself, lets just hope nobody ever sees them. My first role began after I decided to take acting workshops for fun, I followed the instructions of my acting coach, Corinne Broskett and submitted my headshots. My movie career began with my first role as an inbred transient for the horror short- Filthy. As soon as I read that script- I knew I would nail that role! 

Malice: When your not acting, do you have another profession?

Krista: Yes, I love the psychiatric field- again, its all I have known…Wink, wink to my Family. It truly goes hand in hand with acting. The further off people seem, the more they seem to be drawn to me. Always have been! Its just a natural thing for me working with schizophrenics and addicts.I have a way of helping them change for the better and showing them their illness is just that. It by no means defines them. I am drawn to different dimensions. I wish to open a clinic soon.

The doctor will see you now....

Malice: Emerging Past is a fantastic movie, and I’ve followed it for quite some time. How did you come across the role?

Krista: Thank You! Im very, very proud to be a part of Emerging Past and thank you for following this amazing journey. I had come across the role through Brooke McCarter, we had just wrapped on filming The Godfather of Gore-Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “The Uh-Oh Show.”  It was like a live action cartoon. Crazy times!! Brooke was approached with Emerging Past and he recommended me to join the cast. A couple of lead females hadn’t worked out, to my insane luck, the role of Pamela Garrett was still available. Thom Churchill had contacted me and sent this amazing script. We discussed it further and the rest is history!

Malice: Were there any scenes that that were difficult to film?

Krista: Yes. We had to film a scene where Father Cole was stabbed and butchered…with a crucifex. Not only was the priest stabbed with a crucifex with my hand, we happened to film this scene at the actual Catholic Church rectory…where the priests live. It is this old 3 story building on the Church grounds in Queens, NY. I remember asking Thom, “Do they realize what we are filming here?” I dont even remember what he said, but knowing Thom it was something funny and sarcastic. I said Im gonna go have a cigarette before we shoot this. I went down the three flights of creeky, creepy stairs only to find six priests sitting at the table eating dinner. I had to psychologically prepare myself to hold that sharp cross with Jesus on it and stab the priest over and over as the church bells rang. Yeah, that was difficult to film. I was nervous about flying home after that…

Malice: So, there is a rumor being passed around that you will be in the sequal to Emerging Past. Is it true?

Krista: I think I heard that same rumor!!! 😉

Goddamn It!!!! That's Hugh Heffner....

Malice: You’re also attached to be in the Thomas Churchill’s next film Hallow Pointe. Anything you can tell us about your role?

Krista: It is top secret, but I do know one thing… Anything Thom Churchill is involved in is sure to be quite an experience! Awesome Director! Amazing creativity!! I am anxiously and wholeheartedly looking forward to Hallow Pointe. I love werewolves!!! OOoooooowwwww!!!

Malice: Let’s talk a little about you. What sort of things do you do in preparation for a role?

Krista: I submerse myself into the world of the character I am playing, and it works for me. Reading the dialogue and script over and over has a tendency to subconsciously sink into your actions as well. If you look at my character Pam in Emerging Past, I look so weathered and stressed and just all around different than my other not so serious roles. You can see the emotion on my face. To me, that was the effect we were going for. That is how a woman in that world would be- a deranged mess and I had fun becoming a deranged mess!!! However, it took quite a bit of positive thinking and work to get myself back. Pretty Amazing stuff.

((Editor Note: I have to get myself back sometimes too….it requires a lot of Absinthe and Jager!))

Malice: Do you do horror movies primarily because of a love for horror? Or is that just what roles turns up?

Krista: I have ALWAYS been a horror Fan. I love The Shining, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Jaws. Filthy was my first film ever. It just so happened to be a horror. Working on that set got me ADDICTED to being a part of every horror film I could. Their is just something soooo different about the people on set. The worlds we are in, the fun, the creepiness, the loyal die hard horror film lovers and oooohhh the blood and gore- it’s the coolest thing EVER! It really is. I get emotional just talking about it. 

Thinks about it...What kind of emotion?....Hmmm.....Oh....OHHHHHHHHHHHHH....Me Gusta....

Malice: Taking a look at your resume reveals your a pretty athletic person. I noticed it said you know how to box. How did that come about?

Krista: I have a bit of a rough side, I have been that way since I was a kid. And I Love it. I made my mom get me a weight set for Christmas in Fourth grade. Screw Pilates! I enjoy lifting weights

Rough Side? Never would have guessed it...

Malice: Now it’s time for some “Out-of-Hat” questions…These are just some completely random questions…Just have fun with them…They allow my readers to see a little more about who you are…Nothing is to inappropriate for my site so….

Krista: Oh, now ya tell me- let me go back and put swear words in my interview!!! I always get hell for doing that. So, I appreciate the true horror fans who dont give a damn how I tell my story!

Malice: Who was your favorite character on Scooby Doo?

Krista: Its a tie between Shaggy & Scooby, they are both high as hell! Gives the kids something to look forward to when they grow up.

Malice: What era of horror do you think is most important?

Krista: The gritty, raw feel of horror made in the 60’s and 70’s. I find it really hard to get involved in the newer scary movies that focus on cheap stories and well known stars! The names attached to the film is the most important thing to the studios and thats bullshit! Thats why there are so many remakes today, not as much creativity. Just attach a name and call it a day. No, I want real psychological terror and I will remember those actors for their intensity, not remember a movie because somebody is in it. 

Malice: Werewolves or Vampires? Why?

Krista: Werewolves. Cause we are gonna be working on Hallow Pointe!!! Ooooowwww

That’s all for today Darlings! Hope you enjoyed the interview. I Am dearly hoping most of you read this for the article….If you didn’t….Exposure is exposure and Krista and Me care not!!! Stay tuned for more madness to come. For more on Emerging Past, check the trailer below. For more on Hallow Pointe, follow them on Facebook!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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Dead Serious with Rob Fox

A while back I had the pleasure of catching up with a good friend of mine, Author and Screen Play Writer, Rob Fox. Recently he has been on the promotion trail of a film he is involved with known as Ace the Zombie. I was curious about it, so I sat down chat about it. I wish I could have made it to the showing at Days od the Dead II: Atlanta…Fate, however, did not allow that…I will get to that later. Anyway, let’s catch up with Mr. “Z Day is Here” Rob Fox. Put on your favorite furry costume and play some Samantha Fox. This is…

Dead Serious with Rob Fox

Malice Psychotik: So it’s been a while since you were last on here…Hell it’s been a year…whats new?

Rob Fox: Mainly writing.  Though that is not my full-time job, it takes up quite a bit of my spare time.  Seems like I always have something going on writing-wise.  I am taking a small break from the convention scene this year and will only do one or two, since last year kicked my ass!  Currently I am writing a Serial Killer script for a couple of producers and hope to start filming early 2012.  I have a cartoon I am trying to pitch to the large networks, and a script about self cannibalism  that I am trying to sell to a producer.  Novel –wise, I am working on a Cryptozoology anthology with an author friend of mine (Alisha Sams), and as always, still banging away on “Z Day 2”.

Malice: How’s the writing been going?

Fox: The writing has been fantastic!  I have almost completely switched from short story/ novel-writing to screenplay writing.  I like the style much better and really enjoy seeing my words spoken through characters on the screen.

Malice: Well, I’ve heard a little bit about Ace the Zombie. Care to tell us a bit about it?

Fox: I would love to.  It has been many years since the first zombie outbreaks and the World Health Organization has introduced a “miracle” drug called Zom-Calm. While not exactly a cure, it curbs the undead appetite for living flesh, and zombies now occupy almost twenty percent of the national work force. Allen Christopher Edwards, Ace to his friends, is a great guy but a total pushover. Everyone takes advantage of him from his boss and coworkers to his girlfriend Brenda. He gains new-found confidence when he is bitten and becomes a zombie. But Keeper Ellis, head of the Zombie Control Force has a secret plan to destroy all zombies. Ace must now fight for the lives of all Undead Americans as he matches wits with the evil Keeper Ellis. That is the official synopsis.  So a little more about it… Ace the Zombie was my first attempt to write a screenplay. I was asked to assist a couple of guys that had started it but were running into some issues.  I stepped in and rewrote it from the ground up.  Everyone contributed a little and I think the script turned out really good.  This is a zom-com, and there is a good mix of horror and comedy.  My humor tends to be a little more on the darker side, but there is a few really good laugh out loud moments.

Malice: What sort of things inspired you while writing “Ace”?

Fox: Honestly, I took most of the ideas from the other writers Rey and Pat.  They had a pretty solid  story-line, so I just expanded on what I thought they would want.  I worked very closely with the director (Giles Sheppard).  With it being my first, I really wanted to make sure I got his vision. There were a couple of scenes that I wrote from scratch though. One of which involves a concert at a bar.  I don’t want to give anything away, but the scene is intense and switches from a nice calming moment back to death and destruction then back to calm.  The scene was complicated and I think the director did a great job shooting it.  As for inspiration, I tried to stay away from the normal zombies, so I really didn’t watch anything zombie related, so I guess I used my imagination.

Malice: So I also hear “Z Day” is going to have a shot at the grand celluloid fasion…I know there’s not much you can say, but can you give is a little bit?

Fox: Sadly, I can not give any details as of right now.  I am not allowed to give out anything.  Other than it will be based on the book and as of right now I am writing the script.

Malice: Whats the main difference between Ace the Zombie and “Z day”?

Fox: Night and Day.  Ace is a comedy with some zombies.  “Z Day” is all about zombies with a little comedy sprinkled in.

Malice: I have to ask, your claim to fame (Beyond the Llama Shows) is…well Zombie’s! Why Zombie’s?

Fox: I don’t know.  I really don’t know.  I think it just happened that way because at the time, the publisher was only publishing zombie stuff and in order to get stuff published, I had to write zombie stuff.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some zombies, but as for writing, that was kind of the way I was pushed.

Malice: I know you mentioned last year you had a children’s book in the making (People is you knew the man I do…you’d be afraid!) How’s that going?

Fox: I have actually written two kids stories.  One is a nice, cute, non-horror story and the other is a zombie kids story.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know, zombies and kids stories don’t sound like they should go together, but the story works and is 100% made for kids.  Both stories are being shopped around at the moment.  I really hope they can see the light of day this year.

Malice: Back to “Z Day,” if you could fantasy cast roles for it…who would you cast?

Fox: I have done a lot of thinking about this.  For a few of the characters, I have an idea:

For the main character – Henry Ian Cusick

Darcy – Zooey Deschanel

Tonya – Laurie Holden

Alisha – Anna Torv

Jeremiah – Kevin Durand

Cole – Ryan Lee (the blond kid from Super 8)

Mego – Queen Latifah (As I was writing it, I kept thinking about her in that role, even though it was written after a great friend of mine Denna!)

Malice – Benicio Del Toro (Editor’s Note: I would have said Ryan Reynolds…but I’ll take that as well!)

Malice: Have you ever thought of writing a Drama/Chick Flick?

Fox: I am actually about ¼ way through writing a drama/chick flick right now.  It will be a tear-jerker.  Not the kind of movie I would want to watch, but I had a dream one night and I woke up in a cold sweat, knowing I had to tell the story.  It spans many years and explores one mans regrets in life.

Malice: Let’s say we are going to star in the next The Hangover movie. You have You and Me….who would be the other 2…and who’s roles would take place of which between Doug, Phil, Alan, and Stu?

Fox: I would like to think of myself as Phil, but then who wouldn’t?  (man crush!). I think I would be more like Stu though.  You would be Doug.  For the other two, I don’t really know.  That is a very difficult thing to cast though, because the current cast is so good.  (Editor’s Note: Even though I would love to say I would be like Alan or Phil…Doug is probably right. Being Alan would really depend on how much liquor is involved!)

Malice: What is one of the craziest things you have ever done for cash?

Fox: Luckily I have always had a job, so I haven’t really had to pimp myself out (yet).  I did run through an apartment complex naked one time for comic value though, does that count?  (Editor’s Note: Sure….I’ll give it to ya’….)

Malice: How cool would it be to have a cryptozoological fight night? Which do you think would be better The Yeti vs. Sasquatch or The Jersey Devil vs. Chupacabra…or do you have a suggestion?

Fox: I am really just starting to get into cryptozoology.  I am a hardcore skeptic, a show me the proof kind of guy, so it has been difficult for me to wrap my brain around some of these creatures.  I would like to see a Yeti vs. Mongolian Death Worm.  I think that would be pretty cool.

Well Darlings, that will be all for now! Be sure to keep an eye out for my next interview with Emerging Past‘s Krista Grotte. Also, be sure to keep a weathered eye to the horizon for more from Rob Fox. You may find yourself at one of his movies soon…you never know!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

“Thou Shall Not Fall…” The Legend G Tom Mac

When I found out I was going to get to interview G Tom Mac, I almost fell over. The man behind “Cry Little Sister” was going to be able to talk to me for a bit and I was going to get to pick his brain right back. This is just such on honor for me, and I wish I could have had it out before his show tonight at Contamination Weekend. I’m sure the show went well though. He’s to great of a musician not to. There is absolutely nothing I can tell you in this forward that is not explained in great detail in the interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I liked doing it. Let’s crank the volume all the way to 11…because here come’s….

“Thou Shall Not Fall…” The Legend G Tom Mac

Malice: Wow! Where do you start with the legendary G Tom Mac? So many questions to ask, and not enough time in the world! Let’s open with talking about your music. How would you describe your style of music? What genre do you think it fit’s into?

G Tom Mac: Well, I think that…it’s always a hard question to answer and I get asked it alot…I think it’s certainly in the eclectic mode of rock. It has elements of pop. I like to think I’m writing about things that are interesting to me. As far as lyrically, I like to write about things I think people can relate to. sometime’s I end up writing about things people don’t relate to, but later do relate to. It’s kind of interesting how that works out sometimes. So I guess its eclectic rock with certain pop elements to it. It’s always a very difficult question to answer…

Somebody once said to me, I can’t remember when this was, but I think it was in Germany…he said “Your music has the elements of Depeche Mode…but not really…and the lyrical sense of Elvis Costello or Neil Young.” At the time I thought it was a bit of a mad statement at the time…it wasn’t an insult, Ha Ha! I do like Depeche Mode and all that stuff so…Interesting someone’s opinion, but I think that is the closest anyone has gotten as far as comparing it to something.

Malice: I’ve read that you have been into music since you were 13 with your first band at 16. What got you into music?

G Tom Mac: I think it was just in me soul. I’ve loved music since I was a kid…as far back as I remember really. Come around the time I was breaking into teen-hood, I was learning the guitar…I fiddeled around with the bass a bit…and around the age of 13 or 14 I found I could sing a bit. I was just inspired by so many different things. In my house my Dad liked opera, and that wasn’t my kind of thing, but I listened to it. He used to play Jazz and other things…There was always a wide array of music around the house. But then on my I own there was a discovery of many different kinds of musical forms. From Jimmy Hendricks all the way up to Depeche Mode and stuff like that. I was very inspired by things that had a bit of an edge to it. Certainly things like Led Zeppelin were things I was attracted to….The Beatels…you can’t go wrong with that stuff…It’s really hard to nail it down as to what inspiration got me down my road. That’s why my songs in a way…I mean I’m certainly not a country guy…I just like things that are soulful.

Malice: You’ve done a lot of work as far as doing songs for television shows and feature-length films. What got you into that?

G Tom Mac: I started off into films with a guy named Jerry Bruckheimer, you probably know him. He’s done everything from Top Gun all the way up to Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyway, he discovered me early on, and liked me a lot. Well there was this movie of his in the 80’s called Defiance that he produced, and he asked me if I would write a song…the main song…I ended up writing four or five songs for it. I quite liked the idea of making music to put against the screen. It just felt like a real passionate thing to do, for me. And you had to really write for a visual right?So I just got into that…and having done that film other directors like Cameron Crowe, who had just done Fast Times At Ridgemont High after that last one I did for Jerry Bruckheimer,  he asked me to do a song for that movie. One thing just lead to another…it’s not like I ran out and said “Oh, I have to find another movie to do.” It was just kind of people came to me, and I just fell into the mix, as the say. I just went on the road and came back. The TV stuff happened a bit later on in the 90’s when I took an interest in certain TV shows. It was before the vogue of having songs in TV shows. I was a bit ahead of it. I kind of remember some of the shows. I’ve been used in everything from Vampire Diaries to… Ha Ha, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show!” I don’t even keep track of it anymore. Now, Witchblade, was something that happened around 2000…2001. The guy, I think his name was Ralph Hemecker…He was a big fan of mine because of “Cry Little Sister.” So I started pitting songs of mine in the show and he picked out some. It was really interesting. It was a different kind of show, but it was in my world if you will. It was a somewhat of a super hero girl against vampires and any other source of evil. It was kind of cool show.

Malice: Have you ever done any shows or movies people would be surprised to see you attached to?

G Tom Mac: It’s kind of all out there. I did Chasing Amy. I don’t think anything has been a departure…There’s this television show every night called “Extra”…the news magazine show, they play a lot of my stuff. It’s interesting really. I don’t watch that show much, but I have watched it and heard my songs on there. Quite a few times actually…I see them in my royalty statements. It’s funny, because there are a lot of times I see my royalty statements and I’ve never even heard of that show. Oh! “The Bonny Hunt Show”…I don’t even know what that show is! And they air a lot of my stuff on there as well. “Big Bang Theory” this year had one of my songs. That was kind of a stretch I guess..I don’t know. The music producers of these shows just pick things they like, and if it fits in the show then well…But to answer your question, I’m never really surprised anymore…

Malice: What allows you to be more expressive? The work you do for yourself or the work you do on a T.V show or movie? Which do you prefer?

G Tom Mac: It’s always more expressive when I’m working on my own stuff, because it’s really just me isn’t it. So basically it’s just me working towards a…You know I’m not surrounding myself with someone elses story, like in a film or a T.V show. It’s always easier when your asked or given permissions to write a song for a movie. Not that I go and write the song about the movie. It just gives me instant inspiration. When your writing for your own album of songs, it’s really on you. Your really want to connect what albums mean. I like the idea of connecting a group of songs so that the fans can have a period of my life to listen to. Or just give them things that they can relate too.

Malice: I have always been a big Kiss fan, so you can imagine when I had read that you wrote the song “IsTthat You” I decided I had to ask you about it. How did they get ahold of the song? Whats the story behind it?

G Tom Mac: I wrote it when I was on the road. It was somewhere in Minnesota I remember…I thought maybe it would work. I was writing my first or second album…I can’t remember really…But I thought maybe it would work for me. But later, I just didn’t feel it was fitting in with the rest of the songs. This guy, Vinnie Poncia who was producing Kiss at the time, had asked me if he could play it for Kiss, because I wasn’t going to use it on my album. So I said sure, I didn’t really think anything of it. He called me like three days later and told me he played it for Paul and Gene and they freaked out…they loved it, and they said they want to do it. So I said “Really?” So he asked if I was sure I didn’t want to use it on my album? I told it him it wasn’t really working for me, so let me go and make some money else where. So they did it, and I thought they did a great job! They really made it their own.

It was a pretty cool demo I did…I haven’t heard it in a long time. I’m actually going to release it on an album I’m going to put out this year on a sort of greatest movie/things that other people have done kind of thing. I’m still trying to figure out how to put this compilation together properly. But the actually Demo of that still stands out.

Malice: Now comes the question I have always wanted to ask! In high school I was a bit of a Goth Kid. (still am really) So “Cry Little Sister” was a a little bit of an anthem for all of us outcasts. What inspired you for the lyrics to that song? What are the lyrics about and how do they relate to that period in your life?

G Tom Mac: Well, I had gotten a copy of the script by the Director, Joel Schumacher. I had always had the pleasure of looking at a piece of the film to get a sort of vibe for it before. But they said they were still shooting the movie, and they wanted to see if they could send me the script and get a good idea. Maybe write a theme song for the movie. So I read the script, and i was really quite taken by it. I thought it was really good. I was living in New York at the time, and there were a lot of really sort of demonic things going on in New York at the time. It was a very dark town at the time, and there were a lot of dark people in my life at the time too. There were just a lot of things going on. It seemed between what was going on in that script and what was going on in my life at the time. Something paralleled itself. I just started to write…and I’ve never been the type to write a song about whats going on in the movie…I’ve always thought that was kind of lame! I always like writing the peripheral of the film…something that gives the vibe but doesn’t reference it in a direct way. You know what I mean? So basically I thought that vampires were typically all a family. And they are a very lonely family and I felt in my world the same way. You know some sense of alienation. And I also felt there were a lot of people who felt that way, like vampires in my world. Like they were just trying to find a way to live, a way to fit in. To answer that question, and a lot of people have asked me what the lyrics are about…It’s about finding a family and being accepted. It’s the best way I can put it really. To answer what the some is about and every little lyric…I thought when I wrote the chorus, I started to here a bit of a choir in my head. The whole “Thou shall not fall” thing…it was redemption in a way for the vampire. That’s the best way to explain it really. Did I do OK?

Malice: I think you summed it up pretty good. It really explains why it would be a sort of “Goth Anthem.” At its heart it really is about despair and yearning for acceptance…you really feel that when you hear it.

G Tom Mac: It has gotten to such a different level, I had no idea! Like huge Eminem fans are now buying my music and discovering all my older stuff because he sampled me on his new album. It was really unbelievable, I had no idea he was a big fan of mine. I got a phone call one day by one of those guys at the recording studio who I had worked with. And he said they were working on the new album today and he wants to sample your song; he’s a big fan. It was interesting you know? You never know where that stuff goes. A band called Season After did a cover of it…It continues to find its way into many different forms of music.

Malice: Well it certainly does get around, doesn’t it? That being said, let’s lead into my next question: Did you ever think in the beginning that song would be as huge as it is? Like were you ever thinking to yourself “God that’s epic!”?

G Tom Mac: I did not think that. In fact, I didn’t even think it would make it in the movie. I thought “Well I love it.” About a week later when I sent the demo to Joel…they were filming the movie in Santa Cruz. He called me at like 10 in the morning on a Saturday, I remember that clearly. He said “This song is unbelievable! It’s the theme to my movie! I can’t belive you have not seen a piece to this movie. If you could only see the footage I’m shooting right now.” I thought “Well that’s cool!” I have not even seen this movie, and had no idea howe it was going to turn out as brilliant as it did. So I went back and did the final recording of it. e wanted me to play some pieces for throughout the film. We had the choir in the one spot. It was quite fun really. I had no idea it would work how it worked in the film. It was just one of those things you never know. It just taught me I should rea more scripts and not look at the film! Ha Ha!

What was interesting is, when it came down to who was going to record the song for the movie. The record company, that being Atlantic, they wanted to have Phil Collins do it or…Oh God Steve Perry from Journey…They had all these ideas of these Mega-Rock…Not even Mega-Rock, more like Mega-Pop bands really.They just wanted a really big name to do it, so with all due respect Joel let them audition these people. And he just said, “No, No, No, No…the only one to do this is G.” And that’s what it came down to. That’s how I became not just the song writer but also the artist too. Joel just said, “You are the voice of the movie. Everything I do from here on out is  based on your song. Your voice is Keifer’s part, Jason’s part, Everyone’s part. I thought to myself, “O.K.” and then I watched the movie and I kind of got what he was talking about. Anyway, I’m proud to be part of it. What can I say?

Malice: When the studios did the second one, did they bring you in on it? What kind of part did you have in it?

G Tom Mac: I didn’t want to do anything. They had talked to me about it, and I read the script. I just thought they were going straight to DVD with this thing…My deal with Warner Brothers said they could license the song from me for anytime for The Lost Boys. So they licensed it through me. Then they came back to me after the film was done and said, “Listen, we really need to have some validation here. We want to know if you would do a music video for “Cry Little Sister” for the DVD.” I said, “Yeah, as long as I can have full creative control. I wanna do “Cry Little Sister” with a little more industrial feel to it. So after it came out I had fans saying how the only thing that was worth it was the bonus video of “Cry Little Sister.” It’s one of those things that if it would have been a really good film, I would have done my version in the film. I just wasn’t keen one where it was going. It wasn’t bad but…

I’m actually in the process of doing a thing with Joel Schumacher, and turning “Cry Little Sister” into a movie. I’ve already written a graphic novel, that is actually going to become a real novel. It will also be a game. We’ve begun a deal with Electronic Arts. I’ll be singing in the game, I think it will be really cool. I mean we are ways away from this being real, but there is still enough to talk about.

Malice: Wow! That really sounds like an interesting concept for a game. I do hope you keep me in the loop as it progresses. Is there anything else you can tell us about it?

G Tom Mac: It’s kind of a bit on the girl power thing. It sort of a….Well I don’t want to give to much of it away…I mean it does touch on vampires obviously. But it also deals with a bit of…Adam and Eve meets Cleopatra meets the future. The world is a bit destitute. The sister of Shangri-la is our hero. It’s interesting how when I wrote the song, there are almost these type of characters in it. Like Blue Masquerade, he’s an image but I’ve made him into a character. I can’t really get into the story with you, but there is an interesting way that I’ve taken the song for the graphic novel and the game. The graphic novel should hopefully be out next year.

Malice: Well, I look forward to it all! It sounds really cool, and I can only imagine how truly epic it will be. Next I would like to talk to you about Emerging Past and your song “Soul I Bare.” How did you get attached to this project?

G Tom Mac: Well Tom came across me. Basically he was a fan of Lost Boys and also a fan of my work. He had asked Brooke McCarter, who is in the movie and also in The Lost Boys, he had him put in a call to me. He asked me if I would be interested in scoring it as well as doing a theme song. So I took a look at the film, and it looked like it had a cool vibe to it. It was still unedited at the time, and I thought “Well, I have some time.” I had this song “Soul I Bare” that I was kicking around. I basically finished it up, I just thought it would work well for the film. Then one thing lead to another and I ended up writing 5 or 6 more songs for the film, besides scoring the entire film. Which I enjoyed doing! I brought in some other artists to finish the soundtrack and we put the rest of the soundtrack together. I hope it does well out there.

Malice: It really does look like it’s going to be a fantastic movie, I can’t wait for my copy of it. Let’s talk about your new album. You sent me two songs off of the album, and they sound REALLY GOOD!! You said earlier your albums describe periods of your life, what period is this new album about? What message or mood do you hope to convey?

G Tom Mac: I think it’s really about now. When I speak about the period, it’s more about the period I’m in. I don’t really like delving into the past much. I’m not much of a retrospective kind of writer or artist. I think it’s about dealing with so many exploding things in the world right now. I just like to have fun with music. There’s just times you get introspective, and there’s a few songs like that on the album. Like the song “Groove at the End of the World” is sort of a last resort. Like if it all blows up, then we still have this music..the few of us that are left can connect to each other and we are all going down and rockin’. I’m going to look at. Groove at the end of the World” you know? It’s just a crazy time were in right now. But I think the outcome will be cool. I think this time it’s just a many slaps to the face so we can wake up and quit doing things the way we’ve been doing things. To change things, to improve the way we can relate to one another. It’s like the dark before the light.

Getting back to this album though, there’s a song on the album called “Slave That You Are.” It’s really about all of us and how we are a slave to money and the economy, your family, your girlfriend. Mainly we are a slave to the things we have created. So I think it’s a bit tongue in cheek that song. The other song I sent “Say It’s OK,” It’s sort of like picking up somebody your really close to and getting away from all this stuff and finding a new place to be. I think we need those kinds of inspirational songs. When I wrote that song it was kind of like you had to inspire people to belive there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to have a song like that on the album.

It’s interesting because I’ve always been a big fan of Trent Reznor and always have. He can go dark, very dark, and most of the time he does. And I got there too, in fact I have a tendancy to go down that road more often. But I also have a light side, a sort of optimism that says everything’s gonna be alright.” So somewhere between Trent and Bono I live…

G Tom and Cory Haim working on "Mend Me" for Emerging Past.

Malice:Well the time has come…It’s time for some “Out-of-Hat” questions! Most people dread them…but a lot of us love them…are you interested?

G Tom Mac: Yeah sure!

Malice: First question: You’re epic masterpiece “Cry Little Sister” was on The Lost Boys, and you also did a version of the song for True Blood. How do you think the two shows stack up? Which do you prefer between the two?

G Tom Mac: Well Lost Boys being a film and not a series. I think True Blood is a brilliant series. My friend Scott Reiner directs a lot of those episodes. So I can’t say too much bad about True Blood…I do like True Blood! It’s gotten better, I don’t watch it all the time. It’s kind of a tough one to say. I’ll always love the original Lost Boys. So I’m going to say I love The Lost Boys more. It’s something that has stood the test of time. And I think True Blood will be looked back on as innovative.

Malice: Do you prefer paranormal movies or realistic movies?

G Tom Mac: I like a little of both. I don’t really have a preference, I’m really not stuck on one thing. I like Iron Man, the first one anyway. I like super hero stuff as well. Super 8 was a good movie. I just like a mix…I’m all about the quality of things.

Malice: Last one…If Vampire’s and werewolves were alive…which one would you be?

G Tom Mac: Vampire…no questions about it. I don’t like the idea of getting hairy. Vampires have less shaving to do. Come on Vampires are damn sexy sensual…it’s just fucking sexy!

Malice: Is there anything you want to add to your fans before you leave?

G Tom Mac: Without them, it wouldn’t be possible!

Wasn’t he great guys!? I hope to see more of G Tom as some of his projects come to fruition. That’s all for the interviews for Contamination Weekend. I hope everyone they are having a safe and spooky-fun time. G Tom I bet that concert was the highlight of the show! Now, I’m going to go get some much-needed sleep! I hope you all enjoyed the interview…GOODNIGHT!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Unmasked with Brad Loree

It was a couple of days ago that I told all of you that I had some rather cool interviews coming up. This is the first one. My first interview was with a very talented stunt actor by the name of Brad Loree. Brad, as some of you may know, was Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. He’s known all around the horror/sci-fi con circuit as a very personable guy who loves what he does and enjoys his fans even more. Talking to him on the phone did nothing but prove this. Mr. Loree was very informative, and I can tell he really liked to share his stories and life experiences so that all of his fans could see. At this point there is nothing I can tell you that the interview won’t explain two times better. So without any delay…Grab your butcher knives and pull up a seat because this is…

Unmasked with Brad Loree

Malice Psychotik: What got you into acting and doing stunts?

Brad Loree: Well…As a young Kid, I Just fell in love with movies. Movies were an escape. When I was a little kid I remember thinking the greatest thing you could possibly be wasn’t being an astronaut or the president, It was being an actor. It was like the greatest thing would to be in a movie with lines. I got into stunts when I was 13. I fell in love with Bruce Lee and Martial arts, and joined local karate school and was taught by a guy named Tony Morelli. My Karate instructor went on to be a world cruiser weight kick boxing champion, and he sort of dragged me along into that. Then he got into the film industry in their early 80’s, when it first started coming to Vancouver. Tony introduced me to ever body, and because I could fight somewhat and was a big guy, I was the big guy that the little guy could kick the crap out of and throw down a flight of stairs. He opened a door and I followed in his footsteps. As a young teenager, I developed a case of really bad acne, so it really derailed my confidence. So being a stunt guy kind of worked for me. It was the closest I could get to being an actor without actually being an actor. Stunt is more the physical aspect of acting. I studied drama in school, took some classes off and on, but stunting was the perfect thing for me. I got to appear on camera, and I got to rub elbows with the actors. Occasionally I would get a part what they called Stunt Acting. Instead of getting an actor to say one line and get thrown down a flight of stairs, they hire a stunt guy to say one line and get thrown down a flight of stairs. Basicly…that’s how I got into it.

Malice: In the realm of horror movies, you are known more for your role as Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. We’ll get to that in a minute! Really I want to ask you about your experiences from some of the other films you have stunted in. To look at your imDB page, you have quite the list of Blockbuster movies (X2: X-Men United, X-Men: Last Stand, The Watchmen, Tron: Legacy etc…) What was it like to be on those huge Hollywood sets?

Brad: You know, Malice, being on those big Blockbuster sets is a lot like being a minot in a really big pond! The sets are so huge and it’s so obvious money is being spent. Working with all of those big guys, like Jeff Bridges, Hugh Jackman, and all those guys. It’s always a huge treat because I’m such a movie fan. I still get star struck when I see people or meet people. Being on those sets is like walking through a dream, because when I was kid I always wanted to work in movies. It’s kind of like a dream come true. Some of the guys I work with never get star struck. They’re not big movie fans, they’re like star fighters or world-class athletes and that’s how they got into the business. So it was never a big deal for them, but I’ve always been like a kid in a candy store!!!

Like Tron for instance, I was only there to double Jeff Bridges, and it was like two days. The first day I didn’t even leave the trailer. The second day though, we did the work. I got to meet Jeff…and I even got to do some off camera dialogue with him. It was scene where he was his older self and they computerized his  younger face on to the other body. I did about a half a dozen takes with him, all just a few lines each. But it was really a lot of fun. I just wish I could have gotten a picture with him. I’m a huge Jeff Bridges fan! It’s just a real treat and a real honor and I will have those memories forever.

Malice: What are some of the coolest stunts you have ever done?

Brad: Coolest stunt? Wow…boy…huh…One of my favorite stunt actor jobs, I was on the set of a movie of the week called “The Long Way Home.” I think of all the days I was on set I was never as Star Struck as I was when I was on with Jack Lemmon. I got to do this little stunt actor scene with him. This other guy and myself play these two rednecks. My buddy tries to pick the girl up and Jack comes. We get into a fight with him and she ends up maceing us both….

As far as big stunts though…the biggest stunt I’ve ever done…in my opinion…one where I was the most concerned for my safety, was a TV show I was on where I had to jump through an 8 foot by 8 foot window from the third story of an abandoned mental hospital. It was called Rearview Hospital, they closed it down…Normally jumping from the 3rd story wouldn’t bother me at all, because jumping from high places into an air bag can be a lot of fun…BUT!! The floor below jutted out about 14 feet, and it kind of had like a cement patio downstairs with a cement railing. So it was a long jump as far as it was a high jump. The danger was if I didn’t clear that, I would fall 18 feet onto a cement railing, and that would have probably really, really messed me up. They told me “Brad if you land short I don’t know if it will kill you, but it will definitely mess you up.” It was just really scary to shoot. When we did this scene I had this run way built up. They have this big heavy sheet of glass, of course they blow it for you before you hit but it’s still basically a big sheet of glass! I had the wardrobe on, and I had these boots. There was another guy supposed to do the stunt, so all of the clothes were bought to his size. He decided he couldn’t do it because of his knees. So when they brought the boots up to me, they were these brand new motor cycle boots. Stiff, Stiff, Stiff leather that was two sizes to small. So you can imagine trying to run in these boots that are as hard as concrete, with your toes all curled up in them, trying to make this jump…I tell ya, it was one of those nights where you sure wish you didn’t have to do it, but your already committed to it…you already said you would do it and there’s no backing out. But I did it, and the director loved it. They shot it from like four different angles, and played it back like Boom…Boom…Boom…Boom! Four shots of me coming through this window. I was just so tickled. When we finished the shot, a guy named Ken Mathers said “Thank you Brad that was the most amazing thing I have ever had the privilege of shooting! Thanks so much!” It was a real treat!

The list just goes on and on. I’ve got to do a fight scene with Jean Claude Van Damme, I’ve got to do a fight scene with Jackie Chan, I’ve gotten chased out of a house by Sylvester Stalone, I’ve gotten shot by Arnold Schwarzenegger…I didn’t get to be in a scene with Jet Li, but I was in Romeo Must Die, I’ve had fight scenes with Steven Segal, Lorenzo Lamas…I’ve gotten to work with a lot of the big action guys.

Malice: You’ve also done some movies that were far out of the scope of what you normally do, (Freddy Got Fingered, Twilight Saga: New Moon, Josie and the Pussycats) can you tell us a little about them?

Brad: New Moon I doubled Graham Greene. It was a scene where he gets tackled by I think a Werewolf. Freddy Got Fingered I just slid a car out into the intersection as Tom Green was driving through. Josie and the Pussycats, there’s this scene where a van comes racing down the ally and these guys jump out and grab this girl, I was one of the guys that grabbed her. There are a lot of movies I’ve done where I was on-screen for about 2.5 seconds. But you still get paid for the day, so it’s always been fun that way. About 95% of my work is as a stunt man…If I hadn’t had the good fortune of falling into the role of Michael Myers, me and you wouldn’t be talking right now. Brad Loree probably wouldn’t even be on the imDB. The fame that Michael Myers has brought me, has brought a lot of my other work to the floor. It catapulted me into the spotlight for a time. I’m very fortunate and I get to do these Horror conventions, and I hope I always do. I hope I’ll always be available to come to them. Horror fans are just the most loyal I’ve met out of any genre.

Malice: What do you find more fulfilling Acting or Stunt work?

Brad: Well if I answer honestly I would have to say I’ve always enjoyed acting more. You know Malice, thats where my heart has always been. Unfortunately I didn’t grow up with a ton of confidence. I don’t want to say I never appreciated the stunt work, it’s just to me it was always a job. Also because I was a fairly athletic guy growing up, I don’t want to say it was easy. By and by I always sort of took for granted if I could do it then anybody could do it. I’ve met a lot of people though that can’t. To answer your question though, I’ve always loved the acting, that’s where my love has always been.

Malice: Now let’s talk about Mr. Hush. I have been chomping at the bit to see this movie, and it looks awesome! Is there anything you can tell us about the movie? Maybe a little about your character?

Brad: Well, I met Dave Madison at a convention a few years back. Most conventions you meet a few upcoming directors or writers that want you for their movie. But God Bless him, David sent me this script, and we ended up shooting the film in Pennsylvania last year. It’s essentially the story of this middle-aged guy that’s married with a kid, and he get’s haunted by a demon from his family’s past. I really don’t want to say too much at this point, because the movie hasn’t been released yet and I don’t want to give the story away. But basically the character is tormented for ten years by this demon, I can tell you that much. The movie has not been released yet, but I believe David told me that it was going to release in October in a theater in Pennsylvania. I’m hoping to come down for that. I guess that will be like our premiere. It was just a really great experience. I hope it does well and we can do Mr. Hush 2. It’s supposed to actually be a trilogy, so I really hope that happens.

You know when you haven’t acted in a while, you start to get kind of rusty. You have to keep your chops up. So when Dave called me I hadn’t done any acting or classes in a while. So actually I turned him down at first. But then I told myself “Brad, the only reason you’re not doing this is because you don’t believe in yourself. Why don’t you believe in yourself for once, and go and do the best you can and just put it all out there.” I called him and said “Alright David I’m coming out.” We shot it in three weeks last fall. It was great! I hope to work with Dave and Thom for the rest of my life!

Malice: Well there are thousands of Halloween Fans out there that are wondering when the hell am I going to get to Halloween: Resurrection, so let’s dive in head first! How did you come across the role?

Brad: I was working on this show “Los Luchadors.” We did 13 episodes and broke for hiatus. Even though there was a lot of talking about “oh, yeah we are going to come back for another 13.” Most veterans don’t wait around, they all go out and look for work. Our first AV guy Brian Knight went and interviewed with the Halloween people, because Halloween: Resurrection had already set up shop. And during the interview they mentioned that they didn’t know who their Canadian Stunt coordinator was going to be and they didn’t have a Michael Myers yet. So he said you know who you should talk to is Brad Loree. He’s a pretty big guy and he has done some really good stunt coordinating with me lately. So I’m driving my car one day, and I get this phone call “Hey Brad, this is Tracey Long with Halloween: Resurrection. We are looking for a Michael Myers, I just wanna know how tall are you?” I said I’m 6’2″ and a half and she said “Oh Perfect! You want to come meet the Executives?” I was like sure! I went there the next day and everyone was there. All the producers, the director…I hadn’t seen the movie in like 17 years, but the director got me to go up against the wall and walk toward him as Michael Myers. He gave me a few tips and direction…And he said I did just fine. They then told me it was nothing definite, but if they did pick me they would fly me out to L.A to get my head cast. I looked at them and said, “You mean I have to fly all the way out to L.A. just to double the guy?” They said “No you’re not going to double him, you will be the guy.” That’s when I went OHHHH I REALLLLLY WANT THIS JOB!! And so the director gave me the thumbs up from there, I went down to L.A. to get my head cast. We started camera tests a couple of weeks later, we shot for six weeks, then came back and did reshoots for two weeks.

Malice: How do you think Halloween: Resurrection stacks up against the others?

Brad: I don’t really know…I really like how they brought it into this day with all the technology and the kids texting and the cameras. I like it for that because it really kept with the times. It didn’t try to stay in the 70’s for example. It was sort of the modern time film for the Halloween franchise. I can’t really tell you how scary it is because I was in all the scenes so they don’t really shock me. I’ve had some tell me that they didn’t really like the direction, but they thought I was great. But then I’ve had people tell me it was their favorite one.I love the first one head, shoulders, and torso above all of them. Resurrection will always be the highlight of my life, even though I wore a mask and didn’t have any dialogue I was one of the stars of the movie. I’ve got a group of friends and me that always get a chuckle out of seeing the movie on cable and it says starring Jaime Lee Curtis and Brad Loree…we always get a laugh when we see that! It sure is an honor to have played Michael Myers because I’m a big Halloween fan. Everyone was great, we had a lot of fun, and made a buck!

Malice: Now I know most of the other “Men Behind the Mask” if you will, say they all brought a certain trademark to their version of the character. Whether it be a way they turn their head, or a way they walk. Did you do anything like that to make your Michael stand out from other incarnations?

Brad: Well when I was researching the role, I noticed some of the newer guys had really gotten away from the way Michael walked. His gait to me was one of the scariest things about him in the first one. I just remember it being so creepy! He’s not in a hurry, he’s just so methodical and calm. A lot of the guys got away from that. I just watched the first one over and over, and a lot of people have credited me for bringing that back, that Michael Myers walk. So I can’t take it as my own. But I like to say that I kind of resurrected it. ((No Pun Intended)) There was also another scene where I killed a girl and tilted my head. I asked the director if I could do that because I hadn’t seen that in a while. I remember that was just kind of creepy in the first one. It kind of reminded me of a cat playing with a mouse. I’ve always related Michael to a child. How like he doesn’t realize he is hurting these people, but more he is just playing with them. Kind of like a cat with a mouse, and how they end up getting too rough and the mouse ends up dying. So that’s what I like to think I brought back to the character.

Malice: Well this last section of the interview is what I like to call “Out-of Hat” questions. More or less a small set of questions that are either off the wall or just don’t particularly fit, are you game for some?

Brad: Oh absolutely!

Malice: Well, let’s do this then!!! If you got to pick a character in a Zombie flick which would it be…The Noble Hero, The Kick Ass Take no trash Zombie Killing Machine, The awkward Science Nerd that figures everything out, or the Stoner screw-up that dies a hilarious death and reanimates only to bring crap right to the main casts door?

Brad: I would have to say the nobel character…the first one. That’s who I’d like to be. That’s the one the chicks would go for!!

Malice: As far as cryptozoological animals (Big Foot, Lochness, Yeti, Chupacabra…etc…) What are your feelings on them? Real or fake?

Brad: Well I believe that when there is a lake or a planet that are deeper or vaster than we can register on a radar…You know I think there are a lot of areas that are still uncharted.So I believe these creatures are out there. I don’t like to think that there is no mystery left in the world. I hope one day they do reveal themselves, just like I hope one day aliens come down from outer space. I don’t want to be ridiculed for these things. I want them to show themselves and prove the nay sayers wrong.

Malice: Since you were in two of the original three X-Men films, if you could be any of the X-Men, which character would it be?

Brad: I would really love to be Wolverine. When I saw the first one, I really like Wolverine in that scene where he is fighting for money in the cage. He Kicks Ass!

Malice: So do you have anything else you would like to add?

Brad: Well I’m going to be at Contamination Weekend this weekend. Next week I will be at Days of the Dead in Indy. Dave and Thom’s stars are rising and they are wanting to keep me in their rolladex of actors, so I hope to see a lot more appearances and roles from them. I look forward to seeing everyone at the shows!

Well My Freaky Darlings, that about wraps it up for tonight. Brad is a really great guy, I wish him all the best, and I hope to have him back on here soon. If any of you are at Contamination Weekend right now and are reading this, be sure to stop by and say hey from your dear Uncle Malice. Stay tuned for my next candid interview I’m sure your Sister will Cry to see….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Thomas J. Churchill Presents…Emerging Past

Not to long ago I had the pleasure of introducing to you, My Freaky Darlings, Thomas Churchill! At the time we more just talked about who he was and what things he had going. You might remember of his projects we talked about one of his films Emerging Past. Since that interview this film has been on the circuit causing all kinds of attention. It is now getting a release to DVD June 7th and will also be streamed on Netflix. It is because of this that Thomas Churchill and Marquee Media and Marketing have decided to give me the pleasure….NO….the Honor of interviewing him again for the release! I’m not going to waste another second…let’s dig right in darlings…

Thomas J. Churchill Presents…Emerging Past

Malice Psychotik: Well so glad I was given the honor to do another interview with you boyo!! So let’s do this!!!

Thomas J. Churchill: Thanks me too

Malice:  It wasn’t too long ago that I was introducing my readers to the great Thomas Churchill….

T.J.C: Thomas J. Churchill…lol just kidding.

Malice: Ha Ha! Sorry…Well now your back again to promote your new DVD release. How have things been in between Thom?

T.J.C: Pretty busy…Getting “Emerging Past” together for distribution and pre-production with Hallow Pointe has kept me pretty busy. BUT…a good busy.

Malice: Why don’t you refresh my freaky darlings on Emerging Past?

T.J.C: This film is a mind trip! Pure rollercoaster ride of excitement…as it has been labeled! Every twist, every turn reveals something different. It is a thinking person’s horror thriller. It has also been said that somewhere between The Exorcist and The OmenEmerging Past will sit.”

Call it what you want but, it is a film you need to pay attention to. EP has won 5 awards to date. I had an amazing time working with an awesome cast and crew. We have been meeting great people along the promotional tour for it. And the fans…OMG! The fans have been amazing. They get it. They seem to love it! The film is a trip. When I set out to make something that was different from your average horror film, I wanted something that no one can guess my storyline or ending ten minutes into it. That is what I feel I delivered to the world. Something fresh and new and most of all a horror film that isn’t a recycle of every other film that comes out.

Malice: How did you come up with the concept for Emerging Past?

T.J.C: I came up with the concept on a weekend get away trip to Washington , DC with my cousin.

Malice: What in D.C. inspired you to write the story?

T.J.C: Heading to Washington, DC I was excited to location hop where one of the greatest horror films of all time was shot, The Exorcist. I wanted to see the stairs, the house, the college, the streets of Georgetown . It was exciting to me. So I was playing around with my camera and shot things I could later incorporate into a film back in New York . The title came to me while in Washington , DC .

The footage I shot with my cousin Joe was inspiring me to write something different. I shot a version of EP a long time ago, during this trip. The concept was pretty much the same but a lot different. I always wanted to redo it on a bigger scale and now I have. Maybe one day down the road I will release that test-version of EP on some anniversary edition of the current film. Wow! What great memories I have of making that film.

Malice: When you made the characters, did you already have an actor in mind? Or more what inspired you to write the story?

T.J.C: When I rewrote the script, I wanted Pamela Anderson to play the lead. LOL. That’s why the character’s name is Pamela in the film. One of the first that was approached was Tiffany Shepis. I had spoken to Tiffany about this role back in the day in New York . She was approached again when we were about to shoot the film. She was excited and we were heading closer to working together until something occurred that didn’t work out for us. I was bit bummed because I wanted to work with her. I will be now with Hallow Pointe.  Brooke McCarter brought Krista Grotte to the table. I had a few meetings with her and she read the script and came with the passion you would need to pull off this complex character.  The role of Pamela Garret is very layered. Each layer reveals something cool about her. Krista got it! An amazing actress and a delight to work with. She brought Pamela Garret to life as well as won a Best Actress award for role.

When you’re doing an independent horror film with a limited budget you need the best actors to bring your writing to life. I believe no A list stars would have done a better job than the cast that I have in EP. Brooke McCarter won a Best Actor award for his role as Dylan. “The Lost Boys” was an amazing film and Brooke’s role in it was cool. But it didn’t show his amazing talent as an actor. His acting range is brilliant! Seeing him play this role in EP was amazing. If it was a Hollywood film, Brooke would be Sean Penn. Brooke was just that good in this film. Stephen Geoffreys who plays Cameron in the film was brilliant. Stephen has had an amazing career…he is a horror icon with his roles in “Fright Night” and “976-EVIL.” He was brilliant. We have several horror icons in the film: Stephen, Brooke, Steve Dash (“Friday the 13th part 2”) and Tony Moran (Carpenters’ Halloween 1 and 2) They brought their A-game to EP. Even though their roles were small, they stand out in a HUGE way.

Malice: What led you to the decision to have G Tom Mac soundtrack this masterpiece?

T.J.C: Masterpiece? Thanks bro. Thank you very much for the compliment. Well, G came to the table through David Lee Madison and Brooke McCarter. Actually most of the cast came through David. During shooting Brooke told me that he had this feeling while making the movie that it’s going to be bigger than what we are doing. He mentioned he would reach out to G. I didn’t think anything about it…just went about making the film. The night before I was leaving to go to LA, David called me on a three-way with G on the other line. We spoke a bit and when I got to LA we met. Great guy. I showed him some “raw footage” and he wanted to be involved a bit more than giving a song or two. He was excited about the project. He stated he has not had this feeling since The Lost Boys about a film. He wrote the score and handed over 8 “new” songs including “Soul I Bare” which I directed. “Taken,” “Fallen” and the duet with Corey Haim “Mend Me”. Brilliant. To me this soundtrack is G’s best work. “Soul I Bare” is the new “Cry little Sister”. We have a song called “Mud” by Katie DiCicco which also won Best Song. I directed that video as well. Various artists including Brian Ray, Magni, Kizzy Star…just to name a few, round out the soundtrack. Spectra Records did a kick ass job with the soundtrack album which is available now for download on sites such as iTunes and Amazon and the physical CD hits stores the same day the movie does…June 7th.

Malice: What kind of experience was it on the set?

T.J.C: I have some awesome stories. I got to work for the first time with one of my childhood friends, David Lee Madison. We acted together in a big fight scene in Brad Davis’ last role called “Heart” back in the early 80’s and we went to JHS together as well. EP was the first time we actually worked producing a film together. Mr. Hush was our follow-up where we reversed our roles. We were still producers, but now I was also in front of the camera. David was the writer and director. David has a small role in EP as well.

Malice: There has to be some interesting stories working with cult horror legends such as Steve Dash, Stephen Geoffreys, and Brooke McCarter…

T.J.C: Steve and Stephen were both a delight to work with. They both went on to work with David and I again in “Mr. Hush.” Stephen is a master at what he does. I speak to Brooke at least a few times a month. He ended up becoming my brother. The stories are endless… but I am not sure if I can spill any of them. You know images. LOL. But working with horror legends was amazing. Helping to create “new” horror legends is fun. I am speaking about Edward X. Young who is a horror/grindhouse independent favorite to some hard-core indie directors. Edward was amazing as Father Cole. Another one that I had the privilege of working with three times and will be again in “Hallow Pointe” is Mike Marino who plays the iconic character The Stranger in EP. People should study him and know his name because Mike is one of the greatest method actors that I have ever met.

Malice: So far what has the reception been on your end?

T.J.C: Wow…5 awards to date. People seem to love it. People get it. It has been a blast. Especially doing conventions and meeting the fans. That’s what this business is to me. You make things for the fans. For people to enjoy themselves.

Malice: Is it possible we may see a sequel?

T.J.C: Yes. It is possible. There are many scenarios we can do with this story. I know sometime in the near future you will be seeing a spin-off character from EP in his own film. We will be doing an origins film of the Mike Marino character called The Strange1. We are excited about that project.

Malice: What movie can we expect to see next?

T.J.C: The next film I will be producing and directing is a throwback to the iconic ’80 horror films called Hallow Pointe. It will be the definitive werewolf story. Take An American Werewolf in London and The Howling and kick them in their ass. Get horror author Joe Knetter and producers Bobby Ray Akers, Jr from Dead of Night Films, Marla Stoker and the executive producer from “Predator”. Now add a who’s who of horror and mainstream film and what do you get? Pure carnage. Hallow Pointe will be that “event” film for the indie and mainstream world without the $200 million dollar price tag on things you don’t need. This film is designed to scare and thrill the horror lovers. I am stoked about it. We have a pretty solid slate of films. After Hallow Pointe: Witches Playground, The Strange1 and Cold Plastic is another film I’m real stoked about.

Malice: Well…I’m sure you remember what time it is…You guessed it…time for “Out-of-Hat” questions: What would you do if you were trapped in a room with someone who was demonicly possessed?

T.J.C: Start singing television tunes. Play a game of name that show.

Malice: Have you ever known someone who spontaneously paints disturbing pictures of unspeakable things on their walls?

T.J.C: Yes. Me. I love making stick figures hanging. ..Oh I’m sorry that’s when I am playing “Hang Man”. No. I don’t. Wait yes. Do dentist offices count? Don’t they have a lot of clown paintings! LOL

Malice: If you could do any idea (Book or Comic Adaptation, Remake, own idea…etc…) what would it be?

T.J.C: Oh I would LOVE to do “Deliverance” has a horror film.

Malice: Oh! And money is not Not an issue

T.J.C: Always wanted to do Romeo and Juliet as Zombies. Star Wars as a pure horror film. Kind of like Alien meets Hellraiser.

Malice: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

T.J.C: A few times. Once, when I was moving from one of my apartments I closed the bathroom door. The outside of the door had a door mirror hanging on it. As I closed it I saw a little boy standing behind me. It freaked me out. Pretty creepy

Malice: If given the choice, would you rather hang out with A) The kids from Jersey Shore B) The Ghost Adventures C) McManus Brothers or D) Hugo Weaving and Willem DaFoe…in drag….?

T.J.C: Jersey Shore so I can give them a good ol’ New York style ass kicking! Just kidding…Probably The Ghost Adventures…it seems eerie and fun to tackle that. Yes…thats my final answer.

This one looks good too!!

Malice: It’s time to bring this to an end, do you have anything you would like to add? Links to where we may purchase the DVD and CD?

T.J.C: Yes. June 7th EP hits stores: both the DVD and soundtrack. Also it hits Netflix as well. Everyone out there please add it to your queue. There also is a special combo package being offered on For a low price you get the DVD filled with extras, the soundtrack and an autographed poster. I also want to say Thank you. I want to tell all the horror fans out there that without you guys who go out and support horror or independent horror we would not be here to entertain you. I will make it my mission to continue to give you quality and entertaining films. You guys are awesome.

For more information on our projects visit our websites and Facebook pages. Thank you very much. I had fun with this.

I must say that was a little more fun then the first time, and that is hard to beat! I’m telling you al you need to check Emerging Past out as soon as you can. If you haven’t already pre-ordered watch it on Netflix…and then BUY IT!!! I don’t see a reason why you would be disappointed! Make sure to keep a close eye on this man, he’s going places. As always I will try to keep you posted on any other developments. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for the Psychotik Review of the flick!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

*Check out the trailer for Emerging Past below…

“V” for Vanessa

Hello there Darlings…I hope everyone is getting ready for a wild Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’ll be cruising the theme parks, enjoying the beaches, taking in a Convention, or just Bar-B-Qing and doing the party thing at home…Make sure you have fun! I especially have a message for all of you going to Spooky Empire’s May-Hem this weekend…If you see this woman I’m presenting to you, give her a big hug from your dear ol’ host! The lady I’m about to present to you is a good friend who can truly see…and drag out…The Spooky Beauty in just about anything. It’s not everyday someone can do what they like and make a buck too, and she has achieved it. Ladies and Gentleman…Ghouls and Ghosts…The V I bring you is not for Victory…it’s not for Valor…Hell it’s not for Visitors or Vendetta…

V for Vanessa

Malice: Today I have the joy of interviewing a good friend of mine, Vanessa Bond! What the hell is up chika!? How have you been?

Vanessa “V” Bond: Well hello there. Honestly I’ve been keepin’ myself busy creating crafty goodness. It’s like therapy only cheaper. Counting down the days till my next show or convention.

Malice: Why don’t you tell My Freaky Darlings why you are here today? (Other than your awesome…)

V: I am here to share some of my Spookyness with the world.

Malice: What sort of things inspire you in your work? What gets the gears a turnnin’?

V: Geez! Lots of things inspire me. I love horror, Halloween, tattoos, Vintage hot rods And anything else that’s spooky. I have the habit of looking at things And wonder how they are made. I take them apart in my brain n try to maybe re-create in my own special way.

Malice: What sort of shows have you got to do so far? I think there was a Ren-Fest in there somewhere right?

V: Mostly the local craft circuit. But also did Camelot days. That’s a mini renaissance festival.

Malice: Are you ever going to open up a permanent shop or is the internet/convention arena just right?

V: I have an Etsy shop “justv13” but nothing is listed on there as of yet. My inventory is constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with that. I also have a website on Blogger. I post my happenings, Tour dates , Contest and so on On those sites.

Malice: Do you take requests? If so any strange ones?

V: Actually yes I had a request to put my own blood in the blood vials. Someone said they have special powers. LOL. J/K

Malice: Now the part of the interview I’m sure you have been DYING for…”Out-of-Hat” questions! Does it puzzle you…movie wise…how humans can organize a resistance against a seemingly immortal legion of killer machines…but if one tiny zombie super virus turns everything to pot and we have our heads permanently lodged in our asses?

V: People now a day are plugged in and don’t remember what it’s like to do things Like mail a letter Change the tv channel manually. Hell even order a pizza. I guess they expect to push a button and everything gets fixed. When it comes to actual human interaction we are all screwed.

Malice: Your stuck in the movie Death Race…What kind of car do you drive and what is it armed with?

V: Um Jason Statham would be my driver in his car so I guess I am in pretty good hands. LOL

Malice: If you could have one of these bands soundtrack your life which would it be: A) Slipknot B) My Chemical Romance C) Cradle of Filth D) Flogging Molly

V: Out of the bunch I would pick Slipknot. But prefer System of a Down.

Malice: Your dream comes true: Your gonna get turned vamp! Who get’s to do it: Christopher Lee Dracula, Edward Cullen, Eric from True Blood, or beat the shit out of those bitches because you ARE a REAL vampire!!?

V: Ha ha ha. Not Edward that’s for sure. He sparkles! I am on team Eric

Malice: Well that about wraps it up. If there is anything left you want to whore to the masses nows the time to do it…let her rip!

V: If you wanna see what I’m getting into just check out my blog. Or look for me on Facebook. Till next time……… unpleasant dreams.

That will be all for now my Darlings…make sure to stay tuned for some more madness…and Don’t forget to check out this dear womans site…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Shredding Chords with Chris Chaos…

Hello My Freaky Darlings! Long time no see!! You would not BELIEVEEEEEE the last couple of weeks you host has had. The horrors I could tell you, no Man, Woman, Child, or Furry should ever have to endure! Seriously the tail end wasn’t bad. As a matter of fact, I have an interesting piece on Universal Studios coming up. However right now we have a first. No I don’t have the Rob Fox sex tapes!! Something much better…

So, Seras and I were talking the other day, and I had mentioned how I felt bad the website had no new content. I had been so busy with work that I just didn’t have any time!! So she tells me “I can do an interview…Yeah I could do one with Chris.” It was then….I had a COLOSSAL idea…Why don’t I let Seras do an interview with Chris Chaos!? It was briliant!!….lol. Anyway our very own Seras Psychotik has put together an Awesome interview with an Epic individual. So plug up the 6-String, turn your amps up to 11, and hold on to your cheeks! We’re gonna be…

Shredding Chords with Chris Chaos

Hello freaky darlings of Encyclopedia Psychotika! This is Seras Psychotik coming at you with my very first interview. Yay! For my first interview, I really wanted to make it great and maybe a little chaotic ; ) Let me introduce you all to Chris Chaos. He is an up and coming musician out of Okeechobee, Florida. I have personally known Chris for 10 years and music flows through his veins like blood. Without further delay, allow me to bring a little Chaos into your lives…

Seras Psychotik: How long have you been writing and playing music?

Chris Chaos: I started writing since 1995 and started as a vocalist in 1996 for a band called X-Termination which later became Gridlock back in Ft. Myers Florida. We had a huge following. But I’ve always loved the music scene.

Seras: When did you get your first guitar? Who bought it for you?

Chris: Got my first guitar “Fender Squier Stagemaster 7” in 2000 as a Christmas gift from an ex-girl friend…Always loved 7-string guitars and been playing it ever since. Now I own a Schecter Damien 7 and both guitars are like my best friends lol.

Seras: Who are some performers you consider to be your greatest influences?

Chris: Wow, good question. My influences vary from Jimi Hendrix to Chimera which happens to be my favorite band right now. But every now and then I like to get back to my old school roots. Without old school music, Metal wouldn’t be where it’s at today.

Seras: Are you currently recording solo or are you part of a band? Could you tell us a little about that?

Chris: Currently I’m working on my solo project Chris Chaos which is working out better than I expected but my true pride is my band Systematic Hate which is taking a break for a while. I am however playing drums with some other musicians as well. But I’ll never put down my guitars.

Seras: What have you found to be the hardest part about writing music? The easiest?

Chris: Well to me the hardest part is coming up with an inspiration or topic to write about. It has to mean something and have a message that everyone can relate to. also composing the music to fit those emotions. Once you have it all planned out, recorded and sounding the way it was meant to, Then the easy part is promoting it to your fans so they can enjoy it as well. I’m always up for criticism…Anything to help the fans enjoy the songs better helps me in the long run make better music for them.

Seras: Have you had a lot of support from family and friends?

Chris: Yes! A lot actually. I remember the days that my family thought I was a joke and that I needed to find a “real” career lol. Once they seen how much of a following I had they realized that this was no joke lol. I thank my friends and fans for that cause it’s because of them I’m still making music today. Now I work with others to make music as well so they can pursue their dreams.

Seras: What are some goals you have for your music career?

Chris: Well if anything, I’d like to one day own my own record label and promote other artist while still have my music out there for the public…For example, A lot of people may not like Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) but he has the right idea and works with a lot of artist.

Seras: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Chris: Never give up your dreams no matter how impossible it seems to obtaining that goal. There are 2 types of people. People who want to do something and people who are doing something to make their dreams come true…Be a doer!

Seras: Awesome advice. Now for the insanely fun and often revealing part of the interview- “Out of Hat” questions.  What are your thoughts on midget zombie strippers?

Chris: Are they hot? If they are, How can I get one? I’d date one and be sure to have a lot of air freshener for the corpse smell lol…Anyways, sounds like an awesome soundtrack to be on lol

Seras: Who do you think has the better rack: Rebecca Romijn as Mystique from Xmen, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman from Batman or Brandon Routh as Superman?

Chris: Rebecca Romijn hands down! She’s just hot! Plus I make a better Superman…j/k Christopher Reeves will always be Superman. Everyone else is an imposter.

Seras: I can see the headlines now: Chris Chaos as Clark Kent. Lol! Has a nice ring to it though. By the way, I agree 100% with Rebecca Romijn. One word, WOW.  Alright next question, if you could spend one day with a dead musician, pre-mortem of course, who would it be and why?

Chris: Dimebag Darrel (Pantera) just cause he helped pave the way for metal’s comeback when we were stuck in the grunge rock era. Rest in peace my brother, you will always be missed.

(EDITOR NOTE: I so have to agree. Much respect to Dimebag Darrel. Dime forever Rest in Peace…May you rock with the greats forever…)

Seras: Do you think animals masturbate?

Chris: Animals masturbate?!!! lmao, And here I thought humans were talented lol…Well if they do they’re really good at keeping it a secret. But I highly doubt it. I could be wrong though lol

Seras: If Doc Brown showed up at your house with the DeLorean Time Machine, where and when would you want to go?

Chris: Well I’d go back to the 60’s. The very first Woodstock to be exact cause hippies knew how to party. Peace, love and Rock n’ Roll Baby!

Seras: Have you ever tasted the rainbow? If so, how was it?

Chris: Yes I have and it taste sooooooo good! wait! You weren’t talking about Skittles were you? Neither was I lol

Seras: E.T. style aliens have taken over the world and threaten destruction! They give you an ultimatum. Go with them and breed with their kind and they’ll spare the Earth OR decline and they’ll destroy the Earth and take you back to their planet as a sex slave. What do you do?

Chris: Wait so either way I’m screwed? damn. Save the human race and be a bitch or let them kill everyone and be a bitch. No offense to the human race but I’d die before being a bitch to a bunch of hideous aliens so I must decline lol

Seras: Well this concludes our exciting interview with local musician Chris Chaos. Chris, would you like to add anything?

Chris: Thanks to all my friends and fans and for those who haven’t checked out my music yet come follow me on ReverbNation

I hope all of you have enjoyed getting to know Chris Chaos a little better. And be sure to check out his Facebook. We will definitely be keeping in contact with Chris to let everyone know what he’s up to. Until next time freaky darlings, I leave you with…

Sadistic Salutations,
Seras Psychotik
P.S Be sure to keep an eye out of socket for upcoming coverage of Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras and a general theme park update to boot!! But wait there is more…hear the hideous tale of how MegaCon destroyed my dream. Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings

Dusker of the Month for January 2011: Sgt. Peppers!

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Hello! How are all the Duskers out there on the interweb doing!? It’s that time again Darlings. Time to name the Dusker of the Month for January. The first Dusker of the Month for 2011 is….SGT. PEPPERS!!! Sgt. Peppers wins the bragging rights of being the first in 2011! In addition, as all do, he get’s what some may view as cruel torment…an interview with I, The Head Master of Chaos, Malice Psychotik. So, it’s with great pleasure that I present to you…

Sit Back and Let the Evening Go…An Interview with Sgt. Peppers

The Sarge and Clive Barker

Malice Psychotik: Sarge, I’ve got to start out with asking what the story is behind the screen name?

Sgt. Peppers: The Beatles are my favorite band and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of their albums. It’s not my favorite but I just liked the name and started using it ten years ago on every message board I’ve joined.

Malice: How did you come across From Dusk Till Con? What made you stay?

Sgt. P: My friend Ian (Hybridflip on the board) pointed it out to me since we are both big into conventions. It’s just a great site for fans of horror and the convention scene. It’s a great place to get info and discuss all types of conventions.

Malice: It’s always interesting to find what other people do on the boards in “The real world.” What do you do for a living?

Sgt. P: Nothing too exciting. I work on copy machines. Now whenever I watch a movie or tv show and a copier is in the background, I can’t help but try to see what kind it is.

Nothing exciting...I belive that's Beverly Randolph...Sarge is much to modest.

Malice: When you’re not on FDTC, what are some of your hobbies?

Sgt. P: Mostly just watching movies and planning for the next convention. I have a pretty big collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays. I also collect shot glasses but there doesn’t seem to be very many in the horror marketplace.

Malice: We all have various tastes in film on FDTC. What are some of your favorite movies?

Sgt. P: I have very wide-reaching tastes in movies. While horror is my favorite genre I love different movies of all types. Goodfellas is my favorite move of all time. For horror specifically, the original Dawn of the Dead is my favorite movie. I love the Friday the 13th movies. I love slasher movies, revenge movies.

Malice: Are there any songs out lately that get your feet stomping? What kind of music are you into?

Sgt. P: I’m becoming and old man. I rarely listen to the radio anymore unless its sports or political talk. Mostly I just listen to my iPod though. Just like with movies I’m in to all kinds of music at least a little bit. My favorite band is the The Beatles and my second favorite is Motley Crue. I love 80’s hard rock/metal and melodic rock and melodic metal. I think a lot of bands I like now wouldn’t be known my many people.

Malice: So, beside the new Juggernaut Days Of The Dead… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) are there any conventions that are your favorite?

Sgt.P: Flashback Weekend was my first convention so that one always holds a special place for me. Horrorhound Weekend has become a favorite of mine also. I love any convention that brings in the celebs I’m wanting to meet. I’m really looking forward to Days of the Dead.

Malice: These conventions lately have been pulling in a lot of good names. Do you have any favorite celebrity experiences? Any crappy ones?

Sgt. P: Almost all of my experiences have been great. Meeting Beverly Randolph at Famous Monsters last year was great. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. A couple other great celebs were Tom Towles and Ginger Lynn Allen. It’s always nice to meet people who seem to enjoy meeting the fans. I haven’t had many bad experiences but one time a certain Maniac Cop kept calling me names.

Ginger Lynn Allen looks pretty cozy on the Sarge...

Malice: Jumping away from the convention scene, do you game? If so, which console do you love most?

Sgt. P: I’m not really a gamer anymore. I’ll maybe buy one game a year and play the hell out of it. I’m into Rock Band and I love Red Dead Redemption. The only game system I use now is PS3 and that’s mostly for movies.

Malice: Well it’s time for what most of my victims…er oh… “Interviewees” dread… “Out of Hat” questions. Sgt. Peppers are you ready?

Sgt.P: I’m ready!

Malice: What are your feelings on NASA attempting to send the fabled Jack-A-Lope into space?

Sgt. P: I think it’s a silly waste of time and money. The Jack a Lope needs to be here on American soil protecting us from terrorists and the cast of Jersey Shore.

Malice: Which is funnier? A. Dumping a sack of eels in a public pool B. Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo-Bear C. “I’m On A Boat” performed by Steve Urkle and Bill Cosby?

Sgt.P: I think dropping a sack of eels in a public pool would be hilarious. Then Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo Bear could chase the kids as they ran from the pool. It would be mean but funny. I’ve never heard of I’m On A Boat so I had to look it up. I would love to hear Bill Cosby screaming “I’m a boat mother fucker!”

Malice: How cool would rainbow camo be? And do you think that would make it easier to steal a leprechaun’s pot of gold?

Sgt. P: Sounds like an idea for a new Leprechaun movie and I approve. Somebody needs to work that into the next movie.

Malice: The Matrix with Bill S. Preston Esquire… comedy gold or terrible thought?

Sgt. P: Comedy gold for sure. Him being in there might actually make me want to watch the last 2 movies again.

That’s all for now! Sgt. Peppers, thank you from the bottom of my black heart! You were wonderful! Tune in next month Duskers to see who makes February’s….cut.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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Dusker of The Month for December: Limpfreak

Article originally posted over on From Dusk Till Con…

It’s that time again! After a long hiatus, Dusker of the Month is back! This months Dusker had to be a person that would really warm your heart, much like when your watching a Christmas special. An individual that has touched our hearts, in ways that can only be described as a touching moment. A truly good person to help bring in the holiday season…well I couldn’t find that person. (Come on do you really think there is such a thing as a touchy feely weirdo like that on FDTC…really?) Instead I bring forward an honest to Cthulhu horror fan boy! You know him…you love him…our one and onlyyyyy….LIMPFREAK!! Yes, Guys and Ghouls and women of all shapes and sizes, Limpfreak has earned the honor of the last Dusker of the month for 2010. So lets break in the holiday spirit, grabs some egg nog…put some whiskey in it…and let’s peep at…

How Limpfreak Stole Christmas

Malice: So Limpfreak, how does it feel to be Dusker of the month in this…the season of presents?

Limpfreak: It’s shocking and kind of cool at the same time. To me it’s a big “HOLY SHIT” moment. I thought to myself why would anybody want to read about me since I’m nobody important.

Malice: What brought you to FDTC?

Limpfreak: I’m going to be honest here. I joined FDTC for a couple of reasons. #1. The Spooky Empire forums that i used to post at started to become nothing but drama. At first everything was peachy but then the drama slowly started. Then the trolls started to pop up and little by little i lost interest in that place.

#2. I came to FDTC because I became friends with one of the forum members on there and we talked in private about how cool it would be to have a “Troll and Drama Free” forum that we could talk about almost anything. Fast Forward to when FDTC was born. I was one of the first people to join FDTC because the people running it were cool and my friend. I loved the idea of a forum that had freedom and didn’t have drama and that we could talk about almost anything.

Malice: You’re a pretty big horror fan, what are your interests as far movie titles?

Limpfreak: I love ALL zombie movies even the cheesy and crappy zombie movies. I grew up on George Romero’s zombie movies and to this day I’m still a fan of his. Besides zombie movies I also grew up on Nightmare On Elm Street. I also love Asian horror movies.

Malice: How long have you been in the horror convention scene?

Limpfreak: I stumbled onto the horror scene back in 2004. One day I was bored so I did a Google search for “Horror Conventions In Florida” and one of the results was Screamfest (now better known as Spooky Empire). I was sick with the flu so I couldn’t go to “Screamfest 2004”. So after “Screamfest 2004” passed I made plans to attend in 2005. I attended for the first time in 2005 and was hooked and since then I have been going back every year.

Malice: Now I know you have a pretty big movie collection, how many do you think you boast?

Limpfreak: I have a lot of movies in different genres and not just horror. I own 150 DVD’s and 255 Blu-ray movies.

Malice: A movie connoisseur such as you self must have some pretty good advice on films, any good releases lately?

Limpfreak: Always do research on whatever movie you plan on buying. Don’t go nuts and buy the first thing in front of you. You never know if you might find it cheaper at some other store or even online.

Don’t be a cheap skate and buy the cheapest version of the movie. It might be cheaper than the “Special Edition but that “Special Edition” might be worth it. It might have some Special Features that the cheap version doesn’t have.

As far as good releases lately on DVD or Blu-ray. Not a lot of people liked it but as far as the Picture Quality and Audio Quality I loved Avatar. I also thought that the Alien Anthology that recently came out on Blu-ray was great. Just too many good recent releases for me to mention.

Malice: Your also a pretty avid gamer, how long have you been playing?

Limpfreak: I have been a gamers since I was a kid. Over the years at some point or another I have owned every video game system that has come out here in the US.

Malice: What is your all time favorite console?

Limpfreak: SNES (Battletoads , ALL of the Mario games , Zombies Ate My Neighbors , F-Zero)

Malice: What recent releases would you recommend in gaming?

Limpfreak: Dead Rising 2 (hours of zombie slaying with lots of combinations of weapons)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Not only can you play as a Racer but you can also play as a Cop)

Call Of Duty Black Ops (hours and hours of endless fun and you also got Zombie Mode) How cool it is to kill some zombies as either JFK , Nixon or Fidel Castro?

Malice: Ultimate question, this separates the boys from men….Playstation 3 or XBox 360?

Limpfreak: First off let me say that i like both systems……But i prefer the Playstation 3 for a couple of reasons. #1. Built in Blu-ray player. #2. Free online gaming. #3. Better graphics.

Malice: In the war over who will win the next-gen gaming remote who do you think will win? Kinect or the Move?

Limpfreak: I don’t care about either one of them. When my cousin used to own a Wii I tried it out to see what the entire Motion Controller deal was about. I was turned off with the entire Motion Controller thing and have not cared to give either the Kinect or the Playstation Move a try or any attention.

Plus i wouldn’t be caught playing either of them and looking like a Dork while playing some game.

Malice: So getting down to you (Yeah I know this should have probably been at the beginning…I’m VERY’ll learn to deal…) Tell us some stuff we may not know about you?

Limpfreak: I used to be a huge Comic Book geek when i was younger. I used to go to Comic Book conventions.

Malice: I know you’ve had it a while, how did you come across your screen name?

Limpfreak: Back in the days I used to be a big fan of Limp Bizkit and since I considered myself a “freak” I combined both names. Limp – Freak = Limpfreak

Malice: Going back to horror conventions, what have been some of your favorite guests?

Limpfreak: Bill Hinzman , Jennifer Rubin (Taryn from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) , Tony Todd , Doug Bradley , Dawn Of The Dead cast members (David Emge , Ken Foree , Scott H. Reiniger , David Early , Mike Christopher , Sharon Ceccatti , Clayton Hill)

Malice: Any special memories from a horror con party?

Limpfreak: Every year getting to hangout poolside with Bill Hinzman at Spooky Empire is a Special Memory. Sitting by the pool having some beers with Bill Hinzman and talking about random things was a good feeling to me. It was like if me and him have known each other for years and years and like we were best friends.

Malice: Now for the part that everyone dreads…it’s time for some “Out-of-Hat” Questions…are prepared foolish mortal?

Limpfreak: *curls into the fetal position and cries about the scary questions*

Malice: Let’s begin… Why do you suppose there are never any midget zombies? Isn’t this absence disturbing? How do you suggest we raise awareness?

Limpfreak: There are never any zombie midgets because they are so fast and small that they can go between the zombies legs and get away. LOL

Malice: Your going to be killed by a horror movie icon…which one out of these: Freddy Kruger, The Tall Man, or Pin Head?

Limpfreak: I would want to be killed by Freddy. At least my death would be entertaining and not just some “straight to the point” type of death. My death would involve me watching porn and getting killed in some insane way.

Malice: How long do you think you would last in a zombocolypse?

Limpfreak: I could possibly last a year. Maybe enough to roundup some well-trained survivors and to find a good shelter. But my downfall most likely would be that i would die of starvation.

Malice: You are going to have a date! But you have to pic between these three women: Madame Victoria (A Hardcore Domenatrix), Amber Bamber (a Furrie enthusiast) or Velma Spencer (She’s likes to be peed on amongst other things)?

Limpfreak: As the “ladies man” and the big flirt I am I HANDS DOWN have to pick Madame Victoria the Hardcore Dominatrix because that’s How I Roll. 🙂

Furrie enthusiasts are not to be messed with because half the time they turn out to be “Padded Cell” type of crazy and When you tell them it’s over they keep on coming back.

Malice: You have Uwe Boll strapped to a chair. What are you going to tell him before you force him to watch a marathon of everything he’s ever done (presumably making his head cave in?

Limpfreak: I hope you suffer like you made lots of other people suffer from tricking them into watching your craptastic movies. I hope in hell you get anal raped by Satan himself while he uses a spiked baseball bat without any lube.

Malice: Well Limp, it’s been great! Glad you survived…this round!! Anything you want to add?

Limpfreak: I want to add that……….I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!…..Not Really 😉

Well, My Freaky Darlings, that wraps it up for this month! Be sure to catch it next year, actually on time!!….Hopefully….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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