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Illustrate With Lydia Burris

We have another old interview here with Lydia Burris, a very talented artist taking the convention scene by storm. This was my very first and last interview I did for From Dusk Till Con’s Tales from the Art Side segment. The article originally saw the light of day on May 28th, 2011. Why not give her a second run, huh? Enjoy!
Well, My Freaky Darlings, it seems our friends over at From Dusk Till Con have charged me with an unholy task. They have a little section of their site devoted to interviewing vendors and artists that tend to frequent the horror convention scene. The first of these interviews is going to be a darling young lass by the name of Lydia Burris. Lydia is quite the talented artist, and I do hope you all check her links out (or as a matter of fact, say “Hi!” when you see her at a convention!) So without wasting a further key stroke…Ha Ha I said stroke…(you all know full well you chuckled at that…) Put on your artsy hats and get out your paints….it’s time to…

Illustrate with Lydia Burris

Malice PsychotikLet’s start with you. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself…

Lydia Burris: I’m Lydia Burris. I make art and confuse people. I was raised by trees, and was fed a steady diet of horror and fantasy movies as a child. I’m always looking for a way to bridge the gap between concepts; Fine Art and Illustration,  Abstract and realism, light and dark, humor and stark seriousness. I am a midwest girl, but I lived in England for 14 months to get an international Masters of Fine Art. I never want to stay the same as an artist – I am always trying to grow, improve and try new methods. Art is not just a business for me – it is my way of life, and my journey, and the paths I take almost always  lead toward a darker realm.

Malice: How long have you been an artist? What first inspired you to walk that path?

Lydia: My mother and aunt always debate on who gave me the first crayon. My mother was an artist and was a huge inspiration to me and always encouraged me to be creative, to do art and not be afraid of the dark. She passed recently, but I will be keeping her website alive – to see what dark dreams I crawled out from, see her site:

Malice:  What sort of things inspire you on a day-to-day basis?

Lydia: Dreams, strange psychology, mythology, the books I collect, nature, detritus, faces, words and interesting people.

But that’s not all! I can also add things like discolored photographs, idle emotions, the struggle of self-evaluation, paint drips, the type drawers on my walls filled with the pretty and sometimes broken things that don’t go anywhere else, and the will to stay as creative as possible.

Malice: So you mentioned you have a vampire for a boy friend…how does one end up with a vampire?

Lydia: You stay up late and check out strange basement night clubs. But seriously, he’s the sweetest vampire ever.

Malice: Let’s talk more professionally, how long have you been doing professional commissions?

Lydia: While I’ve been doing art since I was a tiny, I didn’t really start to extremely market myself until after college.

I decided to become professional. I grew a beard and started wearing a top hat and carrying a cane.

That didn’t really work, so instead I started to submit proposals for projects, contacting galleries, reading freelance books… etc. That worked better than the beard and hat. Some fun stuff: I have a permanent 4’ x 8’ oil portrait scene in the city hall of my hometown, Columbus, IN. There is a 9’ x 29’ lightbox of my art in Indianapolis which will stay up till August 2011.

Malice: What kind of clientage have you brought in? I know I saw a magician poster on your blog…

Lydia: Convention folk, magicians, monsters, musicians, movie makers, madmen and more.  I do a lot of my own thing, but I love commissions because they usually give me a chance to do something I may not do on my own, thus expanding my experience.

Malice: Have you ever had any “strange” requests?

Lydia: Does ‘A Michael Meyers malkavian vampire who turns ducks into vampires with a prince duck vampire and 4 vampire ducks-of-the-apocalypse’ count? (courtesy of a fun gamer client.)

Art by Lydia Burris

Malice: Now I here tell you frequent the convention scene. Any appearances coming up?

Lydia: HorrorHound Indy, Days of the Dead!, and I plan on being at GenCon.  I’m looking into many more – my convention circuit depends on the success of the previous conventions, winning the lottery, people throwing money at me, and/or inviting me as a guest to their convention.

Malice: How do you like doing the vendor thing at conventions?

Lydia: I love it more than banana cream pie. I wish I could do this stuff full-time.  I get to meet the most interesting of people, share my art, and have bizarre and wonderful conversations all day!

Malice: So now it’s time for the mighty sword to fall…”Out-Of-Hat” questions? Let us begin: Do you think that the existence of the “Chaos Frog”…a frog capable of emitting a noxious gas that can turn people insane…should be made more public than just the private sector?

Lydia: I am not at liberty to discuss the ‘Chaos Frog’… however if we want to discuss the multi purposes of the ‘Deranged Dragonfly,’ I’m all game.

Malice: What coolness would it be if you could actually be a Cheshire Cat? You know, like if you could be a werewolf or a vampire…but you know…a Cheshire Cat instead?

Lydia:What are you talking about? I AM a Cheshire Cat!!! Notice my constant eerie smile?

Malice: How cool do you think it would be to have Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets at a convention? Mind you, they can be put anywhere to comment on anything?

Lydia: That would be awesome! Lets put Statler and Waldorf on the back of an Ostrich that just wanders through the entire convention.

Malice: If you could pit any celebrity mom’s in a death match, who would it be? Who would win?

Lydia: Lets just pick them at random and have them smack each other with banjos. I don’t care who wins.

Malice:  Are you aware of the Pecking order?

Lydia: Baaaak-bOOOaaaak …. cluck cluck cluck…. baAAAKKKityCLUCK!

Art by Lydia Burris

Malice: Well as fun as that was, all good things must come to the end. I always wish after my interviews I could give people a Tee Shirt, but you know it never ends that way! At any rate I will give you one last chance to pimp your stuff…so tell the good people where they can find you…

Lydia: I’m an online junkie, I admit it.

You can browse my website:

You can support my convention habit, buy and request artwork, prints and strange stuff at my etsy:

I have a blog called “More Self Drive Please” – all about my art progress –

I am also on facebook:

And last but not least, DeviantArt:

Now Freaky Darlings, wasn’t she just a gem!? I hope you all hunt her down and give her some business, because this is one artist that shouldn’t have to wait until post-mortem to gain her fame. Click the links above and show this lady some love. That will be all for this installment…more to come soon…My Freaky Darlings. So until then I bid you fond farewell…

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

Art by Lydia Burris


Dusker of the Month for January 2011: Sgt. Peppers!

Article originally posted on From Dusk Till Con. Love horror conventions? Head over to From Dusk Till Con to get the latest news on the hottest shows in America… 

Hello! How are all the Duskers out there on the interweb doing!? It’s that time again Darlings. Time to name the Dusker of the Month for January. The first Dusker of the Month for 2011 is….SGT. PEPPERS!!! Sgt. Peppers wins the bragging rights of being the first in 2011! In addition, as all do, he get’s what some may view as cruel torment…an interview with I, The Head Master of Chaos, Malice Psychotik. So, it’s with great pleasure that I present to you…

Sit Back and Let the Evening Go…An Interview with Sgt. Peppers

The Sarge and Clive Barker

Malice Psychotik: Sarge, I’ve got to start out with asking what the story is behind the screen name?

Sgt. Peppers: The Beatles are my favorite band and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of their albums. It’s not my favorite but I just liked the name and started using it ten years ago on every message board I’ve joined.

Malice: How did you come across From Dusk Till Con? What made you stay?

Sgt. P: My friend Ian (Hybridflip on the board) pointed it out to me since we are both big into conventions. It’s just a great site for fans of horror and the convention scene. It’s a great place to get info and discuss all types of conventions.

Malice: It’s always interesting to find what other people do on the boards in “The real world.” What do you do for a living?

Sgt. P: Nothing too exciting. I work on copy machines. Now whenever I watch a movie or tv show and a copier is in the background, I can’t help but try to see what kind it is.

Nothing exciting...I belive that's Beverly Randolph...Sarge is much to modest.

Malice: When you’re not on FDTC, what are some of your hobbies?

Sgt. P: Mostly just watching movies and planning for the next convention. I have a pretty big collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays. I also collect shot glasses but there doesn’t seem to be very many in the horror marketplace.

Malice: We all have various tastes in film on FDTC. What are some of your favorite movies?

Sgt. P: I have very wide-reaching tastes in movies. While horror is my favorite genre I love different movies of all types. Goodfellas is my favorite move of all time. For horror specifically, the original Dawn of the Dead is my favorite movie. I love the Friday the 13th movies. I love slasher movies, revenge movies.

Malice: Are there any songs out lately that get your feet stomping? What kind of music are you into?

Sgt. P: I’m becoming and old man. I rarely listen to the radio anymore unless its sports or political talk. Mostly I just listen to my iPod though. Just like with movies I’m in to all kinds of music at least a little bit. My favorite band is the The Beatles and my second favorite is Motley Crue. I love 80’s hard rock/metal and melodic rock and melodic metal. I think a lot of bands I like now wouldn’t be known my many people.

Malice: So, beside the new Juggernaut Days Of The Dead… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) are there any conventions that are your favorite?

Sgt.P: Flashback Weekend was my first convention so that one always holds a special place for me. Horrorhound Weekend has become a favorite of mine also. I love any convention that brings in the celebs I’m wanting to meet. I’m really looking forward to Days of the Dead.

Malice: These conventions lately have been pulling in a lot of good names. Do you have any favorite celebrity experiences? Any crappy ones?

Sgt. P: Almost all of my experiences have been great. Meeting Beverly Randolph at Famous Monsters last year was great. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. A couple other great celebs were Tom Towles and Ginger Lynn Allen. It’s always nice to meet people who seem to enjoy meeting the fans. I haven’t had many bad experiences but one time a certain Maniac Cop kept calling me names.

Ginger Lynn Allen looks pretty cozy on the Sarge...

Malice: Jumping away from the convention scene, do you game? If so, which console do you love most?

Sgt. P: I’m not really a gamer anymore. I’ll maybe buy one game a year and play the hell out of it. I’m into Rock Band and I love Red Dead Redemption. The only game system I use now is PS3 and that’s mostly for movies.

Malice: Well it’s time for what most of my victims…er oh… “Interviewees” dread… “Out of Hat” questions. Sgt. Peppers are you ready?

Sgt.P: I’m ready!

Malice: What are your feelings on NASA attempting to send the fabled Jack-A-Lope into space?

Sgt. P: I think it’s a silly waste of time and money. The Jack a Lope needs to be here on American soil protecting us from terrorists and the cast of Jersey Shore.

Malice: Which is funnier? A. Dumping a sack of eels in a public pool B. Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo-Bear C. “I’m On A Boat” performed by Steve Urkle and Bill Cosby?

Sgt.P: I think dropping a sack of eels in a public pool would be hilarious. Then Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo Bear could chase the kids as they ran from the pool. It would be mean but funny. I’ve never heard of I’m On A Boat so I had to look it up. I would love to hear Bill Cosby screaming “I’m a boat mother fucker!”

Malice: How cool would rainbow camo be? And do you think that would make it easier to steal a leprechaun’s pot of gold?

Sgt. P: Sounds like an idea for a new Leprechaun movie and I approve. Somebody needs to work that into the next movie.

Malice: The Matrix with Bill S. Preston Esquire… comedy gold or terrible thought?

Sgt. P: Comedy gold for sure. Him being in there might actually make me want to watch the last 2 movies again.

That’s all for now! Sgt. Peppers, thank you from the bottom of my black heart! You were wonderful! Tune in next month Duskers to see who makes February’s….cut.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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Dusker of The Month for December: Limpfreak

Article originally posted over on From Dusk Till Con…

It’s that time again! After a long hiatus, Dusker of the Month is back! This months Dusker had to be a person that would really warm your heart, much like when your watching a Christmas special. An individual that has touched our hearts, in ways that can only be described as a touching moment. A truly good person to help bring in the holiday season…well I couldn’t find that person. (Come on do you really think there is such a thing as a touchy feely weirdo like that on FDTC…really?) Instead I bring forward an honest to Cthulhu horror fan boy! You know him…you love him…our one and onlyyyyy….LIMPFREAK!! Yes, Guys and Ghouls and women of all shapes and sizes, Limpfreak has earned the honor of the last Dusker of the month for 2010. So lets break in the holiday spirit, grabs some egg nog…put some whiskey in it…and let’s peep at…

How Limpfreak Stole Christmas

Malice: So Limpfreak, how does it feel to be Dusker of the month in this…the season of presents?

Limpfreak: It’s shocking and kind of cool at the same time. To me it’s a big “HOLY SHIT” moment. I thought to myself why would anybody want to read about me since I’m nobody important.

Malice: What brought you to FDTC?

Limpfreak: I’m going to be honest here. I joined FDTC for a couple of reasons. #1. The Spooky Empire forums that i used to post at started to become nothing but drama. At first everything was peachy but then the drama slowly started. Then the trolls started to pop up and little by little i lost interest in that place.

#2. I came to FDTC because I became friends with one of the forum members on there and we talked in private about how cool it would be to have a “Troll and Drama Free” forum that we could talk about almost anything. Fast Forward to when FDTC was born. I was one of the first people to join FDTC because the people running it were cool and my friend. I loved the idea of a forum that had freedom and didn’t have drama and that we could talk about almost anything.

Malice: You’re a pretty big horror fan, what are your interests as far movie titles?

Limpfreak: I love ALL zombie movies even the cheesy and crappy zombie movies. I grew up on George Romero’s zombie movies and to this day I’m still a fan of his. Besides zombie movies I also grew up on Nightmare On Elm Street. I also love Asian horror movies.

Malice: How long have you been in the horror convention scene?

Limpfreak: I stumbled onto the horror scene back in 2004. One day I was bored so I did a Google search for “Horror Conventions In Florida” and one of the results was Screamfest (now better known as Spooky Empire). I was sick with the flu so I couldn’t go to “Screamfest 2004”. So after “Screamfest 2004” passed I made plans to attend in 2005. I attended for the first time in 2005 and was hooked and since then I have been going back every year.

Malice: Now I know you have a pretty big movie collection, how many do you think you boast?

Limpfreak: I have a lot of movies in different genres and not just horror. I own 150 DVD’s and 255 Blu-ray movies.

Malice: A movie connoisseur such as you self must have some pretty good advice on films, any good releases lately?

Limpfreak: Always do research on whatever movie you plan on buying. Don’t go nuts and buy the first thing in front of you. You never know if you might find it cheaper at some other store or even online.

Don’t be a cheap skate and buy the cheapest version of the movie. It might be cheaper than the “Special Edition but that “Special Edition” might be worth it. It might have some Special Features that the cheap version doesn’t have.

As far as good releases lately on DVD or Blu-ray. Not a lot of people liked it but as far as the Picture Quality and Audio Quality I loved Avatar. I also thought that the Alien Anthology that recently came out on Blu-ray was great. Just too many good recent releases for me to mention.

Malice: Your also a pretty avid gamer, how long have you been playing?

Limpfreak: I have been a gamers since I was a kid. Over the years at some point or another I have owned every video game system that has come out here in the US.

Malice: What is your all time favorite console?

Limpfreak: SNES (Battletoads , ALL of the Mario games , Zombies Ate My Neighbors , F-Zero)

Malice: What recent releases would you recommend in gaming?

Limpfreak: Dead Rising 2 (hours of zombie slaying with lots of combinations of weapons)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Not only can you play as a Racer but you can also play as a Cop)

Call Of Duty Black Ops (hours and hours of endless fun and you also got Zombie Mode) How cool it is to kill some zombies as either JFK , Nixon or Fidel Castro?

Malice: Ultimate question, this separates the boys from men….Playstation 3 or XBox 360?

Limpfreak: First off let me say that i like both systems……But i prefer the Playstation 3 for a couple of reasons. #1. Built in Blu-ray player. #2. Free online gaming. #3. Better graphics.

Malice: In the war over who will win the next-gen gaming remote who do you think will win? Kinect or the Move?

Limpfreak: I don’t care about either one of them. When my cousin used to own a Wii I tried it out to see what the entire Motion Controller deal was about. I was turned off with the entire Motion Controller thing and have not cared to give either the Kinect or the Playstation Move a try or any attention.

Plus i wouldn’t be caught playing either of them and looking like a Dork while playing some game.

Malice: So getting down to you (Yeah I know this should have probably been at the beginning…I’m VERY’ll learn to deal…) Tell us some stuff we may not know about you?

Limpfreak: I used to be a huge Comic Book geek when i was younger. I used to go to Comic Book conventions.

Malice: I know you’ve had it a while, how did you come across your screen name?

Limpfreak: Back in the days I used to be a big fan of Limp Bizkit and since I considered myself a “freak” I combined both names. Limp – Freak = Limpfreak

Malice: Going back to horror conventions, what have been some of your favorite guests?

Limpfreak: Bill Hinzman , Jennifer Rubin (Taryn from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) , Tony Todd , Doug Bradley , Dawn Of The Dead cast members (David Emge , Ken Foree , Scott H. Reiniger , David Early , Mike Christopher , Sharon Ceccatti , Clayton Hill)

Malice: Any special memories from a horror con party?

Limpfreak: Every year getting to hangout poolside with Bill Hinzman at Spooky Empire is a Special Memory. Sitting by the pool having some beers with Bill Hinzman and talking about random things was a good feeling to me. It was like if me and him have known each other for years and years and like we were best friends.

Malice: Now for the part that everyone dreads…it’s time for some “Out-of-Hat” Questions…are prepared foolish mortal?

Limpfreak: *curls into the fetal position and cries about the scary questions*

Malice: Let’s begin… Why do you suppose there are never any midget zombies? Isn’t this absence disturbing? How do you suggest we raise awareness?

Limpfreak: There are never any zombie midgets because they are so fast and small that they can go between the zombies legs and get away. LOL

Malice: Your going to be killed by a horror movie icon…which one out of these: Freddy Kruger, The Tall Man, or Pin Head?

Limpfreak: I would want to be killed by Freddy. At least my death would be entertaining and not just some “straight to the point” type of death. My death would involve me watching porn and getting killed in some insane way.

Malice: How long do you think you would last in a zombocolypse?

Limpfreak: I could possibly last a year. Maybe enough to roundup some well-trained survivors and to find a good shelter. But my downfall most likely would be that i would die of starvation.

Malice: You are going to have a date! But you have to pic between these three women: Madame Victoria (A Hardcore Domenatrix), Amber Bamber (a Furrie enthusiast) or Velma Spencer (She’s likes to be peed on amongst other things)?

Limpfreak: As the “ladies man” and the big flirt I am I HANDS DOWN have to pick Madame Victoria the Hardcore Dominatrix because that’s How I Roll. 🙂

Furrie enthusiasts are not to be messed with because half the time they turn out to be “Padded Cell” type of crazy and When you tell them it’s over they keep on coming back.

Malice: You have Uwe Boll strapped to a chair. What are you going to tell him before you force him to watch a marathon of everything he’s ever done (presumably making his head cave in?

Limpfreak: I hope you suffer like you made lots of other people suffer from tricking them into watching your craptastic movies. I hope in hell you get anal raped by Satan himself while he uses a spiked baseball bat without any lube.

Malice: Well Limp, it’s been great! Glad you survived…this round!! Anything you want to add?

Limpfreak: I want to add that……….I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!…..Not Really 😉

Well, My Freaky Darlings, that wraps it up for this month! Be sure to catch it next year, actually on time!!….Hopefully….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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One Hell of a Ride…From Dusk Till Con’s First Year


A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting down the masterminds behind From Dusk Till Con. It was there one year anniversary this past Halloween. It’s hard to belive that a site that was never intended to move this far has turned into the massive juggernaut that it is. To become the one stop shop for all things to do with horror conventions is a big responsibility. One that they have taken on like true warriors!! This site has been responsible to inspiring many to venture off into their own. Hell, Encyclopedia Psychotika owes a lot of its success to FDTC! This article was ran originally posted on FDTC November 7, 2010. Journey with me, if you will…

One Hell of a Ride…From Dusk Till Con’s First Year

Malice Psychotik: So, it’s one year since the site has been active…How are things?

Mr. Chainsaw: Well, it’s been one year and we’re still here. To not only still be doing what we’re doing, but have had the fans elevate us to the level we’re at right now where we are THE authority on the horror convention scene as recognized by promoters, manager, celebrity guests, and most importantly the fans themselves, is an absolute honor. What more is there to say?

Did you ever imagine one year ago, the site would be the juggernaut it is today?

Ricardo del Muerto: I honestly had no idea and I am humbled every time I see the support our community has given us. Walking into a convention and seeing people wearing our shirts and the huge amount of interest the fans have is just amazing.

Mr. Chainsaw: Truthfully? Never. Then again, we never set out to do anything other than create a quaint little corner of cyberspace for friends to get together and share their experiences from other conventions around the country. Apparently others outside of our circle also felt the need for such a place and helped to grow our humble community.

My wife was saying in the early going that this was going to turn into something huge, but I never really thought so. I would have been happy to just make some new friends, attend some cool shows, and have things to write about. Less than a year later, From Dusk Till Con has become its own brand and all these doors have opened up for us that I would have never thought possible. I sometimes think someone is going pinch me and I’m gonna wake up.

Malice: At what point did you realize you “Arrived”? Did you have a moment when you realized “Wow, this shit just got real!”

Ricardo del Muerto: If “Arrived” means creating a site that has helped many horror fans make better decisions on where to spend their hard-earned convention money, then I knew we arrived right away. I think the moment I realized that “Shit got real” was at Wizard Comic Con when an excited fan recognized the shirt and I was able to meet a fellow Dusker who shared my intense enthusiasm about the site. Since then, we’ve seen more and more people popping up on the con circuit representing From Dusk till Con and wearing our shirts. It has also helped when great Vendors have given the Dusker Nation discounts for pointing out that they belong to our forum. I could not ask for stronger loyalty from our community and I look forward to meeting more people who share the love of cons as much as I do.

To be around FDTC for even a week you will see the community stands apart from other message board communities. What do you think makes The Dusker Nation stand apart?

Mr. Chainsaw: I think the Dusker Nation represents the core of the hardcore convention fans everywhere – the type that travel around the country to various shows or even just support the shows in their own regions religiously. They all love the culture and breathe, eat, sleep, and bleed it as a way of life. In our community there’s no politics, no hierarchy, no leaders – we’re simply all equals and all friends. In the first year we’ve been around, very little moderation has been needed as the community has done a great job of sustaining itself with everyone being respectful and considerate of each other.

Our members meet up at conventions across the country, hang out together, join up to go out and eat together, party together, and all around exist as a nationwide extended family. Other online forum communities may boast larger numbers, but I firmly believe you’d be hard pressed to find a more tight-knit community than the Dusker Nation.

Malice: What are some of your fondest memories from the last year?

Ricardo del Muerto: My fondest memory has been the surprise birthday party at Spooky Empire. It was unbelievable! Chainsaw and I had 2 cakes designed in our likenesses and so many people from the Dusker nation (most whom I have never met) came out to wish us a Happy Birthday. It was an experience I will never forget. Of course having some celebs show up to hang out and share some cake was pretty awesome as well.

Mr. Chainsaw: I think the whole year in itself has been one long fond memory making it impossible to pick out just one moment. A few of my favorites though were: Meeting and hanging out with Mikey Perez, the Return of the Living Dead cast, and Mark Patton at Famous Monsters Con after hours, hanging out with Ken, Lyndell, and Jerry at Flashback Weekend where we had dinner, drinks, met Bruce Campbell, and huddled out in the cold until the wee hours of the morning tailgating at the Midway Drive-In, the entire Texas Frightmare Weekend trip (which we shared with Ken, Stacy and Chris Carbeau, Danny and Jen, Chuck Moran, Target Jon and his brother, and Richard Malone, among others, and finally, Spooky Empire 2010, the site of the greatest surprise birthday party I’ve ever been a part of and the largest Dusker meet-up to date which I’m proud to say went down in my home state of Florida in one of my favorite cities in the country, beautiful Orlando, FL.

Malice: FDTC is known for putting on one hell of a party. Do you have any epic tales of Horror Con glory at these meet ups?

Mr. Chainsaw: We’ve had some great meet-ups this year but the one at Spooky Empire by far takes the cake. Aside from being the largest gathering of we’ve had yet (with over 40 registered FDTC members in attendance along with their guests), we had quite a few celebrity guests come out to the party and make it that much more memorable. You really had to have been there, but between Jason Mewes taking our beer cooler and jumping into the pool with it and using it as a boat, Gary Busey holding court for almost 2 hours off in another corner and talking about his “Buseyisms,” and others like Danny Trejo, Heather Langenkamp, and the Return of the Living Dead cast showing up to hang out and partake in food and drink, it was about as memorable as it can get. My favorite part, however, was the fact that we got to do a raffle and hand out over a dozen cool prizes to our FDTC faithful, including a hand signed photo by none other than the legendary Lon Chaney Jr. Being that our fans have been so great to us over the course of the first year, it felt great to be able to give back to them and show them that they are immensely appreciated.

With the site growing as fast as it is, where do you see it in a year?

Ricardo del Muerto: Wow, in a year? I think we will continue to bring some hardcore convention coverage because our site is literally run by our fans. We have them to thank for all the great information and support. As many know we trying our hand at bringing some great conventions guests to the Midwest for Days of the Dead. So we have a lot on our plate but we refuse to settle for mediocrity and will continue to push the convention scene for us and many others as hard as we can.

Mr. Chainsaw: If you told me a year ago that FDTC would be where it is now, I would have told you to put down whatever you were smoking – obviously I was wrong. I think I’ll leave it up to the fans to decide where we are in a year given that predictions don’t seem to be my strongest asset.

Malice: Let’s talk about your FDTC’s involvement in Days of the Dead this July. How did this come about?

Mr. Chainsaw: Well, to make a long story short, there was an already established convention from the east coast that was looking to expand and add a new show out in the midwest, particularly Indianapolis. A few other people in the convention business were also on board to handle various aspects of the show. For whatever reason the convention that was going to be putting the show on changed their mind and another entity took over the show. At some point Petey Mongelli of Spooky Empire was brought in as was Bill Philputt of Re-Evolution Management – two guys that are undoubtedly among the best at what they do. From Dusk Till Con was asked if they wanted to be sponsors for the show and we were in the middle of discussing that when the second entity backed out. At that point, someone unrelated to the show threw my name out there as a possible organizer given my background in promoting and management in the music scene when I was living in South Florida and From Dusk Till Con was asked if they would want to be partners on the show. After mulling it over for a few weeks, Rick and I decided to go ahead and get on board. Petey has sadly since dropped out due to time constraints involving planning his two shows in Florida and by default From Dusk Till Con has become the main entity involved with the show.

Believe it or not, it was something we really had to think long and hard about getting involved with, and I especially lost sleep on quite a few nights as I debated whether or not I wanted to jump into this arena. On the one hand, it’s a dream come true for any con fan to be asked to come on board and help create a convention of their very own. On the other hand, I seriously debated whether or not I wanted to make that transition from fan to promoter and risk having the enjoyment of conventions spoiled for me a bit by introducing the business aspect into it. Not only that, but promoters always get so much heat from fans for things that beyond their control, like not getting that one rare Friday the 13th guest who was in the part 7 for all of 3 minutes, or not having enough Italians, or because a guest chooses to charge more than fans think is justified. Finally, I was worried that all of the other convention promoters who I’ve always admired on both a personal and business level, would cease to see me as an acquaintance and begin to view me as a competitor in what is certainly a very aggressive business.

Rick and I consulted with friends, family, and a few of the FDTC faithful in making our decision and in the end concluded it would be ridiculous to not jump on what amounts to the opportunity of a lifetime. We gave it an immense amount of thought and I think we made the right choice.

What role is FDTC playing exactly?

Mr. Chainsaw: Bill is taking care of booking the talent for the show and providing his connections to help set up some of the events for the weekend – he’s an elite level talent in his field and arguably among the cream of the crop when it comes to talent management. FDTC is pretty much taking care of the rest – marketing, creating a web presence for the show, conceptualizing what the show is going to be like, handling the business operations, and managing the show on the day of.

We’re talking to a slew of other big names in the horror world to come in and assist with various aspects of the show, and we should be announcing those entities as the convention evolves and begins to take form.

Malice: What have you learned from this experience (with Days of the Dead) thus far?

Mr. Chainsaw: I actually have a new-found respect for show promoters, especially the ones that put on great events, and we’ve only just begun planning! It’s seriously some insanely hard work! There’s so many things that go into the planning of a show that it’s really impossible to grasp unless you actually put yourself in those shoes and do it for yourself. I’m also learning how hard it is to nail down guests for a convention and how complicated the business end of that can be at times. Finally, I’m realizing that I’m going to have to accept the fact that no matter how hard you work on something like this, you’re always going to let someone down, whether it be from not being able to get that one guest they asked for so passionately, or because your show didn’t have enough of this, or it had too much of that – I hate letting people down and it’s something I’m going to have to learn to deal with. But I do embrace the challenge of living up to lofty expectations.

When designing the guest list, what are some deciding factors?

Mr. Chainsaw: I feel so in debt to the fans who supported FDTC to even be in this position to begin with that I’m running Bill Philputt ragged trying to pursue every single guest request that gets made on the forums. Luckily, Bill is a consummate professional with tons of experience and has been very patient with my overflow of ideas and the overly annoying Type A manner in which I go about pushing them on everyone.

Truthfully speaking, we are trying to listen to the fans as much as we possibly can, but there are other criteria that we’re following in putting together the guest list. Firstly, we want to focus mainly on guests that have either never before been in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, or that haven’t been there in a few years – so many great shows already have a presence in the region and the last thing we want to do is reproduce what has already been done. We’ve actually had to scratch a few names off of our wish list as they have recently been announced by other conventions that operate in the area. Secondly, since horror fans are a varied bunch, we’re trying to represent that same variety at Days of the Dead – you’ll see some mainstream names, some traditional convention favorites, as well as some guests with more cult backgrounds. Finally, we’re considering the people that we ourselves as fans would like to see at a show. We go to several shows every year, stand in line for autographs just like everyone else, and have our own ideas for who we would like to meet, whose autographs we’d like to add to our collections, and who we’d like to see at a Q&A.

Malice: How do you think DotD is going to stack up against some of the other shows that are happening that year? What about the talk that you guys are “moving into” HorrorHound Weekend’s territory by doing another show in Indianapolis?

Mr. Chainsaw: I honestly don’t worry about how we’re going to “stack up against other shows.” It’s a notion that really doesn’t cross my mind at all. The main focus with most of our guest list for Days of the Dead is to bring in guests who have not done the region before, or at least not done it in a long time, so as not to replicate what other shows are doing – this, we feel, will be both to our benefit, as well as to the benefit of other shows in the area. We’ve actually had to already cross out several names of our wish list and even cancel a few names because they have been announced by other nearby conventions.

As far as “moving into” HorrorHound Weekend’s territory, that’s just a silly notion. We don’t feel that way and more importantly, I know they don’t feel that way at all. Bill spoke to Nathan about it before FDTC even came to be involved and Nathan gave him his blessing and stated it was ok as long as the new show gave HorrorHound enough of a cushion as to when it was held (a few months apart so as not to cannibalize off of each others potential attendance). HorrorHound is going to have a great show this year and I look forward to attending as a fan and a long time patron. I also think Days of the Dead is going to be a great show, and I certainly think horror convention fans in the region are enthusiastic enough about the scene that they would be more than willing to come out and support both shows.

Malice: As far as events go, what kind of special touch is FDTC going to add?

Mr. Chainsaw: I don’t want to give away too many secrets and spoil any potential surprises, but all of us involved in the planning of the show are HUGE fans of horror in general. We’re the kind of people who celebrate Halloween all year round, embrace all things spooky as a way of life, and just have an all around respect and reverence for the genre that goes beyond words. We really want to make it more than just an autograph show and have it be a celebration of creepy culture that revives the magic we all felt growing up with these films we love so dearly. It’s our goal to make the events just as important a part of the overall show as the guests are.

Is there anything that you can leak us about the show? Any hints about future guests?

Mr. Chainsaw: We’re in the middle of negotiating quite a few contracts with potential guests at this time as well as speaking to various other entities in the horror business about bringing in various events to Days of the Dead 2011. I wish I had more for you, but right now everything needs to be kept under a tight lid. I will tease that two of the guests that were at this past weekend’s Scarefest show in Kentucky heard about Days of the Dead at the show and want to get on board the guest list by any means necessary. Given who they are, it’s impossible to turn them down so they may likely end up being part of our next batch of guest announcements.

Time for some “Out-of-Hat” questions!

Mr. Chainsaw: Shit….I knew this was coming. Just kidding…let’s do it!

What do you think is one of the biggest problems facing the horror community today?

Mr. Chainsaw: I don’t quite exactly know if by “horror community” you mean as it pertains to horror on film or the social aspect and the fans, so I’ll answer about the latter.

It seems to me that horror has fallen into the same trap that some of the other alternative counter-cultures have, particularly the punk culture, where you see a great deal of competing amongst fans over who is “more dedicated” or “a truer fan” or all this other bullshit like getting hung up on labeling horror and fighting over what horror is and isn’t. In the end, none of that should matter I think. Everyone comes into this scene for their own reasons and many of us do so from all walks of life. However, we all share a common bond, whether it be an affinity for the things that go bump in the night, or a love for the monsters hiding just around every corner, or just a taste for the chilling, the macabre, or the outright gruesome. Most people outside of this subculture don’t understand, and will never understand, what we see in it. That’s totally ok. What’s not ok is when horror fans draw lines in the sand against each other socially as if this was high school all over again – if anything, we should all be more accepting of each other given that the outside world often is not.

Malice: What is your definition of “Classic Horror”?

Ricardo del Muerto: Classic horror for me is a film that can transport you into the time frame to which is was intended without you knowing. For example Wolfman, I would normally complain about quality and the black/white but the movie is so poignant that I never really notice. I just respect the medium as is and love the film for all its dated intricacies. I think a great classic film is one that tells the story so well that you do not have time to focus on the aspects that directly relate to you, instead you relate to the film. Oh and anything Hitchcock!

Malice: What are your criteria for an “Epic Party”?

Ricardo del Muerto: Blood, Sweat, Vomit and usually someone getting lit on fire.

Mr. Chainsaw: I can’t disagree with you there. This is known as “The Sam Raimi Formula” in any circles.

Malice: What is the likely hood that the next FDTC party will involve Midgets, Furries, or a combination of the two? More importantly, will we see the infamous “Horror Filter”?

Mr. Chainsaw: You pretty much just described a Saturday night at Rob Fox’s house.

Ricardo del Muerto: I think the likelihood is very strong that Furries and Midgets will make an appearance at one of our parties. I think that we owe this kind of debauchery to the fans and supporters and as for the Horror Filter, I am not at liberty to talk about that.

Malice: Days of the Dead takes place during July 4th weekend. A time where families around this grand United States of ours partake in BBQ’s and other cook out activities. What say you to a Days of the Dead Cook Off?

Ricardo del Muerto: I would say that a Days of the Dead cook off would be simply amazing! I am definitely for that idea and I hope we have some great BBQr’s in the mix because I would enjoy the Hell out of that! Thank you Malice for getting the wheels a turnin’.

Mr. Chainsaw: Yeah, we definitely need to figure out a way to pull that off. Who doesn’t like a good BBQ?

What is the weirdest idea you have ever had for advertising FDTC? (Make up a real strange one if you have to!) Mr. Chainsaw: We actually have done very little to no advertising at all for FDTC. All the growth has been through the word of mouth of the fans from one convention to the next. In the early going though, when the forum began to really start growing and we wanted to push more interest I had the idea that I could offer to publicly humiliate myself over the internet if certain milestones would be met (such as for new members, post count, etc.). I was desperate back then and was more than willing to offer up my dignity in exchange for some publicity. I’m glad it didn’t come down to that and people found other reasons to check in and grow the site that didn’t involve me making a total ass of myself.

Is it true that FDTC was set to have a guest spot on Sesame Street?  

Mr. Chainsaw: This is true. Unfortunately, the producers found Ricardo’s outfit to revealing and provocative and the episode never aired.

There has been some rumors that there is something big going to be revealed around the first of the 2011? Something big, something “Apocalyptic”! Does FDTC have any connection to this?

Mr. Chainsaw: It’s possible. We seem to find ourselves in all kinds of interesting things lately. Everyone will just have to stay tuned and find out!

Malice: Well, I’m really glad that I could interview the two of you, on this the anniversary of FDTC! It’s been real fun, and I’m glad you have submitted yourselves to this battery of questions! Is there anything out else you would like to add for the Dusker Masses?

Ricardo del Muerto: Malice, you do the best interviews around so the pleasure has been all mine.  If I could say one more thing to the Dusker Nation it would be to stick with us, because you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Mr. Chainsaw: I really just want to thank everyone for pushing us to where we have come in our first year – without the support of each and every fan and member of the Dusker Nation, we would not be where we are and there would be no From Dusk Till Con, no Days of the Dead, nothing. This is truly a community that belongs to all of you, and we’re honored to be representing such a great scene.

With that, here’s to the last year of FDTC’s rise to the top! Duskers I salute you! Here’s to 100 more year on top!! If you have never been to FDTC, I urge you to check it out. The have a wonderful message board community. They also offer the latest in news from horror conventions all around the country! They are also host to some other brilliant writers that churn out interviews with vendors, movie reviews, and much more!! Here are some points of interest:

  • Review of Saw 3D
  • Review of Paranormal Activity 2
  • Creepy Classic Review: Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  • Interview: Gina Migliozzi (Rock and Shock)
  • Tales From the Art Side: Steph Sweet (Myrcury’s Toybox)
  • Days of the Dead Official Forum
  • Well, Freaky Darlings, I’m going to go back to the padded room for the night. I’ll make sure to chew through the straps for you again soon. Keep an eye out for some cool reviews to come soon. That’s all for now…

    Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

    Malice Psychotik

    P.S. I guess this sort of makes them the Dusker of the Month for November since there wasn’t one!

    Dusker of the Month for October: Tex

    Hello, my Freaky Darlings! You know what time it is. It’s time to announce who the Dusker of the Month is! Now I kept thinking to myself all this month, “Who the hell am I going to pick!?” I mean it’s October for crying out loud. The crown jewel month of the horror community! Almost like Miss November…or Mr November I’m not sexist! So this one was a bit of a thinker, I’m sure you will all love the person dearly. Guys and Ghouls, I present to you the Dusker of the Month for October! The Dusker of the Month is none other than, From Dusker Till Cons very own, TEX!! Yes, our fun-loving puppy lover is getting this prestigious title, and an interview with yours truly! And that interview starts….here:

    From Dusk Till Con: Tex’s Bloody Interview

    Malice: I’m here with the First Lady of From Dusk Till Con, Tex! How does it feel knowing you are the From Dusk Till Con’s Crown Dusker for the Month of October?

    Tex: October is my favorite month, so this is pretty kick ass!

    Malice: You excited for the up coming Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Weekend?

    Tex: I can’t wait! We’ve had a blast each time we’ve gone and some of the best friends I have, I met at Spooky! It has and will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Malice: You are the PR person for FDTC, how has that been treating you? I know you guys are involved with a pretty big convention on the horizon.

    Tex: I’m a pretty social person, sometimes TOO social, so it’s come pretty naturally. It feels good knowing that I can help in this endeavor. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! It’s been a helluva ride so far, but I’m having a great time meeting new people and spreading the word any way I can.

    Tex: As part of FDTC, you have been able to see the site jump from just a wee little thing to the colossus it is becoming. Where do you see FDTC?

    Malice: It’s funny because when Mr. C originally gave birth to this baby of his, I’d say things like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” or “Can you imagine if…” speaking of things we thought were many years in the future if they ever happened at all, and in the last year they’ve all started to happen! Mr. C is definitely the more realistic between the two of us, and I’m the dreamer and to see these impossible dreams coming into fruition makes me think that maybe my $5.00 a week lotto habit isn’t so silly after all. LOL

    Malice: Let’s get to you, what exactly do you do for a day job?

    Tex: I play with puppies. No, seriously, that’s what I do in a nutshell. I’m a dog handler at Central Bark Doggy Day Care, so I basically supervise play time, help the dogs become socialized and keep the facility clean. It’s a dirty job at times, but someone has to do it!

    Malice: What do you like to do in your off time?

    Tex: I don’t get much of it! I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. I go to a lot of conventions, watch horror movies, and I try to read when I can.

    Malice: What are some of your favorite Cult Classics?

    Tex: It’s always tough for me to pick favorites. Return of the Living Dead has been on heavy rotation in my DVD player lately. I’m a big fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show and I can watch Repo! The Genetic Opera a million times and never get tired of it, but frankly, my favorites list changes weekly!

    Malice: I know back when we had dogs, Seras and me would call them the kids. What are your “kids” like?

    Tex: We have quite a few kids! I guess I should go in order of when we got them. Mick and Duker are 7 year old brothers that I’ve had them since they were kittens. Mick is ornery. If he could talk, he’d sound just like Eric Cartman from South Park. Duker is a laid back cuddle bug. He’s the most mellow of our menagerie. Oreo Cat is 4. He (well, she?) is…I think the right word is transgendered. He had a kitty sex change about a year ago. Angus P. Turtle is our Florida Cooter. I found him when he was about the size of a silver dollar and now he’s a monster with an attitude to match. I think he secretly watched Godzilla movies. And finally, our bitches. Ripley is our black and white pit bull. She’ll be a year old on Halloween. She’s a bundle of energy, but she’s afraid of her own shadow sometimes. She tries to act like she’s tough though. And Grandma came into the fold just recently when we found her wandering around our apartment complex. She’s somewhere between 10 and 15 years old. Grandma is fearless, protective and loyal. She’s made herself at home with us, and we couldn’t be happier to give her a loving home to live out her days in. (Might have bit off more than you could chew with that one, eh! )

    Malice: I don’t know if this is getting too personal, but how did you meet Mr. Chainsaw exactly?

    Tex: We were introduced on a surprise fix up by a mutual friend. To say we didn’t click would be an understatement. We prejudged each other almost immediately and barely spoke two words to one another. A few days later, I made plans with this mutual friend and Mr. C came with. Again, we ignored each other. At the end of the night, when we were all walking out to our cars, I noticed the DVD for The Lost Boys in his backseat and we started talking about horror movies. The rest, as they say, was history.

    Malice: What are some of your favorite dishes to cook?

    Tex: As Mr. C will tell you, I don’t cook. I leave dinner preparation to him. What I do is bake from scratch, and my absolute favorite is cookies, especially chocolate chip, but Mr. C did say at one point that my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies were better than sex. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult….

    Malice: For as long as I’ve known you across the time of two boards, I’ve always noticed the “Free the West Memphis Three” thing on your sig. Want to tell us a little about it?

    Tex: How much time have you got? I’ve been known to go on and on about this! Basically, it’s a murder case from the early nineties. Three teenagers were convicted for the murders of three little boys without a shred of physical evidence, in large part due to what amounts to Satanic panic. I’d recommend for anyone who’s even a little curious to visit for more information. Or at the very least, check out a documentary on the subject titled Paradise Lost.

    Malice: So it’s a bit of a tradition for me to ask anybody I interview…well a series of “Out-of-Hat” questions. Well being in since it’s October, I’m not going to ask you a small series…..I’M GOING TO ASK YOU AN ONSLAUGHT OF QUESTIONS!!! Shall we get this party started!?

    Tex: Let’s do it!

    Malice: Let’s start this party with a bang!!If you were going to die a Darwin Award type death, How would you meet your end?

    Tex:I would be standing outside with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other watching a tornado and get struck by debris.

    Malice: Would you ever own a Racoon as a pet?

    Tex: Sure, but I’d prefer a squirrel.

    Malice: If you could tame, and make a pet of any mythical creature, which would it be? Why?

    Tex: Hmm…I couldn’t pick a mermaid, cuz I’d have nowhere to keep it. I’d have to say a werewolf, that way when he’s a man, he can help me around the house and when he changes to a wolf, well he’d be just like another dog, and when he changes back, I can make him clean up his own poop. Plus, I could sick him on my enemies.

    Malice: You have to choose one! Which would you eat? The Luther Burger (a quarter-pound Angus beef burger, topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese and two strips of chocolate covered bacon, on a toasted Krispy Kreme doughnut bun), Cow Tongue, Prairie Oysters (buffalo testicles), Pickeled Pigs Feet, or Live Octopus?

    Tex: As Mr. C can attest to, I’m a picky eater. I hate Krispy Kreme, so I’d have to honestly go with Prairie Oysters. In general, buffalo is pretty tasty.

    Malice: If you could be any Marvel Super Hero out there, who would it be?

    Tex: Shoot, I’m not to good with super heroes…I guess I’ve always been partial to Jean Grey.

    Malice: What would you think of a Horror Theme Park?

    Tex: Well, I like horror, and I like theme parks….so it sounds good to me!!

    Malice: What would you call a cross between a Rhino, Puma, and a Coyote?

    Tex: Coypumo

    Malice: What sounds funnier!? Introducing Piranha to a swimming pool, replacing a scuba divers oxygen tank with Nitrous Oxide, OR replacing someones vitamins with Viagra?

    Tex: Viagra. There’s nothing funnier than inappropriate boners!

    Malice: Well this has been a truly fun experience! Hope it was for you too. Is there anything you would like to add for the Dusker masses?

    Tex: For those fuckers?! Hell no!!! Just kidding, can’t wait to see you guys!

    There you have it! Tex, this was a great interview! I hope you all enjoyed it, and find yourself just a little more enlightened. Also, be sure to check out From Dusk Till Con for all of the latest convention news.  Including the latest news on the upcoming sensation, Days of the Dead. I’ve got a lot of stuff  coming up soon! This month is going to be pretty kick ass! So all of you stay tuned!! You won’t belive what will happen next…

    Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

    Malice Psychotik

    Dusker of the Month for September: Athena Hollow

    It’s that time again! Time to unveil the next Dusker of the Month. That Dusker is Athena Hollow!! Yes Ghouls and Guys, our very own multi-tasking, super mom, porn star is September’s Dusker. So let’s get to know her. Let’s look a little into the very psyche of her mind. Let’s just….

    Take It Off! Getting Personal with Athena Hollow

    Dusker of the Month for September, Athena Hallow

    Malice: We have a real treat for Dusker of the Month this month. She’s our very own video game loving, anime watching, horror fan, Super Mom, web designing, Adult Model…..ATHENA HOLLOW everybody! So Athena, I have never asked this before….How did you stumble upon From Dusk Till Con? (Yeah, that’s the question…what did you think it was…perverts…)

    Athena: Actually, it’s because of my Father in Law. He informed me of the FM convention. I checked out the site, and at the time, the official forum was being hosted on FDTC. I signed up and found myself surrounded by people like myself. That alone is a scary thought… more than one person who thinks like I do. Needless to say, I stuck around and *ALMOST* got to meet a lot of you while in town for said con. Unfortunately, life sucks and it didn’t work out. Oh well, always other conventions 🙂

    Malice: One of the hardest things about getting to know someone on a forum is you only see whats posted. You never get to see the whole story! Tell us a little about yourself…

    Athena: Well, I live a relatively boring life, all things considered. I used to be fun and adventurous, but then I became domesticated somehow. I do however still lead an exciting life by everyone else’s standards. I guess that’s because I get paid to look at hot naked chicks all day.

    I’m 25 years old, have a 4-year-old daughter, I’ve been with the same guy for 7 1/2 years, involved in porn for 7 of that and make websites for a living. Not really glamorous, but it works for me 🙂

    Aren't the little ones darling...?

    Malice: What kind of music are you into?

    Athena: I really listen to a lot of different music. It’s hard to narrow it down. Lots of classic rock like Rush & Skynard. Also, J-Pop/Happy Hardcore and acts like Tub Ring, Mindless Self-Indulgence and mc chris. I’m an oddball and not ashamed to admit it.

    Malice: Are there any films that have caught your interest?

    Athena: Oh man. LOTS of movies have caught my interest. Lately, movies I *want* to see are Inception, Scott Pilgrim & the new Predator flick. Movies I *have* seen, that really struck me, were Salt, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (hilarious, btw) and I finally watched The Mist. Goddamn that movie is a mindscrew.

    Athena as Hinata....

    Malice: You’re a fan of anime. Which one’s capture your eye?

    Athena: I prefer the more obscure anime and one season mainstream anime. The best I’ve found are FLCL, Saber Marionette series & Angel Sanctuary. If you want super gory anime that makes no sense whatsoever, Angel Sanctuary is where it’s at.

    Malice: What about video games. Which ones press your buttons?

    Athena: Fallout 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Zombies, Super Mutants and scorpions that can rip you in half with one flick of their pinchers. Currently though, until Fallout: New Vegas comes out, I’ve been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons: Online. It’s free, it’s fun and I can get nearly anyone I know to play it for those reasons.

    Malice: How often do you frequent the convention circuit? Any favorites?

    Athena: I actually am terrible. I have yet to get to a single horror convention. (I know, I know). I am a gaming con kinda girl. That being said, I have gone to Gen Con a few times and there’s a local Bi-Mon-Anime/Sci-Fi-Con that I used to go to regularly.

    I do, however, plan on going to the Indianapolis cons next year. Luckily, I *should* be able to get Press Passes and go for free, which means more money for autographs and swag!

    Tinker who?

    Malice: So I’m interested, what got you into adult modeling?

    Athena: Honestly, it started as a 9th grade English assignment. We were told to write an essay on what we wanted to be when we were adults. I wrote mine about how I wanted to become a famous singer. (sidenote: I’ve been involved in music since a very young age. I’ve done talent & solo competitions for years, and actually placed in the top 3 every time, if not 1st.) I knew I’d need some sort of ‘edge’ to get noticed immediately, so I figured “Fuck it. I’ll do porn! It worked for Pamela & Tommy Lee!” So called ‘negative’ publicity is the best way to get your name in every newspaper, tabloid and internet blog. It was a sound theory. My english teacher even gave me an A for such thorough planning and originality.

    Once I turned 18, I applied to my first site, got accepted and actually have been active on the site since then. The rest just kind of fell into place.

    Malice: How long have you been at it?

    Athena: It was 7 years this past July. Long time, for most people in the adult industry, let alone in the niche I work in.

    Malice: What made you decide to open your personal website, Geek Girls Online?

    Athena: It was actually my fiance’s idea. He’s still not too happy with the fact that I just sort of took over the project, back in the first few months. I knew that if I were running things, it would bode better for the future of the site, since I had a background in the adult industry, was relatively known and had a penchant for ethical pornography.

    Malice: Have you gotten any strange requests? Anything just out there?

    Athena: All The Time! The weirdest are the guys who want me to ‘laugh’ at the size of their schlong. I just don’t get it. They want me to do this while I’m camming, in public chat, where everyone can hear me laughing. Oh, and the guys that want to roleplay family stuff. Those guys freak me out just a wee bit. Which is an impressive feat, in and of itself.

    Malice: What are your hopes for the future of your site?

    Athena: Eventually, I would like to integrate a more social aspect of the site. I also have been working on setting up games to integrate into the site, but that has been proven to be a bit more difficult that we could imagine. Also, daily articles for the GeekZine (our currently monthly magazine) would be nice. Oh! And a presence at all major gaming conventions would help to make it a more household name.

    Malice: So it’s a tradition here that I ask you a round of totally out the pocket questions….are you game?

    Athena: Always!

    Malice: A nun and a Trucker walk into a Church….Can you finish the joke?

    Athena: The trucker enters a confessional booth and states “Forgive me father, for I have sinned”
    The priest responds “What are your sins my son?”
    The trucker says “I have cheated on my wife with a man named Sam”
    The priest says “Say seven holy marys and all will be forgiven”
    The trucker thanks the priest and leaves the booth.
    The nun walks to the priest and asks to join his church.
    The priest responds “What is your name my child?”
    The nun responds “My name is Sam.”

    (You never said I had to finish it so it was funny!)

    Malice: Would you consider a photo shoot….with a midget furry?

    Athena: I most definitely would, as long as they were dressed up as an Ewok.

    Malice: Would you rather do a spread as Princess Zelda or Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy VII?

    Athena: Tifa. Zelda is a bitch that keeps getting hijacked. I assume we’d get halfway through doing it and Ganon would break through the door and interrupt.

    Malice: If you got to pick your end would you:
    A) Get sucked dry by a vampire B) Be Eaten by a Were-Wolf C) Mauled by a Zombie D) Killed by James “Buffalo Bill” Gumb

    Athena: Zombie. I wouldn’t have to chance being a twinkling bastard, no waiting till a full moon and dealing with an obviously painful transformation and my skin is sun damaged, so Buffalo Bill would HATE me.

    Malice: In closing do you have anything you would like to add?

    Athena: Um. Jeepers Creepers sucks. That is all.

    Malice: Where’s your one place for Madness on the Web?

    Athena: What’s the best place to go for zombies, insanity and mayhem? Encyclopedia Psychotika! (You mean, there’s other places to go??)

    There you have it folks! If you are interested in Miss Athena Hollow and feel you can’t get enough, you can follow her blog, Demented Rants or catch her on Twitter. Also be sure to check out her site Geek Girls Online.  Hope you all enjoyed the interview. There is much more madness to come….you won’t want to miss a second. But for tonight…

    Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

    Malice Psychotik

    Dusker of the Month for August: The Primal Root

    It’s that time again! Time for the Dusker of the Month for August! This month is none other than………THE PRIMAL ROOT!! In getting named Dusker of the Month for August, our very own Primal Root was subjected to an interrogation by yours truly (Exactly what kind of honor is this?). Seriously though, Root was an awesome interview. I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you Root for letting everyone else get to know you a little better. (As if seeing your testicles wasn’t close enough!) So without a second more delay I present you with…

    Root of the Damned: The Primal Root

    Meet The Primal Root...

    Malice: We have our Dusker of the Month here, The Primal Root! You are such a colorful character, I’m not sure where to start! So, what do you say we start with astrophysics?

    Root: I think that’s a phenomenal place to start, Malice. My current research into quantum mechanics has led me to the startling conclusion that-

    Malice: HaHa! I was joking with the first question! (However I see this as a viable conversation for later) Anyway, How goes things? How does it feel being Dusker of the month?

    Root: Things are going well. I’ve been keeping tremendously busy and so far things are going just peachy. There have been no fatalities. It is both an honor and a privilege to be chosen to represent From Dusk Till Con as the Dusker of the Month for August 2010.

    Malice: Now I know you are a lover of film and music. What films have you seen lately? Any music out there that catches your attention?

    Root: I try to squeeze in as many movies as I possibly can in my spare time looking for really good trashy films as well as seeing whatever’s playing at the theater. And though I recently saw Inception, and enjoyed it, the one film I can’t stop talking about is Black Dynamite. I saw it for the first time a few days ago and it’s just drop dead hilarious. I’ve always been a big fan of the blaxploitation genre of the mid-late 70’s and Black Dynamite is a fantastic send up of the form and a loving tribute. It’s a must see.

    My musical tastes are all over the map, but there are two bands I’ve really been listening to a lot lately. Them Crooked Vultures, who have a dirty, gritty sound to them I really like. Very I-Don’t-Give a-Shit and overtly sexual. It’s mojo music. I also recently got into The Drive-By Truckers. They’re an alternative southern rock band from Atlanta Georgia and their stuff is just excellent. Again, gritty, dirty music about the underbelly of America’s heartland and the plight of the blue-collar working class. It’s music that reminds me of where I’m from and I’ve always been a fan of musicians who can tell a good story.

    Malice: Now most everyone has heard of your baby (Trash Cinema Collective) How did this labor of love start?

    Root: Oh man, the Trash Cinema Collective was something I’d had in my head for a while and it sparked to life over a conversation I was having with a friend of mine back in 2009. We had recently watched Troll 2 and Samurai Cop, and she mentioned to me how much fun she had watching, laughing and cracking jokes over these movies and how we should make it a monthly event. I coined the name for our group (The Trash Cinema Collective) and the idea just took off from there.

    I wanted to create a website that would feature reviews, videos and articles about any and all things related to Trash Cinema. A group of people who appreciate and understand why it’s so much fun to hang out in a group, tip back a few cold ones and have some good-natured fun at the expense of some trashy movies.

    Malice: Is there any of your Reviews that stand out against the rest? Any favorites?

    Root: Wow, that’s a difficult question. Jeez… um…. I suppose it’s like having to pick your favorite child. I love all of them for various different reasons. The Queen of the Damned Rotten Review is one Jessica and I hold close to our hearts because we bonded over that movie when we started dating. All those jokes are ones we came up with together while watching the movie.

    What looks to be the fan favorite is, the A Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 review I did back before the release of the remake. Something about that episode has really stuck with people. It could be the quality of the jokes, the visual gags, the skits, my balls being visible in a shot, really it’s anyone’s guess why that one has been so successful.

    My two personal favorite is either Scanners 3: The Takeover or Blood Freak. Both films are just so unbelievably ridiculous that they just lend themselves perfectly to the Rotten Reviews. Also, both episodes are very skit heavy which help to keep me from getting bored with the project. Exploding my own head in a Scanner battle and groping The Topless Turkey Monster have been the high points of my career.

    Malice: Where do you want to see TCC in the future? Any Goals?

    Root: I would love to see the TCC reach and even wider audience and earn some more fans. I’d like for the collective to keep growing and gain more contributors to the site and it would be great to one day get a sponsor. I don’t want to blue sky too much and give the wrong impression because I love what I do and I am very happy to simply make people laugh. And hopefully turn them on to some stranger, trashier, forgotten cinema.

    Ah, the zen of Root...

    Malice: Do you play any video games? If so what are some of your favorites?

    Root: I am the lamest gamer you’ll ever meet. I won a Wii and a Game Cube and I play old arcade games and NES games on both almost exclusively. I’ve recently been playing the hell out of Super Castlevania IV and Super Metroid. My favorite video game of all time is Ms. Pac-Man.

    Malice: Hey now, the classics are just that. No Shame here. Now I know you have a soft spot for zombie movies. What is the epitome of a zombie film for you?

    Root: I can enjoy a zombie movie on two different levels. I love the old school Romero style like night of the Living Dead where the rules are set in stone and there’s a great amount of social commentary to go along with all the shambling and flesh-eating. But I also love stuff like Return of the Living Dead and Zombieland, living dead films that don’t take themselves so damn seriously. Not that both those films don’t have anything to say about the time in which they were made…but that’s a whole other question.

    The epitome of a zombie film for me? It’s gotta have brains.

    He bites.....literally!

    Malice: Now if you don’t mind I would like to shift gears. I would like to ask you some random, off the wall questions. Is that cool?

    Root: Absolutely, babe.

    Malice: Here goes, What are your feelings on genetically engineered super ninja cats?

    Root: I’ve never seen one. But I guess that’s the point.

    Malice: If you got to pick who killed you out of this list of people, who would it be? Why?
    A) Jason Voorhees B) Freddy Krueger C) Jack the Ripper D) Marv Albert

    Root: A) Jason Voorhees. Without a moment’s hesitation I will always pick Jason as my killer. not only is he an artist of brutality he’s also the ultimate nerd villain. He’s the advocate for the outcast, the ones who feel they don’t fit in. There’s no nightmares, no morality fueled death traps, no Jason is just going to kill you because he’s pissed off, angry, unloved and alone. Jason can crush my skull between his bare hands, put a machete through my face or swing me against a tree any day.

    Malice: If your Uncle Jack was on an elephant,………would you shoot him in the face?

    Root: Without a moment’s hesitation.

    Malice: Assassin Space Chimps take over the world! What do you do?

    Root: Prepare Banana Pudding and use it as a peace-offering. I’m sure they could use a PR guy.

    Malice: BUT! You have a really bad case of jock itch?

    Root: Oh, well in that case, I would just add some Nilla Waffers.

    Malice: Who would win in this fight, Chev Chellios VS. King Leonidas?

    Root: Chev.

    Malice: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

    Root: I’m Team Sam.

    Malice: Alright, that was fun! Well we are just about done with your interview. Is there any stories you want to share? Anything that would give us insight into your very soul?

    Root: I will leave you with a proverb that has served me well over the years…

    One Goat in your Hand
    Is Better than Ten Goats on your Roof.

    Malice: Before you go, where’s your number one stop for madness on the web?

    Root: Encyclopedia Psychotika, baby!

    Rock on Root

    Thanks goes to The Primal Root! Thank you for a great interview. It was a pleasure having you. Remember people, the next time you are feeling a little trashy on the web, head on over to Trash Cinema Collective and get your fix!

    Until next time my freaky darlings,

    Malice Psychotik

    Dusker of the Month for July: Mrs. Stray

    Well I’m very excited and honored to announce the very first featured Dusker of the month! None other than From Dusk Till Cons very own, Mrs. Stray!

    Photo by Kerri McConnell

    Most veteran posters know Mrs. Stray as our fun-loving, mother of three, stalking extraordinaire! For those of you that don’t know her, get ready to! So, without further a due, I present Interview with a Mrs. Stray….

    Malice Psychotik: So, how does it feel to be the first FDTC Featured Dusker of the Month?

    Mrs. Stray: A true honor. I have met some great people on FDTC…I’m glad I get to pop the Featured Dusker cherry.

    M.P: Well it is an honor to get the chance to interview you. You may not be a Hollywood movies star, but you know I’d like to see some of them raise 3 kids and hold a job!

    Mrs. S: Aww now you’ve got me blushing. Actually our goal is to have more kids than the Angelina Jolie compound but I don’t think we’re gonna make it at this pace. I am also rather proud of being married for 12 years, at least I got her beat in that department.

    M.P.: Ha Ha! That is true! Well let’s let the readers know you a little better. What is it like in the daily life of Mrs. Stray?

    Mrs. S: Since I am a mother of 3 children and work fulltime, I am pretty busy. Pretty much get out of work at 4:30am and sleep, once the beauty rest is complete, I then take care of kids (summer), find a homeless person and beat them within an inch of their life, work out and then head back to work. Typical mom stuff – I’m pretty domesticated.

    M.P: So that’s why the homeless numbers are down in the area! Wow! Ever find time in your schedule to watch a movie or read a book? If so what are some favorites?

    Mrs. S: Never have time to read but I love watching movies. Me and the rest of the patients in my ward have to watch movies approved by the doc – so mostly Disney films to keep us calm.

    Photo by: Kerri McConnell

    M.P: Yeah those psych-wards can be a drag right? Well I’m sure you find time for music.  Any Favorite bands or songs?

    Mrs. S: I LOVE EVERYTHING COUNTRY! Although, right now though my favorite song is by Chamillionaire, Good Morning (Haters)- it’s oddly appropriate for this period in my life. (YouTube it)

    M.P: See I never would have pegged you for a country music person! Now, you are known for your epic celeb stalking, any favorites and why?

    Mrs. S: I would have to say Rochelle Davis. Mainly because when we first met her we warned her that we would stalk her and eventually grew a great friendship with her. The bushes outside her home are HUGE and really easy to hide in! Not to mention the police in her neighborhood are REALLY slow to respond to suspicious persons calls. (Mr.Chainsaw and Tex were there to witness the VIP stalking the first year)

    M.P: Some of the best relationships in the world are forged from stalking (and some of the biggest legal battles)! Is there any guests that just were “unstalkable”, or you were turned off to when you got closer?

    Mrs. S: There’s a particular female horror icon that I’ve always idolized (who shall remain nameless) . A few years back tried to get her attention and she gave our group the hand…she will no longer be on my stalk list….unfortunately sometimes when you get too close to the magic show it ruins the illusion.

    M.P: It’s a shame when that happens. Is there anything you have for the little stalkers out there? Any tips or words of wisdom for the beginners?

    Mrs. S: Most celebs can spot crazy a mile away – so I hide behind a plant or pretend to be sleeping until they get close – THEN I spring into action and leap like a panther on its prey. Also, gradually build up your tolerance for pepper spray.

    Photo by: Kerri McConnell

    M.P: You know I always see your Troubled Brand banner in your signature. I have to ask, what is Troubled Brand exactly?

    Mrs. S: It’s a line of goodies that celebrate the criminal and deviant side of the human psyche – not so much about good or evil, no one truly sees them self as one or the other – even serial killers rationalize their behavior as “normal”. The site should launch by Q3 2010 which is when most folks will hear more about it.

    M.P: Any chance we can get an exclusive sneak peek?

    Mrs. S: I am thinking this is a possibility.

    M.P: Nice! I’ll have to hold you to that. So it’s come to my attention that Troubled is presenting Rochelle Davis this year at Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend. How does it feel to be contributing to your favorite show?

    Mrs. S: I feel truly blessed for several reasons. First and foremost that Petey is giving us the opportunity to do so. Secondly, that Rochelle agreed to represent our unique brand of stuff. And lastly that the Wyndham is dropping all charges on Mr. Stray and lifting the trespassing warrant – it’s hot in Florida and disguises just to get in make it a lot worse on him.

    M.P: That’s awesome! I’m sure it will be a great experience for everyone! (Especially now that Stray doesn’t need the giant furrie outfit!) Before we end,  I just wondered if you would mind doing a few word associations?

    Mrs. S: Sure!

    M.P: Alright! Here we go:

    M.P: Celebrity = Mrs. S: Security

    M.P: Monkey = Mrs. S: Costume

    M.P: Midget = Mrs. S: Distraction

    M.P: Crow = Mrs. S: Face paint

    M.P: Horror = Mrs. S: Expression

    M.P: Psychotik = Mrs.S: Diagnosis

    M.P: This has been a very nice experience, and I want to thank you for your time. Real quick before you go, is there anything you would like to add?

    Mrs.S: Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine.

    M.P: Ha Ha Ha! Alright and who’s your one favorite spot for madness on the web?

    Mrs. S: The only thing that comes to mind would be Encyclopedia there any other spot for madness on the web?

    Photo by: Kerri McConnell

    There you have it folks! The very first From Dusk Till Con Dusker of the Month! I hope everyone enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed interviewing. Keep a look out for Troubled Brand in late 2010!  I’m sure there are amazing things to come from that venture.

    Until Next Month,

    Malice Psychotik