“V” for Vanessa

Hello there Darlings…I hope everyone is getting ready for a wild Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’ll be cruising the theme parks, enjoying the beaches, taking in a Convention, or just Bar-B-Qing and doing the party thing at home…Make sure you have fun! I especially have a message for all of you going to Spooky Empire’s May-Hem this weekend…If you see this woman I’m presenting to you, give her a big hug from your dear ol’ host! The lady I’m about to present to you is a good friend who can truly see…and drag out…The Spooky Beauty in just about anything. It’s not everyday someone can do what they like and make a buck too, and she has achieved it. Ladies and Gentleman…Ghouls and Ghosts…The V I bring you is not for Victory…it’s not for Valor…Hell it’s not for Visitors or Vendetta…

V for Vanessa

Malice: Today I have the joy of interviewing a good friend of mine, Vanessa Bond! What the hell is up chika!? How have you been?

Vanessa “V” Bond: Well hello there. Honestly I’ve been keepin’ myself busy creating crafty goodness. It’s like therapy only cheaper. Counting down the days till my next show or convention.

Malice: Why don’t you tell My Freaky Darlings why you are here today? (Other than your awesome…)

V: I am here to share some of my Spookyness with the world.

Malice: What sort of things inspire you in your work? What gets the gears a turnnin’?

V: Geez! Lots of things inspire me. I love horror, Halloween, tattoos, Vintage hot rods And anything else that’s spooky. I have the habit of looking at things And wonder how they are made. I take them apart in my brain n try to maybe re-create in my own special way.

Malice: What sort of shows have you got to do so far? I think there was a Ren-Fest in there somewhere right?

V: Mostly the local craft circuit. But also did Camelot days. That’s a mini renaissance festival.

Malice: Are you ever going to open up a permanent shop or is the internet/convention arena just right?

V: I have an Etsy shop “justv13” but nothing is listed on there as of yet. My inventory is constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with that. I also have a website on Blogger. I post my happenings, Tour dates , Contest and so on On those sites.

Malice: Do you take requests? If so any strange ones?

V: Actually yes I had a request to put my own blood in the blood vials. Someone said they have special powers. LOL. J/K

Malice: Now the part of the interview I’m sure you have been DYING for…”Out-of-Hat” questions! Does it puzzle you…movie wise…how humans can organize a resistance against a seemingly immortal legion of killer machines…but if one tiny zombie super virus turns everything to pot and we have our heads permanently lodged in our asses?

V: People now a day are plugged in and don’t remember what it’s like to do things Like mail a letter Change the tv channel manually. Hell even order a pizza. I guess they expect to push a button and everything gets fixed. When it comes to actual human interaction we are all screwed.

Malice: Your stuck in the movie Death Race…What kind of car do you drive and what is it armed with?

V: Um Jason Statham would be my driver in his car so I guess I am in pretty good hands. LOL

Malice: If you could have one of these bands soundtrack your life which would it be: A) Slipknot B) My Chemical Romance C) Cradle of Filth D) Flogging Molly

V: Out of the bunch I would pick Slipknot. But prefer System of a Down.

Malice: Your dream comes true: Your gonna get turned vamp! Who get’s to do it: Christopher Lee Dracula, Edward Cullen, Eric from True Blood, or beat the shit out of those bitches because you ARE a REAL vampire!!?

V: Ha ha ha. Not Edward that’s for sure. He sparkles! I am on team Eric

Malice: Well that about wraps it up. If there is anything left you want to whore to the masses nows the time to do it…let her rip!

V: If you wanna see what I’m getting into just check out my blog. Or look for me on Facebook. Till next time……… unpleasant dreams.

That will be all for now my Darlings…make sure to stay tuned for some more madness…and Don’t forget to check out this dear womans site…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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