Madness Rising

I look on at this dusty console. Its been so long. So long since ive churned out anything for the masses. I’ve been… selfish. A little negligent. But I’ve had my reasons. I suppose I thought, maybe you all didn’t need me. That i needed to just let life move on and fade into obscurity like ive done in the lives of so many close to me. Why not? I couldn’t really find a good reason. The last few years taken its toll. What if you cheeky monkeys didnt need me? Then the itch happens a few months back.

I’ve been watching this whole time. Watching as the world begins to rip apart in the most awful of ways. Not in fun lighthearted madness, laughing into the night, but with greed and malevolence. Not right. It doesn’t sit well with me. So i walk across my MORTIS to my ancient desk that sit unused in the corner. Sit down, and let the words flow from my finger tips once again. Its been too long.

So as this year comes to an end, I leave you with these thoughts:

This last year has not been an easy one. Hell the last couple years have not been easy! its time to take a stand. Its time to decide we are all going to move forward, fight, and make this better. Anyway you can make it better, do it! It’s hard to think positive when the whole world is falling apart ((figuratively and literally in some cases)) You can’t save the whole world though. You just cant. But you can inject a little bit of positive energy when you can.

Dont forget to live life. Don’t forget to love freely. Its hard sometimes. The world beats you down and tells you not to. Tells you not to trust. Tells you you’re lazy if you try enjoying it. But your lives are so short and so fragile to sit by and let the little things eat at you. Every being in the multiverse is a book, and each day your write a new part. A new paragraph. Sometimes a chapter. Make it a good read. Go out and be amazing.

Now what am I going to do this year? 2019… I’m back. I’m going to drag myself to this keyboard and keep grinding away until I’m back to where I was. Why? Well… one part I want to, and another part I think its needed. Maybe one more voice. One more view-point. One more madman running his mouth isn’t a bad thing. If it can benefit even one person, it will be worth it.

Go out tonight and enjoy the end of this hard year. Pour a drink and ask “What the fuck happened?” Then tomorrow, lets roll up them sleeves and find a new way to make 2019…at minimum… better than last year. Lets move forward, and as wise men once said, Be excellent to each other!

Sadistically… and Humbly Yours,

Malice Psychotik


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