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A Moment with J.Larose

Hey there Freaky Darlings! working out of a funk is hard work! I’ve got three more interviews left from Fatality Fest to show you. This next one comes from possibly one of the nicest guys I’ve met on the convention circuit. Not to say he’s the only nice one, but that is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when you meet him. Mr. J. Larose it is! Fantastic finally getting to sit down with him. He was one I always promised I would make it to him and get him on the site. I met his some years back at a show when all he really had under his belt was Saw 3. We had just met Shawnee Smith and walked past his table when he just kind of flagged us down and started chatting. We do look interesting in public! He was very nice. He signed us an autograph with the most words I’d ever seen a celeb write and was just pleased to chat with a fan. Flashing forward 6 years, here I am at Fatality Fest and there  J is…i got my chance. Let’s get into this baby huh?

The nicest guy you'll ever meet!

The nicest guy you’ll ever meet!

A Moment with J. Larose

Malice Psychotik:  I want to ask you first about Saw 3. How did you come across the role? Did they find you or did you seek it out?

J. Larose: Actually the Director of Saw 2, 3, and 4, Darren Lynn Bouseman, I’ve known him for many, many years. He came out of Full Sail Film School around the same time I started dabbling in acting.  I auditioned for a student film he was doing on his way out of school. He cast me in the lead of this short he was doing and we just became fabulous friends.  We are like brothers, talk everyday type thing. Then he moved out to LA. spent some years struggling out there till he hit it big with Saw 2. He couldn’t really bring me in on Saw 2, because he was a nobody at the time. Then when they offered him Saw 3, he introduced me to the producers and that kind of got my foot in the door. They OK’d me, and I worked really hard to make it good. I didn’t want to make him look bad, like they made the wrong choice. The scene came out brilliant and that’s how that all came about.

This looks sooooo painful!

This looks sooooo painful!

M: The makeup job for that scene was fantastic. Did you have any pain or difficulty when you put it on. I know the loops in the limbs were probably easy to do. But that mouth one looks like it couldn’t have been that pleasant to have on.

J: The makeup artists were brilliant on the film. I believe they have done all of them if not most. They’re just true artists. The jaw piece was actually fairly simple. One end connected to my jaw and the other end, it was like a C hook, fit in my mouth. But they coated it with rubber and tried to make it as comfortable as possible. After 10 hours in my mouth it was bit irritating but it looked awesome. Everything else was just real practical. No CGI. It was a bit creepy. I remember looking down, it was about a 3 and half hour makeup job with two people working on me, and I look down and see the ones in both my heels. There was like a flush came over me because my brain is telling me “that should freaking hurt!” and it doesn’t. So I got a little teetery on that one.


M: And that is how you know you have a great effects artist! Plays with your head! Moving on, let’s talk about Repo! The Genetic Opera. I remember hearing about this and you were supposed to play Pavi Largo. Why did things get changed?

J: Originally we had done a trailer for it. Darren still had access to some of the crew. We had done him a favor and did a trailer for Repo! To kind of get some finance for it and show them what it was. So at the time I did the Pavi role. It was a far cry from what it ended up being. I kind of looked like Michael Jackson…after the surgery. Of course it’s a rock opera, so they were trying to bring in people from the music business to get attention. Somehow they had access to Ogre from Skinny Puppy, and he ultimately ended up playing the role. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to play him, but I totally get it. A musical is hard to get going as it is and he brought this whole fan base with him. He’s really great we ended up becoming good friends. It’s a great project though. It’s something I’m very proud of, even though I have a very small role. It’s still a gas and I’m proud to be a part of it.

M: Next I’m going to talk about Insidious. I’ll go ahead and be honest, I was not a big fan of that film. I think the over-hype killed it for me. But I will say your ghost in that movie was the most impressive. At least scarier than the main one. What went into that role?

J: I’m very proud of that one too. What a gas of a project. James Wan was the director of that film. He was the director on the very first Saw film and that’s kind of how we met. He approached me and told me “Hey I got this character. This sort of ‘fiendy’ character.” I was like, “Cool man.” and we did it. When it came out it was hugely succesful. Especially when you figure in it was done on a low-budget. It did really well, but it was kind of because of by word of mouth. It didn’t get a huge publicity thing before it came out. I think the goal was they wanted to prove, “Hey I can scare you but without using buckets of blood and chopping off a limb.” So they made this PG-13 movie and it’s pretty darn scary.  A lot of people were apprehensive to the idea that it was PG-13. Sort of like why bother go see it. I’ve had so many people though come up to me and say “Hey man, you scared the hell out of me!” And I’m so glad that my character was very effective and memorable. That’s why when I look at a role, I don’t look at how many lines I have or how much screen time. I say to my self, “Are they going to remember this?”

M: Will we see a return of the big bad fiend in Insidious 2?

J: I don’t know man. we will just have to wait and see. I know it comes out in September so..

M: Let’s talk…Devils Carnival. I’m loving this film. I can’t wait for the next one. You don’t get to see much of your character, but I’m very interested in more. Care to talk a little about it?

J: Well it’s not really meant to be a one shot thing. There are going to be other parts to it. I’m part of this Carnival. I’m the band leader. Every Carnival has a band right? Well I’m the leader. It’s a background character, but it’s part of the family. I’m hoping one day I’ll get the main stage as they make more. I keep digging at Darren, “Come on give me a song in it!” It’s real fun though. I got to wear this awesome mustache and a uniform. AND I got to direct the band, so it’s all good.

Does interviewing the interview-er from Repo! count as inception?

Does interviewing the interview-er from Repo! count as inception?

M: Last I heard, Devils Carnival 2 was still seeking funding. Any word on when that project is going to move forward?

J: I’m not really privy to all of that. I’ve heard a few things. It’s all about funding though. It always comes down to the money. Also it’s more a passion project than it is a business one. Terrance and Darren have to make time for it too. They have that and meanwhile have to continue doing feature films. All the other people also are doing this out of love for the project. They aren’t doing it for the money. Their isn’t really any money involved. So you have to coordinate all of these peoples schedules too. It’s a scheduling challenge/nightmare as well.

M: Do you have anything else coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

J: I actually had a bit of a disappointment recently. I was supposed to be in this film Now You See Me. Kind of a heist film, not horror related. I saw that my scene was cut out! I still got like a second of screen time. Sort of a background thing. But the director, awesome guy, he reached out to me ahead of time. He told me they had to cut time and he just wanted to give me the heads up on my scene. It’s going to get a release on Bluray so it will eventually be able to be seen. I still got to work with Mark Ruffalo, and it was such a pleasure. I’m such a fan of his work. I shot something last year called Wind Walkers. Sort of a spiritual type Native American movie. That was a blast. Really Great script. I think that one is in post-production right now.  I’m working on a film right now called Paymon. Sort of a devil/ghost horror movie. More ghosty than horrory. Anthony DiBlasi is directing that. He’s done stuff like Dread and Midnight Meat Train. I’ve worked with him before and he’s a great guy. We right in the middle of production right now. So it’s a bit early to tell when that one is coming out. That’s kind of what I got cooking right now.

Isn’t he great guys and ghouls? Such a talented guy and humble as hell! Always a pleasure meeting this guy. You see him at a con, you be sure to stop by and say hello. Most appreciative of his fans indeed and never disappoints. Be sure to keep an eye out for more interviews. Been a long time since June, but life has a way of turning things upside down. I have a lot more in store for you all in the month of October. You won’t want to miss a beat!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Cthulhu Save the Queen…The Scream Queen Jessica Cameron

Hey there, Darlings! All of you I’m sure by now are very familiar with the indie film, Mr. Hush. So far I’ve interviewed nearly the entire main cast. I’m only missing two in my collection (yes I collect interviews and you should all be so lucky I don’t collect humans. The reason I don’t? Have to feed and shelter you…Apparently humans don’t like a crystal box on the high shelf…hmm…) at Fatality Fest, I added one more to my list. None other than Scream Queen Jessica Cameron! She is a real jewel Darlings! I urge you if she is at a show that you are at, stop by. She acts, she directs, she produces, she writes, she makes jewelry….She is the horror communities equivalent to a freakin’ Barbie!  We didn’t just talk Hush though…no we chatted about some other very cool things she had in the works. Top Hats on Darlings! Have a shot of Jager…

Cthulhu Save the Queen…The Scream Queen

Jessica Cameron


Malice Psychotik: How many films have you done?

Jessica Cameron: I have done currently over 70 different independent projects. That includes web series, tv shows (both network and non), I have done pilots, independent films, pretty much if you can shoot it, I’ve done it. Except for porn. That is available for viewing haha!

MP: One film you have done is Mr. Hush. How did you come across this film?

JC: Mr. Hush, I came across the Facebook page and I loved the story that I saw. I reached out to David and said I would love to be involved. He looked at my reel and we made an offer and I was just thrilled! I had so much fun. David is such a passionate filmmaker and he had this awesome original story. I think it is so special, to me. It really is a special little film. I love David Madison, his lovely wife and his gorgeous little child. She played my daughter in the movie. They’re just really good people. You know when you meet people and you’re like “you are good people”. They are good people and they made a good movie. And I can’t wait to see what they do next.

MP: What were some stories from the set? Anything happen?

JC: I was only in the movie for 5 days which is 3 weeks. But it was a really good set. I think it was really lighthearted. Our DP Jack Schaefer was awesome. There is a great scene where two of the leads are at the bridge and the camera angle is from the center point of view. And it was funny because the DP really wanted to get the shot and David really wanted it as well but then David was like “You know what, I’m concerned because we can’t get the shot.” We didn’t have a crane we actually had to hike up and down these hills. It took like 20 minutes to get to the location so we had to bring minimal equipment. And our DP was like “Screw it! This is why we have insurance.” He took his red camera and walked out across the rocks like in thigh high water to get the shot. At one point right after we were done shooting and when he went to come in, he actually slipped and fell. And the camera went up in the air in his hands and it really wasn’t too far  above the water.


MP: What other films do you have coming out that everyone should keep an eye out for?

JC: Well my directorial debut which is Truth Or Dare which I am phenomenally excited about. It’s my first time directing and I actually co-wrote the script. It is a very brilliant, beautiful, twisted, crazy torture flick. So it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs. If you have a weak stomach then don’t watch this movie. It’s not the movie for you.

MP: I love those movies!

JC: I know right?! That’s what I think. But you know initially I didn’t want to direct it. I wanted to find a director and half the people we approached were like “it’s too much Jessica. Tone it down.” And I was like no! You’re not changing my story. Why do I have to tone it down? You’re not a studio and I’m not getting studio money. They were like “People are going to be offended.” And I’m like so what? I have never met a horror fan who would hold against the filmmaker that they were offended. They just turn it off. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool. I get it. But you know what? I don’t care. This is my thing. I made a story that I love. That I think is relative to society and I made it as bloody and gory and insane as the story needed to be. I definitely think we are going to offend some people and people are going to walk out and I’m cool with that. This is my warning! If you have a weak stomach, this is not a movie for you. If you have a delicate moral sensibility, this is not a movie for you. We push all of those boundaries and that’s what I love about it. And if you don’t, no problem.

MP: Just looking at the picture you have on your table and you said its real gorey, how many buckets of blood do you think you used in this film?

JC: I have no idea! I know we went through about half of our expense budget was basically just blood. Those of you who don’t know, you can make cheap blood or you can make expensive blood. We actually made the really, really good stuff and we made it all from scratch. We actually kept it on camera the whole time before we settled on one because we wanted to make sure the blood looked really good and believable. You know it’s a very fine line. Blood on camera has to be minimally redder than real life to show up properly. Because real blood in real life goes into this brownish color and doesn’t ? on camera. But you don’t want to make it too much where it looks like red paint.

MP: Can you give us a short run down of the film?

JC: Well it essentially centers around a group of 6 kids who met in college during a marketing program. They have a Truth Or Dare Youtube channel. Their number one fan decides he wants to play their game but he’s got a few rules of his own. Things start to go horribly awry. It actually started with Derek, our protagonist, the ubber fan, he’s actually based off an actor we all know. You know that guy who is desperate to be famous to have people love him and to have friends. He wants to belong. That’s kind of where we started. We were like what would make that guy snap? I live in L.A. I know that guy. I know tons of that guy. What would make that man snap? Well let’s put him in front of these 6 kids who stumbles upon internet fame. They haven’t worked for it and they don’t really appreciate it and they’re not cherishing it. You know what would make him go to that breaking point.

MP: That sounds like an awesome movie! Can’t wait to see it when it comes out. So is there anything awesome going on in the horror community that you want to be a part of?

JC: The Soska sisters! I think they’re brilliant. I think they are revolutionary. I love their sense of being, their brilliance and determination and everything they do. For me, American Mary was one of the top 3 films of last year. I think everyone who is a horror fan should see it. They NEED to see it. It is a brilliant film. So I’m definitely a huge fan of them. They also happen to be women from Canada. And what’s cooler than that? They are also some of the most humble people you are going to meet. I am a big big fan of that. I don’t like people who have an attitude. I don’t like people who are dramatic. I just want to make movies. So those girls are everything I love about independent filmmaking. So anything that they are involved with I am a huge supporter and hopefully we’ll get to work together. I’ve also got Intrusive Behavior coming out which is a Florida based film. I was actually here last week for the premier. I can’t wait for the world to see it! It is a really great film. It’s actually where I met in person, Heather Dorf. I had known her for a long time in the independent scene and I met her in person and Heather Dorf blew me away! Her performances are unbelievable! That’s how I cast her in Truth Or Dare. I also have coming out Clone City 2064. It is a film that I produced and also have a small role in. It’s set in a futuristic world where we all have clones and someone is killing off one of the detectives clones. So we just signed to distributor so this is new too. I haven’t been public before but thank you for allowing press on that. We have a lot of interest and a lot of feed. I think it’s a really great story and should be shown.

MP: Well thank you for sitting down for the interview. It’s nice to add another member of the Hush family 🙂


How was that, huh? Jessica is the best kind of people and I hope to be seeing more of her around these parts. Truth or Dare looks bad ass. Can’t wait! That’s it for now Darlings. Still have a lot for you all to look forward too. I’ll see if I can drum up a little HHN 23 news for you too…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Quoth the Raven….

Hey there Darlings! Of all the interviews I’ve done, I never dreamed I would get to sit down with a legend of pro-wrestling. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and this next interview was with one of my favorites. A Two time ECW World Heavyweight Champion…an impressive 39 time WWE Hardcore Champion…the one…the only…RAVEN! I got a little too excited, and sort of choked  back a little. But the man still did a great interview, and gave me some pretty good advice. The little Psychotik loved him to death, it was awesome. You didn’t tune in though to see me talk about that…you came to read an interview. Top Hats on Darlings…

Quoth the Raven…


Malice: In your early career you had a couple different names and you made the switch to Raven. What made you decide to switch your persona to Raven?

Raven: That’s who I wanted to be. You know you get stuck with personas because the companies want to give you stuff and with ECW I was allowed to come up with my own thing.

M: You were able to compete in all major wrestling federations WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW,  TNA out of all of those, which one gave the best experience?

R: ECW and Portland Wrestling.

M: As wrestling changed over the years, do you think it was better then or now?

R: I don’t watch it now so I have no idea. I would assume by the ratings it was better then.

M: What do you think, in your opinion, was the reason WCW kind of  fell to the way side?

R: There are too many reasons. It would take me too long to discuss it.


M: One thing I had looked up, you held the hardcore title 27 times…

R: No, actually it’s  39

M: Really? Which they still hailed you as the most reigns with one title. Did you ever look back on that and think ‘I held that record?’

R: Nah I don’t look back on anything. That is in the past. You gotta live in the now.

M: I used to love watching the hardcore matches. What went into those? It’s kind of hard to fake getting thrown into a brick wall, getting hit in the head with a chair, trash can or kendo stick.

R: What you see is what it is. There is no other way to describe it. I mean you know the creativity was usual mine. Well obviously my opponent had input too but I tried to make mine more creative than everyone else and add more psychology so mine would stand out.

M: What have you done in your career that you are most proud of?

R: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I really don’t know. Probably being successful at it. When I got in the business, I was the smallest guy in the business. The fact that I was able to make it and have such a long running career after consistently burning so many bridges and being so small comparatively. Now I’m 6’2  when I started I was 5’11 220 at the most. When I was all roided out I was 220 so I never lifted weights after 160.  My graduation weight and Jericho’s, I mean I’m much bigger than Jericho but he graduated high school at 185, I graduated at 160. And that was after 2 years of lifting so you could imagine how small I was. And I didn’t have any abs so I was small with a thick waist.  The fact I was able to make it with my size and lack of athleticism speaks volumes I think.

M: Of all the things you brought to the ring, what was your favorite?

R: The Frankenstein doll or the ficus plant

M: So you had a storyline that was offered to you on Sunday Night Heat involving the Seven Deadly Sins…can you tell us a bit about that?

R: No they didn’t offer it. I came up with it. They botched it. One of the best storylines I ever came up with but they never let me do it right. And so it just never happened but what I had originally created was so fantastic, so brilliant, so clever.

M: What advice would you have for a young start-up into the business?

R: Wrestle in High School, Wrestle in collage…they like that. Get abs, they like abs. The leaner you look the better. It’s not about style anymore it’s about appearances. Eddie Guerrero was 180 lbs but he looked like he was 230. He wasn’t very tall but his build made him look much bigger. Don’t get me wrong much guys are a lot bigger. He just happened to be a smaller guy that looked bigger. Then you got guys like Billy Gunn who are legitimately 6′ 5″  and 280 lbs shredded. Anyway, just do that and watch as much wrestling as you can.

M: Last question, one of the most controversial moments of your career was when you crucified Sandman on ECW. After you did the deed, you were then made to go out and apologize. My question is, would you have done it differently or not at all in hind sight?

R: Of course I would have done it, it was brilliant! The only reason there was controversy was because Kurt Angle was there. If he wouldn’t have been there, if they hadn’t been trying to recruit him, there would have been no controversy. it would have gone over like it was supposed to, I wouldn’t have had to go out and apologize. It would have worked like a charm. But because Kurt Angle was there, he got pissed. Then Tazz and some others jumped on the band wagon. Normally they wouldn’t have said anything, or if they did it would have been in private. It had the right effect though. There was just a hush over the crowd, everyone was silent. But it was a good kind of silence. But whatever you know, it happens…

M: I actually read a comment that went something like, “Well why didn’t you tie him to a Star of David?” and you answered, “Well then we would had to roll him out of the ring!”

R: No it would have rolled away on its own. It wouldn’t have had the symbolism. it had nothing to do with religion. It was all symbolic.

M: so it’s not about the religion or the politics it’s about the message basically…

R: Yeah, you know I was the martyr for societies dysfunction and so I was going to make Sandman feel my pain..that’s all…which we would have explained as the story went but we didn’t get a chance to because it got kabosched.

Did you like all of that? I loved it! Not often do I get struck fanboy style. This was one time for sure. But you know, the advice he gave me caused me to hit the rest of the interviews with a ferocious vengeance. A lot of other people that weekend thought he was a bit grumpy. But to me, I thought he was him. He was a legend in the flesh. Real great with kids. Jazzy loved him. He made a new fan. Stay tuned Darlings…we have a Scream Queen up next!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


A Psychotik Resolution for 2013

Hey there, Freaky Darlings! It’s been a shame that things have been put on hold so long as of late. The holidays, coupled with laptop issues, multiplied by a multitude of complex humanish problems have left me overly exhausted and without energy…Basicly it’s time for a long trip to Orlando and copious amounts of absinthe. Either way the year is drawing to a close. We are literally only hours away for the new year and I have somethings I would rather like to share with you. One…is my New Year Resolution…It’s sort of the same as last year…or at least part of it. To keep furthering my goals….blah blah blah….The main one though, to stop holding on to childish things. To become more evolved as a person and stop letting little people, with small brains ruin my time. Not saying actually little people, but you know what I mean. It’s time to let some things go completely…MOVING ON!!

The next thing I would like to do is share some fond memories with you all. Lot’s of bad things have happened this year…I mean life has been inside, outside, sideside, and downside…never slowing down and more than determined to keep me down on my ass! Taking that into consideration, all the bad had me thinking about the good. I guess you could say this is a section to honor some great people in my life…also just some great times I had. Let’s list them shall we!!!

10. KuniCon/OtakuCon December 2004

This was the second convention I ever attended and it sticks out in my mind still to this day as being a crazy cool time. It wasn’t because the Con was off the chain or anything. Oh no, far from it. It was one of the most disorganized events I have ever been to. Nothing happened on time, everything was late. It took two hours to get our passes and we pre-registered. My costume was half done…regardless of the fact I managed to deliver on the friend that was supposed to help me’s props. But you know, I had a totally fun weekend. I had awesome hang out time with great friends. I belive I was around Todd Holt and Derek Underhill that whole weekend starting with the rave. Okay, just calling it a rave…doesn’t give it justice. That was an epic-neonic-super-overload of joy/happiness/ecstasy/rage/bliss…Rainbows spoke to me…That was also the first time…and unfortunatly last time…I got to see Select/Start. They are this awesome little group of musicians that perform all kinds of Game and Anime Music. They are great. I think that was the first weekend I recall me being me…

9. Universal with My Grandpa

Grandpa Psychotik was the first one to ever introduce me to the majesty that is Universal Studios. Without him, I would have never gotten to experience rides like Kongfrontation, Hanna Barbarra, or Nick Studios. My trips with him were always the best. He would come get me early as hell the day of and we would get there right when the park opened and didn’t leave until they kicked us out. He always made sure I got to ride what I wanted…and believe me..back in Uni’s hey day, that wasn’t easy! I remember waiting several hours for Back to the Future and Terminator 2: 3D. Heck, I remember when Islands of Adventure was just a dust bowl…then I remember a couple of years later him taking me there 6 months after opening. Your going to see Universal on this list quite a bit by the way…it plays a big part of who I am.

8. Summer Vacation with Granny

I could go on for days about my Granny Psychotik. That woman has done so much for me…it’s really not even funny. My best memories with her were the summers I used to spend with her in West Palm Beach…and then once more in Connecticut. She would always find something fun for us to do. Even though she had to deal with work all day, she always made time to come home and spend time with me. Some of the best times I remember involved The Palm Beach Science Museum, Seaworld, Star Wars Episode I, The Pequot Museum (I’m probably really spelling that wrong), various trips to the mall, and od course trips to Denny’s and Piccadilly (again murdering the spelling). She always taught me to enjoy the simple things in life. She really shaped this twisted little mind.

7. Jurassic Park Island

Not sure why…but when I think of specific beautiful places…Jurassic Park Island at night comes to mind. I have a lot of fond memories with friends and especially my Seras there. I’m not sure why…maybe because we always ended up winding down there, maybe because I love the movie, maybe because at night it is hands down a romantic little place…WHAT EVER THE REASON!! It always sticks out in my head and deserves to be mentioned.

6. Marching Band

Some of you may or may not know this…but i was a Band Geek in High School. Yes, before I fully awakened back in my skin as Malice Psychotik…I was the Bombastic, Shaggtastic Shaggy. I never really appreciated Marching Band until my Senior year. It’s been a part of my old life that I have always missed. The people, the equipment, the uniforms, the blood, sweat, tears, and the screaming crowd (NO DAMMNIT THIS ISN’T THAT FREAKING GARTH BROOKS SONG!!!) I’ve never been able to recapture that feeling of performing. It’s a shame my bands I’ve put together never stayed together. Would have been a great outlet…but then I would have never had time to open this glorious site. I have to say the all time favorite part…was winter bus rides home at night. Never a dull moment…and when it was…be damned if it wasn’t the most relaxed I had the pleasure of being in high school.

5. Grad Night 2005

2005 was a shitty year for me. On of the best things that happened was Grad Night. Disney is actually a pretty cool destination at night. Sort of wish they would have it open late at night for people like me who…prefer it that way. It was the first time I had been there since I was a baby…so really it was the first time. Brings me to mention my friend Whitney Wood. I believe that was the first time we had ever “Hung out” like that. I know I ran into other people that night, but we kind of duded it up the whole evening. Funniest part of the whole night was Space Mountain for the second time. We had no idea that the damn thing had two different tracks…let’s just say that first drop took us by surprise. I seem to remember something else that had to do with us Statler and Woldorffing a comedian. Great night…

4. That One Night at Oz’s

My friend Oz always had people at his house. It was almost like the unofficial party central there for a while. No other night sticks out as the infamous That One Night at Oz’s…It was after one of the particularly nasty Hurricanes in 2004. I needed away from the house and so did a few other friends…so naturally…we met at the one place we knew we could get away from all, Oz’s. Not sure what was in the air that night, but be damned if it wasn’t funny as hell. Between playing video games, watching Naruto, taking a pellet gun to a cock roach, or having the giggles for like 5 hours straight…we all had a memorable night. I miss nights like that…If you are reading this Oz…do know I miss that. I miss that Oz the most…

3. Andrew Albritton

I have too many memories to share about my dear Best Friend Andrew. Me and him have been through Hell and Back. We have had good times and Bad…but I can honestly say that this guy is a dude I will never forget and I’m glad to call him my friend and brother. Earliest memory I have is of me staying over at his house and us watching Austin Powers. I seem to remember Mrs. Pam getting us awesome chicken sandwiches from Burger King and us playing some type of mech game he next day. We always shared everything…DBZ, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy, That one girl in high school…lolz! Yeah anytime spent with him was a memorable one…to many to name.

2. Little Psychotik’s Birth

So much bad had happened to us before Jazmin was born. I had lost two dear relatives, and was in a massive Car Accident that nearly killed us. My little girl coming into the world erased all of that. We even had a rough time in the hospital…but I remember every second of every one of those days perfectly. There is not one time that I listen to HIM and not think of Jazzy. She was even born in one of two cities Seras and I spent most of our time. So cool how so much ties together. Anytime I’m down I think of that and instant repairo! Good moods a comin’

1. Trips with Seras

My number one favorite memories are all of the trips I have had with my dearest Seras. Whether it was coming back from Jensen late at night, Universal, Sebring, or Tennessee…I always loved our late night car rides. Sometimes I would be so tired, but it’s like it didn’t matter I was where I wanted to be. I had a kick ass day or weekend…and that ride home was the icing on the cake. I always think of those times while listening to Dir En Grey, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, or Avenged Sevenfold. Probably because that’s what was in the cd player 24/7…lol…Always a good time though…I love you boo…

Well any way, next year is going to be a big year for the site…I hope…New ideas are starting to come together a little more rapidly. I wanted them to be already active, but things what they are…let’s say you have to break a few eggs to make a omelette. I’m sure you will all like it. I won’t gloat…it’ll jinx it…instead I’ll just say I’m sure you’ll like it

Until Next YEAR, My Freaky Darlings, (Had to go there!)

Malice Psychotik

P.S Some honorable mentions are in need too. Not that they aren’t fond…I just don’t want to rename the list…and this isn’t Christmas anymore so 12 is a ridiculous number to use…

* My Brother Matteo Tullio- Dude anytime we have ever hung out…it turned to gold. You are right up there with Andrew. The other part of the Triforce man. I miss our early morning trips to Pogey’s…or the impromptu trips to Star Bucks out on the turnpike.

*The First Drop of Mansinthe- Words do not accurately describe that night. The most I can say is Friends Todd Holt, Seth Garner, Gerry Sparks, Heather Smith, Seras, and Me all tried Mansinthe for the first time. I, not having my bearings with me, mixed it on the high-end and made us trip balls bad! Like you’ve heard that song “Happy Together”? That was literally playing in our heads at the same time. We were all so very cat happy. All courtesy of Todd supplying us with Alcohol and Snuggy’s…and Seth raping his car…that was funny too! Good Times!