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Jimmyo and Malice Talk Chainsaws and Murderous Women

Hey there Darlings! Happy Sinful Sunday. Today marks the last day of the 7 Days of Sin photo shoot for the Psychotik Girls. Make sure you check that out after you read this! Today I have a wonderful interview with Jimmyo Burril. He’s responsible for Chainsaw Sally, The Good Sisters, and soon The Darling Clementines. I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know a bit about him since Fatality Fest in June. He’s a very talented guy with an equally talented partner. Yes his wife and partner in crime is none other than the very sexy Chainsaw Sally…April Burril. ((April is also an Honorary Psychotik Girl)) Let’s see what he had to say hmm?

Jimmyo and Malice Talk Chainsaws and Murderous Women

And here is a picture of Jimmyo Burril...for absolutely no reason at all...Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Phtography

Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

Malice Psychotik: Let’s jump right on your next film The Darling Clementines Can you tell us a little about the film?

Jimmyo Burril: A very brutal film about family, sex, violence, religion, tradition. I’ve never seen a film like it…. I think it’s by far the most fucked up thing I’ve ever written. It stars the deadly sexy trio of Debbie Rochon, April Burril, and Nicole Rae.
Malice: Where does this film get its roots from? What inspired it?

Jimmyo: I wanted to create my own Texas Chainsaw… something that for the times was still edgy, and scary. I wanted to make people uncomfortable…. I wanted to make them squirm in their seat… and so I went to one of our last taboos and wrote an in-depth study of an isolated family, who wants to endure… no matter the cost of their victims. Also, as usual for me, it’s a role reversal. The females are the aggressors… the men are the victims.

Malice: What type of run do you expect for the film? Do you have plans for a theatrical release or are you going to just see where it takes you?

Jimmyo: I would be surprised if we got theatrical, of course I would love one, but I expect it to go the way of American Mary or Hatchet.


Malice: Are there any parts of the film you think you are going to have to reign yourself in on, or are you going to go all out no holds barred?

Jimmyo: No, I’m all done with the reigning myself in. I will tell the story as it needs to be told… no more no less.

Malice: I find it interesting that films like this normally are male driven. What pushed you to make it an all female antagonist type film?

Jimmyo: I could tell you a bunch of reasons why… or why not.. but if I take away the PC explanation, the real answer is that I dig powerful women. That’s it.

Malice: I would feel remiss in my duties of I did not ask about Chainsaw Sally. Are you still planning on doing more with Chainsaw Sally?

Jimmyo: As long as April and I are making films, there will be more Sally. We have a good bit ready… for either a movie or a show…. She will be back!

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: Do you think a horror movie can be done well on a PG-13 rating? Would you ever try one?

Jimmyo: Sure I think they can… a scare is a scare… doesn’t need language or nudity to get that. Seems the MPAA is more concerned with boobs than blood, so yeah… I think it could be done. I would try to do one if I gave a single shit about the MPAA… but I do not take kindly to secret self-appointed censors.

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: What is your favorite type of scare tactic in a film?

Jimmyo: Surprise!… set up… misdirection… and surprise. It’s actually the same formula for comedy…. Just a different pay off.

Malice: Out-of-Hat Question: What is it like being married to THE Chainsaw Sally?

Jimmyo: This Halloween is our 15th wedding anniversary… We’ve had ZERO arguments, and I have ZERO complaints. She is a great wife, mother, best friend, and great at all of the other benefits that come with that package.

Malice: Where can my Freaky Darlings pick up some sweet Chainsaw Sally stuff?

Jimmyo: Since we are mostly self-distributed, the best place to get our goodies… signed…etc. Is

Make sure you all run out and get a hold of Chainsaw Sally stuff and anything else you can. Talented people deserve to know they are. Don’t think there is a single thing you wouldn’t want. We will keep an eye out for you on this film and anything else Jimmyo has to offer.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Something lurking in the Woods…Halloween Horror Nights 23

Freaky Darlings…it’s that time again. Can you smell it? The stench of the undead…the cold wind creeping in from the dark places of the world…the Vault is opening. Yes Darlings,it’s time for Halloween Horror Nights news. Now I know this news has been out a little bit, but I’ve been very busy with interviews lately. So sorry for the delay, but late is better than never.


Last week was the official release of the first house. It started with some teasers of a blurred picture that got clearer as the night progressed. Seras and me caught on when it got more clear and a tag line was posted with it “Don’t read the Latin.” This could only mean one thing…Cabin in the Woods house BA-BY!!! Totally caught me off guard. I guess if I would have went to the show that was in Orlando last month, I could have been privy to that info…but bah. I love surprises! Supposedly they are teaming with Lions Gate. So with the announcement of a Cabin in the Woods house…and a tag line like “What Evil has Taken Root?”…what else could be in store for us? Maybe another Saw house? Another Silent Hill? Perhaps even one based on Texas Chainsaw 3D? I’m going to throw my hat in and guess at a Possession house. Either way, I’ve heard a rumor that we could see something with the new Evil Dead movie. I know that one isn’t Lions Gate but…it does fit the theme of something in the woods.


It’s also exciting to announce that the Legendary Truth is back and better than ever. Knocking some dust off the old Facebook page, this year promises to deliver more than last year. It’s a shame I don’t live in the Orlando area. I would love to participate in this. Unfortunately, unless you can participate multiple nights, it doesn’t make much sense to try to play the game. But I do enjoy watching! (I’m a watcher) You can find that Facebook page HERE Be sure to add them to get fun extras as the event gets closer and rolls on. You may also find some merchandise on the Universal Orlando site. Right now it seems they only have some hat’s with the emblems from the creature clans from HHN22. Can’t wait to see what else they will add. Go Strengoit! You can find those item HERE.

The info is rolling out a little sooner this year than last. Maybe we will have a full line up before long…I can’t wait. Stay tuned for more on this and more fantastic interviews from Fatality Fest 2013. Next up? Seras caught up with the one and only Eddie Munster, Butch Patrick.  You won’t want to miss that.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

And here is a picture of Jimmyo Burril...for absolutely no reason at all...Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Phtography

And here is a picture of Jimmyo Burril…for absolutely no reason at all…Picture by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

P.S Look everybody Jimmyo got mentioned in an article for Halloween Horror Nights 23…could he have anything to do with this years event? Who knows…but you should probably go watch Chainsaw Sally just in case…