Howling at the Moon with Krista Grotte

Hello, My Freaky Darlings! What a wonderful morning for an interview! And have I got just the one for you! Remember me discussing a little movie by the name of Emerging Past? One directed by the talented Thomas Churchill? Well if you did, you should be hit in the head with a hammer and drowned in the lake!!! Just kidding…or am I? At anyrate…this interview has been on my shelf for a while now. So, it’s with great pleasure that I take it off of that shelf and up on a pedastal. I now present to you a very talented actress. Funny, Strong, Passionate, and full of energy….Park a chair outside in the moon light, wet your throat with a cool drink…because we are gonna’ be…

Howling at the Moon with Krista Grotte

You may pick your tongues up off the floor now guys....

Malice Psychotik: What got you started into acting?

Krista Grotte: I have Always been a natural performer, I was involved in everything I could since grade school, so for me, it is all I have known. I have many home videos of movie remakes I made by myself, lets just hope nobody ever sees them. My first role began after I decided to take acting workshops for fun, I followed the instructions of my acting coach, Corinne Broskett and submitted my headshots. My movie career began with my first role as an inbred transient for the horror short- Filthy. As soon as I read that script- I knew I would nail that role! 

Malice: When your not acting, do you have another profession?

Krista: Yes, I love the psychiatric field- again, its all I have known…Wink, wink to my Family. It truly goes hand in hand with acting. The further off people seem, the more they seem to be drawn to me. Always have been! Its just a natural thing for me working with schizophrenics and addicts.I have a way of helping them change for the better and showing them their illness is just that. It by no means defines them. I am drawn to different dimensions. I wish to open a clinic soon.

The doctor will see you now....

Malice: Emerging Past is a fantastic movie, and I’ve followed it for quite some time. How did you come across the role?

Krista: Thank You! Im very, very proud to be a part of Emerging Past and thank you for following this amazing journey. I had come across the role through Brooke McCarter, we had just wrapped on filming The Godfather of Gore-Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “The Uh-Oh Show.”  It was like a live action cartoon. Crazy times!! Brooke was approached with Emerging Past and he recommended me to join the cast. A couple of lead females hadn’t worked out, to my insane luck, the role of Pamela Garrett was still available. Thom Churchill had contacted me and sent this amazing script. We discussed it further and the rest is history!

Malice: Were there any scenes that that were difficult to film?

Krista: Yes. We had to film a scene where Father Cole was stabbed and butchered…with a crucifex. Not only was the priest stabbed with a crucifex with my hand, we happened to film this scene at the actual Catholic Church rectory…where the priests live. It is this old 3 story building on the Church grounds in Queens, NY. I remember asking Thom, “Do they realize what we are filming here?” I dont even remember what he said, but knowing Thom it was something funny and sarcastic. I said Im gonna go have a cigarette before we shoot this. I went down the three flights of creeky, creepy stairs only to find six priests sitting at the table eating dinner. I had to psychologically prepare myself to hold that sharp cross with Jesus on it and stab the priest over and over as the church bells rang. Yeah, that was difficult to film. I was nervous about flying home after that…

Malice: So, there is a rumor being passed around that you will be in the sequal to Emerging Past. Is it true?

Krista: I think I heard that same rumor!!! 😉

Goddamn It!!!! That's Hugh Heffner....

Malice: You’re also attached to be in the Thomas Churchill’s next film Hallow Pointe. Anything you can tell us about your role?

Krista: It is top secret, but I do know one thing… Anything Thom Churchill is involved in is sure to be quite an experience! Awesome Director! Amazing creativity!! I am anxiously and wholeheartedly looking forward to Hallow Pointe. I love werewolves!!! OOoooooowwwww!!!

Malice: Let’s talk a little about you. What sort of things do you do in preparation for a role?

Krista: I submerse myself into the world of the character I am playing, and it works for me. Reading the dialogue and script over and over has a tendency to subconsciously sink into your actions as well. If you look at my character Pam in Emerging Past, I look so weathered and stressed and just all around different than my other not so serious roles. You can see the emotion on my face. To me, that was the effect we were going for. That is how a woman in that world would be- a deranged mess and I had fun becoming a deranged mess!!! However, it took quite a bit of positive thinking and work to get myself back. Pretty Amazing stuff.

((Editor Note: I have to get myself back sometimes too….it requires a lot of Absinthe and Jager!))

Malice: Do you do horror movies primarily because of a love for horror? Or is that just what roles turns up?

Krista: I have ALWAYS been a horror Fan. I love The Shining, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Jaws. Filthy was my first film ever. It just so happened to be a horror. Working on that set got me ADDICTED to being a part of every horror film I could. Their is just something soooo different about the people on set. The worlds we are in, the fun, the creepiness, the loyal die hard horror film lovers and oooohhh the blood and gore- it’s the coolest thing EVER! It really is. I get emotional just talking about it. 

Thinks about it...What kind of emotion?....Hmmm.....Oh....OHHHHHHHHHHHHH....Me Gusta....

Malice: Taking a look at your resume reveals your a pretty athletic person. I noticed it said you know how to box. How did that come about?

Krista: I have a bit of a rough side, I have been that way since I was a kid. And I Love it. I made my mom get me a weight set for Christmas in Fourth grade. Screw Pilates! I enjoy lifting weights

Rough Side? Never would have guessed it...

Malice: Now it’s time for some “Out-of-Hat” questions…These are just some completely random questions…Just have fun with them…They allow my readers to see a little more about who you are…Nothing is to inappropriate for my site so….

Krista: Oh, now ya tell me- let me go back and put swear words in my interview!!! I always get hell for doing that. So, I appreciate the true horror fans who dont give a damn how I tell my story!

Malice: Who was your favorite character on Scooby Doo?

Krista: Its a tie between Shaggy & Scooby, they are both high as hell! Gives the kids something to look forward to when they grow up.

Malice: What era of horror do you think is most important?

Krista: The gritty, raw feel of horror made in the 60’s and 70’s. I find it really hard to get involved in the newer scary movies that focus on cheap stories and well known stars! The names attached to the film is the most important thing to the studios and thats bullshit! Thats why there are so many remakes today, not as much creativity. Just attach a name and call it a day. No, I want real psychological terror and I will remember those actors for their intensity, not remember a movie because somebody is in it. 

Malice: Werewolves or Vampires? Why?

Krista: Werewolves. Cause we are gonna be working on Hallow Pointe!!! Ooooowwww

That’s all for today Darlings! Hope you enjoyed the interview. I Am dearly hoping most of you read this for the article….If you didn’t….Exposure is exposure and Krista and Me care not!!! Stay tuned for more madness to come. For more on Emerging Past, check the trailer below. For more on Hallow Pointe, follow them on Facebook!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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