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Halloween Horror Nights Reveal Week!

Hey there Horror Fans! Great week we have been having for Halloween Horror Nights Reveal Week huh!? If you have them liked on Facebook…and we know you should…you would have noticed each night at midnight we have seen a reveal on one house. They start hints at about 8pm or 9pm, the at the stroke of midnight you see what it is. So far we had…


La Lorona HHN23


Afterlife: Death's Vengenance


HAVOC 2: Derailed

We have two whole hours before they announce tonight’s and the below image is what they hint at as well as this cryptic message:

"The appearance on the outside is an illusion on what hides within"

“The appearance on the outside is an illusion on what hides within”

I think any jabroni with a brain can tell that is American Werewolf in London. If it’s not…they are sneaky, sneaky. Head on over to the Facebook at midnight for the reveal…or better yet for to Encyclopedia Psychotika’s Facebook and I’ll pass it along as well! Stay Tuned!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Stepping out of the Cupboard with Butch Patrick

What is shaking Freaky Darlings? Time for interview number two in our series from this past Fatality Fest in West Palm Beach. This next interview was done by our very own lovely-vampire-diva/ love of my life/ mother of my child/ Psychotik Girl den mother…Seras Psychotik! This was Seras first celebrity interview ever. She get’s nervous about choking up, but trust me, I think she did awesome! Butch was a great guy with tons of great stories. Probably could have sat there for a whole day listening to him, unfortunately, we could not. So hats on darlings! Cozy yourself up because now we are…

Stepping out of the Cupboard with Butch Patrick

That was an awesome back drop...I wanted it.

That was an awesome back drop…I wanted it.

Seras Psychotik: So I have the pleasure of sitting here today with Butch Patrick. Most of you will know him as the lovable Eddie Munster from The Munsters. You obviously began acting at an early age.

Butch Patrick: You mean I didn’t just do The Munsters? Ha ha

SP: Ha nope, not just The Munsters. How did you get started in the industry?

BP: Actually, my little sister was the target of an agent. They wanted to take some photos of her and I went along for the ride because I didn’t have a babysitter. I was 7 years old at the time and she was 2 1/2. They took some photos of her and took some photos of me. The agent in question was Mary Grady. She was Don Grady’s mother, who was Robbie on ‘My Three Sons’. She was looking to open an exclusive child agency. She was working with an adult agency at the time. anyway, She needed kids. No experience necessary. Which I qualified for that. My first three interviews I went on, I got General Hospital the first year it was on. I got a nice movie with Eddie Albert, Jane Wyatt, Soupy Sales and Brenda Lee. Then I also got a Kellogg commercial that won an award for best commercial of the year. I got all of that right out of the gate and the rest just kind of snow balled from there.

SP: So we all want to know, how did you land the role of Eddie Munster?

BP: Well it came to me about 3 or 4 years into my career. I was living back east with my grandma, I used to go back and spend some time in the midwest with her. They apparently had this series on the books to compete with The Addams Family. The people at Universal wanted something to compete with it. They looked at several hundred kids in Hollywood, and it was basically down to a couple of kids. They decided at the last-minute they were going to tweak it a bit. So they called Yvonne DeCarlo and myself in for a final screen test. They changed the cast and the rest is pretty much history.

The ORIGINAL Team Edward...

The ORIGINAL Team Edward…

SP: Was it difficult being the only child regular on the show?

BP: No actually it wasn’t that bad. They used to call me a 39-year-old midget because I acted like an adult. Filming was just during the day so I would be at home and with friends in the evening. And the weekends were my own. I used to just go exploring and made friends with all the guys. You know the grips and special effect guys, the make-up people. A studio is a wonderful place for a kid to go exploring, if you know what you’re doing. With my make-up on, everyone knew I was supposed to be there so it wasn’t like anyone was going to say you can’t come on the set. It was a fun time. Like a kid in the candy store. We were only in make-up like three times a week so it wasn’t too terrible.

SP: I read that Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo were your acting mentors. What sort of advice did they share with you?

BP: Well Fred was mostly my acting mentor. He told me to never trust the suits that it was us against them. Never take it too seriously, save your money, things like that. But the acting techniques we developed together. Well he had them and helped me develop them. Which worked wonderfully for the father and son scenes. Al Lewis spent a lot of time with me outside. Anything that involved throwing a ball or letting a kid be a kid as so to speak. Yvonne was kind of a substitute mom for me because my mom lived on the east coast. So this was my substitute family. Sometimes she would bring her kids on set to play and keep me company. So she did the mom thing which was really appreciated.

SP: What has been your favorite experience working in the industry in general?

BP: Probably meeting the people. Meeting all the stars and meeting them on a casual level. Not as an actor but just as people. Having lunch with them, chatting behind the scenes. You know how everybody sees them on TV and they are like “oh my god!” and you know them on a first name basis.

SP: So you run a promotions company. Can you tell us a little about that?

BP: I have been in promotions for years. I have been a promotable item my whole life. I was a prop so to speak when we would use the Munsters coach. When we were at the auction, here we are Eddie and the monsters and the Munsters coach being used. I do media consulting and I do promotional. sometimes I work for myself, sometimes for other people like publicists.

SP: Any chance we could see a return of Eddie and the Monsters or is that over for good?

BP: yeah that ship has sailed. There is a funny story with that actually. We just wanted to do rock videos. In 1983 with the onslaught of MTV, we made a video in New York. We were the first unsigned act ever to be aired on MTV. I did write the lyrics but I faked singing and faked playing the bass. So I was like a double whammy Munster vanilly.

SP: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

BP: Keep an eye out. I’m going to be working on a morning show. A 60’s turning 60, sort of baby boomer thing.  A syndicated Saturday night show and I’m also going to do a morning show Tuesday to Thursday to allow my weekends to be free to travel around the country side and visit fans. Go to I try to keep all my travels listed there. I’ll be doing some international stuff next year with the 50th anniversary of the show. So hopefully the next year will be more active than most.

I greatly enjoyed having the privilege to do this interview. Butch Patrick truly appreciates his fans and is a complete joy to chat with. I hope to have the opportunity again.

Until next time lovelies,


P.S Stay tuned for more interviews from Fatality Fest and new stuff from HHN23 to boot…Later Darlings ~Malice

The Psychotik Family with the Legend himself...

The Psychotik Family with the Legend himself…


IMG_0407Name: Celestria

Hair Color and Style: Blonde-Short (white after transformation)

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’4 (7’0 after transformation)

Weight: Veloptous

Build: Curvy

Bust Size: 40D (currently getting larger)

Clothing: Average

Other Identifiable Traits: Nothing too stand-outish…until the full moon that is….

Race: Lycanthrope

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Movies: Not sure I have favorite movies. But I love (stupid)comedy and I like chick flicks

Favorite Books: The True Blood series by Charlane Harris; the Anita Blake series by Laruell K Hamilton; the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich; the Hollows series by Kim Harrison

Guilty Pleasure: Likes to play with her food…

Back Story: Werewolves walk amongst you everyday and you would never know it. Then again, that’s the goal. So when most people look at Celestria, you would see a beautiful woman,  but not know her more wild secret. For every full moon she makes the turn into her wolf form, stalking the Alaskan wilderness for prey. So watch it guys…treating this one like a piece of meat…might make her treat YOU like one later.

Meeting Malice:
Oh, do I ever remember meeting Celestria. There really is nothing like walking the Alaskan wilderness at night. I do love that…oh what is it called? Aurora Borealis! So pretty…Not to mention it will do wonders for your back if you vaporate into it. Anyway, I was out for a stroll to clear my head, when a stunning white furred creature crossed my path. I decided to follow it. A rare animal such as this can’t be left unappreciated. When I tracked her down, she was feeding on a bear. When she noticed me standing there, her head shot up. We stood staring for a bit. Blood and meat dripped off of her mouth. The 7’0 wolf lunged at me and hit nothing but air. I’m not going to let that thing touch me, it was covered in blood. Seras said she would kill me if I got blood on my clothes again and she wasn’t there. I then decided to have some fun. I picked up a nice sized branch and hurled it over her head. To my amusement, she retrieved it for me. You see folks, although lycans are big and scary, deep down they are still in the canine family. and what canine doesn’t like a good game of fetch? I indulged until she got tired and lay down. After she awoke the next morning naked and in the snow, I could very well leave her. So I covered her with my coat and offered to walk her back to her home. It wasn’t long after that, I offered her to come stay at the mansion. Seras said we could keep her…as long as she was house broken…she is.



Time for another intro my Freaky Darlings. This one comes in the form of a friend and Psychotik Girl Luna! Now her profile is not complete so do please check for updates and give the girl some love! I also have to say she is the only one that got me in her Holiday picture on time. I didn’t get to post it on Christmas due to Computer issues (since resolved). She’s a good half bat/half puppy!

LunaName: Luna

Hair Color and Style: Long curly, dark brown with light brown highlights

Eyes: Bright hazel

Height: 5’4

Weight: 145 lbs

Build: Average

Bust Size: D

Clothing: Gothic / punk

Other Identifiable Traits: Two beauty marks one on each cheek

Race: Hybrid; werewolf and vampire

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Books: The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Favorite Movies: The lord of the ring and soon to be The Hobbit series.

Favorite Music: Nightwish; Bye bye beautiful. Nickleback; This is how you remind me. Kesha; Cannibal and Take it off.

Guilty Pleasure: I enjoy smells…When I say I enjoy smells…let’s just say just about any and leave it there.

Editor’s Note: Really? Nickleback wasn’t the guilty pleasure? In that case no I do not want to know some of those smells…Ha Ha! I kid…But seriously we need to talk…

Back Story: Luna was a creation by a scientist that was obsessed with the perfect monster or more so the perfect human. Stronger, smarter, faster and everlasting. To put it simple; an immortal. Reading stories and myths about hybrids and created his own. Blood of a vampire mixed with blood of a werewolf. For years the man worked on the perfect blood to balance it and failed many times. One day he had all but given up, that was till a new idea began to form. The blood did not have a host. In his readings he remembered the note of a Dr. Frankenstein, could it work? There was one way to find out. The scientist had found a child. She had died at a young age; killed with her family by some lunatic. Her throat was slit, torn apart. The perfect subject. The night of the blood moon was the night the scientist had succeeded. He had tubs down her throat and IV’s in every vain. A small pulses of electricity were sent to her heart and air pumped into her lungs. Her neck was stitched back up after all the blood was in her, slowly her body started to heal. Within a month her heart rate was normal, all vital signs were stable. He had done it. Three months had passed before she was learning to walk, read, talk… and feast. To her it was normal, but the scientist had told her that she was to keep the blood thirst away from others, it was their secret and one she kept very well. Upon her 18th birthday however was her awakening and the fatal night for the scientist.

Meeting Malice: You know I’ve always been one for enjoying what most consider monsters. Really they are no different than other creatures. Just they are a bit higher up he food chain. None of these creatures are quit as interesting as a hybrid. A half and half mocachino of the monster variety as it were. So here I am, wandering around in these woods in…well I’m not even sure I remember what dimension…and there is this girl covered in blood in the middle of the forest. Fierce eyes and sharp fangs. Apparently she had been out there for a month. She had killed the man who created her, a few campers, and a host of chickens. The guy that created her had done a good job at bonding Vampire and Lycanthrope DNA…he just didn’t know how well. It just so happens on her 18th birthday, the DNA strands became perfect…and the result was violent. Poor thing was having trouble controlling her baser urges…Seras is working with her. The information she has from her home world is advantageous to say the least.

Hope you enjoyed our dear fanged puppy! Look forward to more to come!

Until Nest Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik