Exploiting F.E.A.R…A Chat with Mike Meara of Finding Every Altar Ruined

Hello Freaky Darlings!! Happy Saturday and how are you doing? It’s been forever since I’ve done anything in the realm of an interview on this site…so why not knock off the dust and do one eh? Ha Ha! That’s exactly what I did! I sat down with a friend of mine who recently started a pretty neat band named Finding Every Altar Ruined or F.E.A.R. So far they have preformed one show and have several coming up (dates posted below). If you’re a fan of metal….you’ll enjoy what you hear….well…here…Anyway, turn it up to 11…it’s time to…

Exploiting F.E.A.R…A Chat with Mike Meara of Finding Every Altar Ruined


Malice Psychotik: How would you describe F.E.A.R’s music style?

Mike Meara: I would describe it as a mixture. we are heavy at times with a real thrash kinda attack then we can slow down to a real clean depressing single guitar and bass bring down. We are really trying to bring all emotion into our music not just anger and rage.

Malice Psychotik: Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

Mike Meara: From the world.  All around us.  The pain we go through as people, ghouls and demons are cool and all but life is much more frightening and complex

Malice Psychotik:  What started F.E.A.R as a band? How did you assemble the group?

Mike Meara: Well I have been in 5 bands in the last 5 years as a bassist/guitarist, and I never found there what I wanted to truly do.  Being from Okeechobee I would have to drive the 45 minutes to an hour every week to make it to any kinda practice and I would always be on time and everyone else would be late even though they lived there. It became very upsetting.  After about a 2 month drop off from doing anything musicaly I decided to start my own project with the idea of I will do what ever I want with my ideas.  So after I had some good ideas I contact friends from previous projects like Systematic Hate and Edge Of Eternity.  Once I got the right group of people together it was more or less pretty smooth sailing.

 Malice Psychotik: Long term, what is your goal as a band? Are you just doing this for the shit’s and the giggles or are you looking to move mountains and change lives?

Mike Meara: I can’t speak for every one involved but for me, This is my life.  It is very important to me to be able to drive around states and play for anyone who wants to listen.  I could care less about money or fame, even though the money would be a plus.  I just really like what we do and the message we are trying to send.

Malice Psychotik: How long have you been playing music? What first got you interested?

Mike Meara:Yeah, hard to say really, I got my first Bass when I was like somewhere from 13-15, so I guess technically about 9-11 years. I enjoyed playing it but I wasn’t very good for a long time, more just seeing what I could do here and there.  After I heard a band called Megadeth is when I truly got inspired to really take this seriously. I got a hold of a Megadeth Tape “Countdown To Extinction”
and I was just blown away that you could play like that, it was fast technical and catchy, with choruses you could sing and riffs you could feel in your bones

Malice Psychotik: What matters more to you musicianship or showmanship?

Mike Meara: I would say a mixture.  From a player’s point of view it is much harder to play something complex and be right on the money every single time you play it.  But I know showmanship can really bring a crowd in.  I love watching an active band for sure, I don’t want to watch anyone just stand there and play that’s boring.

Malice Psychotik: You believe in moshing at shows or are you more the mellow out and listen to the tunes sort of guy?

Mike Meara: Honestly, it really depends on who I am with and what band is playing.  If it’s the first time I am seeing a band I will watch and listen, but if I know the band and I like what they do. I’ll throw down.

Malice Psychotik: Do you think Furry’s have a place in the world of metal music?

Mike Meara: I believe there was once a band like that called Coq Roq.  They dressed up like chickens and did the Burger King Commercials some years back.

Malice Psychotik: Do you believe that Boston woman are a paler, uglier breed of woman than say woman from other walks of life?

Mike Meara: Depends lol.  haven’t been around much but I have heard a thing or 2

Malice Psychotik: What is your general opinion of Apache Helicopters?

Mike Meara: It’s more powerful than a young boys wish.  An Absolute death machine

Malice Psychotik: What is the oddest sex move you’ve ever heard of or preformed? Describe. (i.e. Hooking the Marlin, The Angry Pirate, The Monkey Face, The Houdini, Italian Bed and Breakfast, Flying Leprechaun…)

Mike Meara: i am tied between the Cosby Sweater and the Charizard.  The Cosby Sweater you eat a bunch of fruity pebbles then throw up all over your others chest and it resembles a Cosby sweater. the Charizard is right before you bust you light your others pubic region on fire then put it out with your baby batter smack them in the face and yell “You don’t have enough badges to train me!”

There you have it guys and ghouls! Mike from Finding Every Altar Ruined I thank you for my readers! You handled this like a Sir!!! In case any of you are in the Lake Worth area, they will be there today at the Speak Easy Lounge. The show starts at 5pm and features some others bands. Party ends at 11pm. I believe they go on sometime in the middle. Other future dates are as follows: Tropical Martini January 4th and at Limitless Studios on January 14th. Show up, say you heard about em’ here and show em’ some love for your Dear Ol’ Malice! Check out links below for Facebook Page and Videos…That will be all for now…i need to crawl up in bed and take a cat nap.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

For Finding Every Altar Ruined’s Facebook…Click HERE!!!


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