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Review of Fatality Fest 2013…What a Weekend!

Unless some of you have been living under a rock or just not paying any attention, you know that I paid a visit to Fatality Fest 2013 last weekend. It’s taken me a bit to write this because I wanted to fully take everything in and really give a good approach to present it to you all. We had such fun! Hands down one of the best times I have had at a horror convention. The people rocked, the guests rocked, the area was cool as shit…Can’t say enough good things at this point. But how do I convey this? I just feel writing a short review will not do the weekend any justice at all….not only that but that seems to be what everyone else has done as well (Post included) Nope, I hold myself to a much higher standard than just that. I feel I not only owe you, the reader more, but I owe the rest of the fine people who took the time to put together a top-notch show that as well. So let’s take this day by day shall we? Yes, I think we shall…


Day 1: June 7, 2013

Day one the weather was a bit dreary. A Tropical Storm decided to rear its ugly head and it almost looked as if the weekend was going to be a wash. I was very pleased as I arrived at the event to see the lovely girls from ADA Management looking back at me from down the hallway. Rain or shine…the show must go on. I love that attitude. The venue was a very large hotel. When I say Large I mean the hotel shot straight up rather than take up more space girth wise. Very swank looking, and was pleased to find the whole thing was delightfully air-conditioned. We found ourselves in a lovely room on the 9th floor Elite level, thanks to partner Derek Shembarger from Infinite Focus Photography (He really saved the day that weekend and made the whole trip possible.)After settling was time for…the Zombie Walk!

Right as we started heading to the Zombie Walk…rain. The Zombie Walk was to be held at the Mellow Mushroom at City Place. Sadly that did get washed out. Apparently no one wanted to Zombie in the rain (Not that I blame them, but come on people commitment!) We decided to sit down to eat anyway. I wasn’t too fond of the food. I found it to be a bit overpriced and just not worth my money. I’ll save that for later though…It really was a shame to see it not happen. The team member that was there apologized. I didn’t see it as a big deal. Taking the weather into consideration, day one was still technically in the tail end of a storm. Back to the convention center it was…except for more rain…and we were on foot…sigh…064

Back at the convention area, Seras decided to freshen up, and dry off, while Derek and myself scoped it all out. I checked to see what vendors were here and what was going on. When Seras had joined up, we hit the celebrity room for some autographs. Picked up Butch Patrick, Oliver Robbins, and Jazzy charmed Raven to death and scored a free autograph. I had managed to take a peek at the dealer’s room. Jazzy didn’t like something in there and I don’t know what it was, but she wouldn’t go in. She got a little fussy, so I tagged Seras in and we retreated for some Father Daughter time. She spread the good word with a lot of the guests. She was deeply impressed with everyone she talked to as they were all very approachable. She even got her very first celebrity interview ever with Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster). She was nervous, but she did great.

When she came back up for the night and I took storm, I found the same thing to be true. Celebrity guests were very approachable. Ended up with an epic picture of Christopher Judge in my hat! I pretty well finished up by enjoying the dealer’s room and setting up interviews for the next day. I didn’t see a whole lot of traffic, but again…Tropical Storm Andrea was still pulling away. Overall a very fun relaxing first day.

Editor Note: The Event schedule wasn’t printed at the time. To be honest, everybody that was there was able to ask event staff and they knew when and where to go. Good save! Most conventions Staff doesn’t know their ass from a whole in the ground…


Day 2: June 8, 2013

Day two was a bit more busy. Had a full list things to do. Interviews, Dealers Room, VIP later…Derek did movie screenings and Q & A’s. Seras checked out in detail some more of the vendors and the Ernie Hudson Q & A. Good news was, we had an event schedule! One of the main things we were looking to cover was the Costume contest. The Costume contest was small, but then again not many people looked to be in the full festive mood of costuming. Of the four you had a woman dressed as a comic book character I didn’t recognize off-hand (I’m terrible forgot to ask), Two Jasons, and Jazmin as Bat Girl. Jonathan Tiersten was the judge. He announced that because he was heterosexual the woman won for the Adults. Since Jazmin was the only child, she won for the kids (SHE WOULD HAVE WON ANYWAY!!!). The crowd egged him on to choose which was best between the Jasons. The one with the undermask won. I was surprised the Ghostbusters that were there didn’t join in…but hey…what can you do.

Editor Note: The Costume contest was announced by a drag queen going from room to room. Babette Bombshell, The Plus-Size Goddess of Gore…national treasure!

The Costume Contest!

The Costume Contest!

Moving on, according to Derek, the movie showings were very nice. Hopefully he will have some reviews coming up soon for those. Q & A’s were very down to Earth…kind of like bull shitting with the stars…but I like that. We were able to see the vendor room and really appreciate it. I liked that it wasn’t the same nonsense. You had lot’s of home-made things. Lot’s of crafts and food. It was very different and refreshing. I get sick of the same old shit. Nothing more annoying than walking into a dealer room and seeing t-shirt, t-shirt, figure, t-shirt, figure, figure, t-shirt, bootleg DVD, bootleg DVD…etc. etc. ad nauseam! We will have more on the dealer’s room as the days pass. Still compiling info. Stay tuned!

Danny Hicks and Dee Wallace at the VIP Party. Photo by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography.

Danny Hicks and Dee Wallace at the VIP Party. Photo by Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography.

I would love to spend more time on the celeb’s and interviews but I have gotten so many of them…I don’t want to wear you thin. Instead I will move on to the VIP party. I was late, we caught a later dinner at Grease on Klamatis (review coming soon!) I only caught the tail end. Everyone was having fun though. Derek made it there in time, he said it was awesome sauce. Personally I thought the addition of karaoke would have been nice. I’m never going to forget seeing Dee Wallace cut a rug. Elliot’s Mom can dance! I wasn’t able to attend the after after party…ah…being a parent (Next time though…next time!) Derek was able to attend that though. He said it was off the chain at Off the Hookah. Nothing like getting a buzz with Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski). Saturday was a success!

Left to Right: Paul Barbosa, Sarah Joyal, DJ Tre, Andrea Albin, and Marko Adams

Left to Right: Paul Barbosa, Sarah Joyal, DJ Tre, Andrea Albin, and Marko Adams. Picture By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Phtography.

Day 3: June 9, 2013

The saddest day of any convention is the last. It wasn’t really too busy that day. Then again most Sundays aren’t happy. It signifies the end of a great weekend. We didn’t really get into a whole lot that day. I can say this, the celebrities were mingling with everyone. The Q & A’s were choice. Was very funny when I was interviewing Joe Bob Briggs and we ended up hosting our very own Q & A…unofficially! You see we were trying to sit down somewhere where we could hear better. Mr. Briggs chose the Main Event Room. Don’t blame him, it was in between shows. Well people started to show up for Dee Wallace’s Q & A…and we just kept going. That was until Dee showed up and we had to leave…lol…Another great moment in my life!


Ernie Hudson. Picture By Derek Shembarger of Infinite Focus Photography

The rest of the day was spent in the Celebrity room finishing up interviews and shooting the shit with the lovely Jessica Cameron. Words can’t describe it…really they can’t. I was so sad to leave, but you know…I left with positive advice from Raven and Jessica Cameron. It has served me well. Met some awesome people from this place called The Movie Studio. Hopefully I’ll be able to review their new film staring Corey Feldman, Exposure. I also met some awesome awesome dude from a group called Muscle Wolf Productions. You guys keep an eye out for them, because we are so covering them!!

In Conclusion…

Not a bad show at all. It had some problems…but what first show doesn’t have issues. Every first year has them, just try to iron them out for the next show. I loved it and will be going back…but where does it find it self on the Top Hat Scale? To be honest…5 out 5 Top Hats Why? A lot of stuff that was bad was either because of a Tropical Storm or First Year Problems. If this was a show in its 3rd or 4th year…then yeah..we could knock it. We all had fun, we all loved it, we are all going back, and others are too. It reminded me of old times…good times.

For those that may be interested, yesterday the next Florida Fatality fest was announced for October 11-13th in Ft. Lauderdale. I’ll tell you more as I find it out. Just look out people…because here Fatality Fest comes! I have more interviews coming soon. Please be patient…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Malice Psychotik


Scream till’ it Bleeds with Rajan Maharajh

I’ve a treat for your Darlings! I know i said that I was dropping the interview thing from the site…I lied. You are going to see interviews pick up very soon. But to get back into the saddle and buff the rust out, why not show some love to some future stars. Most of you may have noticed the attention I draw to Okeechobee’s metal pride and glory, Finding Every Altar Ruined. This next interview is with another great rising talent, or more specifically their front man, Rajan Maharajh. He’s been waiting in anticipation for this article to pop up, so let’s not making him wait anymore. Let’s…

Scream till’ it Bleeds with Rajan Maharajh


Malice Psychotik: Let’s start things off easy, How long have you been a musician?

Rajan  Maharajh: I’ve been pursuing music for about 4-5 years now. I originally started playing guitar and did that for a wile then I realized I’m not good haha so I went to keyboards which I still play to this day and then went to vocals in 2009. And I’ve done vocals ever since.

Malice: What bands influence your sound?

Rajan: My personal influences consists of As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Slipknot, Oceana, The Air I Breathe, and a lot more. I can’t say too much on the bands influences because it all ranges from member to member.

Malice: How would you describe Reach for the Sky to my readers?

Rajan: I’d describe us as a band who just wants to make their mark on history. We wanna record our music and share it with people and just jam out with them at some shows. Our ultimate goal of course is to get signed and all that, but most important about this band is we do it because we love it and that’s what maters most to us. Our fans are the driving force for us to continue.

Malice: Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

Rajan: I hope to be signed by that point. And hopefully to have one album released and to have toured. * Crosses fingers *

Malice: What goes into the creation of one of your songs? Do you mostly pull from real life emotions or random inspiration?

Rajan: It really all ranges. Sometimes my guitarist could be listening to a song form another band and pull inspiration from that for their riffs. Lyric wise it ranges to, I generally use my life experiences in my lyrics but sometimes I just get random surges of inspiration from music I’m listening to at that moment. So I guess it’s about half of each random inspiration and emotional.


Malice: What do you value more in a front man performance, presence or vocal range and talent?

Rajan: Me being a front man myself I value performance and stage presence more than anything. Talent is cool, it gets you there, but what carries you is your ability to command a crowd, to put on a show for them. That is one thing I try to do, I don’t try to go out there and show off my range or talent, I go out there and try to put on the best damn performance of my life each and ever time. A good mix of the two is good to, show off a bit but still put on a bad ass show.

Malice: Does your band have groupies? If so…ever thought of shooting for Gene Simmons record?

Rajan: Haha I don’t know if we have groupies just yet. ( Thought that’d be nice ) Maybe when we get some we might shoot that Gene Simmons record for ya

Malice: If told to write a song about the coming Zombie Apocalypse that is to be interrupted by a machine apocalypse….could you do it? Maybe spout off some lyrics?

Rajan: Hmm that might be a bit difficult for me, but I could give it a shot. Maybe some lyrics I’d incorporate are ” the walking dead will rise, they’ll rise up into the sky, as the machines awake to take over our fate ” I don’t know I’ve never really written stuff like that. That was fun.

Malice: Who do you think would win between an all out battle between The Black Veil Brides and Motley Crue? You can pick the contest…music, drugs, or straight up fist a cuffs!

Rajan: Oh no doubt in my mind The Crue all the way. Vince, Tommy, Mick and Nikki would mess up Andy and his gang. Crue did it first BVB is just a wannabe of them. Black Veil Brides maybe might do as much drugs as the Crue did but they can’t match their music.

If you are looking to see Reach for the Sky and are in the areas listed, here are some show dates:

4/13/13 @ The Speakeasy in Lake Worth with Us, From The Outside of Tragic Hero Records
4/20/13 @ Epic Problem in Tampa w/ One Year Later of CI Records, From Atlantis of In Vogue Records, and My Heart to Fear of Solid State Records

Below is one live video and a recorded copy of a song. Give them a listen and decide for yourself!

If you like what you just saw, go like them on Facebook HERE

That’s all for today Freaky Darlings. Do check them out and show them some love. Good music only comes around if you help spread the word. Unless of course you like having the Justin Bieber’s and Rebecca Black’s of the world ruining the music scene…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

What’s this Fresh Hell?…Fatality Feast 2013!

Well, well, well….long time friend, reader, and fan Joe Edenfield brought a new coming attraction to our very own phalice shaped state. A new horror convention has decided to set up shop in South Florida by the name of Fatality Fest, and I would like to share some info on it to all of you. I apologize for the tardiness in reporting such a cool thing, but unfortunately the Psychotik’s have found themselves sick…and I just want to cuddle in a blanket!!! BUT ENOUGH! I’m pulling myself together and making this very cool announcement!

Fatality Fest Marquee

Fatality Fest will take place the weekend of June 7th-9th at The West Palm Beach Marriott. The event will feature panels, films, guests, vendors…all that you could ever want in a class act horror convention. So far the guest list is not large, but has been growing as time passes. Guests are as follows: Tony Todd(Candyman), Scott Spiegel (Writer/Director/Actor), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Command), Tony Moran (Halloween 1978, Emerging Past), Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp, The Perfect House), John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1978), Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D), Brooke Lewis (iMurders, Kinky Killers, Ms. Vampy, Lazarus), Timothy Patrik Quill (Army of Darkness, Spiderman 1,2, and 3) AND JUST ADDED AS WE SPEAK!!!! Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, Not Another Teen Movie) and more being added all the time. Super tight starter list if you ask me. I’m impressed!

it’s so great to see new talent moving into this great state. Florida loves it’s horror just as much as the rest. Why be restricted to only one Horror Con a year? As more events come available, I’ll let you know. I’m very excited to be in contact with the promoter of the show as well. In fact, She would like you all to get to know her. I promise, I’ll find time to put her in the hot seat soon enough as Encyclopedia Psychotika is going to add Interviews back soon enough. Till then, here’s a little bit. Andrea Albin is a woman of much talent. Owner and President of ADA Management Group, South Florida’s Premier entertainment management firm, she is also a talented writer. You may know her as Ms. Disgusting on You also may have seen her work in either STIFF or Fangoria. She was also Scream Queen of the Month October 2011 on Which ever way you do or now do know her…She WILL be adding kick ass Convention Promoter to that list!


Disgusting is not really the word that comes to mind….lol

That’s all I got for now. Tickets are on sale and hotel rooms able to be booked now! Click THIS to do all of that stay up to date! I’m very excited to watch this flourish and who knows, maybe there will be a place for good ol’ Malice again in the con scene after all. Only time will tell, and it’s a good thing that’s what we have plenty of.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Zombie in Miami…Dafuq did I just read!?

You ever read something online or hear something on the news that just makes you wonder if what you witnessed was real or not? That just happened in the form of an article I found on Huffington Post that the title read “Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police”…The article which you can find here tells of a man eating another mans face. When the officer arrived he tried to get the man to stop. It’s unclear what happened next, all I can tell from various articles is the officer shot the man and he kept eating. Witnesses say they heard several shots fired before the guy finally kicked it. Now most are going on about how the guy had to be on drugs. Some even say he must have just been mentally unwell and off his med’s. I have a different theory…


Well that’s what it screams to me anyway. Dude is naked and chewing a guy’s head. Add that to the fact it took multiple bullets to take him down. was the last one a head shot? I mean come on…am I crazy? Oh yeah…I am! Ha Ha Ha!!! All joking out-of-the-way, this is rather shocking. It kept bringing to my mind zombie apocalypse. The way some were acting was just like a movie too. Especially the T.V news report! They didn’t even mention that the guy ate a mans face! They were more concerned because the police officer put him down. I really do hate that people are criminalizing the officer that took the shot. What would you do if you came across some naked crazy man who was chewing on a dudes face, then turns his attention to you? Would you hit him with the tazer or a bullet?

Just so you all know, I am aware that this is most likely some mental case off of his medication….but it does make you wonder doesn’t it? Do be sure to stop by either Huffington Post or the original article on The Miami Herald. I’m curious to see more details as they come out. I’ll try to keep you posted. Until then, I’m working on a few things. Stay tuned!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik