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A week of News…the Psychotik Way!

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly news post for sometime now…just have never gotten around to it. Now that I am, I find myself scratching my head for things to post. I mean…what does one report? I’m not a regular news site, so I doubt I’ll do that. I could just go over things that pertain to the site…but eventually then we would hit a few stale weeks. Nope, I think I’m just going to post about the topics that have tickled my fancy in the last week. Let’s give this a shot shall we…


One of the biggest events I’ve seen people talking about is the meteor that exploded over Russia last week. Crazy little world we live in right? Yeah the same day we got a near miss asteroid, an unrelated meteor exploded over top Chelyabinsk, Russia injuring 1,100+ people. The thing weighed 10 tons, and caused a shit load of havoc! Thank Cthulhu it wasn’t a bigger one, or the asteroid for that matter. Apparently the worst news is we have no current way of tracking or preventing things like that from happening again. I’ll post a video below, because really you have to see it to believe it. Could you imagine if that would have happened over New York? The panic would have been uncontrollable! Not that I’m glad it was over Russia! Really wish it wouldn’t have happened at all. On the bright side though, apparently the meteor rock is very valuable and has created a sort of “gold rush” effect in the area. What some people won’t do eh? I guess you could also take it as a positive that the asteroid that was nearly cut out of the news by the meteor, didn’t hit us or explode either. Had that hit, it could have leveled a city the size of London with ease. I would also like to report I’ve seen nothing that suggests we have damaged satellites either, as it was supposed to have passed through our satellite ring.

Next big historical event should have happened back in 1865. This week marks the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment…you know the one that abolishes slavery! Apparently a 148 years of lazy clerks allowed this to be an oversight. Recently a Mississippi Doctor, Dr. Ranjan Batra, was inspired to look into it. His inspiration came from the movie Lincoln. He was shocked to learn that his fine state had not in fact abolished slavery. Nope in all technicality, they it was still very much OK. Shame on you Mississippi! Well, in their defense, they did ratify it in 1995. But it wasn’t made official because they didn’t tell the Federal Government or file the proper papers. Still though 1995? That’s still a big oversight…ouy vey!

Next is a little less historical…a lot more horrifying! Biologists have created “zombie cells.” Not just “zombie cells,” but cells that out perform their living counter part. The cells can survive greater temperatures and higher pressure than living. In most cases, they even perform better at certain cellular functions. The cells are created by painting the live mammalian cells with silicic acid. That embalms the cells down to a nanometric level. From here the cells are cooked to 400C. This burns off the protein,but leaves the a three-dimensional model…the “zombie cell.” The remaining biological matter has a few uses as well. One of these uses involves fuel cells. At any rate, you have to wonder why call it zombie cells? The way the article explains it, you would think it to be harmless. Like not something that could spark a zombocolypse. However, this is how these things start…a little bit of Franken-science goes a long way. Read more HERE!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies....Not Walkers...RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies….Not Walkers…RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Well we have historical covered, science…maybe a little tech? Why not in the form of the official press release for the Sony PS4!!! So far some of the coolest features are two cameras built into the unit (huhu I said Unit), touch pad on the 6 axis controller, ability to use the PS Vita similar to a Wii U controller, and of course the boss ass hardware upgrade (custom AMD processor with eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine, 8GB of’s a beast!), and an instant on feature. I’m really liking the instant on feature. Supposedly you are going to be able to turn the PS4 off and then turn it back on and almost instantly resume your game. This is supposed to be attributed to the new hardware. The price tag is also supposed to be loads cheaper than when the PS3 came out. Does that mean it’s going to be below $400? No. But it may be that or around that which isn’t that bad. The only draw back is there will be no backwards compatibility with the PS3. They have rumored that they may create some sort of online library to remedy that. Only time will tell. The only other negative I see on the horizon comes in the form of the console industries mounted attack on the used game industry. They didn’t address whether the PS4 would be able to use pre-owned games or not…but they didn’t deny it either. For more detailed info read HERE!

Not really sure where this fits in, but this week a big announcement was made by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The announcement involved the location of Wrestlemania XXX. It seems that the big easy will be hosting one of the biggest sporting entertainment events of the year. Not just that, but apparently it is going to be grander than ever with events planned the whole week leading up to the April 2014 event. I’m interested! I’ve always been interested in going to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go to a Wrestlemania…this just seems perfect! It’s also fair to mention that The Rock will be on the match card as well. This I guess gives some proof that his recent little return isn’t going to be that brief. I see an exciting year with the Great One back in a top spot. I know it’s silly that this may be the thing to get my ass to New Orleans, but hey….would it be normal if I had a normal reason? Didn’t think so…watch the video below for the whole announcement.

Last but not least, what news report would be complete without a little scandal…and speaking of WWE I have just the one! Wrestler Jack Swagger was arrested late Tuesday the 19th for speeding, possession (not demonic), and DUI. Apparently he had just come from a taping of Smack Down. Jack Swagger had just recently won the Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name. This grants him a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlmania 29. Now his charges are just misdemeanors, but one wonders how WWE will react. One thing WWE has never had a history of dealing with well is drug or alcohol scandal. Time will tell…


That’s all for this week Darlings! Stay tuned for more to come…feeling a lot better! remember to help spread the madness! Like the Facebook pages…share the articles…make the world a crazier place!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Editors Note: I’m aware that News is depressing…if this did that (and I don’t see how) here is a photo to lift your spirit!



No Escape…Halloween Horror Nights 22

Happy October, My Freaky Darlings! It’s that time again! The joyous time of year where all of us freaks, madmen, monsters, and weirdos feel are just a little more accepted (Not that it really matters!) Well, a week ago we made our annual trip to Halloween Horror Nights. I have to say another great year down, was a shaky start at first with lack of website among other things. They really surprised me this year though. Not to say it was perfect, but definately some of my favorite houses. I will warn, this year I didn’t make it to the shows. Funds being what they were, we just couldn’t go Express (Something that will be remedied next year!) The last couple of years though I haven’t been too impressed with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure anyway…so no big deal. Would have really enjoyed 20 Penny Circus, but alas it wasn’t in the cards. Let’s stop the dilly with the dally and jump into this thing huh?

No Escape…Halloween Horror Nights 22

We ended up getting out…they are going to be soooo pissed!!!


7) Universal’s House of Horrors– I really wanted to like this house more. I loved the concept, I think there was a lot of room for good scares. I did receives at least two really good scares. I just think it could have been better. What made me have a bad taste about this one? Simple! The house scenes and everything were done in UV paint. I know what they were going for, trying to make you feel as if you were walking into the living film, it just could have been better. In fact, I really feel houses like this are lazy. To top it off, there was no facade. You just walked into the beginning scenes which were very much like the beginning to All Nite DIE-in: Take 2. What was the reason for this house being so thrown together? Again…Simple! Remember a couple of months back when I reported that the seventh house was going in SS44? I have no proof, but it’s my opinion that this house really was thrown together pretty quick. I never did find anybody who posted a building permit for that location. Also looking around, the floats that were supposed to be housed in that area were next to it in a rather temporary storage. Not bad if they did throw it together last minuet…but it had room for improvement.

6) Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare– This house was a lot better than people give it credit! I love Alice Cooper and his style of shock. This house displayed that nicely…Alice’s own personal brand of madness. Why so low on the list then? Well that’s just how good the other houses were! I managed to go through with a real energetic cast. You had twisted nurses, asylum patients, angst teens, and of course Steven and Alice. The theory was you walked through several of his greatest hits showing the personification of the songs themselves. My only real problem was I wanted more! I think the one in Hollywood was better. I know they wanted to make it different, but maybe they should have made it the same. At any rate, don’t miss it…Alice will know! (P.S…Keep an eye to the writing on the walls for a hint to what you are about to see next. If you’re an Alice Cooper Fan…you’ll know.)

5) Silent Hill– First house of the night and really set the pace. I love Silent Hill and I love this house. I was in total fanboy overload!! The nurses, the music, the other creepy tidbits…every Silent Hill fans dream. Even managed to catch Pyramid Head, which Seras tried to take home…I think she scared him. The best parts are the opening scene and facade, the janitor scene (which is very disturbing to say the least), and Pyramid Head. Really wish there would have been more of him. You did have a mess load of nurses though…I suppose that made up for it. Room for improvement? Maybe a little more energy on the scareactors part. As far as design wise, Universal possess tech to make it ten fold scarier. Maybe when they optioned the rights, they got a few more years out of it…and this won’t be the last we will see of good ol’ Silent Hill. One could hope! Either way…don’t miss it!

4) Penn & Teller New(Kd) Las Vegas– For a funny house this was higher on the list because A) it was trippy B) it had surprisingly good scares C) the interactive aspect D) Penn and Teller paid my $40 bucks to bump it up! LOL Just Kidding…they gave me $10 and thats why it’s #4! Anyway, this was the best of the typical fun houses I have been though. For years, Psychoscarapy: Home for the Holidays was my favorite…this house dethroned it. In this house you will find everything you love about sin city…everything you love horribly irradiated with nuclear waste. You see, Penn and Teller aren’t the kind of people to let a little thing like nuclear waste get them down…NO!! In fact the see the wonderful opportunity to turn a negative into a positive…and make some cash on the side. My favorite parts in this house is the kitchen scene and then the wedding scene. Both got me good…some more than others…Seras. Would have been higher on the list if we would have went the week before when Penn and Teller were actually there!!! Would have been number one!!!

3) Gothic– You know I almost skipped this house? We were running low on time, and so far all night I hadn’t heard any good things about this one. We ended up lucking out though and hit Gothic and Dead End last minuet…I would have been mad if I had missed it. I was taken away by how cool this house really was. You really felt like you walked onto the site of an old cathedral being renovated. So many good scares…I really lost count! Kudo’s to the Gargoyle that got into the Italian “Eh!” match with me…you made my night. I absolutely loved the candle scene, the catwalk scene, and the nice midnight stroll on the roof. You will be scared in this house and you will be taken away by the beauty at the same time (Pretty much how they get you! Bait and Switch!) This house again proving that Uni doesn’t require fancy movie and TV properties to scare the crap out of you…however…the next house sort of ruins what I just said…

2) The Walking Dead: Dead Inside– This is THE perfect zombie house…never will there be anything more accurate for a zombie house or scarezone. So many emotions felt in one house! Universal was able to bring to life The Walking Dead in a way I never though possible. The scenes that you walk through are every bit as iconic as they are in the show. You really never know when a walker is going to come at you. Could be here…could be there! The very end is my favorite part. Let’s say…i think they were lying when they said House of Horrors had more scareactors in a single scene…wait till you get to the end of this one. Without giving too much away…let’s say your personal bubble is greatly reduced and if you are afraid of zombies…your going to love this. Don’t miss it…as a matter of fact…go through it twice!!!

1) Dead End– Well we are at the end of the count down…may favorite house of the year. Another one I nearly didn’t get too. Boy I’m glad I went. Really wish I could have moved into this old house…it has a certain character…By character I mean it scares the piss right out of you at every turn. By far the most scares in one house all night. This is why it got number one!! Could tell whether it was all the things that weren’t what they seemed…or the glowy white ghost that get’s you at every turn…but this house just got me! And that’s rare!!! Do not…and I repeat…do not miss this house! It will become your White Buffalo. I can’t even peg down a favorite scene it was that good. I suppose the scenes with the glowy white ghost were the best…BEWARE OF THE GLOWY WHITE GHOST!!!

Street Performance

I will touch on this real quick. I wasn’t big fan of the idea of roaming hordes of scareactors. The no scarezone idea had been tried before in 07′ and failed horribly. This year made me a believer. You never know who is going to catch you and where they are just kept moving all night. What I thought was even cooler was the music queue was moving all night. They actually moved the sound track to fit who was in the area…nice touch. I also loved that fact that when I was amongst the vampires…I was mistaken as scareactor…like 20 times! Had three pictures taken of me…(I hope they caught my good side!) I really wish I would have gotten more pictures of them for you, but that night was hectic…little one was sick, no express passes, having to rush whilst being worried…pictures were just not on my mind this year. I will add what I have though to the Encyclopedia Psychotika Facebook page though if you want to have a look. I think my favorites ended up being the Vampires (Real surprise there!)

In closing, this was a good year to go. I definitely felt like it was money well spent. Can’t wait for next year, and wish I could go again this year! As I said i was not able to hit the shows. My dear friend Samhain however was able to hit Bill and Ted, so maybe she will be so kind as to send me a small review. Also!! I will be collecting some reviews from our fellow cast of weirdos that went with us, and post them as well…why just take my opinion on the night…right? (Hee Hee That rhymed) Stay tuned for more madness to come!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

P.S I re-preposed to Seras under the archway to the cemetery….SHE SAID YES!! CONGRATS TO ME!!

Seras, Me, and ArnieFreeze…the rest of you should have been there damn it!!!

Zombie in Miami…Dafuq did I just read!?

You ever read something online or hear something on the news that just makes you wonder if what you witnessed was real or not? That just happened in the form of an article I found on Huffington Post that the title read “Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police”…The article which you can find here tells of a man eating another mans face. When the officer arrived he tried to get the man to stop. It’s unclear what happened next, all I can tell from various articles is the officer shot the man and he kept eating. Witnesses say they heard several shots fired before the guy finally kicked it. Now most are going on about how the guy had to be on drugs. Some even say he must have just been mentally unwell and off his med’s. I have a different theory…


Well that’s what it screams to me anyway. Dude is naked and chewing a guy’s head. Add that to the fact it took multiple bullets to take him down. was the last one a head shot? I mean come on…am I crazy? Oh yeah…I am! Ha Ha Ha!!! All joking out-of-the-way, this is rather shocking. It kept bringing to my mind zombie apocalypse. The way some were acting was just like a movie too. Especially the T.V news report! They didn’t even mention that the guy ate a mans face! They were more concerned because the police officer put him down. I really do hate that people are criminalizing the officer that took the shot. What would you do if you came across some naked crazy man who was chewing on a dudes face, then turns his attention to you? Would you hit him with the tazer or a bullet?

Just so you all know, I am aware that this is most likely some mental case off of his medication….but it does make you wonder doesn’t it? Do be sure to stop by either Huffington Post or the original article on The Miami Herald. I’m curious to see more details as they come out. I’ll try to keep you posted. Until then, I’m working on a few things. Stay tuned!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Dead Serious with Rob Fox

A while back I had the pleasure of catching up with a good friend of mine, Author and Screen Play Writer, Rob Fox. Recently he has been on the promotion trail of a film he is involved with known as Ace the Zombie. I was curious about it, so I sat down chat about it. I wish I could have made it to the showing at Days od the Dead II: Atlanta…Fate, however, did not allow that…I will get to that later. Anyway, let’s catch up with Mr. “Z Day is Here” Rob Fox. Put on your favorite furry costume and play some Samantha Fox. This is…

Dead Serious with Rob Fox

Malice Psychotik: So it’s been a while since you were last on here…Hell it’s been a year…whats new?

Rob Fox: Mainly writing.  Though that is not my full-time job, it takes up quite a bit of my spare time.  Seems like I always have something going on writing-wise.  I am taking a small break from the convention scene this year and will only do one or two, since last year kicked my ass!  Currently I am writing a Serial Killer script for a couple of producers and hope to start filming early 2012.  I have a cartoon I am trying to pitch to the large networks, and a script about self cannibalism  that I am trying to sell to a producer.  Novel –wise, I am working on a Cryptozoology anthology with an author friend of mine (Alisha Sams), and as always, still banging away on “Z Day 2”.

Malice: How’s the writing been going?

Fox: The writing has been fantastic!  I have almost completely switched from short story/ novel-writing to screenplay writing.  I like the style much better and really enjoy seeing my words spoken through characters on the screen.

Malice: Well, I’ve heard a little bit about Ace the Zombie. Care to tell us a bit about it?

Fox: I would love to.  It has been many years since the first zombie outbreaks and the World Health Organization has introduced a “miracle” drug called Zom-Calm. While not exactly a cure, it curbs the undead appetite for living flesh, and zombies now occupy almost twenty percent of the national work force. Allen Christopher Edwards, Ace to his friends, is a great guy but a total pushover. Everyone takes advantage of him from his boss and coworkers to his girlfriend Brenda. He gains new-found confidence when he is bitten and becomes a zombie. But Keeper Ellis, head of the Zombie Control Force has a secret plan to destroy all zombies. Ace must now fight for the lives of all Undead Americans as he matches wits with the evil Keeper Ellis. That is the official synopsis.  So a little more about it… Ace the Zombie was my first attempt to write a screenplay. I was asked to assist a couple of guys that had started it but were running into some issues.  I stepped in and rewrote it from the ground up.  Everyone contributed a little and I think the script turned out really good.  This is a zom-com, and there is a good mix of horror and comedy.  My humor tends to be a little more on the darker side, but there is a few really good laugh out loud moments.

Malice: What sort of things inspired you while writing “Ace”?

Fox: Honestly, I took most of the ideas from the other writers Rey and Pat.  They had a pretty solid  story-line, so I just expanded on what I thought they would want.  I worked very closely with the director (Giles Sheppard).  With it being my first, I really wanted to make sure I got his vision. There were a couple of scenes that I wrote from scratch though. One of which involves a concert at a bar.  I don’t want to give anything away, but the scene is intense and switches from a nice calming moment back to death and destruction then back to calm.  The scene was complicated and I think the director did a great job shooting it.  As for inspiration, I tried to stay away from the normal zombies, so I really didn’t watch anything zombie related, so I guess I used my imagination.

Malice: So I also hear “Z Day” is going to have a shot at the grand celluloid fasion…I know there’s not much you can say, but can you give is a little bit?

Fox: Sadly, I can not give any details as of right now.  I am not allowed to give out anything.  Other than it will be based on the book and as of right now I am writing the script.

Malice: Whats the main difference between Ace the Zombie and “Z day”?

Fox: Night and Day.  Ace is a comedy with some zombies.  “Z Day” is all about zombies with a little comedy sprinkled in.

Malice: I have to ask, your claim to fame (Beyond the Llama Shows) is…well Zombie’s! Why Zombie’s?

Fox: I don’t know.  I really don’t know.  I think it just happened that way because at the time, the publisher was only publishing zombie stuff and in order to get stuff published, I had to write zombie stuff.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some zombies, but as for writing, that was kind of the way I was pushed.

Malice: I know you mentioned last year you had a children’s book in the making (People is you knew the man I do…you’d be afraid!) How’s that going?

Fox: I have actually written two kids stories.  One is a nice, cute, non-horror story and the other is a zombie kids story.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know, zombies and kids stories don’t sound like they should go together, but the story works and is 100% made for kids.  Both stories are being shopped around at the moment.  I really hope they can see the light of day this year.

Malice: Back to “Z Day,” if you could fantasy cast roles for it…who would you cast?

Fox: I have done a lot of thinking about this.  For a few of the characters, I have an idea:

For the main character – Henry Ian Cusick

Darcy – Zooey Deschanel

Tonya – Laurie Holden

Alisha – Anna Torv

Jeremiah – Kevin Durand

Cole – Ryan Lee (the blond kid from Super 8)

Mego – Queen Latifah (As I was writing it, I kept thinking about her in that role, even though it was written after a great friend of mine Denna!)

Malice – Benicio Del Toro (Editor’s Note: I would have said Ryan Reynolds…but I’ll take that as well!)

Malice: Have you ever thought of writing a Drama/Chick Flick?

Fox: I am actually about ¼ way through writing a drama/chick flick right now.  It will be a tear-jerker.  Not the kind of movie I would want to watch, but I had a dream one night and I woke up in a cold sweat, knowing I had to tell the story.  It spans many years and explores one mans regrets in life.

Malice: Let’s say we are going to star in the next The Hangover movie. You have You and Me….who would be the other 2…and who’s roles would take place of which between Doug, Phil, Alan, and Stu?

Fox: I would like to think of myself as Phil, but then who wouldn’t?  (man crush!). I think I would be more like Stu though.  You would be Doug.  For the other two, I don’t really know.  That is a very difficult thing to cast though, because the current cast is so good.  (Editor’s Note: Even though I would love to say I would be like Alan or Phil…Doug is probably right. Being Alan would really depend on how much liquor is involved!)

Malice: What is one of the craziest things you have ever done for cash?

Fox: Luckily I have always had a job, so I haven’t really had to pimp myself out (yet).  I did run through an apartment complex naked one time for comic value though, does that count?  (Editor’s Note: Sure….I’ll give it to ya’….)

Malice: How cool would it be to have a cryptozoological fight night? Which do you think would be better The Yeti vs. Sasquatch or The Jersey Devil vs. Chupacabra…or do you have a suggestion?

Fox: I am really just starting to get into cryptozoology.  I am a hardcore skeptic, a show me the proof kind of guy, so it has been difficult for me to wrap my brain around some of these creatures.  I would like to see a Yeti vs. Mongolian Death Worm.  I think that would be pretty cool.

Well Darlings, that will be all for now! Be sure to keep an eye out for my next interview with Emerging Past‘s Krista Grotte. Also, be sure to keep a weathered eye to the horizon for more from Rob Fox. You may find yourself at one of his movies soon…you never know!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Rest in Peace Bill Hinzman…

The other day my Darlings, sad news spread across the horror community. One of the coolest people I, and many others, had the privilege of meeting passed away. Most know him as the first zombie in George Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. I and many on the convention circuit knew him as a fine example of a human being. It was a great loss to us all, but I know he is in a better place. If there ever was a good place to go when we die, this man surely is allowed in. I could go on forever with how important his role was, what a great person he was, so on and so forth…instead I have a few words from people who met him…people that sat next to him…and people that partied with him.

 Dustin F.- Fan and Con Goer

“I’m not going to pretend that Bill Hinzman and I were best friends. We didn’t spend Thanksgiving together. I wasn’t a set designer for “The Majorettes”. All I am is someone who had the opportunity to meet the man and I am grateful that I did. Some might only know Bill Hinzman as the “graveyard zombie” from Night of the Living Dead. There are many who didn’t know his name. They have never seen “Flesheater” or “Children of the Living Dead”. And that is fair since, let’s be honest, neither one of those 2 films are going to win any Oscars. So, why are so many feeling the loss of this man?

Simply put, Bill was the perfect example of what horror fans (and all movie fans) want their icons to be. He appreciated his fans just as much as his fans appreciated him. You always felt that he was just as happy to meet you as you were to meet him. He made it feel more than just a photo-op. When in his zombie make-up, he WAS the “graveyard zombie”. It was as if he stopped chasing Barbara through the headstones, stepped off of the black & white screen, and now he was in the viewfinder of your camera “coming to get you”. Isn’t that why we watch these films? To become just a small part of it, if even for just a moment.

Under that make-up was a different story. Under that make-up was Bill. The perfect gentleman. Always with a smile. None of that “I’m a star” mentality. He was always amongst the fans. He would talk to you like you had known him for years. And you would wish that you had. So, why is he going to be missed? He will be missed because he is why we make people “stars”. And this one will continue to shine.”

 Melissa Cowan- Actress

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Bill Hinzman’s family and friends!! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting to know him very well, we often joked between is that he was my zombie godfather!!! I will miss you Bill! May you rest in peace!! The entertainment industry and horror community has truly lost a legend today, glad I got the chance to know you both professionally and personally!! I will miss you !”

Primal Root- Trash Cinema Collective

“The very first time I laid eyes on Bill Hinzman it was the middle of the night. I was about 8 years old as he shambled through my living room, attacked a young woman by the name of Barbara and killed her brother in a scuffle that unfolded before my eyes. My life…would never be the same. Bill Hinzman changed made an immeasurable impact on me that night. He terrified me, he intimidated me, his living dead personae fascinated me. No other living dead descendant of Hinzman’s Ghoul #1 is etched into my memory the way his is. Sure, George Romero and John Russo wrote the modern zombie, but it was Hinzman, who truly pioneered and crafted it onscreen in his now legendary performance in Night of the Living Dead.

Fast forward over a decade and I am in line to finally meet the ghoul who rattled me through my television set as a youngster. My stomach is in knots, I’m getting anxious. Bill is now amongst my very first horror film celebrities I was to meet.  My turn comes up, I step forward, and there before me is the smiling, sweet face of Bill Hinzman. I reached out my hand to shake his and introduced myself, “Oh man, hey, eh, my name’s Kevin. It’s a real honor to meet you, Mr. Hinzman!” In return, Bill shakes my hand and says, “Good to know you, Kevin. You can just call me Bill.” And that’s how I first got to know Bill.

Over the years as a convention goer I had the opportunity to hang out and chat with Bill on many occasions. Ever gracious, always sweet and eternal humble, Bill was hands down one of the most genuine and open people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I didn’t know him nearly as well as so many others of you out there who frequented the convention circuit but every time I spent time in the man’s presence he always made me feel at home. Like an equal. Like a friend. He had an undeniable charm and youthfulness to him that I hadn’t expected. Always there staying up late with his fans, laughing, telling stories and carrying on. He had the uncanny ability to make even his most recent acquaintance feel right at home and at ease around him. Bill managed to make us all feel like we were part of the family. The man’s heart, his warmth, were as well-known to us as his iconic characters. Bill is irreplaceable and has left a pair of shoes that cannot ever be filled. A friend and father figure to all of us, Bill will live on in the film he made, in our hearts and in our retelling of the times we were blessed enough to have spent with him.  We will forever miss and love you, Bill.”

Tons more can be seen on various Horror sites…there is no doubt he will be missed and the convention circuit won’t be the same without him…In closing I would like to say a few words…

I would like to tell you a story about Bill… Back in 2008, that was a rough year for the Psychotik family. I lost two people very dear to my heart, I lost my car, I lost my job, lost my home….It was a rough time to bring a child into the world. We had just started pulling things back together, and decided to take a trip to Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend. We had went the two years prior, and it was always good seeing friends and hanging out. That Friday night, I had a bit too much to drink and had a seat in one of the pool chairs. The man who sat next to me was none other than Bill Hinzman. I talked to him for a good little bit, telling him all sorts of things you never tell strangers…and he listened. I told him how i didn’t know where I was going in life…that I put everything on “Have to get to the Con” and now I’m here and don’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do with my life. You know what he told me? He said, “Sometimes it’s not important to know where your going. Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right and see where it takes you. Either way, I’m sure you’ll end up right where you need to be.” I’ll never forget those words.

He was the nicest celebrity I ever had the pleasure of meeting, and we will all miss him dearly. Goodnight Graveyard Ghoul…the next con party is for you…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik