Dusker of the Month for January 2011: Sgt. Peppers!

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Hello! How are all the Duskers out there on the interweb doing!? It’s that time again Darlings. Time to name the Dusker of the Month for January. The first Dusker of the Month for 2011 is….SGT. PEPPERS!!! Sgt. Peppers wins the bragging rights of being the first in 2011! In addition, as all do, he get’s what some may view as cruel torment…an interview with I, The Head Master of Chaos, Malice Psychotik. So, it’s with great pleasure that I present to you…

Sit Back and Let the Evening Go…An Interview with Sgt. Peppers

The Sarge and Clive Barker

Malice Psychotik: Sarge, I’ve got to start out with asking what the story is behind the screen name?

Sgt. Peppers: The Beatles are my favorite band and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of their albums. It’s not my favorite but I just liked the name and started using it ten years ago on every message board I’ve joined.

Malice: How did you come across From Dusk Till Con? What made you stay?

Sgt. P: My friend Ian (Hybridflip on the board) pointed it out to me since we are both big into conventions. It’s just a great site for fans of horror and the convention scene. It’s a great place to get info and discuss all types of conventions.

Malice: It’s always interesting to find what other people do on the boards in “The real world.” What do you do for a living?

Sgt. P: Nothing too exciting. I work on copy machines. Now whenever I watch a movie or tv show and a copier is in the background, I can’t help but try to see what kind it is.

Nothing exciting...I belive that's Beverly Randolph...Sarge is much to modest.

Malice: When you’re not on FDTC, what are some of your hobbies?

Sgt. P: Mostly just watching movies and planning for the next convention. I have a pretty big collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays. I also collect shot glasses but there doesn’t seem to be very many in the horror marketplace.

Malice: We all have various tastes in film on FDTC. What are some of your favorite movies?

Sgt. P: I have very wide-reaching tastes in movies. While horror is my favorite genre I love different movies of all types. Goodfellas is my favorite move of all time. For horror specifically, the original Dawn of the Dead is my favorite movie. I love the Friday the 13th movies. I love slasher movies, revenge movies.

Malice: Are there any songs out lately that get your feet stomping? What kind of music are you into?

Sgt. P: I’m becoming and old man. I rarely listen to the radio anymore unless its sports or political talk. Mostly I just listen to my iPod though. Just like with movies I’m in to all kinds of music at least a little bit. My favorite band is the The Beatles and my second favorite is Motley Crue. I love 80’s hard rock/metal and melodic rock and melodic metal. I think a lot of bands I like now wouldn’t be known my many people.

Malice: So, beside the new Juggernaut Days Of The Dead… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) are there any conventions that are your favorite?

Sgt.P: Flashback Weekend was my first convention so that one always holds a special place for me. Horrorhound Weekend has become a favorite of mine also. I love any convention that brings in the celebs I’m wanting to meet. I’m really looking forward to Days of the Dead.

Malice: These conventions lately have been pulling in a lot of good names. Do you have any favorite celebrity experiences? Any crappy ones?

Sgt. P: Almost all of my experiences have been great. Meeting Beverly Randolph at Famous Monsters last year was great. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. A couple other great celebs were Tom Towles and Ginger Lynn Allen. It’s always nice to meet people who seem to enjoy meeting the fans. I haven’t had many bad experiences but one time a certain Maniac Cop kept calling me names.

Ginger Lynn Allen looks pretty cozy on the Sarge...

Malice: Jumping away from the convention scene, do you game? If so, which console do you love most?

Sgt. P: I’m not really a gamer anymore. I’ll maybe buy one game a year and play the hell out of it. I’m into Rock Band and I love Red Dead Redemption. The only game system I use now is PS3 and that’s mostly for movies.

Malice: Well it’s time for what most of my victims…er oh… “Interviewees” dread… “Out of Hat” questions. Sgt. Peppers are you ready?

Sgt.P: I’m ready!

Malice: What are your feelings on NASA attempting to send the fabled Jack-A-Lope into space?

Sgt. P: I think it’s a silly waste of time and money. The Jack a Lope needs to be here on American soil protecting us from terrorists and the cast of Jersey Shore.

Malice: Which is funnier? A. Dumping a sack of eels in a public pool B. Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo-Bear C. “I’m On A Boat” performed by Steve Urkle and Bill Cosby?

Sgt.P: I think dropping a sack of eels in a public pool would be hilarious. Then Mr. Chainsaw dressed as Pedo Bear could chase the kids as they ran from the pool. It would be mean but funny. I’ve never heard of I’m On A Boat so I had to look it up. I would love to hear Bill Cosby screaming “I’m a boat mother fucker!”

Malice: How cool would rainbow camo be? And do you think that would make it easier to steal a leprechaun’s pot of gold?

Sgt. P: Sounds like an idea for a new Leprechaun movie and I approve. Somebody needs to work that into the next movie.

Malice: The Matrix with Bill S. Preston Esquire… comedy gold or terrible thought?

Sgt. P: Comedy gold for sure. Him being in there might actually make me want to watch the last 2 movies again.

That’s all for now! Sgt. Peppers, thank you from the bottom of my black heart! You were wonderful! Tune in next month Duskers to see who makes February’s….cut.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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