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A Dirty Disgusting Elephant in the Room

I’m going to throw this out there, I don’t want to write this article. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. But before i can move on…I feel I have to put this feeling to rest. Lets talk about the recent news highlight reel of police brutality. Let’s talk about Ferguson. Let’s talk about Eric Garner. I know there are more, but these are the ones I’m going to focus on. Let me start out with saying, I’m not on the side police, I’m not on the side of the idiots rioting, I’m on the side of the people who want to have true justice. The ones that really see the problem, and want to fix it. Lets Organize this a bit.

Brutal Enforcement

I didn’t title this section Law Enforcement because I don’t see a lot of LAW enforcement going on. I know that there are good cops out there. So when reading this, if you are law enforcement, and you know you are a good cop that busts his ass and keeps his nose clean, know I’m not throwing you under the bus. I’m talking about the people who are failing. Yes, I know Mike Brown was caught on tape robbing a store. He was breaking the law. But since when do we deserve to die for stealing. They do have evidence that says he fought with Darren Wilson. But why is no one highlighting these facts. Why did he let him get that close to his car? That is where I go to…Police policy needs a reform. We are in the 21st century. Unarmed people should not be dying in the street. There needs to be a better system in place. Even if it would be an institution of a policy where you can shoot to disable vs, shoot to kill. Something needs to happen. The human race needs to move forward.

And that is just a small part of it. If you want to poke holes in The Wilson v. Brown, fine….lets talk about Eric Garner. Here we have a case that should be cut and dry. An Officer broke the law. He used a hold that is banned. Its banned for a reason. And it was caught on camera. This brings up a sick issue in this country of “Who watches the Watchmen.” This country needs to send a message that there is police accountability. We are all held accountable at our jobs. If I fuck up, I get fired. Same….damn….thing. You don’t get a do over because your job is hard.

How could all of this been fixed, smoothed over, etc… A lot of ways that all aren’t important now because people are dead. The news is blowing up with these incidents. Could be we are paying more attention, could not be! What ever the reason its showing a clear pattern of…we need a change. We need to grow as a society. Whether it be better equipment, or totally reforming the rules of engagement….we need to grow because people are dying. They aren’t even making it to the court system. This is not a Judge Dredd type reality. They are not Judges…

Dropping the Ball

Hi Rioters! Yes I’m looking at you fleshy sacks of meat. No easy way to say this…you are idiots. Morons. You are hurting your cause. I don’t even think you have a cause. I don believe you really care about anything. You ignorant asses are burning down where you live. Hurting businesses that have nothing to do with anything. I don’t want to hear anything about we’ve had enough…yeah a lot of people have had enough. They chose to protest in a peaceful way and not like animals. You failed.

The police failed you and you followed suit. I know people have been through peaceful protests for years, but you know what…they worked. It’s a slow process, but it works. Don’t like it? Use that squishy piece of grey matter in your dense skull and find another way. You can’t right a wrong by causing more wrong. If the cops are going to get away with killing an unarmed man who was stealing cigarillos, what do you think will happen to you in a riot? THINK PEOPLE!!

And a final word to those of you saying it’s because we are on the verge of revolution. No we aren’t. Countries that have had revolutions, their government kills tens of thousands a year. Freedom is completely repressed by the lead of a bullet. You haven’t even begun to figure out what you want. You just know that you don’t like the way you are being treated. Find a leader in this. Form a party so that you can flesh out how the government is ran. The country is at a point of change…but you have to try to change it first. To say you are ready for revolution means you are ready for Civil War. Killing your family and friends….for your ideals…I don’t think you are ready for that. There is also the looming idea that we have a lot of enemies. Who is to say you take down big brother…and you don’t end up with Russia or China or anyone else attacking? Again….think.

The Real Problem

The real problem here is we are at the edge. We are at a turning point because people are waking up. Information is more available and information is power. We have to change. The flow of information is no longer controlled like it was before. The Police system needs to change. The ways that we think need to change. It’s a problem all around. All life matters, and the sooner that people realize that, the better it will be. I can’t even believe this type of rant is coming from me. Maybe more like me need to speak up for sure. People that look at the big picture. You need to look at your real enemy.

Your real enemy is your voice being heard. You are being ran in circles with panic. You are being turned on one another by the media. Who owns that? Your 1% is the real enemy. Beat them. Unite together. Quit listening to the people with private agendas and look at the big picture. Life matters. We need to fix it. Your country is not broken. You can fix it…together. Unite as a human race and fix this shit.

Now this is the last I’m going to harp on it. I’ve just had so many people asking me my opinion on it, and needed it off my chest. Bad thing is…I could go on forever about this. Fact of the matter is, things need to change. But you need to think of more intelligent ways to change it then what you have. You can do it…but the choice is yours. Rise together….or fall apart.

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik


Let’s get this party started back huh?

What is up my Cheeky Little Monkeys? Man it has been far too long since I’ve sat down and typed an article. I’ve been away far to long my dears. I’ve missed you all and want to get you all looking to me again for your daily special brand of 100% grade a Madness.

First, let’s get this out of the way. The matter of business I was dealing with was the seperation of Seras and myself. Sometimes things just fall apart kiddies. 800 years is a long time to be together with someone. It’s not easy to stay together that long. I just needed some time to process things. Memories needed to be filed properly etc…Anyway…I’M BACK!!!!And what am I going to lead off with?…MORE DEPRESSING STUFF!! Let’s just get it all out of the way because I want to mention it and then next will be a Travel Report from Universal Studios Orlando.

First order of business, Wrestlemania 30. We are 5 days removed and I still can’t believe it. I’m so…I don’t even know the word…shocked? Depressed? Flabergasted? On April 6, 2014…the Streak…ended. Now a lot of you would wonder why that would hurt. Especially a Cheshire Cat….I attach to things. The Streak was something that made people happy. It made people believe in an invincible titan. A Deadman…that couldn’t be put down. There are some that didn’t care about it. That believe wrestling is staged, I guess it is…but you know what…so are soaps. So are reality shows…You think Teen Mom, The Kardashians, Duck Dynasty are real? Let me tell you, if you could see what I see it would be just as bad as when the Streak ended. We all have our false realities and stories and this was one that was truly epic. When it happened…silence went over the whole crowd…I thought people were going to riot. The ref couldn’t believe it, Haymen and Brock couldn’t believe it…and the look on Takers face. He deserved better. That man gave you everything Vince and you….well frankly you took a shit on him. And Brock of all people…that disrespectful little shit. I won’t get into that…I won’t la la la la la! Anyway!!! I don’t think this will ever get to the Undertaker, but if it does…Undertaker…you were my first hero. You will always be the invincible Deadman in these eyes. Thank You! Thank you from the bottom of my soul.


The rest of Wrestlemania was good don’t get me wrong…but I’ll never forget when the Streak ended….

Next bit of sad news…the passing of Wrestling Legend and Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior. The story just makes you sad. The man finally patches stuff up with Vince. Gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, shows up one last time on Raw…then drops the next day. What the fuck kind of luck is this? The Streak and the Warrior all in the same week…nay days apart! It has been a bad week to be a fan. Emotional as hell. My heart goes out to his family. The most I can say, is at least he got to enjoy that spot light one last time. At least he got to experience that again before he went. I’m sure it made him happy to the bottom of his soul. He looked it.


That being said…let’s start the madness machine back up huh? Let’s get this party back to full throttle eh? LETS MAKE THE HEAVENS TREMBLE AT THE FACT I’M BACK HUH!? Welcome to my Madness! This is a new Malice…with new tricks…Welcome to the Tea Party! THE MAD TEA PARTY!!!

Until Next Time, My Cheeky Monkeys,

Malice Psychotik

Spot of News with that Tea?

Hello there Freaky Darlings! I hope all is well on this fine day. Glad to see things have cooled down a bit in my neck of the woods. t won’t last long though I assure you. Don’t know why I’m complaining about the heat anyway. Have you ever been on a planet with Five suns when they are all risen in the summer? Not pleasant I tell you what…you know what is pleasant though? A LITTLE NEWS!! Yep, got some stuff for Fatality Fest, some rumor on that groovy Harry Potter Phase 2 project at Universal, AND the first little bit of HHN 23 whispers have started to trickle out. All of this…and maybe more on…


I’m going to end with the fatality Fest News…make you sweat! DON’T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN! I’ll know and I’ll call you a filthy cheater! Anyway, I’ve been looking around for news on the new Potterverse Project at Universal Studios Orlando. Things are really tight-lipped at this point. Security cameras are everywhere and no one is able to get very close. So far there are rumors that you will be able to venture into Borgin and Burkes, the creepy dark wizard shop in Nocturne Ally. the only other bit I’ve found that was interesting is rumors about the Hogwarts Express. So far rumor is it will have no less than six different experiences. Of those you can only imagine one will have to be a Dementor attack like in the 3rd book/movie. I can’t wait. I know I’m in the minority when I say I say i WANT to see a Dementor attack…but something is alluring about getting to see them with no danger…um…this time…Anyway. The last rumor making its way around is a possible opening date of June 2014. More specifically, June 11, 2014. So far they seem to be on track to that goal, but things can happen between know and then. We shall see….

Next order of business, HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 23! Nothing too hot, just some stirrings that we may see some info sooner than later. Apparently, the Legendary Truth page has been a buzz since it’s lock down back in January. This much is true though, the dates have been released. The dates are as follows: Sept. 20-21, 26-29, Oct. 3-6, 10-13, 16-20, 23-27, and Oct. 31-Nov. 2. I know it’s not much, but hey it’s something. Maybe they will come forward with some more info soon. We can dream till then right?

Last thing I want to share is some news from Fatality Fest. The show had a pretty nice announcement last night. Fatality Fest has added Joe Bob Briggs to their list of guests. Most of you may know Mr. Briggs as the host of TNT’s MonsterVision. Fond memories of that show. That same time frame brought us the Monday night wars between WWF and WCW. Would always watch it after that…those were the days…ahhh! Fatality Fest is growing as we speak, I really do think this convention is going to be a new staple event in Florida. Viva la Fatality Fest!

That’s all for now Freaky Darlings! Keep a look out this week…you never know what’s in store!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Lot’s a stuff happening!!! Psychotik News Ahoy!!

Ahoy Freaky Darlings! Sorry it’s late but clean up has been horrendous! Still though, this is whats happening in this Psychotik World!


The last two weeks have been extra busy…and full of death! I’ll get to that in a minuet. This time I want to start off with sports. Last week was the end of March Madness and apparently Louisville won it against Michigan. I don’t follow basketball, but I realize there are some that do. Maybe if some of you Freaky Darlings give me a good sell, I’ll cover it all next year…but until then, that is your results…which I’m sure you all new anyway. Last Sunday’s Wrestlemania 29 saw some amazing results. Encyclopedia Psychotika favorite Undertaker is now 21 – 0. Love that he absolutely smashed CM Punk for a win. I need to catch up on RAW this week. Brock Lesner was destroyed by HHH, so we get to see his…um…well his mug! The Rock fell to John Cena is a good clean match. Big Show screwed over Shaemus and Randy Orton and they lost to the Sheild. I hate the Sheild with a passion, but you know I love to hate them which means they work as bad guys. Um, let’s see…OH Ryback was upset by Mark Henry. Lumpy fell on his head and knocked him out cold. Then when Ryback was being attended to, he tried to attack him and it didn’t work in his favor. One meat hook and a Shellshock later, The Worlds Strongest Chump was out…Ha Ha! So all in you had some yays and some boos…but hey people that promotes story!

21-0 baby! The Streak Continues!

21-0 baby! The Streak Continues!

In the world of entertainment, not much is going on really. Not a hell of a lot good coming out in theaters. I think all of the good stuff will start pouring in May kicking off the summer and then going into the fall/winter box office smashes. Most TV series are about spent for the time being. This is just a down time of year in that department. Just an eh week coming up…Take this opportunity to go see Evil Dead it’s freakin’ sweet!

Now to those Deaths I was talking about. Leading up to this was a real What the Hell?” type of week. Last week on the fourth there was news of Roger Ebert. Surely, you all know what he was famous for. I’m sure some out there welcome the death of a critic, but you know what he was a damn good one. He will be missed. I’m sure Gene was waiting on him to watch one real kick ass movie. Then this week on the same day April 8th we have Annette Funicello, Margret Thatcher, and Richard Brooker. Annette was a singer and one of the first members of the Mickey Mouse Club (and the most famous of that era to boot). The Baroness  Thatcher was the very first (and so far only) woman to become Prime Minister of the UK. She also held the position for the longest in the whole 20th century. Very inspirational lady indeed. Finally Richard Brooker you may only know if you are an avid horror fan and con goer. Richard was the first to put on the mask as Jason in Friday the 13th: Part 3. Still haven’t heard how. He was supposed to attend Fatality Fest in June. I may not have fond memories to share with you all of him, but others do and to his fans he will be missed. I’m sure if he ends up in the Psychotik Crypt (I’ll explain that someday to you) Bartleby and Baxter will keep him company…If I ever decide to let them out of the Iron Maiden that is.

Nicest Pic I've found on the subject...

Nicest Pic I’ve found on the subject…

Before we go, Fatality fest has had some news. Passing it on, Tony Todd has had to cancel. He had some stuff come up, and we will all miss him…but still understandable. Guests that have been added include: Oliver Robbins (Poltergeist), Jimmy O and April Burril (Chainsaw Sally), Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet), J Larose (Saw 3, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Devils Carnival), Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2), Joey Kern (Cabin Fever), Judith Shekoni (Breaking Dawn: Part 2) and Christopher Judge (Stargate: SG1). Still more to come so keep an ear to the ground!

That’s all for this week Freaky Darlings. Things should be back on track next week…I hope…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

News from the Crypt!

‘Ello poppits! Bartleby here!

Baxter too!

Well, according to the schedule, we’re supposed to give you some news! I wasn’t really sure what to tell you all. You see, we only really hang around the grounds and the crypt. If Master Malice don’t take us, we don’t really go. So….we kind of did a no no and took out the Mad Tea Party…The Psychotik Crews ship.

You really think we should ave’ posted that Bartleby? I mean if the boss finds out…And what did taking the ship ave’ ta do with anything anyway?

Baxter, boss probably already knows….I dread seeing his grin pop up anytime…maybe he’ll be too busy. Besides do you really need a reason to take a huge air ship out? Let’s just do a top notch job and maybe he won’t lash us that bad eh?

Sure thing…but what do humans like to hear about?

I think the boss tends to talk about upcoming movies right? Well, what do you see in the papers we picked up?

Well…let’s see…crap…crap…crap….Oh hey Jurassic Park 3D comes out this Friday. In IMAX 3d to boot. Bartleby we need to see if we can catch it mate. I love that movie. Wicked awesome to see it in 3D…you think the boss will take us?

I think he’s more likely to take us to the actual Jurassic period and leave us there for a week…

Yeah, that sounds more like him to be honest. Oh they also got that new version of the Evil Dead coming out this Friday too. I’m usually not one for remakes, but this one looks a little more on the horror side then the first. Don’t get me wrong, and please don’t stone me for it! I like the first one. Nothing ever beats the original. But I’m curious to see this get a bit more on the horrific side of life. I mean if you ever got a chance to see some of the dimensions that the necronomicon exists on…well you would realize there ain’t nothin’ funny about it!

Those Deadites did taste good though didn’t they?

Right they did mate! Right they did! What else should we talk about?

Hmmm…Can’t talk about Walking Dead…it’s finaled for now. OH…Game of Thrones Third season started Sunday. I don’t watch it but I’ve heard good things. What else in TV….

Theirs that Hannibal show…

Right! Yeah, ave’ you all heard about this? I guess they figure Dexter needs compition and this pony ain’t fully bled dry! Supposed to be real good. Well shall see…that starts this Thursday the 4th on NBC. It’s got that guy that played Morpheus on The Matrix…

Oh, Laurence Fishburne…

Yeah, him! So it can’t be all that bad. For all you sports nuts out there, the final 4 of march madness will be held this Saturday the 6th. Matches will be between Louisville and Wichita St., and Michigan and Syracuse. The thing I’m getting pumped over is Wrestlemania 29 this Sunday. Highlight matches include Ryback vs. Mark Henry, The Sheild vs. Orton, Shaemus, and Big Show, Lesner vs. HHH, The Undertaker vs. CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger, and the main event John Cena vs. The Rock. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out…

You think that’s good enough for the news?

Sure why not? Now that business is over, what do you say we have a little fun?


That’s all for today folks….

Bone-jangling and Rotten Fun,

Bartleby and Baxter

R.I.P Paul Bearer

I would have loved to do a news article this week. As a matter of fact had one planned. But this week has resulted in tragedy. Most may not know I’m a fan of wrestling. Not sure if it’s the fighting or the drama…but it has always entered my life at one time or another. I especially loved wrestling from the early 90’s on up. About 2005 I fell out of it and then recently had my interest fully re sparked. Possibly one of my favorite characters to step in the squared circle, wasn’t even a wrestler. While most kids remember the Paul Bearer as a horror host….I remember a different one. I remember The Undertaker’s demented manager. He was my Paul Bearer, and his real name was William Moody.

My earliest memories of Paul Bearer was him following Undertaker to the ring with his golden urn in hand. I remember the way he would squeal out his catch phrase “Ohhhhh Yes!!” You couldn’t not pay attention to him. The perfect compliment to my favorite wrestler. He was really one of those damsel in distress type managers…I use that term “Damsel” loosely by the way. He never seemed to be able to stay out of trouble. And he was so short and round, the only chance he had was to blind side you with that urn. Still though, you loved to see how they were going to keep him away from the Dead Man next. I don’t think the sports entertainment industry will ever find another like him.

He was only 58 when he passed away on Tuesday of gallbladder complications. Was wondering if he would come back for what may be The Undertakers last Wrestlmania match (I say last because Taker is up there too!) Just was very shocked and saddened. I would have loved to have met him. Interesting fact, did you know he really was a mortician? Kind of adds to the creepy feel of an already macabre character. He will be missed. If you would like to know more about his grand history in wrestling, click HERE!


Well, that’s all for now…currently planning out some article schedules. Just really bummed even typing this. Paul Bearer…Rest…In….Peace.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Very  Fitting!

Fatality Fest 2013 News!!!

Sup Freaky Darlings!? You all better get used to hearing about Fatality Fest, because this show sounds like it’s going to be epic as all get out! I have a press announcement for  film makers, a press announcement for bands, guest announcements…..and a surprise!!! First a message brought to us by Mrs. Andrea Albin about the Film Fest:


Fatality Fear Fest is now accepting entries into our first annual competition as a part of Fatality Fest horror convention, June 7th-9th, 2013 in West Palm Beach, FL!

Competitors with short films, less than 20 minutes in length, are invited to submit their project online. All official rules and submission requirements can be found on the official website:

Entries are accepted through April 20th. Five finalists will be chosen by Scott Spiegel to have their films showcased on Sunday, June 9th at the convention. The winner will be chosen by the attending audience.

For more information contact:

Andrea Albin



And now about the Battle of the Bands (Again from Andrea Albin):

Fatality Fest is proud to present our very own BATTLE OF THE BANDS contest on Saturday night at 11pm- that’s AFTER our VIP Party! Bands will be invited to register beginning MARCH 15TH! And you guessed it… we’re bringing in a special celebrity judge to MC the entire thing! Local and national bands- we want you!


As far as guest announcements go, we now have Camille Keaton (I spit on your Grave 1978), Butch Patrick (Eddie in “The Munsters”), and Ernie—wait for it—Hudson (Ghostbusters, The Crow). I’m super excited! They should have more announcements later this week. I can’t wait to see who’s next. With a power house like ADA Management behind it, the sky is the limit I suppose. Either way…all you bands and film makers out there reading this in internet land—GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! Send in those short films! Get ready for a war of guitars and metal (I’m looking at you Finding Every Altar Ruined!!!)

That’s all for now, I need some sleep! Be sure to stay tuned for more. Maybe we will have some by the next News Asylum report.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


A picture of Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw dressed as Saeko...just for the hell of it!

A picture of Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw dressed as Saeko…just for the hell of it!

A week of News…the Psychotik Way!

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly news post for sometime now…just have never gotten around to it. Now that I am, I find myself scratching my head for things to post. I mean…what does one report? I’m not a regular news site, so I doubt I’ll do that. I could just go over things that pertain to the site…but eventually then we would hit a few stale weeks. Nope, I think I’m just going to post about the topics that have tickled my fancy in the last week. Let’s give this a shot shall we…


One of the biggest events I’ve seen people talking about is the meteor that exploded over Russia last week. Crazy little world we live in right? Yeah the same day we got a near miss asteroid, an unrelated meteor exploded over top Chelyabinsk, Russia injuring 1,100+ people. The thing weighed 10 tons, and caused a shit load of havoc! Thank Cthulhu it wasn’t a bigger one, or the asteroid for that matter. Apparently the worst news is we have no current way of tracking or preventing things like that from happening again. I’ll post a video below, because really you have to see it to believe it. Could you imagine if that would have happened over New York? The panic would have been uncontrollable! Not that I’m glad it was over Russia! Really wish it wouldn’t have happened at all. On the bright side though, apparently the meteor rock is very valuable and has created a sort of “gold rush” effect in the area. What some people won’t do eh? I guess you could also take it as a positive that the asteroid that was nearly cut out of the news by the meteor, didn’t hit us or explode either. Had that hit, it could have leveled a city the size of London with ease. I would also like to report I’ve seen nothing that suggests we have damaged satellites either, as it was supposed to have passed through our satellite ring.

Next big historical event should have happened back in 1865. This week marks the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment…you know the one that abolishes slavery! Apparently a 148 years of lazy clerks allowed this to be an oversight. Recently a Mississippi Doctor, Dr. Ranjan Batra, was inspired to look into it. His inspiration came from the movie Lincoln. He was shocked to learn that his fine state had not in fact abolished slavery. Nope in all technicality, they it was still very much OK. Shame on you Mississippi! Well, in their defense, they did ratify it in 1995. But it wasn’t made official because they didn’t tell the Federal Government or file the proper papers. Still though 1995? That’s still a big oversight…ouy vey!

Next is a little less historical…a lot more horrifying! Biologists have created “zombie cells.” Not just “zombie cells,” but cells that out perform their living counter part. The cells can survive greater temperatures and higher pressure than living. In most cases, they even perform better at certain cellular functions. The cells are created by painting the live mammalian cells with silicic acid. That embalms the cells down to a nanometric level. From here the cells are cooked to 400C. This burns off the protein,but leaves the a three-dimensional model…the “zombie cell.” The remaining biological matter has a few uses as well. One of these uses involves fuel cells. At any rate, you have to wonder why call it zombie cells? The way the article explains it, you would think it to be harmless. Like not something that could spark a zombocolypse. However, this is how these things start…a little bit of Franken-science goes a long way. Read more HERE!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies....Not Walkers...RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies….Not Walkers…RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Well we have historical covered, science…maybe a little tech? Why not in the form of the official press release for the Sony PS4!!! So far some of the coolest features are two cameras built into the unit (huhu I said Unit), touch pad on the 6 axis controller, ability to use the PS Vita similar to a Wii U controller, and of course the boss ass hardware upgrade (custom AMD processor with eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine, 8GB of’s a beast!), and an instant on feature. I’m really liking the instant on feature. Supposedly you are going to be able to turn the PS4 off and then turn it back on and almost instantly resume your game. This is supposed to be attributed to the new hardware. The price tag is also supposed to be loads cheaper than when the PS3 came out. Does that mean it’s going to be below $400? No. But it may be that or around that which isn’t that bad. The only draw back is there will be no backwards compatibility with the PS3. They have rumored that they may create some sort of online library to remedy that. Only time will tell. The only other negative I see on the horizon comes in the form of the console industries mounted attack on the used game industry. They didn’t address whether the PS4 would be able to use pre-owned games or not…but they didn’t deny it either. For more detailed info read HERE!

Not really sure where this fits in, but this week a big announcement was made by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The announcement involved the location of Wrestlemania XXX. It seems that the big easy will be hosting one of the biggest sporting entertainment events of the year. Not just that, but apparently it is going to be grander than ever with events planned the whole week leading up to the April 2014 event. I’m interested! I’ve always been interested in going to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go to a Wrestlemania…this just seems perfect! It’s also fair to mention that The Rock will be on the match card as well. This I guess gives some proof that his recent little return isn’t going to be that brief. I see an exciting year with the Great One back in a top spot. I know it’s silly that this may be the thing to get my ass to New Orleans, but hey….would it be normal if I had a normal reason? Didn’t think so…watch the video below for the whole announcement.

Last but not least, what news report would be complete without a little scandal…and speaking of WWE I have just the one! Wrestler Jack Swagger was arrested late Tuesday the 19th for speeding, possession (not demonic), and DUI. Apparently he had just come from a taping of Smack Down. Jack Swagger had just recently won the Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name. This grants him a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlmania 29. Now his charges are just misdemeanors, but one wonders how WWE will react. One thing WWE has never had a history of dealing with well is drug or alcohol scandal. Time will tell…


That’s all for this week Darlings! Stay tuned for more to come…feeling a lot better! remember to help spread the madness! Like the Facebook pages…share the articles…make the world a crazier place!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Editors Note: I’m aware that News is depressing…if this did that (and I don’t see how) here is a photo to lift your spirit!


What’s this Fresh Hell?…Fatality Feast 2013!

Well, well, well….long time friend, reader, and fan Joe Edenfield brought a new coming attraction to our very own phalice shaped state. A new horror convention has decided to set up shop in South Florida by the name of Fatality Fest, and I would like to share some info on it to all of you. I apologize for the tardiness in reporting such a cool thing, but unfortunately the Psychotik’s have found themselves sick…and I just want to cuddle in a blanket!!! BUT ENOUGH! I’m pulling myself together and making this very cool announcement!

Fatality Fest Marquee

Fatality Fest will take place the weekend of June 7th-9th at The West Palm Beach Marriott. The event will feature panels, films, guests, vendors…all that you could ever want in a class act horror convention. So far the guest list is not large, but has been growing as time passes. Guests are as follows: Tony Todd(Candyman), Scott Spiegel (Writer/Director/Actor), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Command), Tony Moran (Halloween 1978, Emerging Past), Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp, The Perfect House), John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1978), Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D), Brooke Lewis (iMurders, Kinky Killers, Ms. Vampy, Lazarus), Timothy Patrik Quill (Army of Darkness, Spiderman 1,2, and 3) AND JUST ADDED AS WE SPEAK!!!! Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, Not Another Teen Movie) and more being added all the time. Super tight starter list if you ask me. I’m impressed!

it’s so great to see new talent moving into this great state. Florida loves it’s horror just as much as the rest. Why be restricted to only one Horror Con a year? As more events come available, I’ll let you know. I’m very excited to be in contact with the promoter of the show as well. In fact, She would like you all to get to know her. I promise, I’ll find time to put her in the hot seat soon enough as Encyclopedia Psychotika is going to add Interviews back soon enough. Till then, here’s a little bit. Andrea Albin is a woman of much talent. Owner and President of ADA Management Group, South Florida’s Premier entertainment management firm, she is also a talented writer. You may know her as Ms. Disgusting on You also may have seen her work in either STIFF or Fangoria. She was also Scream Queen of the Month October 2011 on Which ever way you do or now do know her…She WILL be adding kick ass Convention Promoter to that list!


Disgusting is not really the word that comes to mind….lol

That’s all I got for now. Tickets are on sale and hotel rooms able to be booked now! Click THIS to do all of that stay up to date! I’m very excited to watch this flourish and who knows, maybe there will be a place for good ol’ Malice again in the con scene after all. Only time will tell, and it’s a good thing that’s what we have plenty of.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

F.E.A.R Concert January 5th, 2013


Darlings…you do remember a bit back we had the interview with friend and Finding Every Altar Ruined’s Mike Meara? Well recently I for to catch a live show of there’s right here in little ol’ Bum Fuck Egypt! If you have the Youtube channel added (and we know you don’t) you would have already gotten to see the video’s I’m a bout to post. Give them a watch, I really do think they have something good going on here. I was very impressed by them. I’m not just saying that because they are friends either. I’m a real stickler when it comes to my metal. I don’t just listen to anything…I like to think I really only listen to good music. They are good music. Somebody hand them a record deal, because they are going places all of them!

The most amazing thing is, this is coming out of Okeechobee, Fl. Most of you out there may not even know it exists (regardless of the fact it’s located over the biggest lake in Florida of the same name…you are all nimrods if you just said “What lake in Florida?”) It’s a tiny little cowboy/bible town you would never expect good music to come out of. F.E.A.R proves that theory so wrong. To top it off, you never see a show like that in Okeechobee. Now it may have been in a back yard, but hey that’s as good as it get’s here. I do belive the last rock show I was at in this town was Ring of Scars. And that was way back when. They proved it can happen though. I caught up with Mike after the show and he had even said he hoped that this shows other bands that you can do this in this town. There is a scene for it! At any rate…look at the videos below. So sorry we didn’t catch the other bands that were there. We caught the last half of Reach for the Sky‘s set. They are another really good band to keep an eye out for. Seras and I talked to Lead Singer Rajan Maharajh about doing an interview and they are pretty down for it. So look for that soon!

Editors Note: Do excuse the quality of the videos. It was getting late and the sun was going down. As there was no lighting, the videos get darker. Seras informed me that if I made lights appear out of no where, all the humans would freak out..I also could not get all of the show, which is a shame. But at least I had a chance to enjoy the last half!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings.

Malice Psychotik

Romney, Sashay…Away.

Well, unless you have been living under a rock with tar poured deep in your ears and your eyes sewn shut….you know that Barack Obama has won another term in office…this Psychotik can’t be happier. The world is a lot safer now with out that crack pot trying to run it. (And that’s coming from me and I’m pretty sure I’m certifiable INSANE!) Wow, did I just say that!? See that’s the thing with this election, this one just seems like it has been different. Not sure if it’s the candidates, the amount of bullshit special interest groups, the fact that 99% of the GOP are whack jobs, The fact the Republican President Elect was a complete and utter numskull,or the fact the media has basically made the presidential campaign a sporting event…WHAT EVER IT IS!! It just seems to me their was a lot more riding on this one. Normally, I wouldn’t be compelled to write anything more than a couple of words on the topic, but this time round I feel a few more words are very necessary. I mean the fact that a weirdo like Romney made it as far as he did, has really shaken me to the core about the state of this great nation. How does someone who really knows nothing of how a country should be ran….or for that matter how to be a human being…almost get to become president? (Well not as close as that, he got killed with the vote…but I’ll get to that) I think what people needed more was to hear the Truth…Because if we only knew the Truth about it…Maybe we could work a way around it….(couldn’t help it!)

The Convenient Truth

Like I said, I find it very disturbing that Mittens made it as far as he did. The man clearly had a screw loose. How does a man go so far on thoughts and ideas that have no backing or proof and is constantly shown to be a liar? BLIND PEOPLE. FOLLOWING OTHER BLIND PEOPLE, FOLLOWING PEOPLE WITH AN AGENDA!!! You can not be pro-Obama, Hell I’ll admit that man ain’t perfect and has his fair share of bad ideas. But to vote for someone like Mitt Romney, who very obviously has nobodies interests in mind but him and his small group of friends based on the fact you don’t like Obama…is ludicrous. You do know there are other people running right? You do know the two-party system stays around because you won’t vote for anyone else right? Since when should we compromise our country, our home…because you don’t like this guy and the other guy is the only other choice. That’s like facing down to murderers, and your going to choose the guy with the Chainsaw because the guy with the machete isn’t dressed right!

I think the worst part is that the proof was right there what this guy had in mind…He didn’t hide it, or make it a secret…until it started to look real bad! Then he would look you straight in the face and lie! This man was anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-woman, anti-FEMA, (starting to think I’m singing Marilyn Manson’s “1996”)…

…The main bullet point you should take away from this is he was against a lot of things. Some of the ideas he had (Abortion, Rape, Foreign Policy, The Poor, The Rich, Taxes, Business Ethics) were totally out there and not based in fact at all. To perfectly understand this man, is to acknowledge the fact that he does not so much spout off facts…as much as he rejects reality and instead substitutes his own. Don’t take my word for it though…follow the yellow brick road:
Mitt Romney: 99 Facts
Politifacts: All False Statements Involving Mitt Romney

That’s just a few. A simple Google Search will reveal all! It just disturbs me to think of how many people will get behind the wrong guy when they are afraid…Historically speaking that has never been a good thing…no matter what plane of reality you reside…

People Are Crazy

Now that we have all of the serious crap out-of-the-way, let’s move to the nonsense category. You know humans are interesting to watch! Some of the stuff that they do is just, well entertaining to say the least. Examples? I have plenty! Like did you know a woman in Kenya had twins on election day? Not that weird or funny…unless you know she named one Barack Obama and the other Mitt Romney. Now Barack is understandable (His Dad is from Kenya) but Mitt Romney…just cruel! Or the lady in Chicago that was in line to vote and in labor. Not just in Labor really, but contractions 5 mins. apart “OMG should totally be in the hospital right now!” in labor. In Michigan a man tried to vote…died…was brought back to life…then voted. His first question when he was brought back?: “Did I vote?”

Seriously, you people are a laugh riot…but without you…their are no smiles or rainbows!

Election Night Ya’ll!

Last thing I want to mention and then I’ll go, did anyone else get the feeling the media made this election something it wasn’t? Like, they made it out to be a little closer to boost ratings. Here’s why I’m thinking this. When I first started watching the numbers roll in, I was kind of concerned. It was really looking like Romney had an edge. Then it’s starts getting neck and neck for a bit. I think about midnight was when I got the news the election was already called. Obama destroyed Romney by over 100 electoral votes and by over 3 million in the popular vote. Now to me, that says the media knew more than what they let on…they just tried dragging it out a bit. I can’t prove it…but I can think it…and that’s what I’m gonna do!

In closing what a crazy race it has been. Not near as entertaining as Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but still. And I do believe Ru said it best after the election on Facebook “Obama Shantae, You Stay. Mitt Romney…Sashay, Away.” I still think it would have been funny to have the whole thing decided by Obama and Romney having to lip sync for their life…but we can dream…and I am a dreamer. So to all of you Romney supporters out there that are going to send me hate mail now, I leave you with a thought from me and a quote from Ru Paul. Your candidate may have lost, but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t believe in falsehoods from corporations. This race was between more than what you knew. Be glad Corporate America didn’t win. “And remember girls, If you can’t love yourself…How the hell you gonna’ love anyone else? Can I get an Amen!? Play the music!” Why certainly Ru…Certainly!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

2 Big Announcements…1 Post!!!

Hello My Freaky Darlings! I hope you all had an excellent October and a most glorious Halloween. It’s that time of year again where all of the ghouls, ghosts, and monsters have to tuck away for another year. Very Sad indeed…well except those Christmas Ghosts…lucky bastards get to have all the damn fun they want. October is behind us and the Christmas Holiday Season ahead of us. If you still follow the word of the Mayans, the end of the world will be coming too! (You’re going to be so disappointed!) If your like me though, and you believe that the world will still be here in a couple of months, I have some big news. One is about some changes being made to the site that I’m sure you will all come to love dearly. The other is a big announcement coming from that loveable theme park just above my head, Universal Studios (I’ll close with that!)

As for the big announcement for the site, I’ve come to realize something. I can’t do this by myself anymore. It would be totally cool if I could, but between work, creative writing, being a boyfriend, and having a little time to myself…I just feel I’m letting you down. Look what happened this month! It’s October, I got to make one post…one….WELL NO MORE!!  Your dear Uncle Malice has worked up his Cheshire Cat Magik and pulled some characters out that I’m sure you are all dying to meet! We will have two new writers…two artists…a photographer…and count it…SEVEN (like the number of deadly sins!) models, The Psychotik Girls! I’m currently working up a proper intro to all of them as we speak..ur..uh…write…for now! If you look below we will have some pictures of what some of us were up to over the holiday (Yes people, get used to it…I do consider Halloween a Holiday…Get over yourself!)

Be sure to go up to Universal this Weekend and get your picture with Bumblebee! It’s just this weekend…BE A DREAMER!! LIVE IT!!!

The next announcement comes from Universal Studios Orlando. Yesterday night, they made it known that Transformers was going to be finding a home on the backlot. Yes the demolition over at SS44 has finally been confirmed as Transformers: The Ride (But all you good Freaky Darlings already knew that didn’t you!) I can’t be more excited over this! I know the Transformers movies have their problems, but face it! It’s the only realistic looking Transformers movies we have got!! And the ride looks awesome (See video below) Incase most of you don’t know, it is going to be very similar to The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Same ride car, same mixture of 3D and practical effects. So get ready Orlando…the War for Cybertron is coming your way Summer 2013!

As I said, we will have a proper intro to everyone soon enough. Some of the writers are currently working on some articles right now. That is if they aren’t fighting…you wouldn’t belive how hard it is to run on an office with a bunch of monsters and ghouls. Thank Cthulhu my secretary is Vampire, or I’d have my hands full!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

My Shmexy self as The Crow

Seras as her sexy vampiric self!

On the left is one of our guest artists and on the right is one of our new-ish artists!

One of our seven Psychotik Girls, Chasity!

Artist Lotta Pieces in her Halloween best…or worst! lol

Super Hero News…The Good and the Tragic

Hello Freaky Darlings! In the wake of Comic-Con I have been left with lot’s to talk about concerning our favorite masked crusaders (and unmasked as it were.) We have movie releases, a short from Thomas Jane (as far as I’m concerned the best Frank Castle), and a little dash of tragedy on opening of Dark Knight: Rises. There is also a few big comic book announcements…but really I don’t cover that..yet…so we will jump over that for the time being…more pressing matters. Let’s start with the good news first shall we:

I’m pleased to finally see the titles released. I’ve wondered for some time what the titles were going to be, or when we were going to get an inkling. The first of them is going to be Iron Man 3, (I love that this is one of the plainest of all the titles, but I do love it that way!) Due out May 3, 2013, the film will be sporting a shiny new golden suit and an awesome villain. Yes people, The Mandarin will be in this installment and will be played by known other than Ben Kingsley (Yes…the Sexy Beast Kingsley!) Concept art suggests maybe a little something to do with the Extremis storyline. Sad that I can’t find it to see for myself, but you know Comic-Con…nothing gets out that they don’t want out.

After that we have November 8, 2013’s Thor: Dark World. I’m very curious about where this is going. I really am not that familiar with Thor so I’m sure it will be a total surprise to me. After that we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier due out April 4, 2014. From the title, one can only assume we will see Bucky transformed into the Winter Soldier. I’m just curious how they are going to drag Bucky into the 21st century. I’m sure it will be interesting no matter what! Another film announced (one that kind of came out of left field) is Guardians of the Galaxy which should be here August 1, 2014. Best anyone can guess from concept art and all is that this film is going to expand the universe for the Second Avengers film. Which makes sense considering at the end of the first film you see…((***SPOILER ALERT***)) Thanos. Their was also an announcement for a long-awaited Ant-Man movie headed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). They even had test footage that was exclusive to guests at Comic-Con (People need to learn to share!! Harumph!)

Next up on the list of things to chat about is a little short that has been passed around the internet staring one, Thomas Jane. Apparently Mr. Jane wanted to revisit the character of Frank Castle, and give him a  proper send off…or not. Now this isn’t to say the video is not good. It’s fucking great!  I think he is trying to rekindle interest…maybe another Punisher movie with Thomas Jane again? Hmm? I would love it, especially if it is anything like the short “#DIRTYLAUNDRY”! This is quite possibly the most violent thing dealing with the Punisher yet. I’ve posted it below…so be sure to enjoy it! By the way…MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS AREN’T WATCHING AND YOUR NOT AS WORK!!!

The last thing I will touch on is the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. Last Friday morning, at the midnight showing of Dark Knight: Rises, James Holmes bought a ticket to see the movie. Everyone was excited and entered the theater to gain first look at the last installment to the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Most people had their mind on how it would end or if it would be good. Some where probably thinking about what to do after with their significant other…not Mr. Holmes. No he had different plans entirely. He left the theater through an exit that he then propped open. Dressed in full tactical gear and armed himself to the teeth before coming back inside and starting a blood bath. It pains me to think of the confusion. It kills me to think of the fear. It shakes me to the core that a person could do something like this. My Freaky Darlings, I’m just at a loss…even right now…for words to describe my feelings accurately. I really wish I would have reported this when it happened. I promise you, I will devote another article to this topic. For now I just give you the same details everyone else has. The event claimed the lives of 12 people and injured 59. Ages range from 6 years old to 51. This event, I’m sure, will be a new sad day in history…

That’s all for now Freaky Darlings. As I said, I will devote more to the shooting in Colorado, I just need to get my head together. Sorry I had to end an overall positive post with such sorrow. I will make it up to you soon…I promise.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

We’re Not Worthy!!! Halloween Horror Nights House Leaked…Sort of! ***UPDATE***

Hello Freaky Darlings! I interrupt your planned post for another one!!! Good Friend and Encyclopedia Psychotika fan, Joe “Coke Man” Edenfield (No, you limey dust heads Coke as in the Cola!), brought to my attention a very interesting thing. Apparently, there was a Pod Cast just the other day featuring none other than shock-rock king, Alice Cooper. Very nice little show featuring live questions from fans. The real cool question doesn’t get asked until the 42 minuet mark (link for the video will be posted below!) It’s at that moment someone asks a HHN question. Albeit, Alice messes up the name of the event a bit…BUT…you can tell what he means. He all but officially confirms that there will be an Alice Cooper House at this years Halloween Horror Nights. Even gives us a name, Alice Goes to Hell…In 3D…Oh Ya! (Had to add that! lol) Maybe that was the announcement that they were going to give us but then got delayed? Hmm…

Anyway, I guess we will all have to wait for Universal to confirm. I can’t wait for this year. Sooooo so good! To top it off I really wanted to see Alice Coopers house last year in Hollywood. Will be great to finally have one of our own! Hope this tides you over until I finish the next article…

Until Next Time, My Freaky darlings,

Malice Psychotik



Universal Orlando has just confirmed that Alice Cooper will in fact have a maze at this years event. Here is the proof!!!

Zombie in Miami…Dafuq did I just read!?

You ever read something online or hear something on the news that just makes you wonder if what you witnessed was real or not? That just happened in the form of an article I found on Huffington Post that the title read “Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police”…The article which you can find here tells of a man eating another mans face. When the officer arrived he tried to get the man to stop. It’s unclear what happened next, all I can tell from various articles is the officer shot the man and he kept eating. Witnesses say they heard several shots fired before the guy finally kicked it. Now most are going on about how the guy had to be on drugs. Some even say he must have just been mentally unwell and off his med’s. I have a different theory…


Well that’s what it screams to me anyway. Dude is naked and chewing a guy’s head. Add that to the fact it took multiple bullets to take him down. was the last one a head shot? I mean come on…am I crazy? Oh yeah…I am! Ha Ha Ha!!! All joking out-of-the-way, this is rather shocking. It kept bringing to my mind zombie apocalypse. The way some were acting was just like a movie too. Especially the T.V news report! They didn’t even mention that the guy ate a mans face! They were more concerned because the police officer put him down. I really do hate that people are criminalizing the officer that took the shot. What would you do if you came across some naked crazy man who was chewing on a dudes face, then turns his attention to you? Would you hit him with the tazer or a bullet?

Just so you all know, I am aware that this is most likely some mental case off of his medication….but it does make you wonder doesn’t it? Do be sure to stop by either Huffington Post or the original article on The Miami Herald. I’m curious to see more details as they come out. I’ll try to keep you posted. Until then, I’m working on a few things. Stay tuned!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Madison’s Mr. Hush to be realeased on Blu-Ray and DVD

I have big news (that thanks to Yahoo I got rather late…seesh!) I’m sure all of you remember our good friend David Madison right? Well you better! Anyway, Dave sent me an email the other day with good news about his film, Mr. Hush. It seems that it has been picked up my a distributor and we will see it on Blu-Ray and DVD August 5th, 2012. I’m so happy this has finally happened. He has been working so hard to make this happen (plus I really, Really, REALLY want to see it damn it!!!) So the following is the press release from Kino Lorber’s Horizon Movies:

Epic cover means epic movie…..


NEW YORK, NY MAY 15, 2012- Kino Lorber’s Horizon
Movies label is proud to announce the acquisition of all North
American rights to MR. HUSH, a new horror film that
celebrates the classic style of the horror movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s.The film premiered at Anthology Film Archives in 2011 and
continued its limited theatrical release at the Laemmle Sunset
5 in West Hollywood, The Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh, PA
and most recently at the Majestic Cinemas in Matamoras, PA, among others.

The film tells the story of Holland Price, a devoted husband
and loving father, who, unbeknownst to him, becomes the
target of evil and dark forces. An idyllic, small Pennsylvania
town serves as the background for this epic battle between
good and evil.

Inspired by the horror films he watched growing up, director
David Lee Madison set out to create a new film with classic
sensibilities, not only in terms of story and structure, but also
going as far as casting some of the actors from the films of
that era. MR. HUSH is scheduled to be released on Bluray,
DVD and digitally on August 7, 2012.

“As a product of the 80s, I was exposed to some of the finest
horror films ever made,” said writer, director and executive
producer, David Lee Madison.
“In addition, my older brother, Bob, who was like a father figure
to me, adored the classic Universal films. Every
Halloween, these films would be shown on the local PBS
station; it is one of my fondest childhood memories.”

Steve Dash, known to horror fans as the first actor to portray
Jason Voorhees (as an adult) from Friday The 13th: Part 2
recalls, “David, the director called me and said that he was
doing this film and would like to have some roles in the film
filled with people from classic horror movies. I said send me
the script, I’ll take a look at it, and I really liked it. The role of
“Mac” that he had picked for me was great, so I decided to do the film.”

“I’m excited to be working with Kino Lorber’s recently
launched Horizon Movies label. It’s certainly an honor to have
my film distributed by a company that has shown their
dedication to the horror genre with their Redemption film line
of classic horror films and to be in the company of filmmakers
that include Mario Bava, Wes Craven, and Jean Rollin”, said
writer and director David Lee Madison.
Madison’s film is populated with icons of the 1980’s horror
genre that include Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night, 976EVIL),
Steve Dash (Friday the 13th: Part 2, Nighthawks), Brad Loree
(Halloween: Resurrection) along with costars
Edward X. Young (Sea of Dust) and Jessica Cameron (Silent Night).

This acquisition was negotiated between Kino Lorber’s Vice
President of Home Entertainment Sales & Distribution Eric D.
Wilkinson and Writer, Director and Executive Producer David Lee Madison.

Kino Lorber:
Kino Lorber curates high quality, critically acclaimed films for discerning audiences.

So, it’s with great pleasure that I give congrats to David Madison and the rest of the cast and crew that made Mr. Hush possible. Most excellent job guys and ghouls, can’t wait to enjoy it. I wish you all the best and…PARTY ON DUDES!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

p.s I have some news to pass on to you about Halloween Horror Nights…but that will be tomorrow…STAY TUNED!!!

New York FAILS!!!

Have any of you heard the recent screw up in the Empire State? OK so a couple of days it was announced that New York had officially deemed it legal to look at kiddy porn online as long as you did not download it. They decided to  make this call because viewing the content over the internet is different that owning, obtaining, or seeking to obtain. Apparently it has something to do with the way the info is stored on your computers memory cache. Either way, correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t that shit just flat out illegal? I mean, I think I could understand if it was one of those things where they tried to make a conviction stick to you because once you accidentally clicked on a link…but to flat out say, “As long as your not downloading it…well that seems legit.” just seems…I don’t know….irresponsible? So this weeks Rage comic of the week comes directly inspired by this little bit of news…ENJOY!!!

Rest in Peace Bill Hinzman…

The other day my Darlings, sad news spread across the horror community. One of the coolest people I, and many others, had the privilege of meeting passed away. Most know him as the first zombie in George Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. I and many on the convention circuit knew him as a fine example of a human being. It was a great loss to us all, but I know he is in a better place. If there ever was a good place to go when we die, this man surely is allowed in. I could go on forever with how important his role was, what a great person he was, so on and so forth…instead I have a few words from people who met him…people that sat next to him…and people that partied with him.

 Dustin F.- Fan and Con Goer

“I’m not going to pretend that Bill Hinzman and I were best friends. We didn’t spend Thanksgiving together. I wasn’t a set designer for “The Majorettes”. All I am is someone who had the opportunity to meet the man and I am grateful that I did. Some might only know Bill Hinzman as the “graveyard zombie” from Night of the Living Dead. There are many who didn’t know his name. They have never seen “Flesheater” or “Children of the Living Dead”. And that is fair since, let’s be honest, neither one of those 2 films are going to win any Oscars. So, why are so many feeling the loss of this man?

Simply put, Bill was the perfect example of what horror fans (and all movie fans) want their icons to be. He appreciated his fans just as much as his fans appreciated him. You always felt that he was just as happy to meet you as you were to meet him. He made it feel more than just a photo-op. When in his zombie make-up, he WAS the “graveyard zombie”. It was as if he stopped chasing Barbara through the headstones, stepped off of the black & white screen, and now he was in the viewfinder of your camera “coming to get you”. Isn’t that why we watch these films? To become just a small part of it, if even for just a moment.

Under that make-up was a different story. Under that make-up was Bill. The perfect gentleman. Always with a smile. None of that “I’m a star” mentality. He was always amongst the fans. He would talk to you like you had known him for years. And you would wish that you had. So, why is he going to be missed? He will be missed because he is why we make people “stars”. And this one will continue to shine.”

 Melissa Cowan- Actress

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Bill Hinzman’s family and friends!! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting to know him very well, we often joked between is that he was my zombie godfather!!! I will miss you Bill! May you rest in peace!! The entertainment industry and horror community has truly lost a legend today, glad I got the chance to know you both professionally and personally!! I will miss you !”

Primal Root- Trash Cinema Collective

“The very first time I laid eyes on Bill Hinzman it was the middle of the night. I was about 8 years old as he shambled through my living room, attacked a young woman by the name of Barbara and killed her brother in a scuffle that unfolded before my eyes. My life…would never be the same. Bill Hinzman changed made an immeasurable impact on me that night. He terrified me, he intimidated me, his living dead personae fascinated me. No other living dead descendant of Hinzman’s Ghoul #1 is etched into my memory the way his is. Sure, George Romero and John Russo wrote the modern zombie, but it was Hinzman, who truly pioneered and crafted it onscreen in his now legendary performance in Night of the Living Dead.

Fast forward over a decade and I am in line to finally meet the ghoul who rattled me through my television set as a youngster. My stomach is in knots, I’m getting anxious. Bill is now amongst my very first horror film celebrities I was to meet.  My turn comes up, I step forward, and there before me is the smiling, sweet face of Bill Hinzman. I reached out my hand to shake his and introduced myself, “Oh man, hey, eh, my name’s Kevin. It’s a real honor to meet you, Mr. Hinzman!” In return, Bill shakes my hand and says, “Good to know you, Kevin. You can just call me Bill.” And that’s how I first got to know Bill.

Over the years as a convention goer I had the opportunity to hang out and chat with Bill on many occasions. Ever gracious, always sweet and eternal humble, Bill was hands down one of the most genuine and open people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I didn’t know him nearly as well as so many others of you out there who frequented the convention circuit but every time I spent time in the man’s presence he always made me feel at home. Like an equal. Like a friend. He had an undeniable charm and youthfulness to him that I hadn’t expected. Always there staying up late with his fans, laughing, telling stories and carrying on. He had the uncanny ability to make even his most recent acquaintance feel right at home and at ease around him. Bill managed to make us all feel like we were part of the family. The man’s heart, his warmth, were as well-known to us as his iconic characters. Bill is irreplaceable and has left a pair of shoes that cannot ever be filled. A friend and father figure to all of us, Bill will live on in the film he made, in our hearts and in our retelling of the times we were blessed enough to have spent with him.  We will forever miss and love you, Bill.”

Tons more can be seen on various Horror sites…there is no doubt he will be missed and the convention circuit won’t be the same without him…In closing I would like to say a few words…

I would like to tell you a story about Bill… Back in 2008, that was a rough year for the Psychotik family. I lost two people very dear to my heart, I lost my car, I lost my job, lost my home….It was a rough time to bring a child into the world. We had just started pulling things back together, and decided to take a trip to Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend. We had went the two years prior, and it was always good seeing friends and hanging out. That Friday night, I had a bit too much to drink and had a seat in one of the pool chairs. The man who sat next to me was none other than Bill Hinzman. I talked to him for a good little bit, telling him all sorts of things you never tell strangers…and he listened. I told him how i didn’t know where I was going in life…that I put everything on “Have to get to the Con” and now I’m here and don’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do with my life. You know what he told me? He said, “Sometimes it’s not important to know where your going. Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right and see where it takes you. Either way, I’m sure you’ll end up right where you need to be.” I’ll never forget those words.

He was the nicest celebrity I ever had the pleasure of meeting, and we will all miss him dearly. Goodnight Graveyard Ghoul…the next con party is for you…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

SOPA and PIPA Can go Straight to HELL!!!

If you have a computer and are not a vegetable odds are you have been hearing this all morning. All of your favorite sites blacked out in protest (ANNOYINGLY SO!!! FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….) Anyway, your dear host has taken the time and sent a correspondence to my representative in the name of Encyclopedia Psychotika and the rest of the free internet. (Let’s face it, this shit get’s passed my goose is cooked!) So here…for you…is that very letter:

Hello, there Mr. Tom Rooney!

 My name is Steven Allen, but most of my adoring fans know me across the web as Malice Psychotik. I’m an internet Movie Reviewer, Celebrity Interviewer, and Creative writer. These new bills up for debate soon, I believe the PIPA and the SOPA. These bills are no good friend. The threaten to end the internet as we know it all together. Massive amounts of history lost. Tons of information erased! All because the greed of few. I understand you would like to get rid of internet piracy…I do I really do. But this is not the way. Your talking about ruining Free Speech for crying out loud! A lot of information sites (mine included) would go bye bye in the blink of an eye! Do you know how many times a day people use Wikipedia? Do you know how many businesses, Bands, Conventions, Travel Destinations depend on websites to advertise them freely!? It would deal a massive blow to an already hurt economy…And we don’t want that now do we.

All I’m saying is I hope you vote for the right choice when the time comes. Vote NO and keep the internet free. We have a wonderful thing in this invention called the internet…don’t screw it up.

Your Tax Paying Voter,
Steven Allen

P.S. A Vote NO for PIPA/SOPA

There you have it folks, Malice pulling the old “You don’t vote the way I like, and I won’t vote the way you like” card! lol Anyways, I won’t be blacking my page out, so while the rest are down, DO ENJOY MINE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

You’re Beautiful…

An interesting debate was brought up on the Facebooks last night. It was all over a simple picture comparing what beauty is considered today and what it was back in the day. I just thought the pic made an interesting point. However, it has since started a great debate. I will post the picture bellow and you can make your own opinion. I of course will be chipping in my two coppers, but do make sure to form your own opinion as well. Here is the picture:

Now the problem seems to be that a lot of skinny girls out there feel it’s insulting. That it was meant to make them feel bad. More over the one girl I followed the post too seemed to think that the whole world was against skinny girls. Apparently all of us portly people missed the memo that we were now the it thing. Damn Facebook! Never passes any of my messages along. I could have been on the cover of Chippendale magazine yesterday! At any rate, this girl took it wrong and even made a photo passing it around saying people should stop spreading this image. She felt so strong about it, she took the original photo and put a circle with a line through it saying the original picture breeds hate towards skinny people…This is her view….

And this is mine! The way I took it was more a commentary on the way the world views skinny people and woman with a little more meat on their bones. It is no secret, if your skinny your accepted in today’s society. If your even a little pudgy, WATCH OUT! Depending on where you are (or if your still in High School this is a definant!) you might have a lynch mob around the corner waiting to execute your pork chop eating ass! All jokes aside, it’s not sexy to be fat is what society tells you. If you also notice something about the girls in the top row, they are all sickly skinny and are so by choice. I mean they aren’t just skinny, they are REALLY FUCKING THIN! Not because they are naturally thin people, but because they diet themselves to near death (or in some cases exercise to near death!) One of them (Heidi Mon-aww who really gives a fuck!) is half fucking plastic for Cthulhu’s sake! The bottom list of girls, while are not considered fat by my standard, are natural weight. They have a little more to love, and that’s what was considered sexy back then. Also, take into account while all of the woman are in swim suits, the top just look down right trashy! The only one that bares her midriff is Betty Page! So all the picture is really saying is, when did America become obsessed with Trashy, Super Thin, Fake woman? What happened to the days of Sexy, Voluptuous, REAL women?

Now I’m not here to disparage either side. No far from it! I think as long as your happy with yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are. And don’t get me wrong on plastic surgery! If you want a little work done, get it done (But use your common sense! A few surgeries are more than enough! AND FOR THE LOVE OF YOURSELF!! DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT IT! NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT OTHERS THINK!) My problem is with how society labels people. I hate that this society bases everything it thinks about people solely on looks. Skinny, short-haired, suit and tie (or in a female since dressed like trash!) These are all what is in! And if you don’t fit into that tiny box…well buddy you don’t fit in. I know most of you are saying, “But Malice that’s just how it is!” Well that doesn’t make it right….

Right now, everywhere…their are woman and men a like damn near killing themselves. Why? Because they don’t feel good about themselves! The world frowns upon them, and they want to be one of the smiling faces. No they aren’t doing it because they want to be healthy. They didn’t make this decision because THEY wanted it. They made this choice just to fit in…When is it going to be enough to be happy in your own skin? If you make a choice to go on a diet, get plastic surgery, or work out…it should be because that’s what YOU want. Not because it’s the NORM. It doesn’t stop at weight either…Tattoos, strange hair styles, sexual preference, the way you dress…etc. These are all things that are not considered socially acceptable. Well in all fairness, Tattoos are becoming a bit more acceptable…but their is still a pregidous…Fact is, you can bray it up with the rest of the sheep…but I promise you won’t be happy Need proof? FINE!

I’ll admit something that I haven’t admitted to anyone. A short while ago, I cut my long hair short. Now I about had myself convinced it was because of a receding hairline. Now I’ll admit, that is a small part of it. Thinning hair and receding hairline equal getting old sucks. But a small portion of me had said to myself, maybe I could get a little further in life with short hair. Everyone always asked me when I was going to get it cut, or told me I could go farther with short hair. Maybe they were right…Well they were! People at work accepted me a bit more. Managers noticed me more and if I would have done it a few months sooner…who knows! Maybe I would have gotten the promotion I deserved…fact is though…I miss my long hair. I’m not happy with my short hair. It’s hard to manage, and I have no idea how to cut it. Looking at pictures…It’s like it stole my identity!!! Now I’ve been trying to figure out anything…anything that could make me strange again (Not just my mind…that’s the same…can’t fix crazy!) I’ve considered everything from streaking my hair purple…to getting massive tattoo’s! Point is it achieved the desired effect…but it didn’t make me happy.

Randal Graves said it best: “Jesus, if you had any sense whatsoever, you’d fucking stop trying to bray it up with the rest of the sheep and live your life the way it makes sense to you, you fucking ass.”

(By the way if you have any suggestions for a hair style…I’m game!)

So in closing, be happy with yourself! You are just find the way you are. If YOU want to change, then do it. But do it because you want it, not to be more accepted. How can we change the social norm? Well, I’m not sure if you can…but maybe if we all tried to be a little less judgemental…we could tweak it…ever so slightly. Now my Freaky Darlings, I’ll be going to bed. I’m getting off of my soap box, and resting for a while (I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…NO SERIOUSLY! LIKE I HAVE FUCKING SPINAL TRAUMA!) And don’t sweat the interwebz loves…us people is crazy. And to survive the horror that is the interwebz….you need to be as Mad as a Hatter…so it’s a good thing for you I’m bat shit insane!! HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Play me out GaGa…


thats better….

Farewell JAWS…Hello Harry Potter?

Well Freaky Darlings, another year down and gone. But with that we have a whole new year of nonsense to look forward to and enjoy. Some people even think the world will end this year. I suppose it could…the world could be chipping away underneath our feet as we speak. A super weird mutated virus could turn everyone you know and love into flesh eating zombies. Or the world could just keep on spinning (Much more likely) and prove all of the doomsday theorists to be a bunch of whack jobs incapable of enjoying life! What ever happens, there is something definitely ending that has garnered my attention more, and that is the JAWS: The Ride attraction at Universal Studio’s Orlando. I did promise you all I would post a final farewell as well as my theories as to what is going in (Better post em’ now, because they may post whats going in tomorrow!) So let’s dive into some shark infested waters for the last time shall we!

Farewell Bruce…

Tomorrow will be the last day of operation for one of the last surviving original rides at Universal Studios Orlando. Riding it one last time was a bit bitter-sweet. I had the pleasure of making that last ride with Seras, Jazmin, and my best friend Todd. As we were going through the familiar twists and turns of the ride, I looked around and remembered all of the special memories I had from the ride. The first time I ever rode….the first time I dragged Seras on…late night at Halloween Horror Nights…the times when we had a skipper that felt the need to ham it up a bit or make it their own. So many fond memories…then it hit me. I looked around at all of the effects. Everything was dirty…it all looked so bad and it  justhad a  rehab a short time ago. Then, an epiphany finally hit me! I finally understood why this ride was going away. In the history of this ride, it does go down quite a bit. The cost of maintenance has to be astronomically high as compared to some of the other attractions. The fire effect has even been indecisive as to whether it would stay or go, because of the cost! Looking around…I just realized it was time.

Now don’t take me the wrong way, I will miss the ride. It may have gotten stale for me, but I have fond memories attached. More I’m saying, it won’t be as bad as Back to the Future leaving.  As we progressed through our final ride it ended in the same way it always did. The only difference is for the first and last time, Jazmin saw the shark. Poor thing got the poo scared out of her…literally!  One last memory was made, and I’ll remember it forever (as I’m sure Jazmin will…I’m not looking forward to the therapy bill!) I must also mention that it was somehow the first time Todd had ridden as well. His opinion, it was cool. I just wish he could have seen it on a good day. At least he got the experience of seeing the one scared child that always managed to ride…to bad it was my kid…I feel so bad, but it’s something we will laugh about later…I hope!

At any rate, we all had a nice time. It will be sad to see it go! But, at least we all got to say goodbye. Just one question remains….what will replace it?

What is going to replace it?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. What will replace JAWS and Amity? Well Darlings, it’s looking like the general census is Harry Potter Phase II. Now this isn’t just a guess! A lot of reasearch from other sites as well as my own research has been done. It looks pretty likely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a team member to talk as I’ve done before (Ever since Water Boarding was deemed inhumane, this work is just impossible…lol…Seriously though…)

The full rumor is,(I still say rumor, Uni could throw a wicked curve ball!)  The replacement will be The Diagon Ally/ London area from the movies and books. The ride looks like it may be Gringott’s (Yeah you remember that really cool scene with the white dragon in the last movie…that!) The most unbelievable of all the rumors though, is a Hogwarts Express that will link the two parks and use the Kong 360 technology. This is the evidence:

* Universal is contract bound to deliver a Phase II to the Harry Potter Park

* The contract also states that Phase II will have to have elements from the last film

* The Harry Potter attraction is contract bound to be updated every so often

If you want to see more, check my source links below. One link in particular. I won’t say too much, but I will say HHNRumors found some pretty cool info on a ‘Project 722.” A lot of speculation as to what 722 means (Some say it’s a reference to page 722 of Deathly Hallows which references Kings Cross Station. Some say it’s in reference to Gringott’s because all of the vaults 700 and above were considered High Security…can it be both?) Check them out!

HHN Rumors
Theme Park Insider

More info is sure to come as the month progresses. Rumor is announcement will come January 24th. Uni has other projects in the works though, so that announcement may not be about Potter Phase II. Could be sooner…could be later…but I’m sure something will be this month since the popular belief is that construction will begin February 2012. At any rate, that’s all for now. Stay tuned to more madness to come.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Lindsey Lohan Does Playboy? Justin Bieber Father’s a Child? Juggalo’s a Gang?

As far as Psychotik News goes…I’ve been lacking in horribly. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, Psychotik has pretty well been dead for most of the existence of this site. I’m hoping to remedy this…and what a week it has been to try to remedy this! Lindsey Lohan’s genitals are about to be seen round the world, (And it’s not the seen part thats as shocking as how much she is being paid!) Justin Beiber has an illegitimate kid, (The best part is when I tell you the details his victim gave!) and the Juggalo’s are finally considered a gang by the FBI!!! There are even a few other things I haven’t mentioned! Well enough with the jibber jabber…here’s…THE NEWS!!!

Lindsey Lohan Get’s Naked…

After years of her saying she wouldn’t do a magazine like Playboy…well…she finally hit low enough to do it. I kind of thought there already was nude photos of her circulating around the web, but maybe that’s different in her eyes? I don’t know. All I know is as of late Lindsey has the golden snatch. The Freaky Friday star is getting $1 Million Dollars for her pictorial. (Hef got rooked! She would have probably did it for $500, 000…) I know I’m kind of late to the party on all of this, but hey I’m sure there is someone out in the land of the interwebz that doesn’t know yet!!! The picture shoot was October 27th I believe. Funny thing is they had to do a reshoot. And from what I’ve seen, it’s been a fight between who’s fault it is. She better hurry though. She only has until November 9th and then she is back in the slammer for a V.O.P.

While we are on the subject, she was also offered a contract with sex toy company Flesh Light for $1 Million Dollars. Apparently they think nerds will line-up around the block to have a “Crack” at LiLo’s crack…and not the powdery fund stuff either (Well I guess you coul have crack, while having a “Crack” at her crack?…I don’t know.) I wonder if they would give it freckels…? Maybe make it reek of booze…? Could you imagine the advertisements? “Just the thing for your Freaky Fridays…Here comes the real Parent Trap…” (You know if it became popular enough…the Olsen Twins would be next) It all doesn’t matter anyway, she said no. Prude….There goes my next house party conversation piece…

Justin Beiber has a “Billy Jean”?

The next little nugget of news involves the Bieb. A woman is actually claiming to have had sex with little helmet head. She says, that her and Justin were both butt naked and bangin’ on the bathroom floor. And just like Shaggy before him…he say’s “It wasn’t me!” When you here the details, it get worst! The woman makes it out to be some kind of seedy rape scene. The kind of rape scene thats in black and white and the film is all grainy. I personally belive Justin…Why? Because I can’t imagine anyone out there ever wanting to touch his “Wee Wee.” I do have a theory though…

The kid wants to be a “King of Pop”…what better way then creating his very own “Billie Jean” scenario? Is it so hard to believe that the Bieb wouldn’t try to stage something like this? Then again…maybe I’m looking to far into it. Maybe I’m looking for things that just aren’t there. The paternity test will tell…Which by the way should happen as soon as he get’s back from his tour over seas…Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he thought he could bluff it, took it…and it was his!? Oh the cries of prepubescent girls across the globe would be DEFENING!!!

Juggalos a Gang? How does that work…?

It’s been a long time coming but finally the FBI now considers the fans of ICP a gang! I’m not saying I agree with it, more I just saw it coming. It’s always the few that ruin it for the lot. To say Juggalos are worthy of being called a gang, is on the same level of saying all Trekkie’s are a gang! Juggalos don’t even know how Magnets work…let along basic fundamentals to a gang…No I know where all of this madness comes from. It stems from stupidity…

It’s no secret, if you go to one of the Gatherings…if you don’t fit in to what they think is cool…those crowds get stupid. Not just Gatherings…other Psychopathic Record shows in general. Not to mention the complex near religious following that the “Joker Cards” have attached to them. ICP fans are a little nutty…but certainly not a gang. In all seriousness, the attention has been drawn to them because of their violence of a smaller group. Much as the two kids from Columbine ruined it for all goth kids. One has to wonder how they are going to police this. All I know, if I were a Juggalo…I wouldn’t mention it out loud. You never know when Big Brother is looking…

Well Kids, this may be the last for fun article for a while. I have got to start working on those short stories. I know you will all love it…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Remember, Remember, The 5th of November…

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot..”- V

The 5th of November is a day that generally just passes by most. Why? Well, most have no idea of the history of the day. Today, 408 years ago, Guy Fawkes planned to blow up Parliament. Now he wasn’t the only one in the Gunpowder Treason Plot, but he was the only one charged. Why does this matter? A lot of reasons I think! My Freaky Darlings, if you will, let us take a look into what Guy Fawkes Day means to me…

From the moment I saw the trailer for the 2006 V for Vendetta, I was interested. Who was this hero? Why did he wear that groovy mask? Upon watching it, I realized it was so much more than a comic book adaptation. The movie had depth, meaning, and taught a fond an idea. The idea being, if your government is doing something wrong, you can’t stand by and do nothing. Doing nothing makes you as guilty as the government you detest. The ideal is, you should always stand up for what you think is right. (Or blow up Parliament for what you think is…not really) Ever since seeing that movie I have remembered the 5th of November as a day that a man stood for an idea. (But I’m going to be honest with you, V in the movie was more succesful than Fawkes…thus as far as I’m concerned…a better example of the idea…Just saying…)

I’m not the only person to ever be inspired by Guy Fawkes or V, the group many across the web have come to know and love…or hate…Annonymous has adopted the mask and the idea behind it. I have to say, most of the time, I’m not in disagreement with them. They do occasionally stand up for some pretty great things. Kind of makes you wonder what the state of the government would be like if more people stood up for what they… know…I’ll drop it here. I find it’s rude to talk about politics in public..It only ever leads to the Darkside…and not the cool Darkside!

At any rate…Happy Guy Fawkes Day to you all!! What ever it may mean to you…a day to ponder politics…a day to take a stand…a day to watch a wicked cool movie…or just another day!! I hope it went well…

*Editor Note: It’s strange writing such a short article like this. Really I’m trying to make it my goal to write something at least once a day…even if it’s small…I’ve got some good stuff on the back burner for you!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Taking a Stand…

As most of you know, I like to have a lot of fun on this site. Most everything I do never has any real gravity to it, mostly because I feel the world is much to depressing to focus on the bad. Sometime though, something happens that I just can’t ignore. If you have been paying attention to the new in the last couple of weeks, you might have heard the Jamey Rodemeyer’s name. Jamey was a 14-year-old boy who was bullied so bad he decided to take his own life. After months of struggling, he couldn’t take it anymore. The bullies ground this boy’s beautiful spirit down to nothing but a hollow lonely shell. The week prior to his death, he cried out for help several times via social networks. His final words included a thank you to Lady Gaga…

Jamey you will be missed...I'm sure you are in a better place...

I honestly had to think on this topic for a while. So many emotions followed through my head! Rage, Anger, Sadness, Sympathy…etc. All of these emotions and I don’t even know this boy! One thing that got me the most, I don’t know what makes this boy different from others that have died. The bullying problem has been escalating for the last 3 years and their have been many casualties. So why does this boy matter so much? Maybe it’s because you could see his blatant cries for help. Maybe it’s because I can relate to being bullied, and feeling nobody is listening. MAYBE it’s because this is the last straw and shit needs to get under control!!! What ever the reason be, this boys death has sparked a media wild-fire. Lady Gaga as well as other celebrities have ramped up a campaign against this growing issue. I feel it’s a step in the right direction. However, I recently uncovered another opinion….

Some people think that this is going to glorify suicide. That by fighting in Jamey’s name, you are sending the wrong message. They think this will paint suicide as “sympathetic” or a “viable way out.” My response? FUCK YOU! If anything, I believe the message that is being sent is a positive one. Nobody has glorified this. Nobody has said what he did was the right thing to do. The message I’m seeing is one that says, “Not one more innocent life needs to be lost!” So this is my stand…this is my message to all of you:

Darlings, if anyone reading this knows someone thinking of suicide…please…don’t stand by and watch your friend die. If you have never been to that dark place in your mind, you really don’t know. A person that is thinking of committing suicide is in a very dark place. They are in a place that it’s hard to see a light out. Imagine being lost in a deep dark cave. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to find the light to take you out. Eventually you lose hope. If you think they are getting stronger, think again. Sometimes, they just give up calling out for help. If you suspect someone close to you is in that place, I’m begging you…find them help. Offer them support and let them know you DO care. The worst thing you can do is let them figure it out themselves.

To anyone reading this that has or is contemplating suicide…Don’t. I know you think this is it. I know you think no one cares. Your wrong…at the very least…if you are reading this, that means you cared enough to read my site and support it with your views. I care! If you think know one else will talk to you, email me! Go to the Facebook and chat me, I will listen. Don’t let others ground you down because you are different. You are beautiful just the way you are. If they have to stomp your flame out, it’s because yours burn brighter than their’s! Your life has worth. Never ever doubt that….

I offer these words in the hopes they will reach someone and help. If my typing this helps even one person, I would feel accomplished. I keep thinking to myself, what if that would have been one of my Freaky Darlings? What if that boy was one of my readers? I will leave you all with the touching tribute Lady Gaga gave for Jamey at one of her performances…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik