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Romney, Sashay…Away.

Well, unless you have been living under a rock with tar poured deep in your ears and your eyes sewn shut….you know that Barack Obama has won another term in office…this Psychotik can’t be happier. The world is a lot safer now with out that crack pot trying to run it. (And that’s coming from me and I’m pretty sure I’m certifiable INSANE!) Wow, did I just say that!? See that’s the thing with this election, this one just seems like it has been different. Not sure if it’s the candidates, the amount of bullshit special interest groups, the fact that 99% of the GOP are whack jobs, The fact the Republican President Elect was a complete and utter numskull,or the fact the media has basically made the presidential campaign a sporting event…WHAT EVER IT IS!! It just seems to me their was a lot more riding on this one. Normally, I wouldn’t be compelled to write anything more than a couple of words on the topic, but this time round I feel a few more words are very necessary. I mean the fact that a weirdo like Romney made it as far as he did, has really shaken me to the core about the state of this great nation. How does someone who really knows nothing of how a country should be ran….or for that matter how to be a human being…almost get to become president? (Well not as close as that, he got killed with the vote…but I’ll get to that) I think what people needed more was to hear the Truth…Because if we only knew the Truth about it…Maybe we could work a way around it….(couldn’t help it!)

The Convenient Truth

Like I said, I find it very disturbing that Mittens made it as far as he did. The man clearly had a screw loose. How does a man go so far on thoughts and ideas that have no backing or proof and is constantly shown to be a liar? BLIND PEOPLE. FOLLOWING OTHER BLIND PEOPLE, FOLLOWING PEOPLE WITH AN AGENDA!!! You can not be pro-Obama, Hell I’ll admit that man ain’t perfect and has his fair share of bad ideas. But to vote for someone like Mitt Romney, who very obviously has nobodies interests in mind but him and his small group of friends based on the fact you don’t like Obama…is ludicrous. You do know there are other people running right? You do know the two-party system stays around because you won’t vote for anyone else right? Since when should we compromise our country, our home…because you don’t like this guy and the other guy is the only other choice. That’s like facing down to murderers, and your going to choose the guy with the Chainsaw because the guy with the machete isn’t dressed right!

I think the worst part is that the proof was right there what this guy had in mind…He didn’t hide it, or make it a secret…until it started to look real bad! Then he would look you straight in the face and lie! This man was anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-woman, anti-FEMA, (starting to think I’m singing Marilyn Manson’s “1996”)…

…The main bullet point you should take away from this is he was against a lot of things. Some of the ideas he had (Abortion, Rape, Foreign Policy, The Poor, The Rich, Taxes, Business Ethics) were totally out there and not based in fact at all. To perfectly understand this man, is to acknowledge the fact that he does not so much spout off facts…as much as he rejects reality and instead substitutes his own. Don’t take my word for it though…follow the yellow brick road:
Mitt Romney: 99 Facts
Politifacts: All False Statements Involving Mitt Romney

That’s just a few. A simple Google Search will reveal all! It just disturbs me to think of how many people will get behind the wrong guy when they are afraid…Historically speaking that has never been a good thing…no matter what plane of reality you reside…

People Are Crazy

Now that we have all of the serious crap out-of-the-way, let’s move to the nonsense category. You know humans are interesting to watch! Some of the stuff that they do is just, well entertaining to say the least. Examples? I have plenty! Like did you know a woman in Kenya had twins on election day? Not that weird or funny…unless you know she named one Barack Obama and the other Mitt Romney. Now Barack is understandable (His Dad is from Kenya) but Mitt Romney…just cruel! Or the lady in Chicago that was in line to vote and in labor. Not just in Labor really, but contractions 5 mins. apart “OMG should totally be in the hospital right now!” in labor. In Michigan a man tried to vote…died…was brought back to life…then voted. His first question when he was brought back?: “Did I vote?”

Seriously, you people are a laugh riot…but without you…their are no smiles or rainbows!

Election Night Ya’ll!

Last thing I want to mention and then I’ll go, did anyone else get the feeling the media made this election something it wasn’t? Like, they made it out to be a little closer to boost ratings. Here’s why I’m thinking this. When I first started watching the numbers roll in, I was kind of concerned. It was really looking like Romney had an edge. Then it’s starts getting neck and neck for a bit. I think about midnight was when I got the news the election was already called. Obama destroyed Romney by over 100 electoral votes and by over 3 million in the popular vote. Now to me, that says the media knew more than what they let on…they just tried dragging it out a bit. I can’t prove it…but I can think it…and that’s what I’m gonna do!

In closing what a crazy race it has been. Not near as entertaining as Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but still. And I do believe Ru said it best after the election on Facebook “Obama Shantae, You Stay. Mitt Romney…Sashay, Away.” I still think it would have been funny to have the whole thing decided by Obama and Romney having to lip sync for their life…but we can dream…and I am a dreamer. So to all of you Romney supporters out there that are going to send me hate mail now, I leave you with a thought from me and a quote from Ru Paul. Your candidate may have lost, but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t believe in falsehoods from corporations. This race was between more than what you knew. Be glad Corporate America didn’t win. “And remember girls, If you can’t love yourself…How the hell you gonna’ love anyone else? Can I get an Amen!? Play the music!” Why certainly Ru…Certainly!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik