You’re Beautiful…

An interesting debate was brought up on the Facebooks last night. It was all over a simple picture comparing what beauty is considered today and what it was back in the day. I just thought the pic made an interesting point. However, it has since started a great debate. I will post the picture bellow and you can make your own opinion. I of course will be chipping in my two coppers, but do make sure to form your own opinion as well. Here is the picture:

Now the problem seems to be that a lot of skinny girls out there feel it’s insulting. That it was meant to make them feel bad. More over the one girl I followed the post too seemed to think that the whole world was against skinny girls. Apparently all of us portly people missed the memo that we were now the it thing. Damn Facebook! Never passes any of my messages along. I could have been on the cover of Chippendale magazine yesterday! At any rate, this girl took it wrong and even made a photo passing it around saying people should stop spreading this image. She felt so strong about it, she took the original photo and put a circle with a line through it saying the original picture breeds hate towards skinny people…This is her view….

And this is mine! The way I took it was more a commentary on the way the world views skinny people and woman with a little more meat on their bones. It is no secret, if your skinny your accepted in today’s society. If your even a little pudgy, WATCH OUT! Depending on where you are (or if your still in High School this is a definant!) you might have a lynch mob around the corner waiting to execute your pork chop eating ass! All jokes aside, it’s not sexy to be fat is what society tells you. If you also notice something about the girls in the top row, they are all sickly skinny and are so by choice. I mean they aren’t just skinny, they are REALLY FUCKING THIN! Not because they are naturally thin people, but because they diet themselves to near death (or in some cases exercise to near death!) One of them (Heidi Mon-aww who really gives a fuck!) is half fucking plastic for Cthulhu’s sake! The bottom list of girls, while are not considered fat by my standard, are natural weight. They have a little more to love, and that’s what was considered sexy back then. Also, take into account while all of the woman are in swim suits, the top just look down right trashy! The only one that bares her midriff is Betty Page! So all the picture is really saying is, when did America become obsessed with Trashy, Super Thin, Fake woman? What happened to the days of Sexy, Voluptuous, REAL women?

Now I’m not here to disparage either side. No far from it! I think as long as your happy with yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are. And don’t get me wrong on plastic surgery! If you want a little work done, get it done (But use your common sense! A few surgeries are more than enough! AND FOR THE LOVE OF YOURSELF!! DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT IT! NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT OTHERS THINK!) My problem is with how society labels people. I hate that this society bases everything it thinks about people solely on looks. Skinny, short-haired, suit and tie (or in a female since dressed like trash!) These are all what is in! And if you don’t fit into that tiny box…well buddy you don’t fit in. I know most of you are saying, “But Malice that’s just how it is!” Well that doesn’t make it right….

Right now, everywhere…their are woman and men a like damn near killing themselves. Why? Because they don’t feel good about themselves! The world frowns upon them, and they want to be one of the smiling faces. No they aren’t doing it because they want to be healthy. They didn’t make this decision because THEY wanted it. They made this choice just to fit in…When is it going to be enough to be happy in your own skin? If you make a choice to go on a diet, get plastic surgery, or work out…it should be because that’s what YOU want. Not because it’s the NORM. It doesn’t stop at weight either…Tattoos, strange hair styles, sexual preference, the way you dress…etc. These are all things that are not considered socially acceptable. Well in all fairness, Tattoos are becoming a bit more acceptable…but their is still a pregidous…Fact is, you can bray it up with the rest of the sheep…but I promise you won’t be happy Need proof? FINE!

I’ll admit something that I haven’t admitted to anyone. A short while ago, I cut my long hair short. Now I about had myself convinced it was because of a receding hairline. Now I’ll admit, that is a small part of it. Thinning hair and receding hairline equal getting old sucks. But a small portion of me had said to myself, maybe I could get a little further in life with short hair. Everyone always asked me when I was going to get it cut, or told me I could go farther with short hair. Maybe they were right…Well they were! People at work accepted me a bit more. Managers noticed me more and if I would have done it a few months sooner…who knows! Maybe I would have gotten the promotion I deserved…fact is though…I miss my long hair. I’m not happy with my short hair. It’s hard to manage, and I have no idea how to cut it. Looking at pictures…It’s like it stole my identity!!! Now I’ve been trying to figure out anything…anything that could make me strange again (Not just my mind…that’s the same…can’t fix crazy!) I’ve considered everything from streaking my hair purple…to getting massive tattoo’s! Point is it achieved the desired effect…but it didn’t make me happy.

Randal Graves said it best: “Jesus, if you had any sense whatsoever, you’d fucking stop trying to bray it up with the rest of the sheep and live your life the way it makes sense to you, you fucking ass.”

(By the way if you have any suggestions for a hair style…I’m game!)

So in closing, be happy with yourself! You are just find the way you are. If YOU want to change, then do it. But do it because you want it, not to be more accepted. How can we change the social norm? Well, I’m not sure if you can…but maybe if we all tried to be a little less judgemental…we could tweak it…ever so slightly. Now my Freaky Darlings, I’ll be going to bed. I’m getting off of my soap box, and resting for a while (I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…NO SERIOUSLY! LIKE I HAVE FUCKING SPINAL TRAUMA!) And don’t sweat the interwebz loves…us people is crazy. And to survive the horror that is the interwebz….you need to be as Mad as a Hatter…so it’s a good thing for you I’m bat shit insane!! HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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