SOPA and PIPA Can go Straight to HELL!!!

If you have a computer and are not a vegetable odds are you have been hearing this all morning. All of your favorite sites blacked out in protest (ANNOYINGLY SO!!! FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….) Anyway, your dear host has taken the time and sent a correspondence to my representative in the name of Encyclopedia Psychotika and the rest of the free internet. (Let’s face it, this shit get’s passed my goose is cooked!) So here…for you…is that very letter:

Hello, there Mr. Tom Rooney!

 My name is Steven Allen, but most of my adoring fans know me across the web as Malice Psychotik. I’m an internet Movie Reviewer, Celebrity Interviewer, and Creative writer. These new bills up for debate soon, I believe the PIPA and the SOPA. These bills are no good friend. The threaten to end the internet as we know it all together. Massive amounts of history lost. Tons of information erased! All because the greed of few. I understand you would like to get rid of internet piracy…I do I really do. But this is not the way. Your talking about ruining Free Speech for crying out loud! A lot of information sites (mine included) would go bye bye in the blink of an eye! Do you know how many times a day people use Wikipedia? Do you know how many businesses, Bands, Conventions, Travel Destinations depend on websites to advertise them freely!? It would deal a massive blow to an already hurt economy…And we don’t want that now do we.

All I’m saying is I hope you vote for the right choice when the time comes. Vote NO and keep the internet free. We have a wonderful thing in this invention called the internet…don’t screw it up.

Your Tax Paying Voter,
Steven Allen

P.S. A Vote NO for PIPA/SOPA

There you have it folks, Malice pulling the old “You don’t vote the way I like, and I won’t vote the way you like” card! lol Anyways, I won’t be blacking my page out, so while the rest are down, DO ENJOY MINE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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