A week of News…the Psychotik Way!

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly news post for sometime now…just have never gotten around to it. Now that I am, I find myself scratching my head for things to post. I mean…what does one report? I’m not a regular news site, so I doubt I’ll do that. I could just go over things that pertain to the site…but eventually then we would hit a few stale weeks. Nope, I think I’m just going to post about the topics that have tickled my fancy in the last week. Let’s give this a shot shall we…


One of the biggest events I’ve seen people talking about is the meteor that exploded over Russia last week. Crazy little world we live in right? Yeah the same day we got a near miss asteroid, an unrelated meteor exploded over top Chelyabinsk, Russia injuring 1,100+ people. The thing weighed 10 tons, and caused a shit load of havoc! Thank Cthulhu it wasn’t a bigger one, or the asteroid for that matter. Apparently the worst news is we have no current way of tracking or preventing things like that from happening again. I’ll post a video below, because really you have to see it to believe it. Could you imagine if that would have happened over New York? The panic would have been uncontrollable! Not that I’m glad it was over Russia! Really wish it wouldn’t have happened at all. On the bright side though, apparently the meteor rock is very valuable and has created a sort of “gold rush” effect in the area. What some people won’t do eh? I guess you could also take it as a positive that the asteroid that was nearly cut out of the news by the meteor, didn’t hit us or explode either. Had that hit, it could have leveled a city the size of London with ease. I would also like to report I’ve seen nothing that suggests we have damaged satellites either, as it was supposed to have passed through our satellite ring.

Next big historical event should have happened back in 1865. This week marks the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment…you know the one that abolishes slavery! Apparently a 148 years of lazy clerks allowed this to be an oversight. Recently a Mississippi Doctor, Dr. Ranjan Batra, was inspired to look into it. His inspiration came from the movie Lincoln. He was shocked to learn that his fine state had not in fact abolished slavery. Nope in all technicality, they it was still very much OK. Shame on you Mississippi! Well, in their defense, they did ratify it in 1995. But it wasn’t made official because they didn’t tell the Federal Government or file the proper papers. Still though 1995? That’s still a big oversight…ouy vey!

Next is a little less historical…a lot more horrifying! Biologists have created “zombie cells.” Not just “zombie cells,” but cells that out perform their living counter part. The cells can survive greater temperatures and higher pressure than living. In most cases, they even perform better at certain cellular functions. The cells are created by painting the live mammalian cells with silicic acid. That embalms the cells down to a nanometric level. From here the cells are cooked to 400C. This burns off the protein,but leaves the a three-dimensional model…the “zombie cell.” The remaining biological matter has a few uses as well. One of these uses involves fuel cells. At any rate, you have to wonder why call it zombie cells? The way the article explains it, you would think it to be harmless. Like not something that could spark a zombocolypse. However, this is how these things start…a little bit of Franken-science goes a long way. Read more HERE!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies....Not Walkers...RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Seriously this shit is how you end up with these zombies….Not Walkers…RUNNERS!! FUCKING RUNNERS!!!

Well we have historical covered, science…maybe a little tech? Why not in the form of the official press release for the Sony PS4!!! So far some of the coolest features are two cameras built into the unit (huhu I said Unit), touch pad on the 6 axis controller, ability to use the PS Vita similar to a Wii U controller, and of course the boss ass hardware upgrade (custom AMD processor with eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine, 8GB of GDDR..it’s a beast!), and an instant on feature. I’m really liking the instant on feature. Supposedly you are going to be able to turn the PS4 off and then turn it back on and almost instantly resume your game. This is supposed to be attributed to the new hardware. The price tag is also supposed to be loads cheaper than when the PS3 came out. Does that mean it’s going to be below $400? No. But it may be that or around that which isn’t that bad. The only draw back is there will be no backwards compatibility with the PS3. They have rumored that they may create some sort of online library to remedy that. Only time will tell. The only other negative I see on the horizon comes in the form of the console industries mounted attack on the used game industry. They didn’t address whether the PS4 would be able to use pre-owned games or not…but they didn’t deny it either. For more detailed info read HERE!

Not really sure where this fits in, but this week a big announcement was made by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The announcement involved the location of Wrestlemania XXX. It seems that the big easy will be hosting one of the biggest sporting entertainment events of the year. Not just that, but apparently it is going to be grander than ever with events planned the whole week leading up to the April 2014 event. I’m interested! I’ve always been interested in going to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go to a Wrestlemania…this just seems perfect! It’s also fair to mention that The Rock will be on the match card as well. This I guess gives some proof that his recent little return isn’t going to be that brief. I see an exciting year with the Great One back in a top spot. I know it’s silly that this may be the thing to get my ass to New Orleans, but hey….would it be normal if I had a normal reason? Didn’t think so…watch the video below for the whole announcement.

Last but not least, what news report would be complete without a little scandal…and speaking of WWE I have just the one! Wrestler Jack Swagger was arrested late Tuesday the 19th for speeding, possession (not demonic), and DUI. Apparently he had just come from a taping of Smack Down. Jack Swagger had just recently won the Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name. This grants him a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlmania 29. Now his charges are just misdemeanors, but one wonders how WWE will react. One thing WWE has never had a history of dealing with well is drug or alcohol scandal. Time will tell…


That’s all for this week Darlings! Stay tuned for more to come…feeling a lot better! remember to help spread the madness! Like the Facebook pages…share the articles…make the world a crazier place!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Editors Note: I’m aware that News is depressing…if this did that (and I don’t see how) here is a photo to lift your spirit!



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