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Let’s get this party started back huh?

What is up my Cheeky Little Monkeys? Man it has been far too long since I’ve sat down and typed an article. I’ve been away far to long my dears. I’ve missed you all and want to get you all looking to me again for your daily special brand of 100% grade a Madness.

First, let’s get this out of the way. The matter of business I was dealing with was the seperation of Seras and myself. Sometimes things just fall apart kiddies. 800 years is a long time to be together with someone. It’s not easy to stay together that long. I just needed some time to process things. Memories needed to be filed properly etc…Anyway…I’M BACK!!!!And what am I going to lead off with?…MORE DEPRESSING STUFF!! Let’s just get it all out of the way because I want to mention it and then next will be a Travel Report from Universal Studios Orlando.

First order of business, Wrestlemania 30. We are 5 days removed and I still can’t believe it. I’m so…I don’t even know the word…shocked? Depressed? Flabergasted? On April 6, 2014…the Streak…ended. Now a lot of you would wonder why that would hurt. Especially a Cheshire Cat….I attach to things. The Streak was something that made people happy. It made people believe in an invincible titan. A Deadman…that couldn’t be put down. There are some that didn’t care about it. That believe wrestling is staged, I guess it is…but you know what…so are soaps. So are reality shows…You think Teen Mom, The Kardashians, Duck Dynasty are real? Let me tell you, if you could see what I see it would be just as bad as when the Streak ended. We all have our false realities and stories and this was one that was truly epic. When it happened…silence went over the whole crowd…I thought people were going to riot. The ref couldn’t believe it, Haymen and Brock couldn’t believe it…and the look on Takers face. He deserved better. That man gave you everything Vince and you….well frankly you took a shit on him. And Brock of all people…that disrespectful little shit. I won’t get into that…I won’t la la la la la! Anyway!!! I don’t think this will ever get to the Undertaker, but if it does…Undertaker…you were my first hero. You will always be the invincible Deadman in these eyes. Thank You! Thank you from the bottom of my soul.


The rest of Wrestlemania was good don’t get me wrong…but I’ll never forget when the Streak ended….

Next bit of sad news…the passing of Wrestling Legend and Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior. The story just makes you sad. The man finally patches stuff up with Vince. Gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, shows up one last time on Raw…then drops the next day. What the fuck kind of luck is this? The Streak and the Warrior all in the same week…nay days apart! It has been a bad week to be a fan. Emotional as hell. My heart goes out to his family. The most I can say, is at least he got to enjoy that spot light one last time. At least he got to experience that again before he went. I’m sure it made him happy to the bottom of his soul. He looked it.


That being said…let’s start the madness machine back up huh? Let’s get this party back to full throttle eh? LETS MAKE THE HEAVENS TREMBLE AT THE FACT I’M BACK HUH!? Welcome to my Madness! This is a new Malice…with new tricks…Welcome to the Tea Party! THE MAD TEA PARTY!!!

Until Next Time, My Cheeky Monkeys,

Malice Psychotik


Halloween Horror Nights Reveal Week!

Hey there Horror Fans! Great week we have been having for Halloween Horror Nights Reveal Week huh!? If you have them liked on Facebook…and we know you should…you would have noticed each night at midnight we have seen a reveal on one house. They start hints at about 8pm or 9pm, the at the stroke of midnight you see what it is. So far we had…


La Lorona HHN23


Afterlife: Death's Vengenance


HAVOC 2: Derailed

We have two whole hours before they announce tonight’s and the below image is what they hint at as well as this cryptic message:

"The appearance on the outside is an illusion on what hides within"

“The appearance on the outside is an illusion on what hides within”

I think any jabroni with a brain can tell that is American Werewolf in London. If it’s not…they are sneaky, sneaky. Head on over to the Facebook at midnight for the reveal…or better yet for to Encyclopedia Psychotika’s Facebook and I’ll pass it along as well! Stay Tuned!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Fan-Fiction: “Stein Vs. K.C”

Hello Darlings! I was digging through some old writings when I discovered some old stories and articles I’ve never used for one reason or another. So over the next week or so, I’m going to intertwine them with the new stuff. Hope you enjoy. This story in particular I did for my Role Play group. It was a Soul Eater one and I played Stein. If you have never checked out Soul Eater you should. Very good anime and top notch manga. Simply put, if you are a fan of stuff I recommend or this site…high chance you’ll enjoy this show. I was inspired by a child murder that had happened around the time. Writers find inspiration from everywhere…sometimes even tragedy.

Picture by  BishouHunter of deviantART

Picture by BishouHunter of deviantART

It was a hot summer night when Professor Franken Stein and Death Scythe Spirit Albarn arrived at their mission. If the reports were true, they would be fighting a Kishin seed well on its way to the real thing. It had been a long flight and Spirit had been on edge the whole time. Their target was one Kirsten Castles. Kirsten was the subject of recent legal debate. You see, she was accused of murdering her daughter a few years earlier. After a lengthy battle in court, she was acquitted of all charges. This didn’t sit well with most…especially not Lord Death. Lord Death had briefed them that the jail she was held in had quite a few “Unexplained Deaths.” Inmates found dead, with no real explainable cause. It was almost as if the soul had been sucked straight from their bodies. At any rate, the Death God had a theory and if it was correct, she was well on her way to being a full-blown Kishin. Taking this into account he sent his best Meister and his trusted Death Scythe to take care of it. The two talked back and forth before they snuck into the empty house to wait for their mark.

“I don’t understand why Lord Death wants us to confirm before we attack. I say we get that rotten baby killer right at the door!” raged an angry Spirit. The whole thing didn’t sit very well with him. He was convinced that she was guilty, and the theory of her being a Kishin Egg just seemed to fit.

“Spirit, we don’t actually know if she is a Kishin Egg…Guilty of murder or not, our only charge is to take care of her is she has started walking the path of a Kishin. We aren’t here to determine the type of guilt you are going after. Even if she did do it, if she’s not a Kishin Egg we have no jurisdiction over her.” said Stein in his usual calm tone. He didn’t mean to sound cold, but it was the truth. They weren’t vigilante’s and they weren’t there to write a wrong of the court.

The Death Scythe pushes back his red hair, “I just don’t understand how you can be so cold about this Stein! Maybe if you had kids, you would understand…”

“That has nothing to do with it Spirit. You need to calm down and clear your head…” Stein interrupted, “She will be here soon and I can’t have you all over the place. You need to get your head in the game and stop thinking with your bleeding heart.” With that, the two crept into the house and waited for their possible “Kishin Egg” to come home.

When Kirsten would arrive she would open the door to a dark house. She fumbled for a light switch when all of a sudden, moon light from the door would catch the Professor’s glasses making them glow eerily in the dark. As she jumped back in fear, the scientist clicked on a nearby lamp to reveal himself fully sitting in a chair and Spirit standing next to him. “Hello…Miss Castles..” he said in a plain tone.

The woman looking shocked asked in a shaky voice, “What are you doing in my house!? I wish you people would leave me alone! Don’t you know the court’s found me innocent. You people need to wake up and realize that!” She was obviously scared. It’s terrifying enough finding two people in your house, but when one of them is a man with stitched up clothes and body with a screw sticking out of his head…well I don’t have to explain that to you.

“Were not here about the court’s verdict, no…We are from the DWMA. You see, our Lord Death suspects you of being a Kishin Egg…a person that eats the souls of the innocent to try to gain more power to become a Kishin.” he replied. “You see there were a lot of strange deaths at the prison you were held at. Even stranger was the fact, upon investigation, all of the inmates were in your cell block. Of all the people ran through your block, you were the only one to stay there during the entire period of your incarceration. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

The woman looked surprised at the mad scientist. She looked around the room, almost as if the answer would jump out from behind a book-case. Looking the mad scientist dead in the eye she yelled, “I don’t know what you are talking about! Now if you don’t get out of my damn house…I’M CALLING THE COPS!!”

Stein put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. Taking in a long drag, he let out a the smoke forming a skull in the air, “You see at first I was inclined to believe that. I mean, if you already didn’t have a considerable amount of power in the first place, why would you want to be a Kishin. More importantly, if you weren’t a witch, a meister, or a weapon…what would make you want power like that in the first place?” The scientist turned the screw in his head a couple of times before continuing, “Then it occurred to me. What if you did want to get rid of your daughter, but didn’t know a way to do it WITHOUT leaving evidence that normal police could follow. What if a someone told you how to suck the soul right out of that little girl? A young child’s soul is exceptionally strong…so consuming one would be enough to give you a bona fide jump to becoming a Kishin. Might even give you some powers to make the next kills easier. Being in a jail with all of those souls…nobody cares to look into a prisoner’s death. It’s like a Kishin buffet in there! But who would give you that sort of information…why?”

By this time the woman looked at the scientist with cold eyes. She was either irritated or knew where he was going with this. “Your story is as crazy as you are…But go on and finish…I’ll be calling the cops…” She stood glaring at the Professor.

“Oh. I don’t think you will be doing that no. Getting back to my story, Why would someone turn a regular person to the idea of being a Kishin? Simple really…you were easy to manipulate. It gave you the out you were looking for, and then as the Madness grew within you…how could you resist? The power made you feel good. It made you strong…” A smirk came over Stein’s face, “But in truth you’re not strong at all…No…infact you are a pathetic waste of matter that turned their back on not just humanity…but their own child….your the lowest of the low.” As he said this the room grew tense. It almost seemed to fill with energy and a Madness grew over the air.

Kirsten stood there with a wide grin growing on her face, “You know, they said you would come. Who would have thought that the Reaper would send his best after me. I have to admit, they were really hoping it would have been that Kid of his or the loud mouthed brat assassin.” Saying this, the lights began to flicker and the womans body began to shift and morph. “But if it means getting a shot at the best he has to offer, I’ll add your souls to my own…I’ve always wondered what a meister or a death scythe tastes like!”

As she began to grow and take a disgusting new form, Spirit looked to Stein, “Do you have your evidence yet? What are you waiting for Stein!?”

soul eater stein and spirit

By the time Spirit finished his sentence, the woman had changed into a mangled form. Standing at approximately, 8′ 5″, her once small fingers turned to long gangly things with black razor claws for nails. Her once brown hair now ratty and thin looking that of an old Halloween witch. The once white skin now replaced with a gross pale grey…almost appearing like dead flesh. The beasts head looked huge. It’s jaw open wide with a slew of barbed tentacles hanging out of it. On tube in the middle looked as if it could be a mouth as it had teeth. Stein replied,  “Spirit…take your weapon form…this is about to get interesting.”

As the Professor said this, the monster roared. Spirit turned into a scythe and with a quick spin the two were ready for battle. Kirsten lunged forward trying to slash with her claws. Stein quickly pulled the scythe around in front to catch the blow, the force knocking him through a wall into the kitchen.

“Watch it Stein! I’m not a shield you know!?” Spirit yelled. “By the way, I have sneaking suspicion she secretes a neurotoxin, so be careful!”

Stein replied, “I guessed as much. I have a sneaking suspicion she is a Hydra-Kishin Seed.” As Stein got up the beast slashed with its right, causing him to duck down. Thrusting it’s tentacles forward, the meister slashed at them severing a few. “I do believe we need out of this house though. There really is no room to fight in here…” With that the angry Kirsten charged. Stein side-stepped putting the bottom of the scythe against the back of her head. This combined with its own momentum took her through the wall and out into the yard.

“Aggh! Stupid Meister!! Your tearing apart my house! I’m going to enjoy eating your soul!!!” The Kishin Egg was now in a blood rage…Stein’s plan was working perfectly. It was time for the good Professor and Death Scythe to take the offensive. Stein dashed across the yard swinging down hard severing her right arm. Another strike would go right across the abdomen ending with a gash to the throat. Kirsten recoiled in pain. “Stupid Fool! It’s going to take a lot more than that to kill me!!” In just a few seconds her wounds healed up. Stein got the info he was looking for.

“Stein we need to end this!” Spirit yelled to Stein.

“You don’t think I know that?” replied the meister. “We need to be careful with this.”

Kirsten called out to Spirit, “Hey, hot head! You should listen to the Mad Scientist! Your not going to make me an easy kill!”

The Death Scythe called back, “Shut up you child killing skank! How could you kill your own child!? You’re the worst type of monster!!!”

The monster smiled a gruesome grin, “Oh…I’ve heard of you…You have a soft spot for kids…and a real hot head.” Kirsten chuckled, “You know her soul was really kind of sweet…almost like candy. Really. I haven’t tasted one quite like it and I don’t think I ever will…Maybe I should consider changing my diet to more children.”

This threw Spirit into a rage. Letting out a loud battle cry, he turned into his human form rushing across the field. Right before reaching her, he let loose his blades on his back and arms. Spirit swung wildly at her. “I’LL KILL YOU!!! YOU BITCH!!!” Spirit was in a full-blown rage.

“No Spirit, you’re falling for her games!” Stein called after. “Damn hot head, you’re gonna get us killed!!”

Spirit rolled around her causing her to turn her back. Slashing wildly he made various cuts across her abdomen. unfortunately, Spirit wasn’t paying very much attention to his movements and had cornered himself. “Your mine now little hot head!! Yaaaaa!!!” Kirsten thought she had him…but was terribly wrong!

“Do it now Stein!!!” Spirit screamed. Stein came charging in from the back planting his palm deep into her back.

“SOUL FORCE!!!” the scientist would call out as he hit her with his soul wave-length. This sent her flying toward Spirit. He used her knee a spring-board and forced his way up dealing an uppercut and flipping over head.

“That’s for your daughter you slime!!!” Spirit called before turning into a Death Scythe and landing in Stein’s hands.

“Thanks for the distraction. I really thought you lost it there for a second…” Professor Stein responded.

“I’ll be honest I kind of did…then when I snapped to it I saw a openning. Thank God you pick up on things quick!” Spirit was as ready as ever…

“Hey I told you!!! It’s not going to be that easy! Quit talking like this fight’s over!” the beast raged.

“Well, considering your not going to able to move, I think you have no choice but take this next hit…” the Professor said in a calm tone. “Suture..”

With this command, Steins wave-length formed suture’s bind Kirsten’s feet to the floor. “Aghh!! How did you? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?”

“If you would have done some more research, you would have found what a bad idea it is to be hit by my surgical wave-length. My sutures will hold you right in the spot. Even if you could break free, it would be too late for what will happen next.” Stein explained. He took Spirit and spun him around holding him in the air behind his back. “Being in sense you regenerate so fast, it’s I can’t afford to drag this fight out to long. Unfortunately you regenerate faster than I can deal any significant damage…taking all of this into account…Spirit I think we have to use THAT attack….are you ready?”

“You know it! Let’s take that evil Bitch’s soul!” replied Spirit.

Alright then…LET’S GO SOUL RESONANCE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!” both yelled in unison. “SURGICAL STORM!!!”

With this command, Spirit’s blade grew double in size. Around it sprouted up several other smaller scythes of various lengths. They glowed with the combined power of the two. Stein rushed forward, bringing the blades down at a diagonal coming across her chest. Using the momentum, he reversed the force bringing the blades up from bottom to top. The final slash would be a high-speed run through the middle. As he landed behind her, the attack would release and Spirit would take his human form again. Blood would spray our following the direction of the slashes. Kirsten howled in pain.

“That’s not going to be enough! I’ll regenerate, and then you both di—-Huh!?” she stopped dead in her words.

“Actually, I was counting on that regenerating ability…” Stein said this with a smile on his face. “Surgical Storm is designed for monsters such as yourself. You see it turns your own ability against you. The faster you regenerate, the faster you course my soul wave-length through your body. Only this one isn’t ‘suture.’ No, this is a wave-length designed to cut. More specifically, it cuts at a Microscopic level…It’s cutting you slightly now…enough to paralyze you in pain. On my command, the attack will activate…slicing you faster than you can recover. It will tear you to shreds…You gave a good fight…but I’m afraid it’s time to end this…’Dissect!'”

With that command Kirsten’s body started to tear apart from the inside out. Organs, blood veins, muscle, cells…all being torn to ribbons. Kirsten coughed up blood. Her tenticals falling out of her mouth…her cuts growing wider and bleeding more profusely. Finally with a scream her body exploded leaving a red Kishin Seed Soul…

“Well…were done here.” Stein said to Spirit. “I know you don’t need to collect souls, but do you want to…”

“Eat that thing!? NO! That soul is foul. I would never let that dirty thing touch my lips. Anyone that would harm a child is the lowest of the low. I’m a Death Scythe. I wouldn’t lower myself to eat a sick soul like that.” Spirit said disgusted.

“Ha Ha! Well then I guess we’ll just take it to Lord Death to dispose of!” laughed Stein

“How can you be so light hearted!?” yelled the Death Scythe

“Lighten up Spirit! Justice was served and disaster was avoided. That little girl’s soul won’t be used for evil means…Let’s go home Spirit…”

The two walked off into the night. Stein was right, disaster had been avoided…but only for the time being. After all…who was behind all of this? Some one had to have been pulling the strings. Time could only tell…

Rest in Peace Bill Hinzman…

The other day my Darlings, sad news spread across the horror community. One of the coolest people I, and many others, had the privilege of meeting passed away. Most know him as the first zombie in George Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. I and many on the convention circuit knew him as a fine example of a human being. It was a great loss to us all, but I know he is in a better place. If there ever was a good place to go when we die, this man surely is allowed in. I could go on forever with how important his role was, what a great person he was, so on and so forth…instead I have a few words from people who met him…people that sat next to him…and people that partied with him.

 Dustin F.- Fan and Con Goer

“I’m not going to pretend that Bill Hinzman and I were best friends. We didn’t spend Thanksgiving together. I wasn’t a set designer for “The Majorettes”. All I am is someone who had the opportunity to meet the man and I am grateful that I did. Some might only know Bill Hinzman as the “graveyard zombie” from Night of the Living Dead. There are many who didn’t know his name. They have never seen “Flesheater” or “Children of the Living Dead”. And that is fair since, let’s be honest, neither one of those 2 films are going to win any Oscars. So, why are so many feeling the loss of this man?

Simply put, Bill was the perfect example of what horror fans (and all movie fans) want their icons to be. He appreciated his fans just as much as his fans appreciated him. You always felt that he was just as happy to meet you as you were to meet him. He made it feel more than just a photo-op. When in his zombie make-up, he WAS the “graveyard zombie”. It was as if he stopped chasing Barbara through the headstones, stepped off of the black & white screen, and now he was in the viewfinder of your camera “coming to get you”. Isn’t that why we watch these films? To become just a small part of it, if even for just a moment.

Under that make-up was a different story. Under that make-up was Bill. The perfect gentleman. Always with a smile. None of that “I’m a star” mentality. He was always amongst the fans. He would talk to you like you had known him for years. And you would wish that you had. So, why is he going to be missed? He will be missed because he is why we make people “stars”. And this one will continue to shine.”

 Melissa Cowan- Actress

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Bill Hinzman’s family and friends!! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting to know him very well, we often joked between is that he was my zombie godfather!!! I will miss you Bill! May you rest in peace!! The entertainment industry and horror community has truly lost a legend today, glad I got the chance to know you both professionally and personally!! I will miss you !”

Primal Root- Trash Cinema Collective

“The very first time I laid eyes on Bill Hinzman it was the middle of the night. I was about 8 years old as he shambled through my living room, attacked a young woman by the name of Barbara and killed her brother in a scuffle that unfolded before my eyes. My life…would never be the same. Bill Hinzman changed made an immeasurable impact on me that night. He terrified me, he intimidated me, his living dead personae fascinated me. No other living dead descendant of Hinzman’s Ghoul #1 is etched into my memory the way his is. Sure, George Romero and John Russo wrote the modern zombie, but it was Hinzman, who truly pioneered and crafted it onscreen in his now legendary performance in Night of the Living Dead.

Fast forward over a decade and I am in line to finally meet the ghoul who rattled me through my television set as a youngster. My stomach is in knots, I’m getting anxious. Bill is now amongst my very first horror film celebrities I was to meet.  My turn comes up, I step forward, and there before me is the smiling, sweet face of Bill Hinzman. I reached out my hand to shake his and introduced myself, “Oh man, hey, eh, my name’s Kevin. It’s a real honor to meet you, Mr. Hinzman!” In return, Bill shakes my hand and says, “Good to know you, Kevin. You can just call me Bill.” And that’s how I first got to know Bill.

Over the years as a convention goer I had the opportunity to hang out and chat with Bill on many occasions. Ever gracious, always sweet and eternal humble, Bill was hands down one of the most genuine and open people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I didn’t know him nearly as well as so many others of you out there who frequented the convention circuit but every time I spent time in the man’s presence he always made me feel at home. Like an equal. Like a friend. He had an undeniable charm and youthfulness to him that I hadn’t expected. Always there staying up late with his fans, laughing, telling stories and carrying on. He had the uncanny ability to make even his most recent acquaintance feel right at home and at ease around him. Bill managed to make us all feel like we were part of the family. The man’s heart, his warmth, were as well-known to us as his iconic characters. Bill is irreplaceable and has left a pair of shoes that cannot ever be filled. A friend and father figure to all of us, Bill will live on in the film he made, in our hearts and in our retelling of the times we were blessed enough to have spent with him.  We will forever miss and love you, Bill.”

Tons more can be seen on various Horror sites…there is no doubt he will be missed and the convention circuit won’t be the same without him…In closing I would like to say a few words…

I would like to tell you a story about Bill… Back in 2008, that was a rough year for the Psychotik family. I lost two people very dear to my heart, I lost my car, I lost my job, lost my home….It was a rough time to bring a child into the world. We had just started pulling things back together, and decided to take a trip to Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend. We had went the two years prior, and it was always good seeing friends and hanging out. That Friday night, I had a bit too much to drink and had a seat in one of the pool chairs. The man who sat next to me was none other than Bill Hinzman. I talked to him for a good little bit, telling him all sorts of things you never tell strangers…and he listened. I told him how i didn’t know where I was going in life…that I put everything on “Have to get to the Con” and now I’m here and don’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do with my life. You know what he told me? He said, “Sometimes it’s not important to know where your going. Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right and see where it takes you. Either way, I’m sure you’ll end up right where you need to be.” I’ll never forget those words.

He was the nicest celebrity I ever had the pleasure of meeting, and we will all miss him dearly. Goodnight Graveyard Ghoul…the next con party is for you…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik