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A Present for You!

Hey there Darlings! In the interest of it being the holiday season I want to give you all something…the gift of music! The gift of really good music! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. There is a band out there that is very special to me. The horrible thing? They aren’t around anymore. They are a local band that I pretty well fell head over heels for hafter seeing them at the Jagermeister Music Show in 2007. Their name? Indorphine. This band is one of the best things that disappeared. I have never been able to track down a reason why they broke up. They have an album out there that you can track down. “Glowsticks of Clubbing Baby Seals.” Possibly one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and it comes from a local band. I only ever had the pleasure of seeing them once. Supposedly, they had a reunion show a little while back, and there was talk of getting back together. Maybe me spreading the word can help spread some demand and they will rise from the ashes. Check out some of their songs below!

A careful search of the internet will allow you to find their album “Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals.” Here is a link to Amazon where they have at least one copy on sale.
Click this link now!

I wish i had the opportunity to tell this band how much they have touched this Psychotik’s life. The whole CD is wonderful. Anytime I’ve ever been down or just needed a lift…or just to blow off some steam. I put their stuff on and rock out hard. Indorphine…where ever you are…the music world needs you sirs!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

Required Viewing! 10 Movies to Bring in the Holidays!

Hey there Darlings! This article was supposed to be posted yesterday. For what ever reason I was having laptop issues and couldn’t get it to do anything (I need a new one for sure!) Movies play a big roll in my life…and at every holiday! Allow for me to share with you…a list of films that will make your holiday…(whatever it may be)…a great one!

National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationA must for everyone to see. If you haven’t seen it, you go somewhere and pick that shit up and watch it! The movie captures what everyone feels around the holidays. The Griswalds display for us (in every film) how awkward family time is around the holidays. Dreaded In-laws, decorating the house, shopping, that one relative that shows up uninvited…the list goes on. This is the perfect holiday comedy to kick off the season.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasPracticly a required experiance, there is no better multi-holiday movie to exist. Tim Burton lays out what Christmas would be like if every goth kid in the world had their way! If you’ve not seen this, it’s time. The movie has been around 20 years. It’s about time…

A Christmas StoryEven more so than the previous mentioned, I find it hard to believe anyone has missed this movie. This was Christmas Vacation…before it was Christmas Vacation. A movie that tells a tale of Christmas back in a simple time. Come on people TNT does nothing but show this 24/7 at times (is TNT still around?) You have no excuses…

Christmas Carol So many of these movies exist. A lot of them are good…my favorite is the one with Jim Carrey. This 3D extravaganza came out a few years ago and amazed me to no end. You will not be disappointed…

Elf Will Farrel as a giant elf…How could you go wrong? Pick up this movie and be transported to a world of laughter. Maybe I’m over stating this a bit…but it’s still pretty funny and well worth the look if you haven’t checked it out.

Scrooged Bill Murry movies are always good. And “A Christmas Carol”is a freaking classic. What happens when the two meet? Legen- wait for it- Dary!

Jingle All the Way Another one of those movies that addresses problems we all relate to. This one just so happens to deal with finding that “Hot Item” that every kid wants and is going to feel like a loser without. What lengths will the “Ahnold” go to to get this toy for his son? Pretty effing far!

Jack Frost This can work both ways. Either you can watch the horror flick with the murderous psycho snowman. Or the feel good family flick with Michael Keaton. Either way, you are in for a treat. Just don’t mix the two up with the kiddlets eh?

Doctor Who Christmas Episodes Every good little Whovian down in Whoville waits for these. A Doctor Who Christmas special is always magical…or in some cases sad. For those of you that loved Matt Smith, his version of the Doctor will leave us this Christmas…are you all ready? Yeah didn’t think so.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Another one that works on more than one level. Either you watch the original Cartoon or you watch the one with Jim Carrey….Either one is a great…Either one will complete your holiday!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


The 12 Doctor Revealed!!

Well the 12th Doctor is revealed! Peter Capaldi…and this is the point you realize….the answer was right in front of you the whole time…

Doctor Who conspiracyUntil Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Fatality Fest 2013 Right around the Corner!!!

So I’m excited as all hell that the inaugural event for Fatality Fest is in just less than two weeks! Can’t wait for little Psychotik to get to meet Ernie Hudson (I can’t either I freakin love Ghostbusters!) Dee Wallace, Butch Patrick, J. Larose, Timothy Patrick Quill, Oliver Robins, Linnea Quigley, and much more. Heck, I’m not familiar with Jimmyo and April Burril, but you know what they look cool as hell and like my sort of people! They have a Zombie Walk on Friday, movie showings, a SOLD OUT dealers room…I mean we got us a perfect storm people! If you are in South Florida the 7th through the 9th I think I know where the heck you should be. So with all of this positive going on…why is their negetivity? Well you see folks, some aren’t as happy as we are….

You see this convention since being announced has found itself with a bit of resistance. I won’t…name names…it’s not polite. But there does lurk a foul presence in the air. Even my little ghouls and henchman have caught the foul oder of rumors and waste being spewed about this show. Rumors of celebrities being threatened. Told that if they did this show, they would be banned from other shows. Dealers being lied to and threatened. Even rumors that the event wasn’t going to happen. Someone is a little scared. You see Darlings, the Convention scene is a dark shady business almost reminiscent of the old mobster era of the early 19th century. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Little convention promoters treating states like it’s their personal playground and no one plays in their freakin’ sandbox without their say. I say to hell with them. Who do they think they are. And it takes great people to stand up to that. People I have met like Adolfo Dorta…and one I’ve gotten to know recently, Andrea Albin. So why am I mentioning this?…well I feel it should mention. Because if they…these supposed best are afraid of a first year show…then their must be a reason. If THEY have to lie and try to cheat to make their event better or appear that way…their must be a reason why. The reason is…this show is going to kick some Serious ASS!

Like I said…I won’t name names. I don’t think I have to…you see most will put two and two together. Most may even be closer to the situation and put all together rather fast as the party involved has a bad history of burning bridges. Fatality Fest is going to be the next premier event in Florida Freaky Darlings! Don’t miss out on history! I have faith this show will do well…don’t settle for the monoply…let’s promote a little diversity in the horror community in this great state. For more information and ticket sales head over to FatalityFest.com More madness to come…nd see you all at the show!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Not so much Psychotik News, But More a Rant….

Hey there Darlings! Well this is a somber week huh? I had some sort of interesting things planned for the news this week, but taking in the events that happened Monday is Mass. just kind of got me thinking. Thinking about more than just one thing for sure. See, I usually don’t like weighing in on the heavy’s. Humans are such strange fickled creatures as it is without touching no no buttons that turn them into ravenous, mouth foaming beasts over a different thought pattern than what they think is acceptable. So with that in mind, I might take flack for this, but hey….no one ever did anything awesome without making a few rough waves occasionally.
Here goes:

I'm braced...

I’m braced…

Gun Control

Nothing has brought me to confusion more than this in recent weeks. Why is it so bad the thought of making weapons that should only be available to military more restrictive? I’ve been watching, and the only people talking about taking ALL of the guns away…are the people protesting it. Funny thing is, I’ve not seen one acceptable reason as to why we shouldn’t restrict clip size or semi-auto weapons. A great man once told me, if you need more than one bullet to kill a man, you’re not doing it right. So if you really are just protecting yourself, shouldn’t you already know how to use a gun? So you shouldn’t need a high-powered assault rifle…all you should need is a shot-gun, a regular rifle, or a hand gun…right?

I know one argument is they need it for if the shit ever hits the fan. Revolution, Zombies, Aliens, Terrorists, Invasion. We if you want to have them for just in case…then how are we going to make it better. When you look at the school shootings, when you look at some of the other acts of violence brought on by these weapons…what do you think we should do to make it better? I’ve heard everything from armed guards in schools, to teachers being weapons trained, to just being more responsible. A) Their generally are resource officers on school grounds and they are armed…didn’t seem like that did anything. Not to mention what if that guard looses his weapon? Or worst, what if he’s the one that flips out and starts shooting? B) I would much rather teachers get training to better teach the children in the schools. Teaching them to use a gun is pointless. And again, how many times have you read of a teacher flipping out and going a bit over board? Now add a gun to that equation? C) as far as being responsible, I think the most responsible thing to do is restrict who can have these weapons. That is the most responsible thing to do, they just don’t like that idea (Anti-Gun control groups that is)

Oh and a few more things to add to this before I close it out…What is the deal with the people who think they need a gun stock pile for when the government comes to take their guns? Really people? You really think your gun cabinet is going to save you when the MILITARY comes knocking? Your going to fend off a large group of trained, armed soldiers…or police? You’re going to put your whole family in danger because you don’t want to give up your assault rifle? At this point you have already failed as a human being. Your thought process is flawed and you most likely deserve the end game to that situation. Darwin was 100% correct with his thoughts on survival of the fittest. It’s just to bad in this case, you won’t be the fittest. Then there are the people bitching about the bullet shortage. About every person out there is blaming Obama. News Flash: No laws have currently been passed so not only are you wrong, but your uninformed..or most likely stupid. Want to know why you can’t get the bullets you need? Because you and your friends are paranoid as hell and have driven the demand far higher than what the manufacturer can reach. THAT is the fact. You don’t need 20,000 rounds of ammo. The only thing you are doing is giving us zombie nuts good ideas for homes to raid if the shit hits the fan that way (more likely by the way then your whole idea of winning a war with the U.S Military.)

Todd Akins Logic

The Whole Rape Thing…

I’ve not followed all of this to know the whole story. All I know is it was a very tragic story that opened some doors that should have been opened and some that might not have. Rape apparently does need defined a bit better. I mean with politicians running around saying that you can’t get pregnant from it or that it just can’t happen…people need their eyes opened a bit. Fact: People can be raped Fact: a pregnancy can result from said rape. What is killing me about this is the amount of scapegoating going on. People trying to blame it on the way a woman is dressed or by the way women are portrayed in movies, TV, video games, cartoons etc….I’m sorry did I miss the part where humans have now started equating themselves to animals? Should the Homo be dropped and you all just be called Sapiens now? (Don’t get me started…their probably are homophobes out their that would argue that…) To say the reason someone rapes a person is because of what they were taught on TV, Movies, Video Games, Literature, etc….is ridiculous! You have a mind…you can think for yourself. The media no more influences you to rape some one than it does to make you go to the bathroom or eat. People make bad decisions…doesn’t mean that you need to police how women are depicted..well everywhere. I do believe this is probably from the fem-nazi’s…this thought process. Mostly because I’ve noticed not one thing has been mentioned about those same mediums depictions of males. This is just an ugly issue that is going to go on for a while. Accept the fact that rapists rape because they wanted to, and it will all be over. Why does their need to be a deeper reason? Why are you giving them an excuse? Just another example of how a real issue has spiraled into another witch hunt…in my opinion…

By the way, if you follow Rep. Todd Akins logic…this pic above is for you…


Westboro Baptist Church

Why are these idiots still around? They are the example of 1st Amendment run amok. All they are out there to do is make money off of suffering. They have no real doctrine of faith. The only thing they do is spew forth hatred. They offer no comfort, no solace, nothing good…just hate. They protest funerals of fallen heroes, the protest dead celebrities…hell I bet you if you made a big deal about a shit you just took they may even protest it. So why are they still around? Classify them as a hate group and be done with it. How is it, you can get ICP’s fans black listed as a gang. A group that has really lost a lot of relevance over the years…their fans are classified as a gang, but the Westboro Baptist Church hasn’t been classified as a hate group. Now they have current plans to protest for the bombing this past Monday in Boston. They are going to keep pushing it until they cause the wrong person to have a mental break. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I know it’s inevitable. I wonder then if they would protest their own funerals. Or what they would do when others protested their funerals…hmm. Either way, they are a firm example of people not taking care of a real problem.


Gay Marriage

Why is this still being discussed? This should have been over a long time ago. A marriage is defined a legal contract between two people. This is why you must have a marriage license. A wedding is the religious or ceremonial part. No one is telling all the churches they have to perform gay weddings. All they are trying to do is fix the legal aspect of things. If a dude wants to marry a dude or a duddette another duddette…let them. It doesn’t hurt anyone. No body told you to go get a gay marriage. If marriage helps dictate legal rights, then all are included in that. I would compare this to the Civil Rights movement, But I know some of the people (some not all) that oppose Gay Marriage probably are cool with segregation and women being shoved right back in that kitchen. Just get this one out-of-the-way so we can move on. It shouldn’t even be an argument.



I’ve already mentioned this a few times. This is another one of those really bad issues that I think we need to look at but we are to concerned with bullshit that should be a no brainer. This ties to the rape thing as well, as I believe the girl who sparked that whole issue was brutally bullied for coming forward. What the fuck is wrong with people? Hmm? Why is this still an issue. Parents, get off your ass and do something! Schools, get of YOUR ass and do something! There is no reason a child, a young human that hasn’t even fully started life yet, should feel they need to die because of what their peers have to say. Recently in the town we live in, a girl tried to take her life because of this shit. Again I offer you if you are reading this…if you are being bullied, their are people who care to listen. There are some people out there that will talk and listen to you. I offer to all my darlings, I will talk to you if you want. Hit me up on the Facebook page or email me. Post here and I will give you contact info. Don’t let the few assholes out there control you. I assure you School is a small pond compared to the world. And the world is a small pond compared to the Universe. The Universe is a small pond compared to the multiverse…You can over come it…I believe in you.

In Memory of the Boston…

This last part is mostly not a rant. I want to express my deepest condolences to those affected by the attack in Boston on April 15th, 2013. This was absolutely senseless. I can’t imagine the pain this has caused you. Damn shame that something like that had to end in tragedy. I do hope they are closing in on the bastard responsible, and that the same mercy he showed you is shown to him/her.

I found myself the last four days asking why? Why did this happen? I can’t find an answer…it just seems ever since the 2012 thing got closer and then came and went…people have lost their goddamned minds. I wish people could stop obsessing over the end of the world. it’s a long way off. Unless you fuckers cause it first that is. Those people in Boston didn’t deserve that, but rest assured the punishment you are dealt…you will deserve that. Feel lucky you are not in a part of the multiverse where worst vengeance could be brought on you. Or for that matter, in the part of time line that forbade some of the more violent ways people have been put to death…and they were put to death that way for less. Imagine where that would put you. Now we had another big explosion in Waco, Texas last night. I just hope it’s not related.

That will be all for now Darlings. Hopefully, we can resume some good content soon. I think I’ve gotten some of the harsh stuff off of my mind. If you have anything to add to this article feel free to comment. Do be respectful though no matter what end of the spectrum you fall on. These are all ideas and ideas can be changed, reformed, elaborated on, etc…

Until next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Top 10 Most Gruesome Ways to Die

Ello there poppits. Your temp hosts Bartleby…

And Baxter!

Here to bring you a list of the Top 10 most Gruesome Ways to Die. It took us a lot of digging in the graveyard, but I think we got a good list for ya’! First thought I’d like to tell you this is all coming to you live from the bedroom of Malice and Seras.

Yeah, the connection broke in the Crypt Boss so we had ta come in here.

They sure do have a lot of things in here don’t they? Did you look in the closet? Seras has a closet full of shiet! Oh hey they got a Risk board game! Let’s grab that for later.

Bartleby, I don’t think you ought ta be…

Pipe down you big nancy! I’m just having a look see…Oh wow it opened a secret passage! Would you look at all the….


….That’s a lot of sex toys…Let’s just get to the list huh?

Right! Here we go…At the top of our list countin’ down, we have Shot Gun Blast to the face! Didn’t take us long to find him.The corpse we dug up was one of Jonny “Two Fingers” Doger. Apparently he was skimming a little too much off the top of his dealers cash and met his end with a snap shot from a Mossberg.

Really a big mess he is. Teeth knocked right out the back of his skull. Very simple, but a real nasty way to bite it. I’ve got your number nine right here though. Number nine is from a bloke that didn’t know how to pay the protection money on his business to the mob. So he got a visit from a little thing called an earwig of the carnivorous variety. You may think, this isn’t gory, but it’s when you open up his skull that you see the real carnage. The little blighter carved out his own little nook in the brain matter and layed eggs. When the eggs hatched…well you can imagine…
His brain looks like a nice hunk of swiss cheese…Oh man…to top it off, he was alive through it all. Screaming in pain and no one knew how to fix it.

I got that beat with number eight though. You can’t really see what an earwig does without an autopsy. This one you could tell straight away. This one was a gang member that narced a the gang leader and got him put in the clinker. You see, his gang buddies found him and decided to bring the pain. Just started out as routine beating that would have ended in a shot to the head. However, the enforcer felt a little creative. He had two others hold this guy down and put about six sub way rats on his stomach. Then he covered em’ with a bucket and set small fire on top of it. As the heat started to rise, the rats needed a way out. So they found one…through his stomach. Two out the mouth, one out the back side, and another chewed through his chest like a chest burster alien. Came out right when the detectives were looking too!

Oh man that’s a bad one, but I got one an award winner here…a Darwin Award winner! Daredevils do a lot of stupid things, non more stupid than amateur daredevil Bucky Calhoun. Bucky was tired of jumping cars and going through flaming hoops. He had to do something so amazing, it would go in the record books. He wanted to find a way to fly. It started with the idea to hang glide over a dangerous chasm. Then it evolved to wanting to make that glider go super fast…rocket powered. Like I said though, he was poor. So he went and bought a whole shit load of fire works and strapped them to his back and all over the glider. On the day he performed the stunt, he thought nothing could go wrong. He jumped off the side and got to gliding around. Then he lit his makeshift rocket pack. It worked…like a charm. Too bad he forgot fireworks explode. One thing is for sure…it was entertaining.

Next one is courtesy of a druggie big shot keeping his stash where it ought not be. You see this guy Gorbatrov keeps his angel dust right out in the open so all can have when they come over for parties. Also to try to look like a big shot. unfortunately, things had been getting rough and he needed some protection. So he got himself some nice guard dogs. Wolf Hybrids…beutiful beasts. Well after he got them, he never learned to keep his stash put away. So…one night not too long after he got them, both dogs got into the shit. Man if fucked them up good. So good that they forgot how to obey commands…hell they didn’t even think he or anyone else was who they were. Nope they were seeing all kinds of shit. What ever it was delicious though…cause they ate ol’ Gorbatrov up…


Our next bit of carnage is one of my favorite enforcer tactics. The Colombian Neck Tie. What happens is, you get a fucking good stomping at the hands of your enforcer. Then, when he’s done and wants to make his example, he slits you from side to side giving you the ol’ big grin. Then they pull your tongue out the hole and lay it out on yer chest for all to see. Not many really want to mess with you after that. Interesting fact, they credit that move to Colombians and they werent the first ta use it. No it was actually an Irishman by the name of Murray “Hooligan” O’Reilly. In truth it should be called the Irish Neck Tie…Fun fact for ya…


Now that we are getting to the top of the list, it’s time for real gory stuff. Nothing scares people quite as much as nuclear power. Dave Adams was a humble 9 to 5’er at a state power plant. Did everything right and what was required of him. Never took risks. Sometimes, ya don’t have to take risks for the Reaper to find ya’. One day while at work they were having heating issues near one of the main reactors. He was sent in for a routine check-aroo…the area was cleared…everything went as planned…except for Rodney. Rodney was second-rate flunky that only took his drug habit seriously. Today he had just finished baking after lunch and went back to his post. Not caring to check in at all, he saw a heating vent was closed. Just so happens, Dave wasn’t visible and Rodney flipped the switch. It was too late once they heard the scream wail across the radios. By the time the vents were closed, Dave was a melty mess…and died only 6 hours later….


Oh man! Speaking of melting, this next one is similar, yet opposite. Let me take you back to a simpler time. A time before conventional thought. Late 1600’s it was pretty popular for villages and settlements to take out all of their problems on a local witch. You might of heard of the Salem Witch Trials. Some forget that shit appened’ else where as well. Take you to England in 1695, Emily Calhoun was found guilty of witchcraft in the town of Cheshire. Don’t look for this in history books because it’s been wiped. Brutal killing it was. See it was one of the only times that a witch trial got a real witch. And witches don’t tend to go down pretty. Kind of the reason I chose this one. You see they burned her at the stake. Sounds simple enough, cept for the fact she turned that small burning into an inferno that took down a good amount  of area and killed 20 people. All of them burnt to a crisp black. Good ol’ Emily was the last to die, clutching her hands to the sky in anger. Supposedly her spirit still lingers there…and an odd amount of sporadic fires have appened’ there throughout the years.


Getting harder to top these ay’? Well I got a good one for number two. Really should have been number 1, but to be honest number one is a bit more brutal. This one in particular happened to a very famous person by the name of William Wallace. I ain’t gettin’ inta no history lesson here, but I will tell ya’ how that man died. He was hanged, drawn, and quartered. But saying that really gives you no depth to what the English did to him. We was dragged through the streets naked. Hanged, but then released just before he died. Then while alive he was disemboweled and had his twig and two berries lopped off. Then still while he was alive burnt his entrails before him. THEN, they cut off his limbs and his head. His limbs were sent two the four corners to be put on display and his head dipped in tar and placed on the London Bridge…Sort of a loud message eh?

We perfer to remember him like this...Thank You GENZOMAN...You drew him well

We perfer to remember him like this…Thank You GENZOMAN…You drew him well

This last one is only possible because of the mericle of heavy machinery.You ever seen the movie Fargo? Well, if you haven’t this one will still entertain you. Apparently, Asner Martinez was out doing some lawn work one day, extensive lawn work. He had cut down lots of branches and trees. After all that he needed a way to get rid of it all…why not make some mulch. He rented a wood chipper with little experience on how to run something like that (of course by little I mean none!) Everything went fine for the first twenty or so minuets. Why he was chewing up that mess left and right. Found it kind of fun he did! Until, a big chunk got stuck. When it did, he didn’t think much of it and reached in to grab it…it was still on. So when it roared back to life it dragged him in and out he came. Chewed him up without stopping and blew Asner chunks all over the yard. Coffin was a right mess.


Well that’s all you lot, we got to start cleaning up before Boss get’s home. This moron to me left crashed The Mad Tea Party the other day. Then when we was looking for a quick fix in the lab…I spilt some bottles…and made a right mess as well.

Right tell everyone Baxter sheesh..

Oh it’s not like Malice ain’t gonna know…

Spirits and Tonics,

Bartleby and Baxter

Happy Valentines Day, Darlings!

Well, a Happy Valentines Day to you all! Such a fun day today is, huh? Love is in the air! People get all wrapped up in Valentines Day…but does anyone really know of the bloody history? Does anyone stop to think of the origin of this holiday? Well I assure you, it’s not just a Hallmark Holiday, as most singles would have you believe…(Although they have cornered the market) No Valentines Day has a rich history thick with Blood that I’m sure you will all love to hear about. I think I’m going to start doing this with all Holidays…I love bursting bubbles!

The Origin of Valentines Day

Research has shown me there are two things that started this day. One is the Roman festival of Lupercalia and the other is the martyr of Saint Valentinus (Oh I do love a good Martyr Story!) In case you don’t know either story here is a little bit of a run down. The Festival of Lupercalia was to celebrate the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. To celebrate this joyous of days, they would sacrifice a goat and skin it. Then they would soak the skins in blood and run around slapping women in the face with the blood soaked strips! Apparently it made them more fertile. The Romans did a lot of silly shit didn’t they? Oh and they would also do a match making ceremony where women would put their names into a hat. Think of it like a sexy sorting hat…you know what never mind…Let’s nt bring Harry Potter into this. We don’t need a new meaning to Slytherin house.

The next part of the origin involves the death of the days name sake, Saint Valentinus. This guy even has two stories to his death! In third century, Roman Emporer Claudius II prohibited marriages to young men that could serve in the military. One story says good ol’ St. Valentine preformed the marriages anyway, was thus found out, and killed. Another story said he was imprisoned for helping Christians escape Roman concentration camps. Either way, while he was in jail it’s said he wrote the first Valentine note. Supposedly it was to a girl he fell in love with. The note was signed “from your Valentine.” The rest is history…

Further Blood Shed

Possibly my favorite story in the history of Valentines Day is the St. Valentines Day Massacre. On this day in 1929, Five members of Bugs Moran’s North side gang were lined up on a wall and executed. This would go down in history as the bloodiest of the gangland murders. It marked the beginning of the end for Al Capone, as this drew unwanted attention to him and his organization. He was arrested two years later for tax evasion. Had this not happened, who knows maybe the government would have never looked into him further. At any rate, you should look up more info when you can. Interesting bit of history if I say so myself.

Editors Note: I’ve been to an alternate time line where it wasn’t found out that Al Capone was behind it. I got news for you all, America is a very different place. Let’s just say that Republicans aren’t the worst thing out there. They may be silly, but they aren’t that bad when you compare it to an American run by the mob…Not a good alternate time line at all! I will say though it’s quite fun!

Well, I need to get back to my Seras. We are going to do things that are going to put the rest of the Psychotik Crew in therapy for years! Ever done it in a star dust cloud? Didn’t think so! It’s good to be a Cheshire Cat! Whether your with someone or not, do have some fun. To all of the singles out there, go find a one night stand (even if it’s manual or battery operated).

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

the joker valentines day batman the dark knight 1920x1200 wallpaper_wallpaperwind.com_41

The Psychotik Girls!!!

Hello Freaky Darlings! I have a special announcement for you all. For once, one of my additional ideas for the website is panning out! I believe I mentioned it a while back, but we are going to have our own models for the site. Think of them like Encyclopedia Psychotika’s version of the Suicide Girls. Or like Suicide Girls meets Jager Girls. Difference being, we don’t conform to the norms of beauty. Pretty is pretty…Fat, Skinny, Back, White, Tan, Purple, Blue…Cthulhu help you if your turquoise (Nothing good ever came from those turquoise bastards from Planet Vaxtrum!) At Any rate I expect you all to give them a warm welcome and be sure to visit the Facebook to check them out. Like the page and show some love.

The Psychotik Girls are lead by our very own dazzling femme fatal Seras Psychotik. If you are interested in becoming a Psychotik Girl email psychotikgirls@yahoo.com. Pictures on the Facebook page will be rated PG to PG-13. However, we may do some NSFW (Not Safe For Work…for those of you that are not up on the lingo) photos only available on the site.

Welcome Ladies….to My Madness!

Click the picture you fools! Then like the page!

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A Psychotik Resolution for 2013

Hey there, Freaky Darlings! It’s been a shame that things have been put on hold so long as of late. The holidays, coupled with laptop issues, multiplied by a multitude of complex humanish problems have left me overly exhausted and without energy…Basicly it’s time for a long trip to Orlando and copious amounts of absinthe. Either way the year is drawing to a close. We are literally only hours away for the new year and I have somethings I would rather like to share with you. One…is my New Year Resolution…It’s sort of the same as last year…or at least part of it. To keep furthering my goals….blah blah blah….The main one though, to stop holding on to childish things. To become more evolved as a person and stop letting little people, with small brains ruin my time. Not saying actually little people, but you know what I mean. It’s time to let some things go completely…MOVING ON!!

The next thing I would like to do is share some fond memories with you all. Lot’s of bad things have happened this year…I mean life has been inside, outside, sideside, and downside…never slowing down and more than determined to keep me down on my ass! Taking that into consideration, all the bad had me thinking about the good. I guess you could say this is a section to honor some great people in my life…also just some great times I had. Let’s list them shall we!!!

10. KuniCon/OtakuCon December 2004

This was the second convention I ever attended and it sticks out in my mind still to this day as being a crazy cool time. It wasn’t because the Con was off the chain or anything. Oh no, far from it. It was one of the most disorganized events I have ever been to. Nothing happened on time, everything was late. It took two hours to get our passes and we pre-registered. My costume was half done…regardless of the fact I managed to deliver on the friend that was supposed to help me’s props. But you know, I had a totally fun weekend. I had awesome hang out time with great friends. I belive I was around Todd Holt and Derek Underhill that whole weekend starting with the rave. Okay, just calling it a rave…doesn’t give it justice. That was an epic-neonic-super-overload of joy/happiness/ecstasy/rage/bliss…Rainbows spoke to me…That was also the first time…and unfortunatly last time…I got to see Select/Start. They are this awesome little group of musicians that perform all kinds of Game and Anime Music. They are great. I think that was the first weekend I recall me being me…

9. Universal with My Grandpa

Grandpa Psychotik was the first one to ever introduce me to the majesty that is Universal Studios. Without him, I would have never gotten to experience rides like Kongfrontation, Hanna Barbarra, or Nick Studios. My trips with him were always the best. He would come get me early as hell the day of and we would get there right when the park opened and didn’t leave until they kicked us out. He always made sure I got to ride what I wanted…and believe me..back in Uni’s hey day, that wasn’t easy! I remember waiting several hours for Back to the Future and Terminator 2: 3D. Heck, I remember when Islands of Adventure was just a dust bowl…then I remember a couple of years later him taking me there 6 months after opening. Your going to see Universal on this list quite a bit by the way…it plays a big part of who I am.

8. Summer Vacation with Granny

I could go on for days about my Granny Psychotik. That woman has done so much for me…it’s really not even funny. My best memories with her were the summers I used to spend with her in West Palm Beach…and then once more in Connecticut. She would always find something fun for us to do. Even though she had to deal with work all day, she always made time to come home and spend time with me. Some of the best times I remember involved The Palm Beach Science Museum, Seaworld, Star Wars Episode I, The Pequot Museum (I’m probably really spelling that wrong), various trips to the mall, and od course trips to Denny’s and Piccadilly (again murdering the spelling). She always taught me to enjoy the simple things in life. She really shaped this twisted little mind.

7. Jurassic Park Island

Not sure why…but when I think of specific beautiful places…Jurassic Park Island at night comes to mind. I have a lot of fond memories with friends and especially my Seras there. I’m not sure why…maybe because we always ended up winding down there, maybe because I love the movie, maybe because at night it is hands down a romantic little place…WHAT EVER THE REASON!! It always sticks out in my head and deserves to be mentioned.

6. Marching Band

Some of you may or may not know this…but i was a Band Geek in High School. Yes, before I fully awakened back in my skin as Malice Psychotik…I was the Bombastic, Shaggtastic Shaggy. I never really appreciated Marching Band until my Senior year. It’s been a part of my old life that I have always missed. The people, the equipment, the uniforms, the blood, sweat, tears, and the screaming crowd (NO DAMMNIT THIS ISN’T THAT FREAKING GARTH BROOKS SONG!!!) I’ve never been able to recapture that feeling of performing. It’s a shame my bands I’ve put together never stayed together. Would have been a great outlet…but then I would have never had time to open this glorious site. I have to say the all time favorite part…was winter bus rides home at night. Never a dull moment…and when it was…be damned if it wasn’t the most relaxed I had the pleasure of being in high school.

5. Grad Night 2005

2005 was a shitty year for me. On of the best things that happened was Grad Night. Disney is actually a pretty cool destination at night. Sort of wish they would have it open late at night for people like me who…prefer it that way. It was the first time I had been there since I was a baby…so really it was the first time. Brings me to mention my friend Whitney Wood. I believe that was the first time we had ever “Hung out” like that. I know I ran into other people that night, but we kind of duded it up the whole evening. Funniest part of the whole night was Space Mountain for the second time. We had no idea that the damn thing had two different tracks…let’s just say that first drop took us by surprise. I seem to remember something else that had to do with us Statler and Woldorffing a comedian. Great night…

4. That One Night at Oz’s

My friend Oz always had people at his house. It was almost like the unofficial party central there for a while. No other night sticks out as the infamous That One Night at Oz’s…It was after one of the particularly nasty Hurricanes in 2004. I needed away from the house and so did a few other friends…so naturally…we met at the one place we knew we could get away from all, Oz’s. Not sure what was in the air that night, but be damned if it wasn’t funny as hell. Between playing video games, watching Naruto, taking a pellet gun to a cock roach, or having the giggles for like 5 hours straight…we all had a memorable night. I miss nights like that…If you are reading this Oz…do know I miss that. I miss that Oz the most…

3. Andrew Albritton

I have too many memories to share about my dear Best Friend Andrew. Me and him have been through Hell and Back. We have had good times and Bad…but I can honestly say that this guy is a dude I will never forget and I’m glad to call him my friend and brother. Earliest memory I have is of me staying over at his house and us watching Austin Powers. I seem to remember Mrs. Pam getting us awesome chicken sandwiches from Burger King and us playing some type of mech game he next day. We always shared everything…DBZ, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy, That one girl in high school…lolz! Yeah anytime spent with him was a memorable one…to many to name.

2. Little Psychotik’s Birth

So much bad had happened to us before Jazmin was born. I had lost two dear relatives, and was in a massive Car Accident that nearly killed us. My little girl coming into the world erased all of that. We even had a rough time in the hospital…but I remember every second of every one of those days perfectly. There is not one time that I listen to HIM and not think of Jazzy. She was even born in one of two cities Seras and I spent most of our time. So cool how so much ties together. Anytime I’m down I think of that and instant repairo! Good moods a comin’

1. Trips with Seras

My number one favorite memories are all of the trips I have had with my dearest Seras. Whether it was coming back from Jensen late at night, Universal, Sebring, or Tennessee…I always loved our late night car rides. Sometimes I would be so tired, but it’s like it didn’t matter I was where I wanted to be. I had a kick ass day or weekend…and that ride home was the icing on the cake. I always think of those times while listening to Dir En Grey, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, or Avenged Sevenfold. Probably because that’s what was in the cd player 24/7…lol…Always a good time though…I love you boo…

Well any way, next year is going to be a big year for the site…I hope…New ideas are starting to come together a little more rapidly. I wanted them to be already active, but things what they are…let’s say you have to break a few eggs to make a omelette. I’m sure you will all like it. I won’t gloat…it’ll jinx it…instead I’ll just say I’m sure you’ll like it

Until Next YEAR, My Freaky Darlings, (Had to go there!)

Malice Psychotik

P.S Some honorable mentions are in need too. Not that they aren’t fond…I just don’t want to rename the list…and this isn’t Christmas anymore so 12 is a ridiculous number to use…

* My Brother Matteo Tullio- Dude anytime we have ever hung out…it turned to gold. You are right up there with Andrew. The other part of the Triforce man. I miss our early morning trips to Pogey’s…or the impromptu trips to Star Bucks out on the turnpike.

*The First Drop of Mansinthe- Words do not accurately describe that night. The most I can say is Friends Todd Holt, Seth Garner, Gerry Sparks, Heather Smith, Seras, and Me all tried Mansinthe for the first time. I, not having my bearings with me, mixed it on the high-end and made us trip balls bad! Like you’ve heard that song “Happy Together”? That was literally playing in our heads at the same time. We were all so very cat happy. All courtesy of Todd supplying us with Alcohol and Snuggy’s…and Seth raping his car…that was funny too! Good Times!



As the day comes to an end I offer you a very fond MURRAY CHRISTMAS! No poems, no articles, no stories, or Krampus to boot….Just Murray Christmas to all…and to all a good night!

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik