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Inspiration on Demand: January 2014

It’s a new year my lovelies!! A new year to start fresh! A new year….for more Madness!!! Yep, that is right Darlings. I’m going to add a new monthly feature. This monthly feature will be called inspiration on demand and will be about people who inspire me. Maybe by telling you some tales of inspirational people, you yourselves will be inspired. In turn, you could turn around and inspires others in the process!  So who is going to be first? Who is going to be the number one person of the year…NAY!! The number one person to even be used for this monthly article. I can think of no other…

Inspiration on Demand:January 2014

Seras Psychotik

Inpirational Seras

Yes, my Darlings, my dear Seras is the very first to be mentioned. She has been a constant support to me over the years. Even when all was lost and I thought I should give up and she give up on me…she has never given in. Sure we have had rough times, but you know…we weathered them and came out stronger on the other side for it. She is a wonderful mother who showed extraordinary strength and endurance giving birth to our wonderful little nightmare. (Half Cheshire Cat, Half Vampire…100% Lovable Chaos!) She did this no pain meds, no anesthetic, nothing! My lady is also the proud creator of the Psychotik Girls, a group of lovely crypt orchids from all walks of life. Breaking down the stereotypical barriers of beauty, and giving a big middle finger to mainstream stereotypes in the process.

Why she should be inspirational to you? Ladies and Ghouls, it took her a lot to start into the taking pictures for the Psychotik Girls. She hasn’t always had the confidence she exerts on the page. She earned it..picture by picture…still by still. At first, she started taking the pictures for herself. Sharing them on other sites. Then we started talking about an old idea for the site to have a personal set of models to help with advertisement. I never expected her to turn it into what she did. We started out with her and 5 or 6 other girls. Everyone of them didn’t quite know if they could do it. Some would only take face pictures. Seras then started to talk to the girls and help them out of their shells. She would use everything she learned to help build her confidence to help them build their own. She even had one girl who wouldn’t take anything but head shots and never showed any sort of body even on her own page. Seras was able to build her up and had her showing off her full self. Now some may think that is a bad thing. Do you have any idea the confidence it takes to take pictures and post them on a website for hundred of others to see and judge? It takes a lot!

Inspirational Seras 2

Our dear vampire mistress also maintains integrity of the girls page through thick and thin. We once had a more risqué page for the girls on tumblr. This page was for nude pictures of the girls if they wanted to take it that step further. Not porn, but more dancing that fine line between the two. Well, some guys started to take it the wrong way. Most web host would have kept it up. It got the girls a lot more views and a lot of attention. Seras said no. It wasn’t the sort of attention she wanted. No one was going to treat her girls that way. This is why we can’t have nice things guys. Also, she could probably get the page way more likes if she were to make it a strictly BBW page. She doesn’t want that. She feels if she puts a label on it, she is alienating smaller women. That isn’t what the Psychotik Girls is about. It’s for acceptance that all women are beautiful regardless of back ground, body size, race, or orientation.

On a personal note she is a loving caring individual. Seras comes off on the exterior as being a little rough and tumble. Once you get to know her though, you will find she has a heart as big as could be. She cares and loves her friends with all her heart. It’s so hard to get her to give up on someone, and when she has to…it breaks her heart to do it. She has never given up on me once. She has had her moments like anyone else when things get bad. But in the end, she is always able to stand back up and face the challenge head on.

Malice and Seras

For all of these qualities, I give you all Seras as an example of inspiration. Compassion, Confidence, Love and Caring are things you should take away from her character. I love you Seras Psychotik…don’t ever stop being you. Stay your course and stay strong and I know you can continue to achieve your goals. We will both achieve them together.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik



Me 1Name: Luci
Hair Color and Style: Brown on top, black on the bottom. A little past shoulder length and layered.
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5’5″
Weight: Curvy
Build: Pear
Bust Size: C
Clothing: Typical human clothing, tends to gravitate toward black.
Other Identifiable Traits: She has fallen into human modification customs and now sports nine tattoos and a handful of piercings.
Race: Fallen Angel
Crew Position: Psychotik Girl and Left Hand Writer (Get it LEFT hand….hee hee hee hee)

Favorite Music: Listens to everything. She thinks music is one of the best creations humanity has come up with.
Favorite Movies: All of the Legally Blonde movies, everything in the Avengers series.
Favorite Books: Anything she can get her hands on. She has a tendency to reread the Thomas Covenant series though.
Guilty Pleasures: In all this time she has been on Earth…she has accumulated a taste for a multitude of interesting things…LOTS of things…
Back Story: Luci had been an angel thousands of years ago. She was one of the first. She had been there for her brother Lucifer’s fall. At this time though, her name was Ariel. It didn’t sit well with Ariel, how her other brothers had cast Lucifer down into the fires of hell just for refusing to love the flawed humans. Ariel didn’t see a reason to love them either, honestly. They were messy and dirty and destroying each other – and their home – at a rapid pace. When her brothers figured out that she was in the same mindset, they cast her down as well… but to the earth. She was punished to live amongst the humans. Most of her angel powers and communication capabilities were stripped, but they allowed her to keep her longevity and her wings. The latter aren’t visible to the naked human eye, though. She was crushed and felt utterly betrayed, and when a stranger found her on the side of the road and asked her name, she gave the name Luci in homage to her fallen brother. She’s gone by that ever since. She spent the past few decades blending in with the humans, falling into some of their darker customs. She knows where her brother is and what he does, and she tends to help demons make deal with stupid mortals for her own amusement. In meeting all these other magical creatures, she is starting to think they’re way more interesting than her angelic siblings. Maybe a life of sin is way more fun than a life in the clouds.

Meeting Malice: I hope you all believe me when I say it is rare to come across a Fallen bound to Earth. Sure, you can see plenty of Fallen in The Pit, but seeing one in flesh in Earth Realm in any dimension? That’s rare! (Unless you are in one of 100 worlds where Earth realm has fallen…to…well The Fallen…) I just so happened across her at seedy little dive in Rhode Island. She was eying a struggling band, getting ready to set them up with a good Cross Roads Demon. My tip-off was the large expansive wings it seemed nobody noticed. I got a good rise out of her by vaporating around the room. Apparently she had never met a real live Cheshire Cat before. Two hours and 2 dozen tormented people later…I found out she was Lucifer’s sister…It was at that point, I realized I had to have her! She would be my left hand minion (Bartleby and Baxter make up the right…takes two of them to make one…)

Seras “Super Spider Slayer” Psychotik

I owe this to my woman. Some may not know this, but I’m a severe arachnophobia. I can’t handle the things! Just something about them, I don’t know. I thought long and hard about posting this story. However, I decided that I’m OK with admitting my phobia, and I’m OK with admitting what an awesome wife I have!

So this is what happened. We were heading out to run some errands yesterday. Seras and the baby head down stairs first oblivious to the thing that lurked less than a foot from where they passed. I came down after them and what did I see down that stairwell? A huge wolf spider hiding in the corner. It froze me! I couldn’t move any further! So I called to Seras down stairs. She put the baby in the car, then came to talk me down. This is the first time a reaction this strong has ever happened. I came down the stairs, slowly as not to get it to do that sick scudding thing they do. Every step I took though, I came closer to a full on panic attack! I might also want to mention she told me there was another spider around the corner on the wall. This is the one she thought I saw. Boy was she shocked to see the over sized eight legged demon in the corner. She told me about the little one, but I don’t think it registered she meant the same type. So I stuck to the wall and made it down the stairs. She grabbed my arm, and I went to round the corner, only to face down another one legs spread wide. I think it was instinct that took over. I grabbed hold of her arm and ran down the stairs with her attached. I know how terrified I am of them, and I’m not about to leave anyone while I run away. That being said, it took the next half hour for me to calm down from the attack. During this time, Seras told me she had no problem killing them. She wasn’t about to let them terrify me, and she didn’t want to risk one of them getting ahold of the baby (No need to have two  arachnophobics running around). So we go do our thing, get our groceries, and a very large can of Black Flag. The next part of the story is the epic battle of how Seras has earned her title.

When we get back, Seras says she is going to go up stairs and scope it out. She takes her trusty can of spider death and enters the arena. The big one, we will call this one The Boss, was near the arch of the stairwell out of reach. His lack was busy guarding the steps on the second set of stairs. Seras quickly drew her weapon and fired! She hit it so hard there was puddles of the stuff on the steps!! Next came the Boss Battle. She went up to the apartment to get a broom. The plan was to coax it down the wall, so she get blast it. The Boss wasn’t going down without a fight. She threw the broom at it a couple of times, and all it did was run in circles. I by this time, was brave enough to help get the broom back up to her. The last time she tossed the broom, it hit next to it. Well at the same rate the broom fell, it ran down the wall. Right as I went to pick up the broom, Seras yelled, “Baby, Run!!” As I looked up, it rounded the corner and I had a Close Encounter of the Eight-Legged Kind! I swear I could count the eyes. What did I do? Well I did what she asked, I ran! Not wanting to be ambushed she asked me if it was still on the wall outside. I looked and saw nothing. The only thing I could guess is it ran into the mail drop (Boy would the mail man have had a surprise). With the coast clear, she proceeded down the steps. It was an ambush! The Boss ran at her to make one last stand! She drew her weapon and fired! He kept coming!! Around this time, the neighbor came from his apartment to see what was wrong. He ran up the stairs and offered the assist. The Boss was defeated. All was well in the world. We brought everything upstairs, and calmed down.

What did I learn from this experience? Two things: 1) Seras is the best wife an arachnophobic could ask for 2) The reason giant-ass spiders exist, is to remind even the biggest, toughest, strongest manly man out there, at heart, your still a prepubescent 13-year-old girl!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik