A Moment to Ponder…

To know me, you would know I come up with some rather interesting thoughts. I figured, why not take the time and share those ideas. So, the other day I sat down and wrote some of the first things that came to mind. Just some random ideas that I figured I could explore here for you all to see. This is what I came up with:

1) What if Japanese Anime was real life?
Could you imagine? Think of all the endless possibilities. Now the reason I didn’t isolate it to one anime for a reason. Just in general. Japanese Anime brings to life some of the most creative, impossible ideas I have ever seen. Wether it is a teenage girl being transported to feudal Japan via a well (Inuyasha), or an alternate universe where Alchemy triumphed over Physics (Full Metal Alchemist) . It would all make life very interesting. Even worlds like Poke’mon or Yu-Gi-Oh! would have potential to spice up life a little. Come on a world where all of life’s battles are solved with a dual between super powered monsters, or a card game? Much better than what we have right now, that’s for sure. For the sake of discussion though, why not limit it down to three worlds I think would be fun. I say I have to go with Naruto, Bleach, or Full Metal Alchemist. Why those? Simple really! Ninjas are freakin’ awesome! Watch or Read Naruto and that will paint a much bigger picture for you. Bleach? Well I’m already a believer as far as the paranormal is concerned. Taking that idea, and coming up with a secret group of “Soul Reapers” to hunt down the good and help them pass, and vanquish the evil…..well intrigues me. It’s like they are souped up Ghost Busters.Only instead of a proton pack, they use their very own spiritual energy. Finally, we come to Full Metal Alchemist. This story is a lot like us anyway. Hell, the whole world is supposed to be a parallel universe to our own. The difference, Alchemy advanced further than Physics. Same world, funn-er science. Works for me!!

2) What if I came to work dressed as The Joker?

I’m interested to know. Honestly, I expect a lot of strange looks from old people. But would it make people nervous. What about the really rude people? If you got all “Joker” on them, would they really keep running their mouth?. I could see it now, “Listen buddy! I want you to get your ass back behind the counter and shut your fuckin’ mouth!” “How about a magic trick instead? I’m going to make this pencil….disappear…” Even something as simple as them starting to cuss you out, and just giving the those familiar looks would be a gas for me! I’m sure in a day you would have some people questioning your mental sanity, but on the complete positive side, you may have one of the least stressful days of your life. “You idiots never get anything right! I don’t know why I come back here, because you are all a bunch of Fuck Ups!!” “You wanna know how I got these scars?”

3) How great would it be to put an angry badger in the back seat of someone’s car?

I’ve heard of people putting anything from snakes to spiders in someone’s car. However, I have never heard of someone putting an angry badger in someone’s car! I for one am for this! I could just imagine someone getting off of work. It’s been a hard day, they’re tired. They get into the car, lock the door, and start the car. Then they hear it, the low pitch growl of pissed off badger that has been in the car for at least on hour. They turn to grab the door, then it’s to late, the badger unleashes hell. This is the kind of situation that you wait around the corner with a video camera, because this HAS to go on YouTube. I see it going viral within an hour. The real question is, who gets this done to them. It has to be someone that has REALLY pissed you off. I don’t really think the badger would kill them (Then again I don’t know much about badgers other than they are cool and real easy to piss off) Still, the thought alone makes me laugh. “Whats that sound…? OH GOD IT’S A FUCKING BADGER!! GET IT OFF ME!! GET IT OFF! WHY GOD!? WHY!!!!?”

4) Has anybody’s life been saved by House?

Some might say this is a ridiculous thing to think about, but I beg to differ. That show deals with so many long shot cases and exotic disease it’s hard to belive how it couldn’t. Now I know Hugh Laurie hasn’t personally saved anyone like that, but surely there are real doctors out there that watch the show. I just wonder if there ever has been a person that went to the E.R with on of these of the wall illnesses, and because of the show, it was recognized. For example, Johnny Trainwreck over here goes to the E.R and they can’t figure out whats wrong with him. He’s been in for 2 days, and he’s declining. This guy is dying fast. Then a doctor (Let’s call him Dr. Television) goes, “Oh my God! I just figured it out! He has the same symptoms as such and such, so on and so forth, from House the other day!”

5) Why are there no Pocky vendors at horror conventions?

You know I think this is the one thing missing that could quite possibly set the difference between an awesome convention and a truely epic convention. If you’ve never had Pocky, you haven’t lived! It’s the greatest treat ever invented. Almost like the recipe was created by God him/herself and delivered to this life to give all a true taste of heaven. Maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit, but they are really good. And there are literally hundred of different types. All kinds of flavors and styles. The only thing that could top it would be having Ramune with it! And before you all start saying, “But Malice, those belong at anime conventions!?” Well I say fuck you in your conservative, right-wing ass! I want my Pocky and Ramune! Something that delicious should not be limited to just anime conventions. I mean, are you really going to let the anime conventions have ALL the fun!

Well that’s all I really have to ponder about for now. Not really sure what you should be taking from all of this, but then again you don’t either so I suppose we are even.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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