I would just like to take a little time out of the day to wish all of my Freaky Darlings a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. Whether you belive in Jesus, Santa, Cthulhu, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster…I do hope you are having a most excellent day! So far the day is well. The little one was spoiled by Seras and Myself as well as Santa….as per usual! lol I’m currently enjoying the Magic that is the Roku 2 XS. I’m in love with this little box! Wish I was done with Arkham Asylum because I now have Arkham City. hoping to enjoy some dinner with the family a little later.

As far as content goes for after the Holidays, I have some pretty good stuff planned for you all. I have interviews coming up that I know you all will enjoy! So everybody stretch out, enjoy your loot, veg out, get fat, and be merry! It’s Christmas for crying out loud!!!






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