New Additions to come soon!!!

Yes, you read right My Freaky Darlings!! I’m going to be expanding content very soon to include a little more of the Psychotik touch. The first expansion I’m hoping to get working into before the end of this month. It will be a web comic of the likes you have never seen (And if you have seen it, it’s ten million times better). I’ll break it down for you:

Shaggy and Todd: In the future the world is run by the corporations. Metro cities have sprung up all over the country. Gangs run wild and plenty! In all of this madness, law enforcement and military can’t keep up. Do to the rise in crime, a new set of enforcers have stepped up to the plate: Bounty Hunters. These bounty hunters are fueled by the powers of advanced technology and genetic alteration. With all the chaos in the world, who will stand up? Who will defend the innocent? Who will right the wrongs? Who will stand strong against the evil of the Corporations and the crushing might of the gangs? WHO WILL BE THERE TO BLOW SHIT UP!? Shaggy and Todd are there to answer the call! Two genetically altered action junkies fueled by the desire to kick-ass, make money, and incinerate a city block in the process! You will see Evil Corporate Slim, Twisted Chemists, Insane Engineers, Clown-Motorcycle Gangs, and Super Powered Female Nazis!!! It’s an action packed thrill ride that you won’t want to miss!! So, grab some pop-corn, a soda, and cuddle your favorite explosives! Shaggy and Todd is sure to blow your mind!!

“It’s a Psychotik World“: Tired of your usual animal show? Ghost hunting shows seem a bit stale? Then does Encyclopedia Psychotika have the enema for you!!! Enter “It’s a Psychotik World” where your host (yours truly) takes you on a wild journey to find the worlds most elusive creatures and most terrifying specters! See as me and my crew hunt down the mighty Skunk Ape or catch us as we investigate a haunting that will leave you wanting more. Anything is possible in this messed up world! If it’s out there, we will find it (or make a fool out of ourselves trying)!

Tales from the Malicious Mansion: So long time followers of the site are probably VERY excited to hear this announcement! Tales from the Malicious Mansion is going to be a collection of short stories that you will DIE to read more! These tales are not for the fait of heart (and for some not the week of bladder)! See the horror genre taken back to its roots and rediscover terror. From twisted butchers to chainsaw wielding maniacs to a couple with a penchant for murder, these tales are guaranteed to have you begging like a zombie begs for brains!

These are the big things that I’m wanting to come your way soon enough! I’m sure you will enjoy all of them. I will still be doing interviews, reviews, and a few movie news reports (I realize I’ve been lacking in that department, but get ready for some soon). You may have also noticed that there is no Dusker of the Month this month. No I didn’t forget, you can kind of consider it Mr. Chainsaw and Ricardo Del Muerto. There interview with me posted a little while back on From Dusk Till Con. I will be posting the re-run of that article this Monday for all my freaky darlings that may not have caught it first time round! I’m cooking up a few reviews for you right now, movie and game! So be prepared for those to be coming within the next couple of days! ALSO be sure to keep an eye out for an interview with the newest member of the Madhouse!!

Until Next Time. My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

P.S. I would like to take some time right now to thank all of my readers and the people who have helped me on my way this whole time. Thank you Mr. Chainsaw for getting me to do this in the first place. You took a chance on me, and so far it looks like a good one! I promise I won’t let you down, and this relationship between the sites is going to turn into a MASSIVE juggernaut! Thank You to all of the celebs that I have interviewed! You have all been great. It was so great getting to chat with all of you and I hope you keep us updated so my readers and I can keep up! Thanks to all of my friends out there that shamelessly spread the word! I love you guys! Thank you to Joe for giving me at least one view a day! Back when the site would be lucky to get one view a day, I always knew who that one view was!! Thank you to all of the readers out there that have been blowing up the site and viewing like crazy! Without you guys, there would be no point to my typing! Thank you for reading, and I hope you stay with and spread the infection! Adding in another special thank you…THANK YOU TO THE DUSKER NATION!! You guys are awesome and I will never forget my roots! Expect Dusker of the Month to resume next month! Last and finally I want to thank my girls, Seras and Jazmin. Without you there is not a whole lot of point for this madman to exist. Thank you for helping me through sleepless nights, and putting up with my grumpy ass the next morning! Thank you everybody for the last 5 months and here’s to years more! If you are reading this, know that Malice Psychotik loves you all!!!


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