A Friend in Need, is a Friend Indeed…

Hello, my dear Freaky Darlings! It’s a wonderful Friday afternoon is it not? Well I don’t know because I’ve lately had to regress back to a semi-nocternal state. You know with work and all…Anyway, I would like to take some time to give a shout out to some good friends of mine!

Now, you might think from the title of the article that this may have something to do with the an odd subject matter… If that’s what you guessed you might be right!!! (Just in the wrong way) No, this has nothing to do with Placebo’s one-hit wonder song “Pure Morning”….However, it does have everything to do with Master Artist Matt Garner and his wife Craft Mistress Heather Garner. You see, the two mentioned are bringing into the world, a mad man of their very own  breed and pedigree. (hoping of course that it is a breed that doesn’t drool, mess the floor, bite, or otherwise hump your leg!) Really this couldn’t happen to better people! The two of them are going to make great parents. Unfortunately, Tragedy has struck our beloved duo, as bad things usually do to good people! So instead of being able to enjoy a little bit of time worry free, they find themselves struggling!

Good thing for them, they are talented! Both have a website of their very own advertising goodies for sale. Matt’s site can be found =>http://questionthemajority.deviantart.com/. Matt is an excellent artist and can draw just about anything. And for the price, how can you refuse?

Next, we have the lovely Heather Garner with her web store.=> http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/OddmentsandTweaks/4/1/0/ Heather is a very talented woman. I actually had the pleasure of buying some of her marvelous crafts this past Christmas. I’ve seen even more of what she is capable of outside of whats on the website. She is a true genius of the trade.

These twof ine speciemen of humanoid could use some help. Stop in and buy something nice for you or yours! If you’re not interested, pass it along and see if someone else is. Pay it forward loves! A little help can go a long way Darlings….AND BY THE WAY….Incase you all didn’t catch from the Facebook Page…The Psychotik’s have recently gotten off of vacation. A couple of days ago to be exact! I’m currently trying to resort things out as it were. With two sick female Psychotik’s and a heavy work load at work…well it’s hard to push content…BUT DO EXPECT SOME SOON!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

P.S. Be sure to check out Matt Garner’s Ask Dr. Robotnik Tumblr…You will laugh until you die and then you will die some more….or is that laugh some more…same diffrence…


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