Moving on up!

Hello, my Freaky Darlings! I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is after all of these years of trying I have hit the big time. Yep, Good ol’ Malice will be joining the ranks of those fine people at Fangoria Magazine! Turns out they came across a few of my interviews, and loved them. Looks like it’s sure to be easy streak from here on out! Now for the bad news…

The bad news is, my brand is bought. Yep, I’ll have to shut down the site to work there. No more HHN News, No more reviews….Nothing. TO TOP THAT OFF…I will be moving to Dublin, Ireland. So, I take this time to say Good Bye to friends and family…I love you all not nearly of you as much as I should, and love a lot more of you more than you deserve.

Inclosing, I have but one final thing to say…..


Are you kidding me? Like I would sell out!? I couldn’t leave you guys! I know you all (All 5 of you) couldn’t live a day without me. I am trying to hit it big time, but I’m not willing to sell who I am or my brand. Yeah, I know this was cheesy and you all saw through it…and The above would be awesome as hell…and I just made myself sad…but


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