IMG_0407Name: Celestria

Hair Color and Style: Blonde-Short (white after transformation)

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’4 (7’0 after transformation)

Weight: Veloptous

Build: Curvy

Bust Size: 40D (currently getting larger)

Clothing: Average

Other Identifiable Traits: Nothing too stand-outish…until the full moon that is….

Race: Lycanthrope

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Movies: Not sure I have favorite movies. But I love (stupid)comedy and I like chick flicks

Favorite Books: The True Blood series by Charlane Harris; the Anita Blake series by Laruell K Hamilton; the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich; the Hollows series by Kim Harrison

Guilty Pleasure: Likes to play with her food…

Back Story: Werewolves walk amongst you everyday and you would never know it. Then again, that’s the goal. So when most people look at Celestria, you would see a beautiful woman,  but not know her more wild secret. For every full moon she makes the turn into her wolf form, stalking the Alaskan wilderness for prey. So watch it guys…treating this one like a piece of meat…might make her treat YOU like one later.

Meeting Malice:
Oh, do I ever remember meeting Celestria. There really is nothing like walking the Alaskan wilderness at night. I do love that…oh what is it called? Aurora Borealis! So pretty…Not to mention it will do wonders for your back if you vaporate into it. Anyway, I was out for a stroll to clear my head, when a stunning white furred creature crossed my path. I decided to follow it. A rare animal such as this can’t be left unappreciated. When I tracked her down, she was feeding on a bear. When she noticed me standing there, her head shot up. We stood staring for a bit. Blood and meat dripped off of her mouth. The 7’0 wolf lunged at me and hit nothing but air. I’m not going to let that thing touch me, it was covered in blood. Seras said she would kill me if I got blood on my clothes again and she wasn’t there. I then decided to have some fun. I picked up a nice sized branch and hurled it over her head. To my amusement, she retrieved it for me. You see folks, although lycans are big and scary, deep down they are still in the canine family. and what canine doesn’t like a good game of fetch? I indulged until she got tired and lay down. After she awoke the next morning naked and in the snow, I could very well leave her. So I covered her with my coat and offered to walk her back to her home. It wasn’t long after that, I offered her to come stay at the mansion. Seras said we could keep her…as long as she was house broken…she is.



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