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Inspiration on Demand: January 2014

It’s a new year my lovelies!! A new year to start fresh! A new year….for more Madness!!! Yep, that is right Darlings. I’m going to add a new monthly feature. This monthly feature will be called inspiration on demand and will be about people who inspire me. Maybe by telling you some tales of inspirational people, you yourselves will be inspired. In turn, you could turn around and inspires others in the process!  So who is going to be first? Who is going to be the number one person of the year…NAY!! The number one person to even be used for this monthly article. I can think of no other…

Inspiration on Demand:January 2014

Seras Psychotik

Inpirational Seras

Yes, my Darlings, my dear Seras is the very first to be mentioned. She has been a constant support to me over the years. Even when all was lost and I thought I should give up and she give up on me…she has never given in. Sure we have had rough times, but you know…we weathered them and came out stronger on the other side for it. She is a wonderful mother who showed extraordinary strength and endurance giving birth to our wonderful little nightmare. (Half Cheshire Cat, Half Vampire…100% Lovable Chaos!) She did this no pain meds, no anesthetic, nothing! My lady is also the proud creator of the Psychotik Girls, a group of lovely crypt orchids from all walks of life. Breaking down the stereotypical barriers of beauty, and giving a big middle finger to mainstream stereotypes in the process.

Why she should be inspirational to you? Ladies and Ghouls, it took her a lot to start into the taking pictures for the Psychotik Girls. She hasn’t always had the confidence she exerts on the page. She earned it..picture by picture…still by still. At first, she started taking the pictures for herself. Sharing them on other sites. Then we started talking about an old idea for the site to have a personal set of models to help with advertisement. I never expected her to turn it into what she did. We started out with her and 5 or 6 other girls. Everyone of them didn’t quite know if they could do it. Some would only take face pictures. Seras then started to talk to the girls and help them out of their shells. She would use everything she learned to help build her confidence to help them build their own. She even had one girl who wouldn’t take anything but head shots and never showed any sort of body even on her own page. Seras was able to build her up and had her showing off her full self. Now some may think that is a bad thing. Do you have any idea the confidence it takes to take pictures and post them on a website for hundred of others to see and judge? It takes a lot!

Inspirational Seras 2

Our dear vampire mistress also maintains integrity of the girls page through thick and thin. We once had a more risqué page for the girls on tumblr. This page was for nude pictures of the girls if they wanted to take it that step further. Not porn, but more dancing that fine line between the two. Well, some guys started to take it the wrong way. Most web host would have kept it up. It got the girls a lot more views and a lot of attention. Seras said no. It wasn’t the sort of attention she wanted. No one was going to treat her girls that way. This is why we can’t have nice things guys. Also, she could probably get the page way more likes if she were to make it a strictly BBW page. She doesn’t want that. She feels if she puts a label on it, she is alienating smaller women. That isn’t what the Psychotik Girls is about. It’s for acceptance that all women are beautiful regardless of back ground, body size, race, or orientation.

On a personal note she is a loving caring individual. Seras comes off on the exterior as being a little rough and tumble. Once you get to know her though, you will find she has a heart as big as could be. She cares and loves her friends with all her heart. It’s so hard to get her to give up on someone, and when she has to…it breaks her heart to do it. She has never given up on me once. She has had her moments like anyone else when things get bad. But in the end, she is always able to stand back up and face the challenge head on.

Malice and Seras

For all of these qualities, I give you all Seras as an example of inspiration. Compassion, Confidence, Love and Caring are things you should take away from her character. I love you Seras Psychotik…don’t ever stop being you. Stay your course and stay strong and I know you can continue to achieve your goals. We will both achieve them together.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Time for another intro my Freaky Darlings. This one comes in the form of a friend and Psychotik Girl Luna! Now her profile is not complete so do please check for updates and give the girl some love! I also have to say she is the only one that got me in her Holiday picture on time. I didn’t get to post it on Christmas due to Computer issues (since resolved). She’s a good half bat/half puppy!

LunaName: Luna

Hair Color and Style: Long curly, dark brown with light brown highlights

Eyes: Bright hazel

Height: 5’4

Weight: 145 lbs

Build: Average

Bust Size: D

Clothing: Gothic / punk

Other Identifiable Traits: Two beauty marks one on each cheek

Race: Hybrid; werewolf and vampire

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Books: The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Favorite Movies: The lord of the ring and soon to be The Hobbit series.

Favorite Music: Nightwish; Bye bye beautiful. Nickleback; This is how you remind me. Kesha; Cannibal and Take it off.

Guilty Pleasure: I enjoy smells…When I say I enjoy smells…let’s just say just about any and leave it there.

Editor’s Note: Really? Nickleback wasn’t the guilty pleasure? In that case no I do not want to know some of those smells…Ha Ha! I kid…But seriously we need to talk…

Back Story: Luna was a creation by a scientist that was obsessed with the perfect monster or more so the perfect human. Stronger, smarter, faster and everlasting. To put it simple; an immortal. Reading stories and myths about hybrids and created his own. Blood of a vampire mixed with blood of a werewolf. For years the man worked on the perfect blood to balance it and failed many times. One day he had all but given up, that was till a new idea began to form. The blood did not have a host. In his readings he remembered the note of a Dr. Frankenstein, could it work? There was one way to find out. The scientist had found a child. She had died at a young age; killed with her family by some lunatic. Her throat was slit, torn apart. The perfect subject. The night of the blood moon was the night the scientist had succeeded. He had tubs down her throat and IV’s in every vain. A small pulses of electricity were sent to her heart and air pumped into her lungs. Her neck was stitched back up after all the blood was in her, slowly her body started to heal. Within a month her heart rate was normal, all vital signs were stable. He had done it. Three months had passed before she was learning to walk, read, talk… and feast. To her it was normal, but the scientist had told her that she was to keep the blood thirst away from others, it was their secret and one she kept very well. Upon her 18th birthday however was her awakening and the fatal night for the scientist.

Meeting Malice: You know I’ve always been one for enjoying what most consider monsters. Really they are no different than other creatures. Just they are a bit higher up he food chain. None of these creatures are quit as interesting as a hybrid. A half and half mocachino of the monster variety as it were. So here I am, wandering around in these woods in…well I’m not even sure I remember what dimension…and there is this girl covered in blood in the middle of the forest. Fierce eyes and sharp fangs. Apparently she had been out there for a month. She had killed the man who created her, a few campers, and a host of chickens. The guy that created her had done a good job at bonding Vampire and Lycanthrope DNA…he just didn’t know how well. It just so happens on her 18th birthday, the DNA strands became perfect…and the result was violent. Poor thing was having trouble controlling her baser urges…Seras is working with her. The information she has from her home world is advantageous to say the least.

Hope you enjoyed our dear fanged puppy! Look forward to more to come!

Until Nest Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik