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Me 1Name: Luci
Hair Color and Style: Brown on top, black on the bottom. A little past shoulder length and layered.
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5’5″
Weight: Curvy
Build: Pear
Bust Size: C
Clothing: Typical human clothing, tends to gravitate toward black.
Other Identifiable Traits: She has fallen into human modification customs and now sports nine tattoos and a handful of piercings.
Race: Fallen Angel
Crew Position: Psychotik Girl and Left Hand Writer (Get it LEFT hand….hee hee hee hee)

Favorite Music: Listens to everything. She thinks music is one of the best creations humanity has come up with.
Favorite Movies: All of the Legally Blonde movies, everything in the Avengers series.
Favorite Books: Anything she can get her hands on. She has a tendency to reread the Thomas Covenant series though.
Guilty Pleasures: In all this time she has been on Earth…she has accumulated a taste for a multitude of interesting things…LOTS of things…
Back Story: Luci had been an angel thousands of years ago. She was one of the first. She had been there for her brother Lucifer’s fall. At this time though, her name was Ariel. It didn’t sit well with Ariel, how her other brothers had cast Lucifer down into the fires of hell just for refusing to love the flawed humans. Ariel didn’t see a reason to love them either, honestly. They were messy and dirty and destroying each other – and their home – at a rapid pace. When her brothers figured out that she was in the same mindset, they cast her down as well… but to the earth. She was punished to live amongst the humans. Most of her angel powers and communication capabilities were stripped, but they allowed her to keep her longevity and her wings. The latter aren’t visible to the naked human eye, though. She was crushed and felt utterly betrayed, and when a stranger found her on the side of the road and asked her name, she gave the name Luci in homage to her fallen brother. She’s gone by that ever since. She spent the past few decades blending in with the humans, falling into some of their darker customs. She knows where her brother is and what he does, and she tends to help demons make deal with stupid mortals for her own amusement. In meeting all these other magical creatures, she is starting to think they’re way more interesting than her angelic siblings. Maybe a life of sin is way more fun than a life in the clouds.

Meeting Malice: I hope you all believe me when I say it is rare to come across a Fallen bound to Earth. Sure, you can see plenty of Fallen in The Pit, but seeing one in flesh in Earth Realm in any dimension? That’s rare! (Unless you are in one of 100 worlds where Earth realm has fallen…to…well The Fallen…) I just so happened across her at seedy little dive in Rhode Island. She was eying a struggling band, getting ready to set them up with a good Cross Roads Demon. My tip-off was the large expansive wings it seemed nobody noticed. I got a good rise out of her by vaporating around the room. Apparently she had never met a real live Cheshire Cat before. Two hours and 2 dozen tormented people later…I found out she was Lucifer’s sister…It was at that point, I realized I had to have her! She would be my left hand minion (Bartleby and Baxter make up the right…takes two of them to make one…)


Psychotik Review: Bitch Slap

Hey there Freaky Darlings! Finally back from vacation and ready to take over the reigns. Just as I suspected, my two Ghouls have totally trashed everything. But they are currently serving out punishment in the dungeon. At any rate, we have a new writer in our midst. Our very own Psychotik Girl Luci will be helping with some of the work load around her. She’s a lovely fallen angel with a penchant for tormenting humans. She likes long walks on a blood soaked battlefield and candle lit inquisitions… Did I also mention Lucifer’s sister… Fun detail…ANY WHOOOOO! She is debuting today with a throw back review of the movie, Bitch Slap have a look see…

Psychotik Review: Bitch Slap


Bitch Slap is a B-Movie that revolves around three outlandishly sexy women from three different walks of life. A down-on-her-luck stripper, a drug-running killer, and a ball-busting business woman all trying to retrieve stolen jewels from a gangster’s hideout while competing with other crooks pretty much spells out a movie full of hot chicks with guns. Julia Voth, America Olivo, and Erin Cummings star as Trixie, Camero, and Hel respectively. The movie dives right into gratuitous tit shots and slow motion entrances, and Camero having some sort of orgasmic breakdown due to pills she’s popping.  There is already obviously a lot of tension between the three ladies; be it angry or sexual. Hel is the businesswoman, and the ringleader of the group. Camero the killer and it’s given very early on that she’d rather not work with either girl. Trixie, the stripper, doesn’t seem to want to be involved at all and spends a lot of time whining.  And I do mean a lot of time.
The main plot line happens in one area, a seemingly abandoned trailer in the middle of a desert. The flashbacks take place in a handful of settings, including a strip bar, underground fight ring, and prison. Though I don’t believe it’s said, the viewer is lead to believe that the story takes place in Vegas and the surrounding desert. The plot line starts dead center, so there is already development between Hel, Trixie, and Camero. They seem to just be women working together on a job. As you get deeper into the movie, it is revealed that the girls’ pasts intertwine more than any of them had previously thought. The movie timeline jumps from current events to an event that previously happened, but at random time intervals, and can be a little confusing at first. As the movie goes on the facts revealed tie in together better, but they still jump sporadically.
A host of supporting characters show up to the trailer looking for the girls. Most of them are faced from the flashbacks with the exception of a local sheriff, who is also not what he appears. All of these people seem to be tied together around one central person, a fabled man named Pinkie. Pinkie seems to be a sort of mob leader, but he’s never seen and his skill with a blade is near legendary. The girls are all after millions of dollars worth of diamonds that a gangster stole from Pinkie, hoping to snatch them and get away before anyone is the wiser. Alliances are easily shattered and it turns to an all out brawl, but the final fight is between the three girls themselves. Camero absolutely loses her mind, Hel’s past is revealed, and the final twist was something that I did not see coming at all.
There are obvious “service” scenes, like the girls’ water fight and the extended hookup scenes verging on soft core porn that really have no contribution to the plot. Outside of those, the acting of Cummings as Hel is phenomenal. She has the perfect amount of grace and sass to pull of her part. Voth and Olivo can both get a little over dramatic, but they also portray their characters well. All three have good on-screen chemistry together. The supporting cast members also have decent acting skills, though I wasn’t a big fan of the characters Hot Wire and Kinki. The pair were both very overacted. Actors who were solely in flashbacks – as well as the flashbacks themselves –  were extremely overacted. Most of the fist fights seem very staged to the point of parody, but weapon oriented fights are choreographed well. One of the things that amused me the most about this movie was the names they gave to extras. Titles such as Nasty Nubile Escort, Mercenary Rebel Yell, Totally Awful Background Artist, and the duo of Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Groom are abundant in the cast list.
While some of the overacting and a few of the characters were a turn off, and the almost parodic nature of the script, the ending twist did it enough for me that I would watch this movie again. Well honestly, hot chicks with guns, I probably would have watched it again anyway. I give this movie 3 Top Hats out of 5.
So how did she do? I think she’s a keeper. Be sure to look for more of her here and at the Psychotik Girls Facebook Page. That’s all for now Darlings, Carry onward…
Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,