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Unmasked with Brad Loree

It was a couple of days ago that I told all of you that I had some rather cool interviews coming up. This is the first one. My first interview was with a very talented stunt actor by the name of Brad Loree. Brad, as some of you may know, was Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. He’s known all around the horror/sci-fi con circuit as a very personable guy who loves what he does and enjoys his fans even more. Talking to him on the phone did nothing but prove this. Mr. Loree was very informative, and I can tell he really liked to share his stories and life experiences so that all of his fans could see. At this point there is nothing I can tell you that the interview won’t explain two times better. So without any delay…Grab your butcher knives and pull up a seat because this is…

Unmasked with Brad Loree

Malice Psychotik: What got you into acting and doing stunts?

Brad Loree: Well…As a young Kid, I Just fell in love with movies. Movies were an escape. When I was a little kid I remember thinking the greatest thing you could possibly be wasn’t being an astronaut or the president, It was being an actor. It was like the greatest thing would to be in a movie with lines. I got into stunts when I was 13. I fell in love with Bruce Lee and Martial arts, and joined local karate school and was taught by a guy named Tony Morelli. My Karate instructor went on to be a world cruiser weight kick boxing champion, and he sort of dragged me along into that. Then he got into the film industry in their early 80’s, when it first started coming to Vancouver. Tony introduced me to ever body, and because I could fight somewhat and was a big guy, I was the big guy that the little guy could kick the crap out of and throw down a flight of stairs. He opened a door and I followed in his footsteps. As a young teenager, I developed a case of really bad acne, so it really derailed my confidence. So being a stunt guy kind of worked for me. It was the closest I could get to being an actor without actually being an actor. Stunt is more the physical aspect of acting. I studied drama in school, took some classes off and on, but stunting was the perfect thing for me. I got to appear on camera, and I got to rub elbows with the actors. Occasionally I would get a part what they called Stunt Acting. Instead of getting an actor to say one line and get thrown down a flight of stairs, they hire a stunt guy to say one line and get thrown down a flight of stairs. Basicly…that’s how I got into it.

Malice: In the realm of horror movies, you are known more for your role as Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. We’ll get to that in a minute! Really I want to ask you about your experiences from some of the other films you have stunted in. To look at your imDB page, you have quite the list of Blockbuster movies (X2: X-Men United, X-Men: Last Stand, The Watchmen, Tron: Legacy etc…) What was it like to be on those huge Hollywood sets?

Brad: You know, Malice, being on those big Blockbuster sets is a lot like being a minot in a really big pond! The sets are so huge and it’s so obvious money is being spent. Working with all of those big guys, like Jeff Bridges, Hugh Jackman, and all those guys. It’s always a huge treat because I’m such a movie fan. I still get star struck when I see people or meet people. Being on those sets is like walking through a dream, because when I was kid I always wanted to work in movies. It’s kind of like a dream come true. Some of the guys I work with never get star struck. They’re not big movie fans, they’re like star fighters or world-class athletes and that’s how they got into the business. So it was never a big deal for them, but I’ve always been like a kid in a candy store!!!

Like Tron for instance, I was only there to double Jeff Bridges, and it was like two days. The first day I didn’t even leave the trailer. The second day though, we did the work. I got to meet Jeff…and I even got to do some off camera dialogue with him. It was scene where he was his older self and they computerized his  younger face on to the other body. I did about a half a dozen takes with him, all just a few lines each. But it was really a lot of fun. I just wish I could have gotten a picture with him. I’m a huge Jeff Bridges fan! It’s just a real treat and a real honor and I will have those memories forever.

Malice: What are some of the coolest stunts you have ever done?

Brad: Coolest stunt? Wow…boy…huh…One of my favorite stunt actor jobs, I was on the set of a movie of the week called “The Long Way Home.” I think of all the days I was on set I was never as Star Struck as I was when I was on with Jack Lemmon. I got to do this little stunt actor scene with him. This other guy and myself play these two rednecks. My buddy tries to pick the girl up and Jack comes. We get into a fight with him and she ends up maceing us both….

As far as big stunts though…the biggest stunt I’ve ever done…in my opinion…one where I was the most concerned for my safety, was a TV show I was on where I had to jump through an 8 foot by 8 foot window from the third story of an abandoned mental hospital. It was called Rearview Hospital, they closed it down…Normally jumping from the 3rd story wouldn’t bother me at all, because jumping from high places into an air bag can be a lot of fun…BUT!! The floor below jutted out about 14 feet, and it kind of had like a cement patio downstairs with a cement railing. So it was a long jump as far as it was a high jump. The danger was if I didn’t clear that, I would fall 18 feet onto a cement railing, and that would have probably really, really messed me up. They told me “Brad if you land short I don’t know if it will kill you, but it will definitely mess you up.” It was just really scary to shoot. When we did this scene I had this run way built up. They have this big heavy sheet of glass, of course they blow it for you before you hit but it’s still basically a big sheet of glass! I had the wardrobe on, and I had these boots. There was another guy supposed to do the stunt, so all of the clothes were bought to his size. He decided he couldn’t do it because of his knees. So when they brought the boots up to me, they were these brand new motor cycle boots. Stiff, Stiff, Stiff leather that was two sizes to small. So you can imagine trying to run in these boots that are as hard as concrete, with your toes all curled up in them, trying to make this jump…I tell ya, it was one of those nights where you sure wish you didn’t have to do it, but your already committed to it…you already said you would do it and there’s no backing out. But I did it, and the director loved it. They shot it from like four different angles, and played it back like Boom…Boom…Boom…Boom! Four shots of me coming through this window. I was just so tickled. When we finished the shot, a guy named Ken Mathers said “Thank you Brad that was the most amazing thing I have ever had the privilege of shooting! Thanks so much!” It was a real treat!

The list just goes on and on. I’ve got to do a fight scene with Jean Claude Van Damme, I’ve got to do a fight scene with Jackie Chan, I’ve gotten chased out of a house by Sylvester Stalone, I’ve gotten shot by Arnold Schwarzenegger…I didn’t get to be in a scene with Jet Li, but I was in Romeo Must Die, I’ve had fight scenes with Steven Segal, Lorenzo Lamas…I’ve gotten to work with a lot of the big action guys.

Malice: You’ve also done some movies that were far out of the scope of what you normally do, (Freddy Got Fingered, Twilight Saga: New Moon, Josie and the Pussycats) can you tell us a little about them?

Brad: New Moon I doubled Graham Greene. It was a scene where he gets tackled by I think a Werewolf. Freddy Got Fingered I just slid a car out into the intersection as Tom Green was driving through. Josie and the Pussycats, there’s this scene where a van comes racing down the ally and these guys jump out and grab this girl, I was one of the guys that grabbed her. There are a lot of movies I’ve done where I was on-screen for about 2.5 seconds. But you still get paid for the day, so it’s always been fun that way. About 95% of my work is as a stunt man…If I hadn’t had the good fortune of falling into the role of Michael Myers, me and you wouldn’t be talking right now. Brad Loree probably wouldn’t even be on the imDB. The fame that Michael Myers has brought me, has brought a lot of my other work to the floor. It catapulted me into the spotlight for a time. I’m very fortunate and I get to do these Horror conventions, and I hope I always do. I hope I’ll always be available to come to them. Horror fans are just the most loyal I’ve met out of any genre.

Malice: What do you find more fulfilling Acting or Stunt work?

Brad: Well if I answer honestly I would have to say I’ve always enjoyed acting more. You know Malice, thats where my heart has always been. Unfortunately I didn’t grow up with a ton of confidence. I don’t want to say I never appreciated the stunt work, it’s just to me it was always a job. Also because I was a fairly athletic guy growing up, I don’t want to say it was easy. By and by I always sort of took for granted if I could do it then anybody could do it. I’ve met a lot of people though that can’t. To answer your question though, I’ve always loved the acting, that’s where my love has always been.

Malice: Now let’s talk about Mr. Hush. I have been chomping at the bit to see this movie, and it looks awesome! Is there anything you can tell us about the movie? Maybe a little about your character?

Brad: Well, I met Dave Madison at a convention a few years back. Most conventions you meet a few upcoming directors or writers that want you for their movie. But God Bless him, David sent me this script, and we ended up shooting the film in Pennsylvania last year. It’s essentially the story of this middle-aged guy that’s married with a kid, and he get’s haunted by a demon from his family’s past. I really don’t want to say too much at this point, because the movie hasn’t been released yet and I don’t want to give the story away. But basically the character is tormented for ten years by this demon, I can tell you that much. The movie has not been released yet, but I believe David told me that it was going to release in October in a theater in Pennsylvania. I’m hoping to come down for that. I guess that will be like our premiere. It was just a really great experience. I hope it does well and we can do Mr. Hush 2. It’s supposed to actually be a trilogy, so I really hope that happens.

You know when you haven’t acted in a while, you start to get kind of rusty. You have to keep your chops up. So when Dave called me I hadn’t done any acting or classes in a while. So actually I turned him down at first. But then I told myself “Brad, the only reason you’re not doing this is because you don’t believe in yourself. Why don’t you believe in yourself for once, and go and do the best you can and just put it all out there.” I called him and said “Alright David I’m coming out.” We shot it in three weeks last fall. It was great! I hope to work with Dave and Thom for the rest of my life!

Malice: Well there are thousands of Halloween Fans out there that are wondering when the hell am I going to get to Halloween: Resurrection, so let’s dive in head first! How did you come across the role?

Brad: I was working on this show “Los Luchadors.” We did 13 episodes and broke for hiatus. Even though there was a lot of talking about “oh, yeah we are going to come back for another 13.” Most veterans don’t wait around, they all go out and look for work. Our first AV guy Brian Knight went and interviewed with the Halloween people, because Halloween: Resurrection had already set up shop. And during the interview they mentioned that they didn’t know who their Canadian Stunt coordinator was going to be and they didn’t have a Michael Myers yet. So he said you know who you should talk to is Brad Loree. He’s a pretty big guy and he has done some really good stunt coordinating with me lately. So I’m driving my car one day, and I get this phone call “Hey Brad, this is Tracey Long with Halloween: Resurrection. We are looking for a Michael Myers, I just wanna know how tall are you?” I said I’m 6’2″ and a half and she said “Oh Perfect! You want to come meet the Executives?” I was like sure! I went there the next day and everyone was there. All the producers, the director…I hadn’t seen the movie in like 17 years, but the director got me to go up against the wall and walk toward him as Michael Myers. He gave me a few tips and direction…And he said I did just fine. They then told me it was nothing definite, but if they did pick me they would fly me out to L.A to get my head cast. I looked at them and said, “You mean I have to fly all the way out to L.A. just to double the guy?” They said “No you’re not going to double him, you will be the guy.” That’s when I went OHHHH I REALLLLLY WANT THIS JOB!! And so the director gave me the thumbs up from there, I went down to L.A. to get my head cast. We started camera tests a couple of weeks later, we shot for six weeks, then came back and did reshoots for two weeks.

Malice: How do you think Halloween: Resurrection stacks up against the others?

Brad: I don’t really know…I really like how they brought it into this day with all the technology and the kids texting and the cameras. I like it for that because it really kept with the times. It didn’t try to stay in the 70’s for example. It was sort of the modern time film for the Halloween franchise. I can’t really tell you how scary it is because I was in all the scenes so they don’t really shock me. I’ve had some tell me that they didn’t really like the direction, but they thought I was great. But then I’ve had people tell me it was their favorite one.I love the first one head, shoulders, and torso above all of them. Resurrection will always be the highlight of my life, even though I wore a mask and didn’t have any dialogue I was one of the stars of the movie. I’ve got a group of friends and me that always get a chuckle out of seeing the movie on cable and it says starring Jaime Lee Curtis and Brad Loree…we always get a laugh when we see that! It sure is an honor to have played Michael Myers because I’m a big Halloween fan. Everyone was great, we had a lot of fun, and made a buck!

Malice: Now I know most of the other “Men Behind the Mask” if you will, say they all brought a certain trademark to their version of the character. Whether it be a way they turn their head, or a way they walk. Did you do anything like that to make your Michael stand out from other incarnations?

Brad: Well when I was researching the role, I noticed some of the newer guys had really gotten away from the way Michael walked. His gait to me was one of the scariest things about him in the first one. I just remember it being so creepy! He’s not in a hurry, he’s just so methodical and calm. A lot of the guys got away from that. I just watched the first one over and over, and a lot of people have credited me for bringing that back, that Michael Myers walk. So I can’t take it as my own. But I like to say that I kind of resurrected it. ((No Pun Intended)) There was also another scene where I killed a girl and tilted my head. I asked the director if I could do that because I hadn’t seen that in a while. I remember that was just kind of creepy in the first one. It kind of reminded me of a cat playing with a mouse. I’ve always related Michael to a child. How like he doesn’t realize he is hurting these people, but more he is just playing with them. Kind of like a cat with a mouse, and how they end up getting too rough and the mouse ends up dying. So that’s what I like to think I brought back to the character.

Malice: Well this last section of the interview is what I like to call “Out-of Hat” questions. More or less a small set of questions that are either off the wall or just don’t particularly fit, are you game for some?

Brad: Oh absolutely!

Malice: Well, let’s do this then!!! If you got to pick a character in a Zombie flick which would it be…The Noble Hero, The Kick Ass Take no trash Zombie Killing Machine, The awkward Science Nerd that figures everything out, or the Stoner screw-up that dies a hilarious death and reanimates only to bring crap right to the main casts door?

Brad: I would have to say the nobel character…the first one. That’s who I’d like to be. That’s the one the chicks would go for!!

Malice: As far as cryptozoological animals (Big Foot, Lochness, Yeti, Chupacabra…etc…) What are your feelings on them? Real or fake?

Brad: Well I believe that when there is a lake or a planet that are deeper or vaster than we can register on a radar…You know I think there are a lot of areas that are still uncharted.So I believe these creatures are out there. I don’t like to think that there is no mystery left in the world. I hope one day they do reveal themselves, just like I hope one day aliens come down from outer space. I don’t want to be ridiculed for these things. I want them to show themselves and prove the nay sayers wrong.

Malice: Since you were in two of the original three X-Men films, if you could be any of the X-Men, which character would it be?

Brad: I would really love to be Wolverine. When I saw the first one, I really like Wolverine in that scene where he is fighting for money in the cage. He Kicks Ass!

Malice: So do you have anything else you would like to add?

Brad: Well I’m going to be at Contamination Weekend this weekend. Next week I will be at Days of the Dead in Indy. Dave and Thom’s stars are rising and they are wanting to keep me in their rolladex of actors, so I hope to see a lot more appearances and roles from them. I look forward to seeing everyone at the shows!

Well My Freaky Darlings, that about wraps it up for tonight. Brad is a really great guy, I wish him all the best, and I hope to have him back on here soon. If any of you are at Contamination Weekend right now and are reading this, be sure to stop by and say hey from your dear Uncle Malice. Stay tuned for my next candid interview I’m sure your Sister will Cry to see….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Contamination 2011: The Sequal June 24th-26th St.Louis, Mo

Hello, My Freaky Darlings…As I told you previously, I have two interviews for you that I’m sure you will all love. Before I get into those though, I would like to spread the word on a fantastic little show coming to St. Louis. This show is called Contamination 2011: The Sequel. By the title I’m sure you have all guessed this will be the second year running. You might be saying to yourself now, “Malice, why should I go to this particular show?” It’s very simple really…

CELEBRITY GUESTS: Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), “The Boondock Saints” Sean Patrik Flannery–Norman Reedus–David Dela Rocca, A first time ever reunion for 1994 Fantastic Four movie (Alex Hyde-White, Rebecca Staab, Jay Underwood, Michael Baily Smith, Carl Ciarfalio, and Joseph Culp), Tony Todd (Candyman. The Crow) Kane Hodder (Jason in Friday the 13th 7, 8, 9 and Jason X, Hatchet), Brad Loree (Michael Myers Halloween Resurrection, Mr. Hush), Dan Shor (Ram from the original Tron, and Billy the Kid from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to name a few..), Sandahl Bergman (Conan the Barbarian), Ben Davidson (Conan the Barbarian, and Football Player for the Oakland Raiders), Cody Deal (SyFy’s New Show “Almighty Thor”), Bill Johnson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2), and a Mini- Day of the Dead Reunion (Gary Klar, Mark Tierno, and for the first time ever Terry Alexander) plus more…

EVENTS: 24-hour Movie Room, Outdoor Drive-in Movie experience, A Concert by the one and only- Grammy Award winning G Tom Mac, Showing of the Award Winning Emerging Past, dealers room, Q&A’s, Contaminated Party Galore…and this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Taking everything I have seen into account, I vote this show a winner. There is a great guest list and a pretty tight event line-up. If you need further merits why don’t we take a peek at what the first Contamination had…

LAST YEAR: “The successful event that began this new tradition in St. Louis – Contamination 2010 -was held April 30 through May 2, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Viking and featured film legends from popular horror classics like “The Howling” and George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” pop culture icon Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi” from “Seinfeld,” sports legend Ken Norton, the 70s Godfather of Soul Cinema Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, “The Lost Boys” Brooke McCarter and Billy Wirth and showcased one of the most recognized cars in the world – The Batmobile”

Soooooooo, if your going to be in the St. Louis area this weekend you really, really, REALLY should go check out this show. There is a lot going for this show, and I give it a seal of apporoval….now with this said ON TO THE INTERVIEWS!!!

*For more information on the show and ticket info head over to

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Thomas J. Churchill Presents…Emerging Past

Not to long ago I had the pleasure of introducing to you, My Freaky Darlings, Thomas Churchill! At the time we more just talked about who he was and what things he had going. You might remember of his projects we talked about one of his films Emerging Past. Since that interview this film has been on the circuit causing all kinds of attention. It is now getting a release to DVD June 7th and will also be streamed on Netflix. It is because of this that Thomas Churchill and Marquee Media and Marketing have decided to give me the pleasure….NO….the Honor of interviewing him again for the release! I’m not going to waste another second…let’s dig right in darlings…

Thomas J. Churchill Presents…Emerging Past

Malice Psychotik: Well so glad I was given the honor to do another interview with you boyo!! So let’s do this!!!

Thomas J. Churchill: Thanks me too

Malice:  It wasn’t too long ago that I was introducing my readers to the great Thomas Churchill….

T.J.C: Thomas J. Churchill…lol just kidding.

Malice: Ha Ha! Sorry…Well now your back again to promote your new DVD release. How have things been in between Thom?

T.J.C: Pretty busy…Getting “Emerging Past” together for distribution and pre-production with Hallow Pointe has kept me pretty busy. BUT…a good busy.

Malice: Why don’t you refresh my freaky darlings on Emerging Past?

T.J.C: This film is a mind trip! Pure rollercoaster ride of excitement…as it has been labeled! Every twist, every turn reveals something different. It is a thinking person’s horror thriller. It has also been said that somewhere between The Exorcist and The OmenEmerging Past will sit.”

Call it what you want but, it is a film you need to pay attention to. EP has won 5 awards to date. I had an amazing time working with an awesome cast and crew. We have been meeting great people along the promotional tour for it. And the fans…OMG! The fans have been amazing. They get it. They seem to love it! The film is a trip. When I set out to make something that was different from your average horror film, I wanted something that no one can guess my storyline or ending ten minutes into it. That is what I feel I delivered to the world. Something fresh and new and most of all a horror film that isn’t a recycle of every other film that comes out.

Malice: How did you come up with the concept for Emerging Past?

T.J.C: I came up with the concept on a weekend get away trip to Washington , DC with my cousin.

Malice: What in D.C. inspired you to write the story?

T.J.C: Heading to Washington, DC I was excited to location hop where one of the greatest horror films of all time was shot, The Exorcist. I wanted to see the stairs, the house, the college, the streets of Georgetown . It was exciting to me. So I was playing around with my camera and shot things I could later incorporate into a film back in New York . The title came to me while in Washington , DC .

The footage I shot with my cousin Joe was inspiring me to write something different. I shot a version of EP a long time ago, during this trip. The concept was pretty much the same but a lot different. I always wanted to redo it on a bigger scale and now I have. Maybe one day down the road I will release that test-version of EP on some anniversary edition of the current film. Wow! What great memories I have of making that film.

Malice: When you made the characters, did you already have an actor in mind? Or more what inspired you to write the story?

T.J.C: When I rewrote the script, I wanted Pamela Anderson to play the lead. LOL. That’s why the character’s name is Pamela in the film. One of the first that was approached was Tiffany Shepis. I had spoken to Tiffany about this role back in the day in New York . She was approached again when we were about to shoot the film. She was excited and we were heading closer to working together until something occurred that didn’t work out for us. I was bit bummed because I wanted to work with her. I will be now with Hallow Pointe.  Brooke McCarter brought Krista Grotte to the table. I had a few meetings with her and she read the script and came with the passion you would need to pull off this complex character.  The role of Pamela Garret is very layered. Each layer reveals something cool about her. Krista got it! An amazing actress and a delight to work with. She brought Pamela Garret to life as well as won a Best Actress award for role.

When you’re doing an independent horror film with a limited budget you need the best actors to bring your writing to life. I believe no A list stars would have done a better job than the cast that I have in EP. Brooke McCarter won a Best Actor award for his role as Dylan. “The Lost Boys” was an amazing film and Brooke’s role in it was cool. But it didn’t show his amazing talent as an actor. His acting range is brilliant! Seeing him play this role in EP was amazing. If it was a Hollywood film, Brooke would be Sean Penn. Brooke was just that good in this film. Stephen Geoffreys who plays Cameron in the film was brilliant. Stephen has had an amazing career…he is a horror icon with his roles in “Fright Night” and “976-EVIL.” He was brilliant. We have several horror icons in the film: Stephen, Brooke, Steve Dash (“Friday the 13th part 2”) and Tony Moran (Carpenters’ Halloween 1 and 2) They brought their A-game to EP. Even though their roles were small, they stand out in a HUGE way.

Malice: What led you to the decision to have G Tom Mac soundtrack this masterpiece?

T.J.C: Masterpiece? Thanks bro. Thank you very much for the compliment. Well, G came to the table through David Lee Madison and Brooke McCarter. Actually most of the cast came through David. During shooting Brooke told me that he had this feeling while making the movie that it’s going to be bigger than what we are doing. He mentioned he would reach out to G. I didn’t think anything about it…just went about making the film. The night before I was leaving to go to LA, David called me on a three-way with G on the other line. We spoke a bit and when I got to LA we met. Great guy. I showed him some “raw footage” and he wanted to be involved a bit more than giving a song or two. He was excited about the project. He stated he has not had this feeling since The Lost Boys about a film. He wrote the score and handed over 8 “new” songs including “Soul I Bare” which I directed. “Taken,” “Fallen” and the duet with Corey Haim “Mend Me”. Brilliant. To me this soundtrack is G’s best work. “Soul I Bare” is the new “Cry little Sister”. We have a song called “Mud” by Katie DiCicco which also won Best Song. I directed that video as well. Various artists including Brian Ray, Magni, Kizzy Star…just to name a few, round out the soundtrack. Spectra Records did a kick ass job with the soundtrack album which is available now for download on sites such as iTunes and Amazon and the physical CD hits stores the same day the movie does…June 7th.

Malice: What kind of experience was it on the set?

T.J.C: I have some awesome stories. I got to work for the first time with one of my childhood friends, David Lee Madison. We acted together in a big fight scene in Brad Davis’ last role called “Heart” back in the early 80’s and we went to JHS together as well. EP was the first time we actually worked producing a film together. Mr. Hush was our follow-up where we reversed our roles. We were still producers, but now I was also in front of the camera. David was the writer and director. David has a small role in EP as well.

Malice: There has to be some interesting stories working with cult horror legends such as Steve Dash, Stephen Geoffreys, and Brooke McCarter…

T.J.C: Steve and Stephen were both a delight to work with. They both went on to work with David and I again in “Mr. Hush.” Stephen is a master at what he does. I speak to Brooke at least a few times a month. He ended up becoming my brother. The stories are endless… but I am not sure if I can spill any of them. You know images. LOL. But working with horror legends was amazing. Helping to create “new” horror legends is fun. I am speaking about Edward X. Young who is a horror/grindhouse independent favorite to some hard-core indie directors. Edward was amazing as Father Cole. Another one that I had the privilege of working with three times and will be again in “Hallow Pointe” is Mike Marino who plays the iconic character The Stranger in EP. People should study him and know his name because Mike is one of the greatest method actors that I have ever met.

Malice: So far what has the reception been on your end?

T.J.C: Wow…5 awards to date. People seem to love it. People get it. It has been a blast. Especially doing conventions and meeting the fans. That’s what this business is to me. You make things for the fans. For people to enjoy themselves.

Malice: Is it possible we may see a sequel?

T.J.C: Yes. It is possible. There are many scenarios we can do with this story. I know sometime in the near future you will be seeing a spin-off character from EP in his own film. We will be doing an origins film of the Mike Marino character called The Strange1. We are excited about that project.

Malice: What movie can we expect to see next?

T.J.C: The next film I will be producing and directing is a throwback to the iconic ’80 horror films called Hallow Pointe. It will be the definitive werewolf story. Take An American Werewolf in London and The Howling and kick them in their ass. Get horror author Joe Knetter and producers Bobby Ray Akers, Jr from Dead of Night Films, Marla Stoker and the executive producer from “Predator”. Now add a who’s who of horror and mainstream film and what do you get? Pure carnage. Hallow Pointe will be that “event” film for the indie and mainstream world without the $200 million dollar price tag on things you don’t need. This film is designed to scare and thrill the horror lovers. I am stoked about it. We have a pretty solid slate of films. After Hallow Pointe: Witches Playground, The Strange1 and Cold Plastic is another film I’m real stoked about.

Malice: Well…I’m sure you remember what time it is…You guessed it…time for “Out-of-Hat” questions: What would you do if you were trapped in a room with someone who was demonicly possessed?

T.J.C: Start singing television tunes. Play a game of name that show.

Malice: Have you ever known someone who spontaneously paints disturbing pictures of unspeakable things on their walls?

T.J.C: Yes. Me. I love making stick figures hanging. ..Oh I’m sorry that’s when I am playing “Hang Man”. No. I don’t. Wait yes. Do dentist offices count? Don’t they have a lot of clown paintings! LOL

Malice: If you could do any idea (Book or Comic Adaptation, Remake, own idea…etc…) what would it be?

T.J.C: Oh I would LOVE to do “Deliverance” has a horror film.

Malice: Oh! And money is not Not an issue

T.J.C: Always wanted to do Romeo and Juliet as Zombies. Star Wars as a pure horror film. Kind of like Alien meets Hellraiser.

Malice: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

T.J.C: A few times. Once, when I was moving from one of my apartments I closed the bathroom door. The outside of the door had a door mirror hanging on it. As I closed it I saw a little boy standing behind me. It freaked me out. Pretty creepy

Malice: If given the choice, would you rather hang out with A) The kids from Jersey Shore B) The Ghost Adventures C) McManus Brothers or D) Hugo Weaving and Willem DaFoe…in drag….?

T.J.C: Jersey Shore so I can give them a good ol’ New York style ass kicking! Just kidding…Probably The Ghost Adventures…it seems eerie and fun to tackle that. Yes…thats my final answer.

This one looks good too!!

Malice: It’s time to bring this to an end, do you have anything you would like to add? Links to where we may purchase the DVD and CD?

T.J.C: Yes. June 7th EP hits stores: both the DVD and soundtrack. Also it hits Netflix as well. Everyone out there please add it to your queue. There also is a special combo package being offered on For a low price you get the DVD filled with extras, the soundtrack and an autographed poster. I also want to say Thank you. I want to tell all the horror fans out there that without you guys who go out and support horror or independent horror we would not be here to entertain you. I will make it my mission to continue to give you quality and entertaining films. You guys are awesome.

For more information on our projects visit our websites and Facebook pages. Thank you very much. I had fun with this.

I must say that was a little more fun then the first time, and that is hard to beat! I’m telling you al you need to check Emerging Past out as soon as you can. If you haven’t already pre-ordered watch it on Netflix…and then BUY IT!!! I don’t see a reason why you would be disappointed! Make sure to keep a close eye on this man, he’s going places. As always I will try to keep you posted on any other developments. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for the Psychotik Review of the flick!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

*Check out the trailer for Emerging Past below…

“V” for Vanessa

Hello there Darlings…I hope everyone is getting ready for a wild Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’ll be cruising the theme parks, enjoying the beaches, taking in a Convention, or just Bar-B-Qing and doing the party thing at home…Make sure you have fun! I especially have a message for all of you going to Spooky Empire’s May-Hem this weekend…If you see this woman I’m presenting to you, give her a big hug from your dear ol’ host! The lady I’m about to present to you is a good friend who can truly see…and drag out…The Spooky Beauty in just about anything. It’s not everyday someone can do what they like and make a buck too, and she has achieved it. Ladies and Gentleman…Ghouls and Ghosts…The V I bring you is not for Victory…it’s not for Valor…Hell it’s not for Visitors or Vendetta…

V for Vanessa

Malice: Today I have the joy of interviewing a good friend of mine, Vanessa Bond! What the hell is up chika!? How have you been?

Vanessa “V” Bond: Well hello there. Honestly I’ve been keepin’ myself busy creating crafty goodness. It’s like therapy only cheaper. Counting down the days till my next show or convention.

Malice: Why don’t you tell My Freaky Darlings why you are here today? (Other than your awesome…)

V: I am here to share some of my Spookyness with the world.

Malice: What sort of things inspire you in your work? What gets the gears a turnnin’?

V: Geez! Lots of things inspire me. I love horror, Halloween, tattoos, Vintage hot rods And anything else that’s spooky. I have the habit of looking at things And wonder how they are made. I take them apart in my brain n try to maybe re-create in my own special way.

Malice: What sort of shows have you got to do so far? I think there was a Ren-Fest in there somewhere right?

V: Mostly the local craft circuit. But also did Camelot days. That’s a mini renaissance festival.

Malice: Are you ever going to open up a permanent shop or is the internet/convention arena just right?

V: I have an Etsy shop “justv13” but nothing is listed on there as of yet. My inventory is constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with that. I also have a website on Blogger. I post my happenings, Tour dates , Contest and so on On those sites.

Malice: Do you take requests? If so any strange ones?

V: Actually yes I had a request to put my own blood in the blood vials. Someone said they have special powers. LOL. J/K

Malice: Now the part of the interview I’m sure you have been DYING for…”Out-of-Hat” questions! Does it puzzle you…movie wise…how humans can organize a resistance against a seemingly immortal legion of killer machines…but if one tiny zombie super virus turns everything to pot and we have our heads permanently lodged in our asses?

V: People now a day are plugged in and don’t remember what it’s like to do things Like mail a letter Change the tv channel manually. Hell even order a pizza. I guess they expect to push a button and everything gets fixed. When it comes to actual human interaction we are all screwed.

Malice: Your stuck in the movie Death Race…What kind of car do you drive and what is it armed with?

V: Um Jason Statham would be my driver in his car so I guess I am in pretty good hands. LOL

Malice: If you could have one of these bands soundtrack your life which would it be: A) Slipknot B) My Chemical Romance C) Cradle of Filth D) Flogging Molly

V: Out of the bunch I would pick Slipknot. But prefer System of a Down.

Malice: Your dream comes true: Your gonna get turned vamp! Who get’s to do it: Christopher Lee Dracula, Edward Cullen, Eric from True Blood, or beat the shit out of those bitches because you ARE a REAL vampire!!?

V: Ha ha ha. Not Edward that’s for sure. He sparkles! I am on team Eric

Malice: Well that about wraps it up. If there is anything left you want to whore to the masses nows the time to do it…let her rip!

V: If you wanna see what I’m getting into just check out my blog. Or look for me on Facebook. Till next time……… unpleasant dreams.

That will be all for now my Darlings…make sure to stay tuned for some more madness…and Don’t forget to check out this dear womans site…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Who you gonna’ call?… An Interview with The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters

A few years back I came across a group of the most awesome cosplayers in the world. That group was The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters! Never before had I seen such accurate work outside the film! The attention to detail was amazing, and I just couldn’t get enough. The next year I saw them, they had an expanded their containment grid to this massive display. Adding on an even more elaborate show to go along with it. Easily, any Ghostbuster fans delight. Knowing what a treat it was for me to experience them, I couldn’t go on without sharing them with My Freaky Darlings! So if you are in the Tampa Bay area, and there is something strange in your neighborhood….

Who you gonna’ call?… An Interview with The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters

Malice Psychotik: So guys (and girl), how did you get into this?

Patrick Creel: I Had done some costuming before and there were others around me wanting to try prop making and one of my all time favorite films was Ghostbusters and there is no more iconic of a prop than that of a proton pack, and then it was all down hill from there because you meet people in through conventions/Fan Boards that have the same passion as you do.  Thus The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters were born.

Jason Rawley: I had been building and selling customs and props through Fire Blade Comics for over a year when I started creating props for The Tampa Bay Ghostbusters at the group’s inception.  It was only a small matter of time before I knew I had to don the flight suit myself…

Lisa Abney: Being a fan of the film, got me into being a Ghostbuster, but more directly it was Patrick that got me into it. I was officially given my flight suit this year and it was like being a kid again!

Malice: The amazing accuracy of your costumes and props is what I think makes you stand apart from other groups. What kind of research went into it all?

Creel: A lot I do have to credit as much as it pains me so, goes to the internet and fan sites dedicate to Ghostbuster related material.

Rawley: Research is done the old-fashioned way: pausing the movie and going frame-to-frame.  In addition, there are many good resources online from other prop builders and Ghostbuster fans who are generous enough to share their findings and inspired props with the rest of us.

Abney: If you really want to stand apart and have your talents as a prop builder seen, you have to research and pour your heart into what you do. Both Patrick and Jason have an incredible talent for making sure EVERY detail is authentic. They are both very inventive, it’s very cool to watch them turn a pile of parts into a movie accurate prop.

Malice: Do you all design your own equipment, or is there one of you that acts as the “Egon” of the group?

Rawley: The Ghostbuster universe is a great place for someone looking to start replicating props and then expand into making their own custom designed gear.  The way I see it, there is a lot of room for creative interpretation when it comes to the Ecto Goggles, PKE Meters, etc, because of the ways they’ve been translated from the movies to the cartoon to the comics and then to the video game.  Patrick and I both built our own proton packs making them as close to accurate as reasonable.  However, I tend to take a lot of liberties when it comes to the goggles and scanning devices.  We’re both prop builders who share a healthy respect for accuracy when it comes to the original designs but like to put something of ourselves into everything we create as well.

Creel: As Jason stated there is a lot your own identity that can go into a prop I focus on the whole idea shiny and new or used and battle damage?  it kinda says a lot about you as a person… therefore I’m very used and broken most of the time.

Malice: You all put on quite the demonstration. I’m sure there has been a wide range of reactions. Do you have any stories?

Creel: We get it all from all walks of life… You would be AMAZED at the amount of people who think its real… I mean it’s almost scary, when a guy driving past in his new Porsche 911 see the car see us and stops on the side of the road gets out and comes up to us and says “are you for real? cause I need help”… that’s a true a story.  My fav is when a kids don’t know who we are and it’s almost an act of self discovery because at first looks to a kid we can look very intimidating but under the right parenting, the parents will normally be very excited to see us and explain who we are and then the kids become very comfortable if not down right glad to see us.

Rawley: Lots of stories, no time to tell them all.  We get the full range of reactions from “are you guys pest control?” to “are you guys REALLY Ghostbusters, like, for real?” to “are you guys Nazis?”  I usually get kids who are only superficially aware of “Ghostbusters” so they are intrigued, but most of my jokes go over their heads.  Their parents however, are usually rolling on the floor.  I sometimes tell the little ones “I’m the guy who hunts the monsters who live under your bed” and most people are horrified when they think about the kid’s reaction, but the kid is usually like “oh cool!”  And I’ve even had parents say “Yeah, little Timmy, they hunt the Boogey Man in your closet.”  Only as a Ghostbuster can we get away with saying the things we do.

Abney: Just hearing people seriously ask us if “it’s real”, is always the best reaction, because you can have a bit of fun and lead them on. Even when you reveal that you are doing a charity or other event they are so glad just to see the suits that there isn’t a negative reaction even when they were just the butt of the joke.

Malice: As a group you do a lot of charity work. What got you into that?

Rawley: My wife Dawn was diagnosed with APL (rare type of Leukemia) 5 years ago.  We started supporting cancer research groups and attending local fundraisers and events because research was what made the difference in being able to treat her type of cancer.

Abney: More than anything I think it is utilized as a charity promoter. I mean how do you say no to a Ghostbuster? The least we can do is give back to the community, and if that means walking around with a proton pack on your back while you help a good cause all the better.

Malice: What charities have you done work for?

Rawley: During the first part of the year we raise money for the American Cancer Society and participate in their big event called the Relay For Life which is usually in April.  During the summer months we help raise money at Regal Cinemas for their Stars of Hope program.  And then for the Autumn months we raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and attend their big event called the Light The Night walk.  Then we start all over again next year 😀 and if anyone would like to donate to our team here is our team page.

Malice:What kind of turn out do you usually see at the events you have done?

Creel: Like Jason Said we get all kinds of turns out, we don’t typically do Birthday parties however when we see that a kid is actually a fan and not the parent we will show up.  Because god knows we don’t a GB2 situation.  A lot of the time events or charities contact us for help, so it’s almost a built-in audience.  Sometimes people who see the car have to stop and find out just what the heck is going on.

Rawley: Well we’ve done everything from huge fundraisers and conventions with thousands of people to birthday parties for a small group of bewildered 6-year-olds.

Malice: What kind of attention has your “Ghost Busting” Gotten you?

Creel: The biggest attention it has gotten me, well I managed to become the cover model for Egon for the Ghostbusters comic book published by IDW and am now setting up photo shots with the cover artist Nick Runge.  Which is very humbling to me.  I also got to have dinner with Michael Gross the associate producer of Ghostbusters, got to go VIP to the Machete just because I was dressed as a Ghostbuster and Michelle Rodriguez is a Huge Ghostbuster Fan.  Have gotten to meet Dan Aykroyd 3 times in a row.  Please see photos attached to this email, also when I do events or even when I first started do this I always had more of an infinity with Egons character so I wanted to emulate that the best I could with my own personality which is right on Que with my own.  He’s silent, strange, smart, but he has what I’d like to call Egon Rage where he just looses it and could go nuts and start beating up bureaucrat like Peck.

Rawley: The ladies love a man in uniform, too bad I’m married.  Oh wait, what kind of attention did you mean? 😀  My Ecto gets a lot of attention from the police but so far they’ve all been like “That’s so awesome! Run the lights for us please!”

Abney: I’d say it’s been very positive, when co-workers or family find out the general result is “Oh, I love that movie!”. Then they see what you have on and they are blown away.

Malice: So I know “Busting” isn’t an all day job, what does the team do for a Day Job?

Creel: I work for a large home improvement store company… yes its great for getting materials and have learned a lot about products that work and don’t work on prop applications but I really wish I could be a Ghostbuster.

Rawley: My wife works for the State of Florida as a Tax Auditor and I work two nights a week at a hospital as a Security Officer.  The rest of my time I spend making and selling custom figures and props online through Ebay and my Website

Abney: Jill of all trades

Malice: Have any of you ever had someone recognize you out of costume?

Creel: Yes, which is a lot of fun because people have to point blank ask you… “Are you a Ghostbuster?”  which I do have to say is pretty damn cool.

Rawley: Actually yes! Several times.  It helps that there are a lot of photos of us in action on our website and we leave people with a strong impression with our personalities and ability to entertain.

Malice: So I know this may or may not be a dumb question, but here goes! Whats your favorite movie?

Creel: I have a top 3 and the order always gets rearranged depending whats going on in my life but here it is..
Rebecca 1941 Alfred Hitchcock’s only movie to win best picture. Ghostbusters for obvious reasons Star Wars trilogy and yes I consider all 6 of them one movie and yes… I will even include the prequels in them as well if i have to…

Rawley: Seriously?  Star Wars, duh.

Abney: Sure everyone wants you to answer Ghostbusters

Malice: In the tradition of Encyclopedia Psychotika, how about some “Out-of-Hat” questions?

Rawley: Just as long as it doesn’t become “out-of-pants” questions, sure.

Abney: Let’s do it!

Malice: Walter Peck? Hero for the Environment? Or man with no dick?

Creel: Great question…I look at him in a couple of ways and also Venkmans relationship with him, would have peck been nicer if Venkman would have just showed him the storage facility, because Venkman kinda was an ass to him. but it is also very naive to just go some where you don’t know and tell them to shut everything down without fully understanding what is going on.  so on one hand yes he is a dick, but on the other could have Venkman been a little more understanding and seen his point of view of just wanting to know what they do there…

Rawley: Walter Peck is a misunderstood man.  I think a lot of it stems from the way society projects the stereotype of the angry redhead onto redheads that propelled him into his left-wing liberal environmentalist agenda.  A lot like Yosemite Sam.

Abney: Walter Peck? Ideal image of the far left political agenda with a dash of self-righteous indignation thrown in for good measure. Just kidding, seriously though…. man with no dick.

Malice: What would be your dream cast of actors for a new Ghostbuster team? Like using today’s younger comedians?

Creel: I love dream-casting on this level. They have to be unknowns for the most part and mid 20’s to early 30’s, 3 boys and 1 girl. Here are some of my loves of guys Jason Bateman (see Arrested Development.) Simon Peg (See Shaun of the Dead.) Jay Chandrasekhar or Steve Lemme from the Broken Lizard comedy Team (See Super Troopers or Slammin Salmon) as Far as girls go you need almost tough and serious but can also be a goof in a drop of a hat. Michelle Rodriguize come to mind for obvious reasons…

Rawley: I have a hard time imaging any of today’s “young comedians” fitting the Ghostbuster mold.  I would prefer they find someone relatively unknown but better for the role, rather than trying to force someone like Ben Stiller into the flight suit.  Actually I wouldn’t even mind Stiller in it.  I do know who I don’t want involved and that would be Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, etc.

Abney: The most loaded question of them all! If you could cast it…That is really hard, because of how much “scandal” has already been thrown all over a GB3. If I had to add someone to the GB ranks, I think Zach Galifianakis would be my first choice. He is really funny and can be so Venkman dead pan when he wants to be. As far as this “female Ghostbuster” rumor that has been circulating, It should be a relatively unknown female in my opinion. To switch things up that much you need someone with a clean slate that can steal the show.

Malice: Have any of you been on a straight forward paranormal investigation?

Creel: Yes I have, I do believe there is something else out there.  I don’t know what the hell it is, but it’s out there.  I’ve done investigations with Haunted South Paranormal Research. Very amazing stuff, and am very great full for the experiences I have had in dealing with the unknown.

Rawley: No, as a christian I do not believe in ghosts, as in the disembodied spirits of dead people returning from grave.  However I do believe there is genuine “paranormal” activity out there but it either has a purely scientific cause or is in fact evil spirits (demons).  I would warn people that Ghostbusters is simply fiction and entertainment, but trying to consult the dead is just going to get you in contact with things you do not want to be in contact with.  A good link on this is here.

Abney: The movie Ghostbusters for me as a kid fueled my interest in the paranormal. I was 6 when the movie came out and I loved anything about Ghost’s to begin with, but after I saw it there was nothing stopping me from finding out more about the paranormal. Eventually in 2007 I started (after I learned as much as I could about paranormal research) Haunted South Paranormal Research. No proton packs just yet, but one day maybe.

Malice: One of Universals Ecto-1’s (from the attraction) was auctioned off a couple years back. Be honest, how close did you come to bankrupting yourself? And if you weren’t then, would you now?

Creel: It’s still a part of history, so if I had the money then or now the answer is HELL YES!  its amazing 59 caddy.  Its a symbol, no disrespect to Jasons Ecto mobile HHR, but there is just something to the 59 Ambulance Caddy.  It just looks so damn cool!  I was lucky enough to see the restored screen used Ecto-1 recently when I was in San Diego and the kid inside of me nearly went into overload!

Rawley: To be honest, no.  I can imagine myself driving a ’59 Cadillac if I had millions of dollars and had already cured cancer, hunger, etc.  Instead I opted to go a more reasonable route and bought a car that fits our needs, the Chevy HHR, and also makes a nice modern Ectomobile with decals and equipment applied.  The ECTO-1X can be found on our website or on

Malice: Well, I would like to thank you for sitting down with me. This has been fun! Is there anything you would like to add before you go?

Creel: There are a lot of people who do a lot for this group with their talents in prop making that have given us guidance with their years of professional work in effects/prop building in motion pictures.  I have to plug them so I hope you do as well for without these people we would in my opinion not be as successful as group as we are.
Randy Cooper
Greg Baker

Rawley: Sometimes things happen, someone has to deal with it, and who ya gonna call?  Well, hopefully us…

You can find more about The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters on their Website, Myspace, or Facebook. This group really just does fantastic work. If you ever have a chance, look them up! I promise you they will not disappoint. I may end u having to employ their services if I catch anymore E.V.P’s!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Transmission Established…Come in Green Goblyn Project

Hello, Freaky Darlings… I have for you tonight another bit of madness. If you’re going to Spooky empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend, this will be right up your ally! The Green Goblyn Project was so kind to take time out of their schedule to do an interview. The GGP has become a rather integral part of the Spooky experience, so if you haven’t seen them, you should give them a try! To top things off, in true style of the GGP, they elected to do the interview via deep space transmission (don’t ask me how they got there…sometimes it’s best not to know…) Well, the link is almost…and we have it:

Transmission Established…Come in Green Goblyn Project

Malice Psychotik: I’m here today with The Green Goblyn Project. You know, the first time I ever heard of you guys was back in 07′ at Screamfest. But you guys have been around for way longer. A lot of bands in the underground scene can’t manage that. What’s your secret?
Green Goblyn Project: No secrets, is a big one. We only work on ideas that all members agree on, and within the band, there is ultimate respect. Each member is an established musician in their own right, so with a combined 80+ years of  experience in music, we’ve learned how to get along. Having formed in 1995, Green Goblyn turned 15 this year!

Malice: Your sound is really something special. How did you find your niche’? What helped you get to your current sound?

GGP: We never really tried to sound like any other band. If a new song sounds too familiar, we usually trash it. That’s not saying we dodge our influences, but we have always tried to be a band that is a new sound to the ears of current music listeners.

Malice: How did The Green Goblyn Project get started? What inspired you all to form as a band?

GGP: To ask why Green Goblyn was formed, is like asking any of us why we ever started playing music in the first place. First and foremost is because we all despised commercial mainstream rock and what it was portraying all musicians to be. You have to keep in mind that the nineties was a miserable period for underground music in general, and punk music specifically was in a sort of limbo. Secondly, the love and NEED to play Xtian tends to go a little stir-crazy if he doesn’t get up and scream his brains out regularly!  Once we started realizing that people were enjoying what we do, we felt an obligation to continue giving our fans exactly what they wanted. A real band, with real songs, that were performed by real mutineers.

Malice: When you were starting out did you have any inspirations? What inspired your look?

GGP: Straight up The Road Warrior. Having grown up in the 70’s-80’s with the constant threat of nuclear war, we are all cold-war kids, and I think we still carry the apocalyptic wasteland image. When the sh&% hits the fan, we are exactly who you’d expect to see stealing your gas, and burning your village.

Malice: Your fan base is a pretty faithful one. Do you have any stories of your fans? Any interesting experiences?

GGP: Hell Yeah!! There’s a million stories, about a million experiences, but to target any one as more noteworthy is hard it’s a violent world, and unfortunately the stories that stick out the most are the most violent ones. Rock n Roll was never meant to be safe,  and when it becomes safe, we’ll be there to split the skull of it again. I simply can’t say enough good things about the kind people who I’ve met, and that have helped us out through our travels over the years, but that’s kinda boring reading material. I would like to quickly take this spot to give appreciation to the crew in Brevard County (home) MikeD and The Cynix, Wolfy Lonesome, The Jizzhawks, Devin and Becca, Patty Blue Crass, Marky Splatterguts, The Compound Fractures, The Bony Orbit Records family as a whole, and Rocket City Recording StudioÉ321É where the rockets explode!!

Malice: Looking at your Myspace page you have quite the resume of performances. Do you have any favorite venues?

GGP: Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend has been one of my favorite events for years now. CBGB’s was a blast. The Engine Room in Tallahassee is great! House of Blues is always fun, The Masquerade in Atlanta, The VU in Los Angeles, Kelly’s Irish Pub in Melbourne, and The Hippodrome in Cocoa Village Fl. I probably could go on here forever

Malice: Of all the bands you have performed with, which are some of your favorites?

GGP: Another big list coming right up Leftover Crack, The Casualties, Hot Water Music, and my brother Chuck Ragan, The Groovie Ghoulies, Blitzkid, playing last years Screamfest with Joey Image (original Misfits Drummer) on drums was quite an experience, The Queers, The Subhumans, Agent Orange, The Monistats, Gruppe36, Warped Tour was Fun, again, I could go on here forever, but I must say the BEST shows are always with the Brevard County Bands at the local hole in the walls.

Malice: What are the goals for the band? Where are you all wanting to end up?

GGP: Being from the future and the past at the same time, we know exactly where we are going to end up, but to divulge that information, as you know, would interrupt the space-time continuum and likely cause all manner of ill effects.

Malice: So, your going to Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend again this year. What are your expectations? What can we expect to see?

GGP: We were going through rough times the last couple years with member shifts and having to re-record every time someone new joined or left the project, but  having our original drummer and lead guitar players back in the band has really brought us back to our roots, and you can expect to see what everyone has grown to love all these years. Feral-space-age-swamp-punk-butcher-freak-rock!

Malice: I’m sure you have heard of Spooky’s second show, May-Hem. Looking at your Tour dates, I can’t help but notice you have shows in Orlando, May of next year that coincide with the dates of May-Hem. Does this mean you are playing this show too?

GGP: We will be appearing at the show but that’s all we can say for now.

Malice: Now I would love to take the time to ask some senseless, rather random questions. Are you interested?

GGP: Go ahead.

Malice: Would you ever consider covering the song “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong?

GGP: Although I can dig the song, and ol” LouisÕ workÉ I have to say probably notÉheh!

Malice: Just for the sake of coolness, if you were ever approached with this idea, would you do it: Have Willem Dafoe sing a few songs with you?


Malice: Well it was a pleasure getting to do this interview. Thank’s for taking the time to sit down and answer these questions. Before you go, is there anything you would like to add?

GGP: You’re welcome  Signal Fading Transmission Lost
There you have it, The Green Goblyn Project! If you’re going to be in the general area or vacinity of Spooky Empire this weekend, make sure you catch them. They will be playing Saturday at 10pm. If you can’t catch them there, they will be in October for Spooky Empire’s May-Hem show. That’s all for tonight My Freaky Darlings. Make sure to stay tuned for the madness to come! In just 46 hours, your host will encounter…..FEAR!…Stay Tuned….
Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

Waking The Dead With Melissa Cowan

I’m such a lover of zombie films! I think a lot of it come’s from how they used to scare me as a child. (Hell beyond Spiders, they were the only thing that scared me on film as a child!) So when i get the opportunity to meet or interview a person that was in one of these films, I consider it a real treat. Today I get to show you one of those treats in the form of an interview with “The Walking Dead”‘s Melissa Cowan. Melissa has become quite the rising star in the Horror Con circuit. With Multiple convention appearances, photo shoots, her acting, and being a fantastic mother of two I’m lucky to have gotten the interview at all!! Honestly though people, to get to speak with this woman for any amount of time is to meet a truly lovely human being. So, it is with great pleasure I bring you this interview! Grab your shovels, because tonight we are going to be…

Waking The Dead With Melissa Cowan

Malice Psychotik: I’m here with Melissa Cowan of “The Walking Dead,” AMC’s new series by Director Frank Durabont. Melissa, your role as the “Bicycle Girl” has been causing quite the buzz in the horror community. How has that been?

Melissa Cowan: This has been an amazing experience. I had no idea that there would be so much hype and anticipation regarding my role as bicycle girl. I am thankful for the opportunity and all that has happened as a result of this. This has opened up the doors for me in ways that never crossed my mind, I am honored to have been apart of this and will forever be thankful. So obviously, there is a permanent smile on my face.

Malice: Your make-up in the press pics looks just…awesome!! About how long did it take to get in and out of?

Melissa: All together about 4.5 – 5 hours which is including a few breaks and it actually took another 2.5 hours or so to take all of it off. There were a lot of pieces, glue etc…  In my opinion it was easy sitting there getting it applied to me, but as PITA to have it removed, just think what it would feel like to have hundreds of Band-Aids ripped off of your skin, from you arms, neck, stomach back etc….  OUCH!! LOL

Malice: So how exactly did you come across the role?

Melissa: Actually an extras casting company that I had been doing work with for about a year and a half contacted me requesting pictures, they had mentioned it was for a zombie role, however did not tell me for what show or the extent of it. Obviously I sent in my pictures, didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks, then one day got a call for interview/audition. Went in and interviewed/auditioned with Mr. Frank Darabont it was “love at 1st sight” and the rest is history.

Malice: As the first zombie in this series, you’re joining the likes of other first zombies like Bill Hinzman. Do you consider it an honor?

Melissa: Absolutely and I can only hope that I will have the success and adventures that they have, I hope that I can live up to my expectations and please everyone.

Malice: I’ve heard rumors through the ether that you may be getting more screen time on the show. Is this true? Maybe a back story or another part?

Melissa: All I can say at this point without breaking any confidentially agreements, is that yes if you look closely at some of the pictures and video footage that has been released you will see a familiar face. I also will say that I did enjoy working on this production as much as I did. J

Malice: So other than the walking dead, do you have anything else in the works?

Melissa:Yes, There are several interviews, photo shoots etc and also a few new projects that I am in talks of, can’t really elaborate on anything now, but all in due time. ;-P Also, as stated previously, I have been in about 6 TV shows and about 13 movies, most of which I just did background work, I did do a few “featured” roles within those. The next biggest thing that I have done compared to TWD, would be The Vampire Diaries, I was a tomb vampire, unfortunately for me the way that the show was edited etc, I was not “visibly” recognizable, due to lighting etc…. BUT, there is a “possibility” that I will be going back this season as a vampire, still waiting on the phone call, so I am very hopeful for that.

Malice: Are there any past films or shows that we should look for you in?

Melissa: Again, as stated most of these I work as an extra in.

Halloween 2 – coffee shop patron

Past Life – Spelling bee audience member

The Tyler Perry Show – audience member

Life As We Know it – neighbor

Due Date – Driver

Past Life – NY street scene

Past Life – Yoga girl

Lottery Ticket – upscale restaurant patron

Life as we know it – funeral mourner

Tyler Perry’s Hose of Payne – Homeless person

Lottery Ticket – Marta passenger

Vampire Diaries – Library patron

Vampire Diaries – 1950’s high school dance attendee

Vampire Diaries – Vampire X 2 (season 1)

Hall Pass – Neighbor

187 Detroit – street scene

Drop Dead Divas – Club scene

Hall Pass – Baseball game fan

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns – Hospital patient

The Walking Dead– Bicycle Girl

The Walking Dead–   zombie(s)

Coke Zero commercial – baseball fan

The Terminal – airport traveler

Ex-mas Carol – Hollywood party goer

Marry Me – neighbor

Marry Me – bar patron

Footloose – City Council meeting attendee

Malice: What convention appearances do you have lined up? I noticed you have one at Ultimate Horror Weekend?

Melissa: As of right now, I am confirmed for the following:

*Photo Shoot/interview with the magazine Barley Rotten Girls.

Check out the site here or the Facebook here

*Spooky Empire Horror Fest Weekend, October 8th – 10th in Orlando FL.

Check out the site here or the Facebook here

*Rock and Shock Festival, In Worcester, MA on October 15th – 17th

Check out the site  here or the Facebook here

There is some more that I have been asked to attend, however I this time I am waiting on all of the details etc, but I should have all of that info posted soon.

Malice: Melissa if you don’t mind I would like to talk some about you. Tell me a little about yourself.

Melissa: I am 29 years old, married with 2 kids. I live in Covington GA. I helped manage a staffing agency for 5.5 years before getting into this work. I quit my job to stay home with the kids after an incident happened at my daughters day-care, started doing this work just to get out of the house and also for extra money. As time went on, I started getting featured roles and “better” things than just extra work, little by things started to go in the right direction for me.

As you can see I am one of those ‘feel good” stories about an “extra” that was able to make a name for myself. I take pride in knowing that all of this didn’t happen because I knew someone or whatever, I can honestly say that I worked my ass off and it’s all starting to be worth it.

This has been an amazing journey for me, one of which I PROMISE is not over, I am thrilled to have the opportunities presented to me that have been and can’t wait to be able to share more news with everyone, when the time is right!

Malice: What do you do for fun? Any Hobbies?

Melissa: LOL, after reading this question I sat here and started thinking and realized that no, I don’t.  LOL….. I know how to cross stitch but haven’t done that in a LONG time.

My family loves outdoors and animals so we do spend a lot of time doing things related to that, typically everything that I do somehow or anther revolves around my kids, which at times leaves very little time for “me.”

Malice: Are you a fan of the Horror Genre? If so what are some of your favorites?

Melissa: Yes, I always have been, more so when I was younger compared to now. I don’t allow my kids (ages 3 and 6) to watch “scary” movies or even “violent” movies, so unfortunately for me there is a lot of movies that I want to see that I haven’t been able to, I do try to watch some of the “off limit” ones once they go to bed, but as I said I have a lot of catching up to do.

When I was in High School I watched tons of “scary” movies, including zombie ones, I tended to hang out with the guys that were big time horror fans so we always watched movies after school and stuff.

Malice:What are some of your personal goals?

Melissa: First and foremost, my apparent goals are to keep being a good mom and putting my kids and family 1st, which pretty much goes unsaid. Then obviously to keep making a name for myself, now that I have broken out of “just an extra” I am excited about the offers that I have gotten and would like to continue making my dreams come true. Would like to keep getting bigger and bigger roles, things like that.   J

Malice: As tradition I would like to ask you a few “out of hat” questions. You ready?

Melissa: LET’S DO IT!

Malice: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Melissa: I don’t know if you would consider this paranormal or not, but one night when I still lived at home, before getting married and having kids, I was telling my nephew goodnight (whom was only about 5 or 6 at the time) and he told me to tell the “man in the closet” goodnight to. Of course I was a little freaked out and asked him what he was talking about. He goes on to tell me a name and describe what the “man in the closet” looked like. He described a guy that I was dating years prior before my nephew was even born; actually my sister was pregnant with him at the time that my boyfriend was killed in a car wreck. So when my nephew told me that name and what the person was wearing it freaked me out a little. I got a little emotional, confused, and angry that my nephew might have been playing a prank of me. My nephew goes on without hesitation to tell me not to be scared that he and XX talked all the time.

That’s about the extent of anything happening that I would consider paranormal. I do have some funny stories about me and some friends going to so-called haunted houses, which were anything from old vacant houses no one lived in to houses that were up for sale or rent. Some of these stories I still laugh at when I think about them today, one of my best friends and I actually laugh together about them some times!! LOL Maybe one day, I’ll have time to tell you one or 2!!

Malice: What’s the oddest Halloween outfit you have ever worn?

Melissa: Sadly, I can’t think of the “oddest” one, just normally do simple things.  LOL Boring I know!

Malice: Have you ever had one of those awkward moments were you would rather be having a drill boarded through your skull than to be in the situation any longer?

Melissa: Back when I was a teenager and having to listen to the same lecture over and over, just because I was dumb enough to get caught again. LOL

Malice: Well I would like to thank you for doing this interview. It’s been a real pleasure! Is there anything you would like to add?

Melissa: Just would like to thank all of the fans for the support, fan mail, etc… You guys rock! Can’t wait to start meeting you all!

Also I am in the process of getting my website up and running should be completed any day now. It is

Also I have a Facebook fan page as well. The link to that is here.

There you have it My Freaky Darlings! Be sure to keep an eye out for Melissa in “The Walking Dead” and in “Vampire Diaries.” I hope some of you have the pleasure of meeting her in October.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Allow Me to Introduce Dave Madison…

The other day, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Madison. Dave is the Director of an up coming independent film, Mr. Hush. He is also the promoter for Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear. I have to say, I’m very impressed with this movie and the convention. The movie looks fantastic, and the convention line-up is pretty tight. They even have the privilege of being Steve Dash’s last show. It was great being able to chat with Dave, he’s such a down to earth guy and real genre fan at heart. I truly feel that it’s people like him, that will lead the horror genre in the direction it needs to go. So without wasting another key stroke, done in the name of From Dusk till Con, and interviewed by yours truly…

Allow Me to Introduce, Dave Madison…

That's Dave in the Middle...

Malice Psychotik: So we will get to the movie and the convention in a moment, but first I would like to ask some question about you if you don’t mind. I think it would be pretty fair to say that you are a fan of horror film. Why Horror? What got you into the genre?

Dave Madison: As a product of the 80’s, I was exposed to some of the finest horror films ever made.  In addition, my older brother, Bob, who was like a father-figure to me, adored the classic Universal films.  Every Halloween, these films would be shown on the local PBS station; it is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Malice: What are some of your favorite Horror films?

Dave: I have a real passion for the Universal classic films such as Karloff’s Frankenstein, Lugosi’s Dracula and Chaney’s WolfmanFright Night is one of the finest horror films ever made with just the right amount of scares and wit.  Halloween is driven by the great performances of Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis.  The Lost Boys was a great popcorn, summer vampire film that was beautifully shot.  Near Dark made smarmy cool and American Werewolf in London was terrifying as our hero never really had a chance to win.  Other great horror films, in no particular order, are  Frank Langella’s Dracula, Evil Dead, the original King Kong, and Needful Things.

Malice: Is there anyone in the genre that you look up to specifically?

Dave: No, oddly enough, I think Frank Capra was the finest film maker that ever lived.  I would have loved to have worked with the late Roddy McDowall, Donald Pleasance or Vincent Price.

Malice: Let’s move to Mr. Hush. I’ve seen the trailer, and I have to say I’m impressed! It looks really good, and I can’t wait to see it. What was your inspiration for the film?

Dave: Mr Hush is the perfect storm of films that have inspired me over the course of my life.  I like to think it is smart and witty like Fright Night, well acted like Langella’s Dracula, and paced like a great Carpenter film.

Malice: What has been your favorite part of the film making process?

Dave: The writing.  It is really rewarding to see your characters come to life by extremely talented actors and actresses.

Malice: You have a pretty tight cast going on with this film. What helped you pick some of them?

Dave: After knowing most of these people for a while, this particular script was written to the strengths of these fine actors. Stark, for example, brings Stephen Geoffreys back to what he is beloved for by genre fans, classic horror with a touch of dark humor.

Stephen Geoffreys in a scene from Mr. Hush

Malice:  Any on-set stories you can share with us?

Dave: Sets are kind of like Vegas, what happens there stays there!

Malice: What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into the business of film? Anything you have learned?

Dave: Keep working at it and if you have talent, it will eventually come to you.  And the most important thing you can ever learn is never take yourself too seriously.

Malice: I would also like to discuss your convention. What got the idea started for the convention?

Dave: The genesis of the convention came when I was pondering how to introduce the next cultural horror icon to as many people as possible.  The Weekend of Fear is really just a celebration of our beloved genre where new film makers, veteran film makers, actors, actresses and fans can convene for a weekend of fun.  What is most important to me is that we stay true to our genre.

Malice: Do you attend other conventions? If so, do you have any favorites?

Dave: I have attended a handful and all have been fun.

Malice: Is there any special events that you think will stand out at your show? Anything you think fans are not going to want to miss?

Dave: So much fun, so little time.  Here are a few not to be missed:  Friday night’s Masquerade Ball – if you have not partied with Brad Loree (Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection), you haven’t lived!  Steve Dash (Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2) will be making his last convention appearance- if you have not had a chance to meet this horror icon, he is truly a fan favorite. Stephen Geoffreys and Tiffany Shepis discussing Corey Haim’s last horror genre film, New Terminal Hotel, should be very interesting. And of course, the world premier of Mr Hush.  Plus there will be more surprises.

Malice: Your guest list looks great! Will you be adding anymore to the list? Any hints?

Dave: There are more to come and they are all from the horror genre. wink wink

Malice: This being the first show, where do you see the show going? Do you have any goals for the show to grow?

Dave: I hope that every autumn, people converge on northeastern PA to celebrate the greatest genre in film today. But truly the most important thing is that everyone has fun!

Malice:  Alright, before we wrap this up, it’s become a trademark of mine to ask a round of completely random questions. Would you be interested in participating in the madness?

Dave: Sure

Malice: If you could be any infectious disease, which would you be?

Dave: mono

Malice: Who do you think would win between Lestat (from Queen of the Damned) and David (from The Lost Boys)

Dave: Lestat was a buttercup so it would be David, hands down.  But David would fall quickly to the mighty Evil Ed.

Malice:  How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could dual wield chainsaws?

Dave: 2 cords

Malice:  Have you ever had something so good, it made you want to smack a man named “Rufus”

Dave: Sal’s chicken parm

Malice:  Well, I want to thank you for doing this interview. You have been awesome and it was a pleasure having you. I really look forward to see Mr. Hush when it’s ready. Is there anything you would like to add?

Dave: Thanks for the time.  It was great.  I hope everyone loves Mr Hush.  We made a film that is very different from the types of horror films Hollywood pumps out today.  We’re not in 3D, and we’re smart with a touch of dark humor.  It is exactly the direction the genre should be going in.  And I can’t wait to see everyone at the Weekend of Fear- we will have a blast.

Well that wraps up the interview with Mr. Madison. I look forward to seeing Mr. Hush. I just can’t wait to hear more news. If anyone else would like to keep up with the movie or the convention, you can catch the news on the website at

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

Dusker of the Month for August: The Primal Root

It’s that time again! Time for the Dusker of the Month for August! This month is none other than………THE PRIMAL ROOT!! In getting named Dusker of the Month for August, our very own Primal Root was subjected to an interrogation by yours truly (Exactly what kind of honor is this?). Seriously though, Root was an awesome interview. I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you Root for letting everyone else get to know you a little better. (As if seeing your testicles wasn’t close enough!) So without a second more delay I present you with…

Root of the Damned: The Primal Root

Meet The Primal Root...

Malice: We have our Dusker of the Month here, The Primal Root! You are such a colorful character, I’m not sure where to start! So, what do you say we start with astrophysics?

Root: I think that’s a phenomenal place to start, Malice. My current research into quantum mechanics has led me to the startling conclusion that-

Malice: HaHa! I was joking with the first question! (However I see this as a viable conversation for later) Anyway, How goes things? How does it feel being Dusker of the month?

Root: Things are going well. I’ve been keeping tremendously busy and so far things are going just peachy. There have been no fatalities. It is both an honor and a privilege to be chosen to represent From Dusk Till Con as the Dusker of the Month for August 2010.

Malice: Now I know you are a lover of film and music. What films have you seen lately? Any music out there that catches your attention?

Root: I try to squeeze in as many movies as I possibly can in my spare time looking for really good trashy films as well as seeing whatever’s playing at the theater. And though I recently saw Inception, and enjoyed it, the one film I can’t stop talking about is Black Dynamite. I saw it for the first time a few days ago and it’s just drop dead hilarious. I’ve always been a big fan of the blaxploitation genre of the mid-late 70’s and Black Dynamite is a fantastic send up of the form and a loving tribute. It’s a must see.

My musical tastes are all over the map, but there are two bands I’ve really been listening to a lot lately. Them Crooked Vultures, who have a dirty, gritty sound to them I really like. Very I-Don’t-Give a-Shit and overtly sexual. It’s mojo music. I also recently got into The Drive-By Truckers. They’re an alternative southern rock band from Atlanta Georgia and their stuff is just excellent. Again, gritty, dirty music about the underbelly of America’s heartland and the plight of the blue-collar working class. It’s music that reminds me of where I’m from and I’ve always been a fan of musicians who can tell a good story.

Malice: Now most everyone has heard of your baby (Trash Cinema Collective) How did this labor of love start?

Root: Oh man, the Trash Cinema Collective was something I’d had in my head for a while and it sparked to life over a conversation I was having with a friend of mine back in 2009. We had recently watched Troll 2 and Samurai Cop, and she mentioned to me how much fun she had watching, laughing and cracking jokes over these movies and how we should make it a monthly event. I coined the name for our group (The Trash Cinema Collective) and the idea just took off from there.

I wanted to create a website that would feature reviews, videos and articles about any and all things related to Trash Cinema. A group of people who appreciate and understand why it’s so much fun to hang out in a group, tip back a few cold ones and have some good-natured fun at the expense of some trashy movies.

Malice: Is there any of your Reviews that stand out against the rest? Any favorites?

Root: Wow, that’s a difficult question. Jeez… um…. I suppose it’s like having to pick your favorite child. I love all of them for various different reasons. The Queen of the Damned Rotten Review is one Jessica and I hold close to our hearts because we bonded over that movie when we started dating. All those jokes are ones we came up with together while watching the movie.

What looks to be the fan favorite is, the A Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 review I did back before the release of the remake. Something about that episode has really stuck with people. It could be the quality of the jokes, the visual gags, the skits, my balls being visible in a shot, really it’s anyone’s guess why that one has been so successful.

My two personal favorite is either Scanners 3: The Takeover or Blood Freak. Both films are just so unbelievably ridiculous that they just lend themselves perfectly to the Rotten Reviews. Also, both episodes are very skit heavy which help to keep me from getting bored with the project. Exploding my own head in a Scanner battle and groping The Topless Turkey Monster have been the high points of my career.

Malice: Where do you want to see TCC in the future? Any Goals?

Root: I would love to see the TCC reach and even wider audience and earn some more fans. I’d like for the collective to keep growing and gain more contributors to the site and it would be great to one day get a sponsor. I don’t want to blue sky too much and give the wrong impression because I love what I do and I am very happy to simply make people laugh. And hopefully turn them on to some stranger, trashier, forgotten cinema.

Ah, the zen of Root...

Malice: Do you play any video games? If so what are some of your favorites?

Root: I am the lamest gamer you’ll ever meet. I won a Wii and a Game Cube and I play old arcade games and NES games on both almost exclusively. I’ve recently been playing the hell out of Super Castlevania IV and Super Metroid. My favorite video game of all time is Ms. Pac-Man.

Malice: Hey now, the classics are just that. No Shame here. Now I know you have a soft spot for zombie movies. What is the epitome of a zombie film for you?

Root: I can enjoy a zombie movie on two different levels. I love the old school Romero style like night of the Living Dead where the rules are set in stone and there’s a great amount of social commentary to go along with all the shambling and flesh-eating. But I also love stuff like Return of the Living Dead and Zombieland, living dead films that don’t take themselves so damn seriously. Not that both those films don’t have anything to say about the time in which they were made…but that’s a whole other question.

The epitome of a zombie film for me? It’s gotta have brains.

He bites.....literally!

Malice: Now if you don’t mind I would like to shift gears. I would like to ask you some random, off the wall questions. Is that cool?

Root: Absolutely, babe.

Malice: Here goes, What are your feelings on genetically engineered super ninja cats?

Root: I’ve never seen one. But I guess that’s the point.

Malice: If you got to pick who killed you out of this list of people, who would it be? Why?
A) Jason Voorhees B) Freddy Krueger C) Jack the Ripper D) Marv Albert

Root: A) Jason Voorhees. Without a moment’s hesitation I will always pick Jason as my killer. not only is he an artist of brutality he’s also the ultimate nerd villain. He’s the advocate for the outcast, the ones who feel they don’t fit in. There’s no nightmares, no morality fueled death traps, no Jason is just going to kill you because he’s pissed off, angry, unloved and alone. Jason can crush my skull between his bare hands, put a machete through my face or swing me against a tree any day.

Malice: If your Uncle Jack was on an elephant,………would you shoot him in the face?

Root: Without a moment’s hesitation.

Malice: Assassin Space Chimps take over the world! What do you do?

Root: Prepare Banana Pudding and use it as a peace-offering. I’m sure they could use a PR guy.

Malice: BUT! You have a really bad case of jock itch?

Root: Oh, well in that case, I would just add some Nilla Waffers.

Malice: Who would win in this fight, Chev Chellios VS. King Leonidas?

Root: Chev.

Malice: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

Root: I’m Team Sam.

Malice: Alright, that was fun! Well we are just about done with your interview. Is there any stories you want to share? Anything that would give us insight into your very soul?

Root: I will leave you with a proverb that has served me well over the years…

One Goat in your Hand
Is Better than Ten Goats on your Roof.

Malice: Before you go, where’s your number one stop for madness on the web?

Root: Encyclopedia Psychotika, baby!

Rock on Root

Thanks goes to The Primal Root! Thank you for a great interview. It was a pleasure having you. Remember people, the next time you are feeling a little trashy on the web, head on over to Trash Cinema Collective and get your fix!

Until next time my freaky darlings,

Malice Psychotik

The Wolfman

Well it has been a long time coming, but I have finally gotten around to seeing this movie. I have to say that I am very impressed. Out of the original Universal Monsters, The Wolfman is only ever seconded by Dracula. So as you can imagine I had my reservations from the start. I wasn’t really sure if I liked Universal revisioning the old classics. With amount of revisions and remakes out there though, it was only a matter of time before these screen gems were dusted off. It wasn’t until I saw the first bit of advertisement for the movie that my hopes were lifted.

Let me start with the story first. The story fallows Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) who ventures back to his home town of Blackmoor to investigate the disappearance of his brother. Upon arriving he finds out that his brother has been killed by what seems to be an animal or a lunatic. Once he sees the state of the body, he is then compelled to stay and investigate what happened to his brother. While investigating at a gypsy camp he comes face to face with his brothers killer. While in a struggle with the beast he is bit, and thus cursed. Now there is also a plot with his father (Anthony Hopkins) and a small side love story with his brothers fiance’ (Emily Blunt), but I really don’t want to give too much away at this part in the review. I really hate spoilers in the middle of a review, so I will reserve any and all comments that spoil the movie at a labeled spot at the bottom. Now on with my thoughts. I really feel that they delivered on the story. They kept enough of it intact that you can still call it The Wolfman, yet added enough to make it stand on its own. The original story I don’t feel would have stood up very well in this day and age. So that added dramatics were really a must to bring people into the story. Again the only problems I had with the story were toward the end, and as promised, I will not discuss them in this portion.

I would also like to touch on the visual dynamics of the film. The director really did a fantastic job visually in this piece. From English country side to the streets of London, each brings its own touch to the movie. Mt favorite of them being the scenes in the forest. That was always a scene that stuck out for me in the original, was the Wolfman stalking around in the foggy forest. They take that visual and tweak it in just the right matter to make those scenes just epic. It also goes without saying that Rick Baker did an awesome job with the make-up effects. I know a lot of people were very disappointed with the use of CGI in the transformations scenes. This is where my opinion differs. I feel that this is the CGI age in movies, I really don’t feel that a practical make up effect could have pulled off what needed to be done in the film. I was just happy enough that the Wolfman wasn’t going to be all CGI, and feel you should just be grateful that they still use a man in make up. I was really starting to get disillusioned with werewolf movies. I mean with all of the CGI werewolves and bad puppets to boot, it’s been a while since I have seen a decent werewolf in a movie. All in all, I feel Rick did a very good job updating the old Wolfman to the 21st century, yet still maintaining some semblance of the old look.

One last thing i would like to touch on before i move to the spoiler section is the acting. The cast really seemed to mesh in this movie wonderfully. Benicio played an awesome Lawrence Talbot. When i saw the first pictures of him in the role, I really didn’t think he was going to do the role justice. Thankfully, I was wrong and he delivered a very strong performance from beginning to end. Anthony Hopkins does as Anthony Hopkins always does. He takes the role of Sir John Talbot and delivers in full. Can you really expect anything else from the man? Also in fine form was my man Hugo Weaving is the role of Inspector Abberline. I am always impressed with Hugo’s work. He can take a character that is really only meant as a supporting part and play it with such greatness. Overall, I don’t think they could have picked a better cast then they did. The movie wouldn’t have been the same with out them.

So what do i rate the movie? I give it 4 out of 5 Top Hats. I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it to watch it. Then when you do, proceed further to my spoiler section. I know some of you are going to do it anyway, and i will now take the time to tell you, you are a naughty little cheater! I bet you read the last two pages of a book don’t you?

**********SPOILER SECTION**********

If you have not watched the movie, I implore you to go do that THEN read further!!

So here is the only problem that I had with the movie. The only problem that i felt it necessary they lose a full hat rating. What was the deal with making the father a werewolf too? Was it really that necessary? I mean I sort of enjoyed, but then I was like “No, they could have done without that.” Don’t get me wrong they couldn’t have picked a better actor to play that part. That role has Hopkins written all over it! Some how I just can’t stop thinking that they could have taken it a different route, and the movie wouldn’t have suffered. I think a big thing that kept me from enjoying that aspect was the fight scene between the two wolfed out Talbots. The only thing i kept thinking was “So this is what ir would have looked like to see Michael J. Fox and James Hampton slug it out! (If you haven’t seen Teen Wolf to get the reference, go see it) Anthony Hopkins werewolf even had grey hair to boot! It was hilarious to watch once you get that image in your head. My only other regret in the movie is that you will never get to see Abberline wolf out. I don’t discount the movie for that though. I will if they make a sequel, but for now it’s just awesome to think of a werewolf Hugo Weaving.

Oh yes it does....