Transmission Established…Come in Green Goblyn Project

Hello, Freaky Darlings… I have for you tonight another bit of madness. If you’re going to Spooky empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend, this will be right up your ally! The Green Goblyn Project was so kind to take time out of their schedule to do an interview. The GGP has become a rather integral part of the Spooky experience, so if you haven’t seen them, you should give them a try! To top things off, in true style of the GGP, they elected to do the interview via deep space transmission (don’t ask me how they got there…sometimes it’s best not to know…) Well, the link is almost…and we have it:

Transmission Established…Come in Green Goblyn Project

Malice Psychotik: I’m here today with The Green Goblyn Project. You know, the first time I ever heard of you guys was back in 07′ at Screamfest. But you guys have been around for way longer. A lot of bands in the underground scene can’t manage that. What’s your secret?
Green Goblyn Project: No secrets, is a big one. We only work on ideas that all members agree on, and within the band, there is ultimate respect. Each member is an established musician in their own right, so with a combined 80+ years of  experience in music, we’ve learned how to get along. Having formed in 1995, Green Goblyn turned 15 this year!

Malice: Your sound is really something special. How did you find your niche’? What helped you get to your current sound?

GGP: We never really tried to sound like any other band. If a new song sounds too familiar, we usually trash it. That’s not saying we dodge our influences, but we have always tried to be a band that is a new sound to the ears of current music listeners.

Malice: How did The Green Goblyn Project get started? What inspired you all to form as a band?

GGP: To ask why Green Goblyn was formed, is like asking any of us why we ever started playing music in the first place. First and foremost is because we all despised commercial mainstream rock and what it was portraying all musicians to be. You have to keep in mind that the nineties was a miserable period for underground music in general, and punk music specifically was in a sort of limbo. Secondly, the love and NEED to play Xtian tends to go a little stir-crazy if he doesn’t get up and scream his brains out regularly!  Once we started realizing that people were enjoying what we do, we felt an obligation to continue giving our fans exactly what they wanted. A real band, with real songs, that were performed by real mutineers.

Malice: When you were starting out did you have any inspirations? What inspired your look?

GGP: Straight up The Road Warrior. Having grown up in the 70’s-80’s with the constant threat of nuclear war, we are all cold-war kids, and I think we still carry the apocalyptic wasteland image. When the sh&% hits the fan, we are exactly who you’d expect to see stealing your gas, and burning your village.

Malice: Your fan base is a pretty faithful one. Do you have any stories of your fans? Any interesting experiences?

GGP: Hell Yeah!! There’s a million stories, about a million experiences, but to target any one as more noteworthy is hard it’s a violent world, and unfortunately the stories that stick out the most are the most violent ones. Rock n Roll was never meant to be safe,  and when it becomes safe, we’ll be there to split the skull of it again. I simply can’t say enough good things about the kind people who I’ve met, and that have helped us out through our travels over the years, but that’s kinda boring reading material. I would like to quickly take this spot to give appreciation to the crew in Brevard County (home) MikeD and The Cynix, Wolfy Lonesome, The Jizzhawks, Devin and Becca, Patty Blue Crass, Marky Splatterguts, The Compound Fractures, The Bony Orbit Records family as a whole, and Rocket City Recording StudioÉ321É where the rockets explode!!

Malice: Looking at your Myspace page you have quite the resume of performances. Do you have any favorite venues?

GGP: Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend has been one of my favorite events for years now. CBGB’s was a blast. The Engine Room in Tallahassee is great! House of Blues is always fun, The Masquerade in Atlanta, The VU in Los Angeles, Kelly’s Irish Pub in Melbourne, and The Hippodrome in Cocoa Village Fl. I probably could go on here forever

Malice: Of all the bands you have performed with, which are some of your favorites?

GGP: Another big list coming right up Leftover Crack, The Casualties, Hot Water Music, and my brother Chuck Ragan, The Groovie Ghoulies, Blitzkid, playing last years Screamfest with Joey Image (original Misfits Drummer) on drums was quite an experience, The Queers, The Subhumans, Agent Orange, The Monistats, Gruppe36, Warped Tour was Fun, again, I could go on here forever, but I must say the BEST shows are always with the Brevard County Bands at the local hole in the walls.

Malice: What are the goals for the band? Where are you all wanting to end up?

GGP: Being from the future and the past at the same time, we know exactly where we are going to end up, but to divulge that information, as you know, would interrupt the space-time continuum and likely cause all manner of ill effects.

Malice: So, your going to Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend again this year. What are your expectations? What can we expect to see?

GGP: We were going through rough times the last couple years with member shifts and having to re-record every time someone new joined or left the project, but  having our original drummer and lead guitar players back in the band has really brought us back to our roots, and you can expect to see what everyone has grown to love all these years. Feral-space-age-swamp-punk-butcher-freak-rock!

Malice: I’m sure you have heard of Spooky’s second show, May-Hem. Looking at your Tour dates, I can’t help but notice you have shows in Orlando, May of next year that coincide with the dates of May-Hem. Does this mean you are playing this show too?

GGP: We will be appearing at the show but that’s all we can say for now.

Malice: Now I would love to take the time to ask some senseless, rather random questions. Are you interested?

GGP: Go ahead.

Malice: Would you ever consider covering the song “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong?

GGP: Although I can dig the song, and ol” LouisÕ workÉ I have to say probably notÉheh!

Malice: Just for the sake of coolness, if you were ever approached with this idea, would you do it: Have Willem Dafoe sing a few songs with you?


Malice: Well it was a pleasure getting to do this interview. Thank’s for taking the time to sit down and answer these questions. Before you go, is there anything you would like to add?

GGP: You’re welcome  Signal Fading Transmission Lost
There you have it, The Green Goblyn Project! If you’re going to be in the general area or vacinity of Spooky Empire this weekend, make sure you catch them. They will be playing Saturday at 10pm. If you can’t catch them there, they will be in October for Spooky Empire’s May-Hem show. That’s all for tonight My Freaky Darlings. Make sure to stay tuned for the madness to come! In just 46 hours, your host will encounter…..FEAR!…Stay Tuned….
Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,
Malice Psychotik

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