A Poetry Reading…

With all of the ideas, articles, and recent interviews I am doing…I find it has been a while since I have been able to take the chance and create just for myself. I know this site was originally started to exhibit my original work and I have really yet to do that fully. So for now, allow me to take it back a couple of years and do something that I have not done for quite some time…I will create some poetry. The idea came to me while posting a status on Facebook. I dearly hope you all like it. It has been a while so if it really is that bad be gentle.


I find my self lost,

Lost in a sea of unfamiliar chaos,

Lost because I can’t read the wind,

Numb…our senses betray us.


Unsure of how I reached this point,

I try to gain my bearings and take a look around,

But its hopeless,

Nothing familiar have I found.


So distant has my Guiding Light been,

I long to feel the warmth and glow,

Even when the Lights around,

You couldn’t tell…it wouldn’t show.


I long to find that light,

My compass to find my way,

Familiarity is a loving embrace,

warmer than the brightest Summer day.


I can only hope that all of this passes,

This dreary storm over head,

For I fear Madness may seep in,

Not the good, but that bad that turns vision red.


So guiding light, hear my voice,

Know from heart this comes true,

There is nothing in this world,

Quite as great as you.


So let’s put this strange sea behind,

Forget it all, leave it quick

We’ll both come out together,

Before the others sick.


Know this forever,

Hold it true,

My Guiding Light,

There is no other…only you…


There you have it. Almost like riding a bike…only with a keyboard! Enjoy more madness (the good kind) to come. For now I bid you Good Day, Good Evening, and a Naughty Goodnight…

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik


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