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Meet Vernon Mortensen…

It’s not everyday that you see a totally original idea for a zombie film. Today I had that day! Vernon Mortensen is Director and Producer of Universal Dead. He is also a former U.S Navy SWCC. It is a real pleasure to sit down with an American Hero and one hell of a Director. With only three short webisodes, this film has me wanting more. So without delay, I present an interview on behalf of From Dusk Till Con preformed by yours truly…

Meet Vernon Mortensen…

Malice Psychotik: So today I have the honor of interviewing not only a phenomenal director, but a former member of our county’s Navy. We’re here to talk about his web series Universal Dead. We’ll get to that in a minute. First I want to talk about you. You were an US Navy SWCC, what is that exactly?

Vernon Mortensen: Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (or SWCC, pronounced “swick”) are organized into Special Boat Teams and usually work with US Navy SEALs and other special operation forces. We are experts in Special Operations but are masters of Maritime Special Operations and operate and maintain an inventory of state-of-the-art, high-performance assault boats used to conduct special operations missions.  We are experts in covert mobility.

Navy SWCCs and SEALs go through separate but similar training.  Navy SWCCs must pass a 22 week course in order to earn a spot in the Teams.  Only about 20% of the students pass this unforgiving course to earn the coveted SWCC warfare badge.  Most students quit because the training is just too mentally and physically difficult.

A Navy SWCC must become an expert in weapons, tactics, engineering, combat medicine, radio and satellite communications, land and sea navigation, air operations, water rescue, wilderness and ocean survival, and so much more!

It was the best job (next to filmmaking of course) that anyone can have!

Malice: What made you decide to do film? Was it something you decided while in the service, or had it always been in the back of your mind?

Vernon: When I was in High School, my father’s cousin was a Teamster at Universal Studios and he took me to work with him on the set of Back to the Future for two weeks.  That’s when I decided I wanted to make movies.  The Navy career came first, but I always knew I would make movies for a living sooner or later.

Malice: What kind of films do you like?

Vernon: I like them all!  I always have a special place in my heart for sci-fi/horror, but I’m a filmmaker… I love them all.  I have a boxing movie called The Kid: Chamaco starring Martin Sheen, that’s in theaters across the USA right now (  My film company, Unconventional Films, is also making a western called “The Sorrow” this year.

Malice: Do you have a preference when it comes to zombie films?

Vernon: The original Day of the Dead set the benchmark in my opinion.

Malice: Your theory of the zombocolypse it, uber original! Why Physics? Why that over infection?

Vernon: That comes from my business partner and the writer of Universal Dead, Kelly Parks.  Kelly is the world’s only Ex-CIA/Rocket Scientist/Stand-up Comic/Screenwriter and is a very smart (like MENSA smart) aerospace engineer and all around science geek.

When Kelly and I were kicking around the idea for Universal Dead, he always had a problem with the whole “infection theory.”  An infection doesn’t explain how a zombie can sustain a shotgun blast to the heart and keep coming at you.  No, that really bothered Kelly, so like any good scientist; he sat down and developed a workable theory of physics that explained how zombies behave.  It really is brilliant.

Malice: Universal Undead has a pretty original concept. Where did you draw some of your inspiration from?

Vernon: Kelly is a huge fan of the book “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott Abbott.  There’s even a reference to it in the 3rd episode.  The book inspired him to develop the theory that Dr. Vattaber (Doug Jones) gives us in Universal Dead.

Aside from that, the story is different from most zombie movies because it does not take place on “Day Zero” or the days soon after the apocalypse starts.  Universal Dead takes place five years after “Day Zero” and these people are all that’s left of the human race.  Tight-knit communities of survivors have formed and usually, but not always, under the supervision of the remaining military units, and these people don’t fall for the usual zombie non-sense (as you see in the “bite check” scene in episode 1).

These people are damaged! They have baggage we can’t even imagine and that makes for very interesting characters.

Malice: Are you planning on keeping this idea in a webisode format, or do you think you will move to something bigger?

Vernon: We have just signed contracts with one of the lot producers at Paramount Studios.  We are going to be making Universal Dead as a 3D movie to be released by Paramount sometime in late 2011.

Malice: At any rate, you really have my anticipation up for the next webisode. Can we expect to see it soon?

Vernon: Sorry, our deal stipulates that we stop releasing episodes until the movie comes out… but hey, Universal Dead is gonna be a 3D movie… UD3D!

Malice: Let’s move to your production company, Unconventional Films. How did this idea come about?
Neil Trusso, one of the other partners in Unconventional Films and Producer of Universal Dead, is a former Navy SEAL.  Neil and I were deployed together to the war-torn African nation of Somalia in 1994, as depicted in the movie “Black Hawk Down,” and while we were there, Neil and I started making comic books.  I would write the stories and Neil would illustrate them.  That was the beginning of our collaboration and the beginning of Unconventional Films.

And BTW, there are four real US Navy SEALs in Universal Dead who play our Navy SEALs; Craig Sawyer (History Channel’s Top Shot) Cade Courtley (Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster) Joe Baker (Afghan Knights) and Rob Guzzo (Transformers 3).

Kelly Parks and I met years later at a meeting of the professional organization, San Diego Filmmakers, and we really hit it off.  While we were producing our first web series, The Crusader ( ), we made Kelly a partner.  Kelly wrote and directed most of the episodes of The Crusader and really impressed us so we asked him to join our insane asylum.

Everything else is history…

Malice: What else can we expect to see from this company?

Vernon: We have more horror/sci-fi projects in the pipeline, and as I mentioned before, there’s our boxing movie, The Kid: Chamaco and our western, The Sorrow.  We have a ton of co-productions in the pipeline with our sister company, Rogue Arts.  They [Rogue Arts] are mainly an indie drama company, but with the boxing movie The Kid: Chamaco, they are venturing into the “genre” movie world with us and they now want to be a part of a few of our upcoming genre movies including our western.

Rogue Arts is quite a success story.  The owner, Kirk Harris, is a great friend and has been running this company; successfully I might add, for over 15 years!  That’s quite a track record for an indie company.  Rogue Arts has a huge catalog of movies and is always making new movies.

Malice: Well it’s a trademark of mine to ask a round of off the wall questions. Are you game for some madness?

Vernon: Sure…

Malice: What are your feelings on a Zombie Apocalypse? Thinks it’s possible?

Vernon: Well the science is there, as Kelly Parks proved… but I think the closest thing we will probably ever experience, or have a real possibility of experiencing, is a pandemic scenario.  In a pandemic, the rule of law eventually collapses as government succumbs to the same disease that’s killing everybody else.  At this point, the people who are left, the survivors, revert to being animals and all humanity is lost.  This is a scenario that I could see actually happening on a global scale… scary!

Malice: In a zombie crisis, what’s your weapon of choice?

Vernon: I’ve actually given this a lot of thought.  Zombies are very different from the adversaries a military man like me is used to confronting.  We don’t have issues like zombies wearing body armor, or using intelligent tactics against us.  Wounding a zombie does no good and is a waste of ammo.  Knocking a zombie down might save you some time, but guess what?  The zombie will get back up and come after you.  The only thing that matters is damaging the brain and impairing brain function.

I would choose a weapon with a military caliber and one of the lighter calibers so I could carry more.  If you know where to look, the military has bunkers full of ammo all across the USA.  Because I’d only need to focus on penetrating the skull and damaging the brain, bigger, heavier calibers like 7.62 or 12ga. are out.  So, I’d probably settle on an M4 in the 5.56 caliber.  I’d probably have a suppressor (most people call them silencers but there is no such thing as a silent gun) so that I could minimize the attention I’d call to myself if I did have to shoot a zombie.  Maybe I’d even add a fast target acquisition system like an “Aimpoint” or an “EOTech.”  For long distance I’ve always been partial to the ACOG (I had one on my M4 in the Navy). Availability of parts and simple operation and maintenance are also big considerations.

With the M4 the options are endless!

Malice: Do you like Predators or Aliens?

Vernon: I like it when Predators fight Aliens!

Malice: Lucio Fulci or George Romero?

Vernon: Fulci is good but Romero all the way… except for Land of the Dead.  Hated that one!

Malice: This was a very enlightening conversation. Thank you for doing this interview. It was honor on so many levels!  A great director and an honest to God Patriot. Is there anything else you would like to add before we finish?

Vernon: Just one thing…

Those of us who made Universal Dead are big zombie fans!  We set out to make a movie/web series that would make us and the other fans out there very happy and it appears that we have succeeded so far.  We are very, very humbled by the response we’ve gotten and would like to thank our fans and assure everyone that we will do our best to make UD3D into a kick ass movie (not like most 3D movies) and to take it somewhere interesting and new.

Thanks for watching!


Thank you very much for the interview Vernon! Now if anyone else wants to hunt down those juicy webisodes, feel free to look at THIS. There you can get a little history and view the original Webisodes. Trust me, it will be well received. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for this film in 2011. Universal Dead in 3-D off all things. I know I can’t wait!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

The Root Du Jour

OK, so I was very brave the other day. I tried a meal that was so strange, I couldn’t belive my taste buds. Before I tell you the details of how to make it, I’ll tell you how the idea sparked.

So the other day I was talking to one of my partners in internet social corruption, The Primal Root. He was telling me about his plans for the night, when he mentioned he was going to have his favorite hamburger treat. It was a Hamburger topped with banana, pineapple, and peanut butter! I was just dumb founded. How do you figure out these things go well on a hamburger? It was then I made the solemn promise to try this for myself. After all, I pride myself on the unusual tastes that I myself posses (Oriental Meatloaf anyone…?) I even said I would make it a custom meal devoted to tastes inspired by him. I added to this meal a drink Root introduced to me a couple of years back, called the Stiff Root. What was the verdict?

Absolutely delicious! The Flavors in this meal were off the chart! The hamburger had such a different, but very cool taste to it. The peanut butter, pineapple, and banana’s complement each other so well…it was divine. Couple that with a nice glass of Stiff Root and a side of Nathans fries…it was just awesome. Want to make one of your own?

It’s important to know I will never give you exact measurements on spices. I myself do not know how much i put in. I just season to taste.

This is a truly EPIC meal...

The Root Du Jour

1) Mix 1bs hamburger meat with one egg, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper in a bowl. Roll into balls and then make into patties. It will yield 4 medium-sized patties. Cook them on a skillet on high heat to preference.

2) Spread peanut butter on both sides of the bun.

3) Cut banana into slices. Place on the peanut butter.

4) Spread pineapple on top. I used Crushed, but really it doesn’t matter.

5) Serve with Nathans fries and a Stiff Root

Stiff Root is Half and Half Jagermeister and Root Beer Schnapps. Serve in a glass for full effect.

If your brave enough to try it, I promise a good meal…and a pretty good buzz too!

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

Allow Me to Introduce Dave Madison…

The other day, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Madison. Dave is the Director of an up coming independent film, Mr. Hush. He is also the promoter for Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear. I have to say, I’m very impressed with this movie and the convention. The movie looks fantastic, and the convention line-up is pretty tight. They even have the privilege of being Steve Dash’s last show. It was great being able to chat with Dave, he’s such a down to earth guy and real genre fan at heart. I truly feel that it’s people like him, that will lead the horror genre in the direction it needs to go. So without wasting another key stroke, done in the name of From Dusk till Con, and interviewed by yours truly…

Allow Me to Introduce, Dave Madison…

That's Dave in the Middle...

Malice Psychotik: So we will get to the movie and the convention in a moment, but first I would like to ask some question about you if you don’t mind. I think it would be pretty fair to say that you are a fan of horror film. Why Horror? What got you into the genre?

Dave Madison: As a product of the 80’s, I was exposed to some of the finest horror films ever made.  In addition, my older brother, Bob, who was like a father-figure to me, adored the classic Universal films.  Every Halloween, these films would be shown on the local PBS station; it is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Malice: What are some of your favorite Horror films?

Dave: I have a real passion for the Universal classic films such as Karloff’s Frankenstein, Lugosi’s Dracula and Chaney’s WolfmanFright Night is one of the finest horror films ever made with just the right amount of scares and wit.  Halloween is driven by the great performances of Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis.  The Lost Boys was a great popcorn, summer vampire film that was beautifully shot.  Near Dark made smarmy cool and American Werewolf in London was terrifying as our hero never really had a chance to win.  Other great horror films, in no particular order, are  Frank Langella’s Dracula, Evil Dead, the original King Kong, and Needful Things.

Malice: Is there anyone in the genre that you look up to specifically?

Dave: No, oddly enough, I think Frank Capra was the finest film maker that ever lived.  I would have loved to have worked with the late Roddy McDowall, Donald Pleasance or Vincent Price.

Malice: Let’s move to Mr. Hush. I’ve seen the trailer, and I have to say I’m impressed! It looks really good, and I can’t wait to see it. What was your inspiration for the film?

Dave: Mr Hush is the perfect storm of films that have inspired me over the course of my life.  I like to think it is smart and witty like Fright Night, well acted like Langella’s Dracula, and paced like a great Carpenter film.

Malice: What has been your favorite part of the film making process?

Dave: The writing.  It is really rewarding to see your characters come to life by extremely talented actors and actresses.

Malice: You have a pretty tight cast going on with this film. What helped you pick some of them?

Dave: After knowing most of these people for a while, this particular script was written to the strengths of these fine actors. Stark, for example, brings Stephen Geoffreys back to what he is beloved for by genre fans, classic horror with a touch of dark humor.

Stephen Geoffreys in a scene from Mr. Hush

Malice:  Any on-set stories you can share with us?

Dave: Sets are kind of like Vegas, what happens there stays there!

Malice: What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into the business of film? Anything you have learned?

Dave: Keep working at it and if you have talent, it will eventually come to you.  And the most important thing you can ever learn is never take yourself too seriously.

Malice: I would also like to discuss your convention. What got the idea started for the convention?

Dave: The genesis of the convention came when I was pondering how to introduce the next cultural horror icon to as many people as possible.  The Weekend of Fear is really just a celebration of our beloved genre where new film makers, veteran film makers, actors, actresses and fans can convene for a weekend of fun.  What is most important to me is that we stay true to our genre.

Malice: Do you attend other conventions? If so, do you have any favorites?

Dave: I have attended a handful and all have been fun.

Malice: Is there any special events that you think will stand out at your show? Anything you think fans are not going to want to miss?

Dave: So much fun, so little time.  Here are a few not to be missed:  Friday night’s Masquerade Ball – if you have not partied with Brad Loree (Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection), you haven’t lived!  Steve Dash (Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2) will be making his last convention appearance- if you have not had a chance to meet this horror icon, he is truly a fan favorite. Stephen Geoffreys and Tiffany Shepis discussing Corey Haim’s last horror genre film, New Terminal Hotel, should be very interesting. And of course, the world premier of Mr Hush.  Plus there will be more surprises.

Malice: Your guest list looks great! Will you be adding anymore to the list? Any hints?

Dave: There are more to come and they are all from the horror genre. wink wink

Malice: This being the first show, where do you see the show going? Do you have any goals for the show to grow?

Dave: I hope that every autumn, people converge on northeastern PA to celebrate the greatest genre in film today. But truly the most important thing is that everyone has fun!

Malice:  Alright, before we wrap this up, it’s become a trademark of mine to ask a round of completely random questions. Would you be interested in participating in the madness?

Dave: Sure

Malice: If you could be any infectious disease, which would you be?

Dave: mono

Malice: Who do you think would win between Lestat (from Queen of the Damned) and David (from The Lost Boys)

Dave: Lestat was a buttercup so it would be David, hands down.  But David would fall quickly to the mighty Evil Ed.

Malice:  How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could dual wield chainsaws?

Dave: 2 cords

Malice:  Have you ever had something so good, it made you want to smack a man named “Rufus”

Dave: Sal’s chicken parm

Malice:  Well, I want to thank you for doing this interview. You have been awesome and it was a pleasure having you. I really look forward to see Mr. Hush when it’s ready. Is there anything you would like to add?

Dave: Thanks for the time.  It was great.  I hope everyone loves Mr Hush.  We made a film that is very different from the types of horror films Hollywood pumps out today.  We’re not in 3D, and we’re smart with a touch of dark humor.  It is exactly the direction the genre should be going in.  And I can’t wait to see everyone at the Weekend of Fear- we will have a blast.

Well that wraps up the interview with Mr. Madison. I look forward to seeing Mr. Hush. I just can’t wait to hear more news. If anyone else would like to keep up with the movie or the convention, you can catch the news on the website at

Sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

A Moment to Ponder…

To know me, you would know I come up with some rather interesting thoughts. I figured, why not take the time and share those ideas. So, the other day I sat down and wrote some of the first things that came to mind. Just some random ideas that I figured I could explore here for you all to see. This is what I came up with:

1) What if Japanese Anime was real life?
Could you imagine? Think of all the endless possibilities. Now the reason I didn’t isolate it to one anime for a reason. Just in general. Japanese Anime brings to life some of the most creative, impossible ideas I have ever seen. Wether it is a teenage girl being transported to feudal Japan via a well (Inuyasha), or an alternate universe where Alchemy triumphed over Physics (Full Metal Alchemist) . It would all make life very interesting. Even worlds like Poke’mon or Yu-Gi-Oh! would have potential to spice up life a little. Come on a world where all of life’s battles are solved with a dual between super powered monsters, or a card game? Much better than what we have right now, that’s for sure. For the sake of discussion though, why not limit it down to three worlds I think would be fun. I say I have to go with Naruto, Bleach, or Full Metal Alchemist. Why those? Simple really! Ninjas are freakin’ awesome! Watch or Read Naruto and that will paint a much bigger picture for you. Bleach? Well I’m already a believer as far as the paranormal is concerned. Taking that idea, and coming up with a secret group of “Soul Reapers” to hunt down the good and help them pass, and vanquish the evil…..well intrigues me. It’s like they are souped up Ghost Busters.Only instead of a proton pack, they use their very own spiritual energy. Finally, we come to Full Metal Alchemist. This story is a lot like us anyway. Hell, the whole world is supposed to be a parallel universe to our own. The difference, Alchemy advanced further than Physics. Same world, funn-er science. Works for me!!

2) What if I came to work dressed as The Joker?

I’m interested to know. Honestly, I expect a lot of strange looks from old people. But would it make people nervous. What about the really rude people? If you got all “Joker” on them, would they really keep running their mouth?. I could see it now, “Listen buddy! I want you to get your ass back behind the counter and shut your fuckin’ mouth!” “How about a magic trick instead? I’m going to make this pencil….disappear…” Even something as simple as them starting to cuss you out, and just giving the those familiar looks would be a gas for me! I’m sure in a day you would have some people questioning your mental sanity, but on the complete positive side, you may have one of the least stressful days of your life. “You idiots never get anything right! I don’t know why I come back here, because you are all a bunch of Fuck Ups!!” “You wanna know how I got these scars?”

3) How great would it be to put an angry badger in the back seat of someone’s car?

I’ve heard of people putting anything from snakes to spiders in someone’s car. However, I have never heard of someone putting an angry badger in someone’s car! I for one am for this! I could just imagine someone getting off of work. It’s been a hard day, they’re tired. They get into the car, lock the door, and start the car. Then they hear it, the low pitch growl of pissed off badger that has been in the car for at least on hour. They turn to grab the door, then it’s to late, the badger unleashes hell. This is the kind of situation that you wait around the corner with a video camera, because this HAS to go on YouTube. I see it going viral within an hour. The real question is, who gets this done to them. It has to be someone that has REALLY pissed you off. I don’t really think the badger would kill them (Then again I don’t know much about badgers other than they are cool and real easy to piss off) Still, the thought alone makes me laugh. “Whats that sound…? OH GOD IT’S A FUCKING BADGER!! GET IT OFF ME!! GET IT OFF! WHY GOD!? WHY!!!!?”

4) Has anybody’s life been saved by House?

Some might say this is a ridiculous thing to think about, but I beg to differ. That show deals with so many long shot cases and exotic disease it’s hard to belive how it couldn’t. Now I know Hugh Laurie hasn’t personally saved anyone like that, but surely there are real doctors out there that watch the show. I just wonder if there ever has been a person that went to the E.R with on of these of the wall illnesses, and because of the show, it was recognized. For example, Johnny Trainwreck over here goes to the E.R and they can’t figure out whats wrong with him. He’s been in for 2 days, and he’s declining. This guy is dying fast. Then a doctor (Let’s call him Dr. Television) goes, “Oh my God! I just figured it out! He has the same symptoms as such and such, so on and so forth, from House the other day!”

5) Why are there no Pocky vendors at horror conventions?

You know I think this is the one thing missing that could quite possibly set the difference between an awesome convention and a truely epic convention. If you’ve never had Pocky, you haven’t lived! It’s the greatest treat ever invented. Almost like the recipe was created by God him/herself and delivered to this life to give all a true taste of heaven. Maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit, but they are really good. And there are literally hundred of different types. All kinds of flavors and styles. The only thing that could top it would be having Ramune with it! And before you all start saying, “But Malice, those belong at anime conventions!?” Well I say fuck you in your conservative, right-wing ass! I want my Pocky and Ramune! Something that delicious should not be limited to just anime conventions. I mean, are you really going to let the anime conventions have ALL the fun!

Well that’s all I really have to ponder about for now. Not really sure what you should be taking from all of this, but then again you don’t either so I suppose we are even.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Psychotik Playlist of the Week 08/08/2010

So another week has gone by, and here it is, The Psychotik Playlist of the Week! So this week I thought maybe I would give everyone a taste of country. OK so the radio has been on a country channel at work and that’s all I had in my head. doesn’t hurt to add a little diversity to the mix. I’m sure you will all love it. Give a listen, and I hope your Monday goes well because of it….

So I realize that this isn’t the full song to Free Bird. But the song is sooooo long, and this is the PERFECT use I’ve ever seen for this song.

sadistically Yours,

Malice Psychotik

Seras “Super Spider Slayer” Psychotik

I owe this to my woman. Some may not know this, but I’m a severe arachnophobia. I can’t handle the things! Just something about them, I don’t know. I thought long and hard about posting this story. However, I decided that I’m OK with admitting my phobia, and I’m OK with admitting what an awesome wife I have!

So this is what happened. We were heading out to run some errands yesterday. Seras and the baby head down stairs first oblivious to the thing that lurked less than a foot from where they passed. I came down after them and what did I see down that stairwell? A huge wolf spider hiding in the corner. It froze me! I couldn’t move any further! So I called to Seras down stairs. She put the baby in the car, then came to talk me down. This is the first time a reaction this strong has ever happened. I came down the stairs, slowly as not to get it to do that sick scudding thing they do. Every step I took though, I came closer to a full on panic attack! I might also want to mention she told me there was another spider around the corner on the wall. This is the one she thought I saw. Boy was she shocked to see the over sized eight legged demon in the corner. She told me about the little one, but I don’t think it registered she meant the same type. So I stuck to the wall and made it down the stairs. She grabbed my arm, and I went to round the corner, only to face down another one legs spread wide. I think it was instinct that took over. I grabbed hold of her arm and ran down the stairs with her attached. I know how terrified I am of them, and I’m not about to leave anyone while I run away. That being said, it took the next half hour for me to calm down from the attack. During this time, Seras told me she had no problem killing them. She wasn’t about to let them terrify me, and she didn’t want to risk one of them getting ahold of the baby (No need to have two  arachnophobics running around). So we go do our thing, get our groceries, and a very large can of Black Flag. The next part of the story is the epic battle of how Seras has earned her title.

When we get back, Seras says she is going to go up stairs and scope it out. She takes her trusty can of spider death and enters the arena. The big one, we will call this one The Boss, was near the arch of the stairwell out of reach. His lack was busy guarding the steps on the second set of stairs. Seras quickly drew her weapon and fired! She hit it so hard there was puddles of the stuff on the steps!! Next came the Boss Battle. She went up to the apartment to get a broom. The plan was to coax it down the wall, so she get blast it. The Boss wasn’t going down without a fight. She threw the broom at it a couple of times, and all it did was run in circles. I by this time, was brave enough to help get the broom back up to her. The last time she tossed the broom, it hit next to it. Well at the same rate the broom fell, it ran down the wall. Right as I went to pick up the broom, Seras yelled, “Baby, Run!!” As I looked up, it rounded the corner and I had a Close Encounter of the Eight-Legged Kind! I swear I could count the eyes. What did I do? Well I did what she asked, I ran! Not wanting to be ambushed she asked me if it was still on the wall outside. I looked and saw nothing. The only thing I could guess is it ran into the mail drop (Boy would the mail man have had a surprise). With the coast clear, she proceeded down the steps. It was an ambush! The Boss ran at her to make one last stand! She drew her weapon and fired! He kept coming!! Around this time, the neighbor came from his apartment to see what was wrong. He ran up the stairs and offered the assist. The Boss was defeated. All was well in the world. We brought everything upstairs, and calmed down.

What did I learn from this experience? Two things: 1) Seras is the best wife an arachnophobic could ask for 2) The reason giant-ass spiders exist, is to remind even the biggest, toughest, strongest manly man out there, at heart, your still a prepubescent 13-year-old girl!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Psychotik Playlist of the Week 8/3/2010

Alright it’s late I know! But this one is going to be a gut buster. This weeks playlist is not so much music as it is just some really funny crap! Everyone needs to laugh. It’s the healthiest medicine in the world. So sit back, relax, and let the doctor give you the medicine….

Hope you all have managed to catch your breath through all of that! Enjoy the funny!!

Until next time, my freaky darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Dusker of the Month for August: The Primal Root

It’s that time again! Time for the Dusker of the Month for August! This month is none other than………THE PRIMAL ROOT!! In getting named Dusker of the Month for August, our very own Primal Root was subjected to an interrogation by yours truly (Exactly what kind of honor is this?). Seriously though, Root was an awesome interview. I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you Root for letting everyone else get to know you a little better. (As if seeing your testicles wasn’t close enough!) So without a second more delay I present you with…

Root of the Damned: The Primal Root

Meet The Primal Root...

Malice: We have our Dusker of the Month here, The Primal Root! You are such a colorful character, I’m not sure where to start! So, what do you say we start with astrophysics?

Root: I think that’s a phenomenal place to start, Malice. My current research into quantum mechanics has led me to the startling conclusion that-

Malice: HaHa! I was joking with the first question! (However I see this as a viable conversation for later) Anyway, How goes things? How does it feel being Dusker of the month?

Root: Things are going well. I’ve been keeping tremendously busy and so far things are going just peachy. There have been no fatalities. It is both an honor and a privilege to be chosen to represent From Dusk Till Con as the Dusker of the Month for August 2010.

Malice: Now I know you are a lover of film and music. What films have you seen lately? Any music out there that catches your attention?

Root: I try to squeeze in as many movies as I possibly can in my spare time looking for really good trashy films as well as seeing whatever’s playing at the theater. And though I recently saw Inception, and enjoyed it, the one film I can’t stop talking about is Black Dynamite. I saw it for the first time a few days ago and it’s just drop dead hilarious. I’ve always been a big fan of the blaxploitation genre of the mid-late 70’s and Black Dynamite is a fantastic send up of the form and a loving tribute. It’s a must see.

My musical tastes are all over the map, but there are two bands I’ve really been listening to a lot lately. Them Crooked Vultures, who have a dirty, gritty sound to them I really like. Very I-Don’t-Give a-Shit and overtly sexual. It’s mojo music. I also recently got into The Drive-By Truckers. They’re an alternative southern rock band from Atlanta Georgia and their stuff is just excellent. Again, gritty, dirty music about the underbelly of America’s heartland and the plight of the blue-collar working class. It’s music that reminds me of where I’m from and I’ve always been a fan of musicians who can tell a good story.

Malice: Now most everyone has heard of your baby (Trash Cinema Collective) How did this labor of love start?

Root: Oh man, the Trash Cinema Collective was something I’d had in my head for a while and it sparked to life over a conversation I was having with a friend of mine back in 2009. We had recently watched Troll 2 and Samurai Cop, and she mentioned to me how much fun she had watching, laughing and cracking jokes over these movies and how we should make it a monthly event. I coined the name for our group (The Trash Cinema Collective) and the idea just took off from there.

I wanted to create a website that would feature reviews, videos and articles about any and all things related to Trash Cinema. A group of people who appreciate and understand why it’s so much fun to hang out in a group, tip back a few cold ones and have some good-natured fun at the expense of some trashy movies.

Malice: Is there any of your Reviews that stand out against the rest? Any favorites?

Root: Wow, that’s a difficult question. Jeez… um…. I suppose it’s like having to pick your favorite child. I love all of them for various different reasons. The Queen of the Damned Rotten Review is one Jessica and I hold close to our hearts because we bonded over that movie when we started dating. All those jokes are ones we came up with together while watching the movie.

What looks to be the fan favorite is, the A Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 review I did back before the release of the remake. Something about that episode has really stuck with people. It could be the quality of the jokes, the visual gags, the skits, my balls being visible in a shot, really it’s anyone’s guess why that one has been so successful.

My two personal favorite is either Scanners 3: The Takeover or Blood Freak. Both films are just so unbelievably ridiculous that they just lend themselves perfectly to the Rotten Reviews. Also, both episodes are very skit heavy which help to keep me from getting bored with the project. Exploding my own head in a Scanner battle and groping The Topless Turkey Monster have been the high points of my career.

Malice: Where do you want to see TCC in the future? Any Goals?

Root: I would love to see the TCC reach and even wider audience and earn some more fans. I’d like for the collective to keep growing and gain more contributors to the site and it would be great to one day get a sponsor. I don’t want to blue sky too much and give the wrong impression because I love what I do and I am very happy to simply make people laugh. And hopefully turn them on to some stranger, trashier, forgotten cinema.

Ah, the zen of Root...

Malice: Do you play any video games? If so what are some of your favorites?

Root: I am the lamest gamer you’ll ever meet. I won a Wii and a Game Cube and I play old arcade games and NES games on both almost exclusively. I’ve recently been playing the hell out of Super Castlevania IV and Super Metroid. My favorite video game of all time is Ms. Pac-Man.

Malice: Hey now, the classics are just that. No Shame here. Now I know you have a soft spot for zombie movies. What is the epitome of a zombie film for you?

Root: I can enjoy a zombie movie on two different levels. I love the old school Romero style like night of the Living Dead where the rules are set in stone and there’s a great amount of social commentary to go along with all the shambling and flesh-eating. But I also love stuff like Return of the Living Dead and Zombieland, living dead films that don’t take themselves so damn seriously. Not that both those films don’t have anything to say about the time in which they were made…but that’s a whole other question.

The epitome of a zombie film for me? It’s gotta have brains.

He bites.....literally!

Malice: Now if you don’t mind I would like to shift gears. I would like to ask you some random, off the wall questions. Is that cool?

Root: Absolutely, babe.

Malice: Here goes, What are your feelings on genetically engineered super ninja cats?

Root: I’ve never seen one. But I guess that’s the point.

Malice: If you got to pick who killed you out of this list of people, who would it be? Why?
A) Jason Voorhees B) Freddy Krueger C) Jack the Ripper D) Marv Albert

Root: A) Jason Voorhees. Without a moment’s hesitation I will always pick Jason as my killer. not only is he an artist of brutality he’s also the ultimate nerd villain. He’s the advocate for the outcast, the ones who feel they don’t fit in. There’s no nightmares, no morality fueled death traps, no Jason is just going to kill you because he’s pissed off, angry, unloved and alone. Jason can crush my skull between his bare hands, put a machete through my face or swing me against a tree any day.

Malice: If your Uncle Jack was on an elephant,………would you shoot him in the face?

Root: Without a moment’s hesitation.

Malice: Assassin Space Chimps take over the world! What do you do?

Root: Prepare Banana Pudding and use it as a peace-offering. I’m sure they could use a PR guy.

Malice: BUT! You have a really bad case of jock itch?

Root: Oh, well in that case, I would just add some Nilla Waffers.

Malice: Who would win in this fight, Chev Chellios VS. King Leonidas?

Root: Chev.

Malice: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

Root: I’m Team Sam.

Malice: Alright, that was fun! Well we are just about done with your interview. Is there any stories you want to share? Anything that would give us insight into your very soul?

Root: I will leave you with a proverb that has served me well over the years…

One Goat in your Hand
Is Better than Ten Goats on your Roof.

Malice: Before you go, where’s your number one stop for madness on the web?

Root: Encyclopedia Psychotika, baby!

Rock on Root

Thanks goes to The Primal Root! Thank you for a great interview. It was a pleasure having you. Remember people, the next time you are feeling a little trashy on the web, head on over to Trash Cinema Collective and get your fix!

Until next time my freaky darlings,

Malice Psychotik