Lady Gaga in The White Piano Fiasco…

Fans are in a tizzy after a picture posted by Sean Lennon. The controversy started after Sean posted a picture of Lady Gaga on his Twitter account. The picture was of the Diva sitting down at a white piano that Sean’s father, John Lennon, bought his mother. Apparently, Beatles fans don’t feel Gaga should have the right to sit at the piano. It has caused an uproar throughout the fan base. Sean has responded to the comments by saying, “Firstly, he gave that piano to my mother for her birthday, it is hers. Secondly, he was not uptight the way you seem to be.” Also adding, “Come on, lighten up…life’s too short, there’s enough real problems in the world….”

What are my thoughts on the issue? Grow up! It’s not even like the piano was John’s or a personal instrument like his guitar or something to that extent. Not that it would even matter then. Who’s to say she doesn’t have the right to sit behind it? She has risen to stardom pretty quickly. Granted she could have been wearing more clothes. Then again I’m pretty sure I have seen video of John naked. So something tells me this would not be a big deal to him. Let’s not also forget the main fact that this is YOKO’s piano, and Lady Gaga was a GUEST in HER house. It’s all rather silly….

I’m really just baffled by the response by the fans. Lennon was an activist for peace and was all about acceptance. So for his fan base to act this way is really….ironic. They can love his songs about peace, love , and harmony to death. However, let Lady Gaga play a piano that the only REAL connection he had to it was buying it for his wife, they turn into the meanest bunch of trolls this side of the internet. I actually have a theory to this.

Here goes! I don’t think they actually hate the fact she touched the piano. More or less, I think they just hate it because it’s the cool thing to do. You see a lot of that lately. One group of people start an uproar, and because others don’t want to be viewed as different, they pile on the “bashing train.” To say things like she is untalented or undeserving is short-sighted. Hell, I don’t like pop music, but I won’t deny she is talented. She has a nice shock value about her. Not to mention the fact she can really rock out on the piano! And you know what, I see her on the level of John Lennon, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, and Elvis someday. If you think it was disgraceful because of her outfit, fine. Silly, but fine. But to outright say she is untalented and undeserving because her style is not the same as yours is  just ignorance. I could almost stamp a guarantee on the fact that most people saying this have never heard more than  30 seconds of one song.

If you are wanting to see the original post, follow to the original article on Yahoo News…

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