Today at work, one of my co-workers told me the news about 300 2. I then told him what a filthy liar he was and that it was impossible. It wasn’t until he pulled out his phone and showed me the trailer that I believed him. All I can say is WOW!! It looks fantastic! I can’t belive the studio is going for it. The 1st movie was just so awesome, and ended in such a way you couldn’t see this one coming.

So what do you think….have the studios gone to far? Are they reaching too much to get the summer blockbusters? I tend to say yes….But trust me, THIS one is different (as you will see in the trailer below) What can we expect to see?

Well first you have the action. 300 established an awesome precedent for all war scenes. Several Movies that came out after 300 took a page from the Spartan bag of tricks (X-Men Origins: Wolverine anyone?)  So you know they are going to have the high intensity gore and the slow motion fight scenes we all came to love.

The other thing to expect is the epic story line! They have done a wonderful job with the script. Creating a tale of an unstoppable group. A group that will stop at nothing to keep their freedom and get what is rightfully theirs. You know, instead of describing it, I think I will let the trailer speak for it self.

So without much more delay (and as much haste as possible) I give you the premiere of the trailer for….300: 2!

OK let’s get serious……did any of you lol like I did when I saw that? I thought he was serious!! Thank you Rob, that made my day!!

Hope you enjoyed

Malice Psychotik


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