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Lilith Aurora

IMG_20130423_223831Name: Lilith Aurora

Hair Color and Style: Dirty blonde and short

Eyes: Brown, sometimes blue and sometimes green

Height: 5’6″

Weight: Pleasantly plump

Build: Well proportioned

Bust Size: 44C

Clothing: Preferably t-shirt and panties, but t-shirt and jeans will suffice

Other Identifiable Traits: 5 tattoos

Race: Werewolf

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Everything! Classic rock, heavy metal, top 40, trashy white girl pop, rap

Favorite Movies: A Friend For The End of The World, any cheesy horror movie, horror movies in general

Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series, The Host, Delerium Series, Hunger Game series, Matched series…holy shit, I like a lot of series o_o To Kill A Mocking Bird

Guilty Pleasures: Make-up, panties, teasing

Back Story: Poor Lilith is a story of wrong place…way wrong time. Lilith is reletively new to the game of being a werewolf. Classic story of a girl walking at night alone. While out alone walking home from work, she happened across one big, bad wolf. She survived the scuffle, but nor before getting bit on the inner theigh. She noticed about a month later something was different. She thought it was strange that wound healed as fast as it did. Really she had just chaulked it up to luck. She had made a lot of changes in the last month, but none she thought was bad. She had ditched her glasses, she felt healthy, even landed a new hot boy friend. It was the night of the full moon she realized, all good things come with a price! As the night started to wash over the land, she started getting some really pasionate urges. She needed some loving and tonight her new boyfriend was going to get lucky. Too bad for him, it was also the first night of the full moon…the most violent for new werewolves sharpening their claws. She ripped him to shreds mid coitus. Next morning she woke up in a field about 30 miles out of town. She was naked and surrounded by dead cattle.

Meeting Malice: I came along in little Lilith’s life pretty close after this event. Didn’t take her long to find out what she was. Turns out she was very much into bondage and had a lot of things to help tie herself down. Poor dear was trying to tear through an assorted mess of chains and leather straps. Still had the ball gag in as it were…poor thing. I helped her gain a little control over herself (Trade Secret), and invited her to come stay at the Mansion. I was happy to have another puppy…Seras…not so much…but she’s warmed up!

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Chasity Fortana

Chasity Fortana 1Name: Chasity Fortana

Hair Color and Style: Dark Brown-near Black. Long

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: Voluptuous

Build: Hourglass

Bust Size: 40DD

Clothing: Normal Clothes to blend in, buy in her element resembles a gypsy fortune-teller in garb…

Other Identifiable Traits: Nose piercing over left nostril

Race: Witch

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Love’s ALL music…but a soft for some Soft Rock

Favorite Movies: Top Gun and IT

Favorite Books: Anything by Dean Koontz

Guilty Pleasures: I love to be controlled…in the bedroom that is!

Back Story: Chasity is a witch of fortune and fate. Dabbling in the dark arts of altering futures, she has earned herself quite the reputation. You used to be able to find her in traveling carnivals and roaming groups of gypsies. She’s been around for 3 hundred years, but you would never know it. The people who visit her are desperate and greedy, looking for a change of fate. She offers them change, but sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. The draw back is usually a much shorter lifespan. The remaining years that person would have had, she transfers to herself. This is the cost for an easy change of fate…

Meeting Malice: I really do enjoy a good traveling show. One of my favorite parts are the fortune tellers. If they are fake, and believe me most are, it’s interesting seeing what kind of conclusions they draw. If they are the real deal, the look of confusion that crosses their face as they gaze into eons of existence and memories…well it’s priceless! I keep my ear to the ground for the real deals. As you can imagine eventually this brought me to who was rumored to be the greatest fortune-teller of them all, Chasity Fortana. When I heard that she could change your fate too…well I just had to see for myself. Needless to say I got the look of awe as she gazed into her crystal at my long expansive life. Her mistake was trying to offer me a change of fate. You see, fooling a Cheshire Cat is fools mistake. You can’t fool a Cheshire Cat…I see too many ways. (Up, Down, Sideways, Frontways, Backways…even Slantways…hee hee) Needless to say, her little trick didn’t work and I offered her to come work for me. I mean, why not have a devious turner of fate on my side. Could come in handy am I right?

Chasity Fortana 2Chasity Fortana 3

Nox Sempiturna

d8 Name: Nox Sempiturna 

Hair Color and Style: Dark Brown, Typically pulled back

Eyes: Brown when in more human form. yellow when not.

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: Dangerous Curves

Build:  Short but voluptuous

Bust Size: F

Clothing: Mostly black with metal band tee’s

Other Identifiable Traits: Piercings and multiple tattoos of life phrases

Race: Carrion Harpy

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Mostly Metal….Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth and that like…

Favorite Movies: Horror and Comedy

Favorite Books:  Reads too much to pin down anyone….

Guilty Pleasures: Romance Novels…a weakness for sappy, gushy romance novels

Back Story: Few have ever had the opportunity to meet a Harpy. Vicious creatures as they are, they don’t let many live to tell the tale. So it’s not surprising that most wouldn’t know that there are different species within that breed. Nox is of the Carrion variety, a Crow Harpy in standard. Nox is a rebel amongst her family. Most Harpy’s are supposed to live a life of seclusion, only acquainting with family or other Harpy. Nox wanted more than that…venturing far from the nest in search of knowledge, love, and happiness. She’s able to hide her appearance like all Harpy’s. But also like other Harpy, she has a taste for man flesh…That’s a little hard to hide.

Meeting Malice: I’ve always enjoyed the creatures of your Greek Myth Period. Some of the breeds created during that time still, at least to me are very beautiful. I have a few favorites, but one of them is definitely the Harpy. Most people don’t even stop to see the other breeds. Of course that could be because they are too busy being pecked to Death or torn apart. But I bet you even those becoming food won’t stop to appreciate the different species. I cam across Nox while Seras and myself were having a holiday in Alexandria, Egypt. She was busy following a rumor about the secret hiding place of the legendary scrolls from the Library of Alexandria. Of course I knew she wouldn’t find them. (I hid them myself centuries ago!) I offered her to join me, and I would allow her access to secrets she could have never dreamed of. She couldn’t refuse…