Chasity Fortana

Chasity Fortana 1Name: Chasity Fortana

Hair Color and Style: Dark Brown-near Black. Long

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: Voluptuous

Build: Hourglass

Bust Size: 40DD

Clothing: Normal Clothes to blend in, buy in her element resembles a gypsy fortune-teller in garb…

Other Identifiable Traits: Nose piercing over left nostril

Race: Witch

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Love’s ALL music…but a soft for some Soft Rock

Favorite Movies: Top Gun and IT

Favorite Books: Anything by Dean Koontz

Guilty Pleasures: I love to be controlled…in the bedroom that is!

Back Story: Chasity is a witch of fortune and fate. Dabbling in the dark arts of altering futures, she has earned herself quite the reputation. You used to be able to find her in traveling carnivals and roaming groups of gypsies. She’s been around for 3 hundred years, but you would never know it. The people who visit her are desperate and greedy, looking for a change of fate. She offers them change, but sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. The draw back is usually a much shorter lifespan. The remaining years that person would have had, she transfers to herself. This is the cost for an easy change of fate…

Meeting Malice: I really do enjoy a good traveling show. One of my favorite parts are the fortune tellers. If they are fake, and believe me most are, it’s interesting seeing what kind of conclusions they draw. If they are the real deal, the look of confusion that crosses their face as they gaze into eons of existence and memories…well it’s priceless! I keep my ear to the ground for the real deals. As you can imagine eventually this brought me to who was rumored to be the greatest fortune-teller of them all, Chasity Fortana. When I heard that she could change your fate too…well I just had to see for myself. Needless to say I got the look of awe as she gazed into her crystal at my long expansive life. Her mistake was trying to offer me a change of fate. You see, fooling a Cheshire Cat is fools mistake. You can’t fool a Cheshire Cat…I see too many ways. (Up, Down, Sideways, Frontways, Backways…even Slantways…hee hee) Needless to say, her little trick didn’t work and I offered her to come work for me. I mean, why not have a devious turner of fate on my side. Could come in handy am I right?

Chasity Fortana 2Chasity Fortana 3


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