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Afterthoughts on the Avengers

Hey there Darlings! I was chatting with someone there other day about The Avengers, when all of the sudden….I realized I left out a few things. In my defense I was having a really hard week that week. Lot’s of bad things going on…lot’s of things on my mind. I’ve had time to clear my head though and now I would like to go back to those missed topics if you all don’t mind. I know, of course I know most of you can’t go long without reading my words. Well enough about me…


One of the things I would like to do is expound upon Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. I barely talked about him, and he had such an awesome part in the movie. It totally blindsided me when he ended up as the one turned by Loki. He spent over half the movie as a bad guy, it just caught me off guard. I also have to say I’m a fan of the outfit. At first, I thought I would hate it because of how greatly it was scaled back. When you think about it though, in this continuity, he is more an agent for S.H.E.I.L.D first. It just doesn’t make sense for him to have a costume. Maybe in a later movie they could add it in then, but for this one…it was fine the way it was. Oh, and before I move on…to the guy out there that was ripping on Jeremy Renner’s ability with the bow. It looked spot on! If it was awkward in a few parts, it was probably because the shot was technically impossible. I think some people get to wrapped up in the movies that they forget for a moment that these are all based on fiction. To each their own I suppose.

I also forgot to mention the very last scene of the movie. Well both of them. The first after credit scene rolls after the primary credits. You see the alien leader talking to someone about how the humans are not a species to be reckoned with (Go us!) Now I had heard rumors before I went to the movie that the ending had something to do with Thanos. The aliens did look a little like him in the lower jaw, so I figured maybe it would just be a very small hint. Well, if you consider small showing his full face in view and him grinning creepily at you small…then yeah I guess it was. I was blown away! What a choice for a villain, The only question is…which film? Will it be in one of the upcoming ones like Thor 2, Iron Man 3, orCaptain America 3? I don’t know, I kind of think they are going to wait until the next Avengers film. The last post credit scene came at the very end of the credits. That one was a little bit of funny. The set up came a little earlier in the form of a comment by Stark. Right after he snaps out of it from his free fall, he mentions how they all need to go to a swarma place he knows about up the block. the director felt the joke was just incomplete without a pay off. So after the premier, he rounded up all of the actors and shot the scene to tack it on at the very end just for us (Thank you Joss!) It speaks volumes and is really one of those scenes you either get it or you don’t.

Final thing and I leave this alone for a while (doubt it will be long) the soundtrack. My first thoughts after listening to the soundtrack was…MOTHER OF GOD (takes off sunglasses)…It’s so freaking good it ain’t funny. Weird thing is their are bands on there that I would have never listened to in a million years. The crown jewel of the soundtrack ends up being the track “Live to Rise” by Soundgarden. I don’t remember ever being a huge fan of Soundgarden, but I do have fond memories. Plus, it’s always something to talk about when a band makes a song for the first time in 10 years. I really don’t think there is a single problem with it…of course that’s just my opinion. Give the video a check below.

Sorry I didn’t get this all out the first time! Like I said I was just a little preoccupied. I hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day! Be back soon!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


Spiderman Get’s a Makeover!

Good Morning, My Freaky Darlings! I’ve been dying to talk about this for some time now, but the craziness that’s called life has prevented me from doing so. My favorite ride at Islands of Adventure recently got a little more than your average refurbishment. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman got a new look, and let me say it was damn impressive. Normally, when you see a ride go down for refurbish, it’s just paint and a few minor tweaks. Universal announced almost a year ago that the ride was going to get a big retorque. Not only were they going to redo the old screens and bring them up to date with new High Definition ones, but they also planned to introduce a more realistic ride video. I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to ride the new tricked out Spiderman ride since that tidbit of info went across my screen. Last week, I got my chance! Before I get into this though, let me take you on a trip back to what made the ride so special before it had the “Pimp My Ride” experience…

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ( 1999 )

When Islands of Adventure first opened back in 1999, this young Psychotik couldn’t have been happier. I was finally going to get to go to a theme park involving my childhood hero’s, The Marvel Comic’s Superheroes. I was excited for Jurassic Park Island too, but I could have spent ALL DAY in Marvel Island. I remember the first ride I wanted to go on was Spiderman, unfortunately my cousins wanted to ride Doctor Dooms Fear Fall (Something I didn’t mind at the time. Their first choice was The Incredible Hulkcoaster. Which since I was less experienced with rollercoasters, I was absolutely terrified of! I knew the Fear Fall would take that idea right out of their head) So alas, I had to wait. When we did get to ride it, we had to wait like 2 hours. (Average wait time back then…and you people bellyache over 30 minutes) It was soooooo worth it. A 3D romp through the pages of my favorite superhero! HOW COULD YOU GET ANY BETTER!?

As you can see...Day and Night difference between the two...

The main story line follows Doc Ock and the rest of the Sinister Syndicate (Hobgolblin, Shreik, Electro, and Hydroman) stealing an experimental levitation gun from Stark Industries. J.J. Jameson not having any reporters left to cover this mess, sends you and your other fellow riders in the experimental SCOOP vehicle. Now the SCOOP is supposed to be the most amazing invention to hit media. Capable of going anywhere, and getting any shot…how could anything go wrong? Well, after a warning from your friendly, neighborhood, wall crawler…the screwy thing takes you right into the hideout of the Sinister Syndicate. And in true J.J. fasion, he opens his big yap and get’s you found. From their the Syndicate tries it’s best to catch you while Spiderman tries to save your silly ass. You first encounter Electro, who gives you a rather…eh hmm…”Shocking” experiance (No ladies he didn’t pull his pants down…family friendly) From there you rattle on over to a room withe a tank where you have a close encounter of the symbiotic kind. As you are trying to escape, Doc Ock fires a few levitation blasts over head making some pieces of the stolen Statue of Liberty float above you. Escaping down, what seems to be a sewer way, Spidey and the SCOOP get a few second break before you are attacked by Hydro. As you get hit by a flying pipe your sent to a room where Doc Ock busts through a brick wall to roast your hide (I mean it too…) From there you jerk back and forth before you bust out onto the street. Think your safe, think again! Hobgoblin tries to blow you away with some pumpkin bombs (I must also add that he has one of the most quotable lines from the whole ride! lol) Spidey saves you from getting blown up, but unfortunately finely get’s bested by Doc Ock and you get blasted with the levitation ray sending you up, up, up…all the way to the top of the sky scrapers. Spiderman tries to web you down sending you on one bumpy ride as you get pulled around through the air while a fight ensues. The end result? The Doc reverses the effects of the ray, sending you on a simulated 450 foot free fall! Spidey spins a web just in time, setting you on the ground where you can get safely back to the Daily Bugel! So tell me…What could possibly be wrong with this ride entailing an overhaul?

"You would think a revision of my graphics would have helped to make me thinner! They did offer me this happening new jacket though. I suppose I will let the animators live...for the time being!"

Simply put, it was made in the 90’s! The animation wasn’t the best, the 3D was sort of fuzzy, and there were even a few scenes (that up until now) you could completely tell what was going on unless you were a seasoned veteran. STILL!!! This ride was completely innovative and way ahead of it’s time. Even after the release of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey some, including myself, still held this ride in higher regards. Now that you get the idea for the ride, let’s talk about what they did to make an epic ride even better…

"I don't know what Ock is complaining about! I look absolutely SHOCKING!!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa! What theirs broccoli in my teeth?! Where...!? NOOOOO"

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: The Ride ( 2012 )

To start off with, like I said, they added some High Definition screens to provide a much better picture and better 3D effects. Then they totally remade the ride video to look more realistic AND have even more depth. The difference between the two is just staggering. Were the old video made the rooms have a bit more depth, the new ride video really gives you the feeling of being in a wide open space. With much better video and the HD screens you are able to see all of the scenes the way they were meant to be seen with no blurring. You don’t even get the weird cross-eyed effect that most 3D attractions give you. The new way that the characters are all presented are just out of this world as well. You can actually see the stitching on Spiderman’s glove. Doc Ock has a sort of combination between Spiderman 2 version and the comic book. Shreik just looks absolutely terrifying. You can even make facial expressions out on some of the other characters!

"Well at least they didn't give me the "Sam Raimi" treatment! Ha ha ha haaa!!"

In addition to all of the above mentioned, sound effects and the ride soundtrack were made much better. The soundtrack now has a much more modern rock and roll tone to it. The added sound effect of squealing tires and many others add even more to the experience. Quite possibly one of the coolest additions for fans is the appearance of Stan Lee! (If you look at the couple running away when Doc Ock levitates the theater marquee and then again at the final scene with the man in the green sweater….you will see Stan “The Man” Lee) I just couldn’t believe how different the ride was, but at the same time how it was still my old childhood favorite. You could say the ride was…well…”Amazing!” (I will post a video of the ride below from Coaster Force…Mind you it in no way captures the overall effect or feel. But if you are veteran as I am, you will see some of the changes that have been made.)

It still amazes me how with Shreik we go from mildly threatening to...."OH MY GOD THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL ME!!! DEAR LORD WHY!? OH GOD WHYYYYYY!?" You people think I'm over telling it? Go ride it ya' chump!

In closing, I encourage all of you to make a trip to ride the new version of the ride. I assure you, it is worth the trip. Any self-respecting Spiderman fan will just love it. That’s all for now my Freaky Darlings…I’m rather liking this regular posting thing! Now I just have to think of some more to talk about…alas…this is the only problem.

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

Psychotik Review: Thor

My Freaky Darlings it does appear that the Summer Box Office season is upon us! How did I kick it off? With Marvel Studio’s new installment….Thor! What a way to start this summer off it was. I was really impressed with this move. Especially taking into account I didn’t think it was going to be that good. I’m not really a big fan of The Mighty Thor comics, and just really thought the character a pretentious prick! (Yes, I know, He’s supposed to be that way at first) I’ll tell you, if you felt the same way I did about ye olde God of Thunder, this movie will make you do a complete 180! At any rate…allow me to organize my thoughts a little better and paint a much better picture for you in this…

Psychotik Review: Thor

Jeez, where do I start with this movie review. The whole damn thing was just so great, it’s to hard to pick. I suppose I could start out with the story line. As most of you may (or if you haven’t been paying a bit of attention) don’t know, this movie is about Thor. Thor is the norse God of Thunder, or at least sort of is in Marvel. You the see, the Asgardians are moire beings from another realm, one of nine. More or less, they helped us out in war against these other realm beings known as The Frost Giants. Because of that help, they became revered as Gods. This story is the first words of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who might I add plays a FIERCE Odin, as he tells the story to his two sons. These two sons of course are Thor and Loki. You than flash forward to the day that Thor is supposed to take over as King of Asgard. However, as things go in story’s like this, it doesn’t happen. “Somehow” the Frost Giants get into Asgard undetected by the all seeing Heimdallur (who is EPIC!!). Long story short, they are destroyed by “The Destroyer,” an Asgardian machine seemingly made out of metal and flame, and Odin just wants to leave well enough alone. Thor doesn’t see things the way his father does. No, he wants to bring the fight right to the Frost Giants and teach them a lesson. Odin of course tells him no, and as you might have guessed by the fact that there is a movie, he doesn’t listen. Thor and his legendary warrior friends head out to the land of ice to pay these big blue giants a visit. Things start out good but quickly turn to an all out shit storm. Odin comes to their aid, not very happy might I add, and takes them all back to Asgard. Thor and Odin get into a father son squabble that ends in Odin stripping Thor of his power and banishing him to Earth. Odin then throws Thor’s trusted hammer Mjolnir after him telling the hammer that “Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” It’s now up to Thor to learn his lesson on Earth and gain back his powers to save Asgard and Earth from certain peril.

*Anymore questions check out the trailer below…

What I liked: OK, so I’ll admit that was a rather long summary. Belive it or not that is only the first 30 minuets of the movie! There is one hell of a story in this film, and every bit of it keeps you glued to the screen. Never do you hit a slow point in the movie, which is rare to see. The character development is very solid, letting you even get to know Thor’s warrior friends! Casting was absolutely superb. After seeing who was cast as the new Spider-Man, I have to say I lost faith in Marvel’s casting ability. Let me assure you that if this movie is any prelude to what Captain America: First Avenger will look like, I’m already on the edge if my seat. I’ll also add that the movie’s 3D was excellent quality, unlike some 3D movies I have seen. Visual effects and action sequence were top-notch as well, rounding this movie out to be in the top echelon of Marvel Movies.


Oh, before I leave this section, watch for little throw backs to the comic and a guest appearance from another Avenger. The coolest throw back to the comic is when Jane gives Thor his mortal clothes. Turns out they are her Ex-Boyfriends, and his name is Dr. Donald Blake, MD. Incase that didn’t press your geek button, that is the human bound name of Thor in the original comic. The throw back becomes even more hilarious when they have to make a fake identity for Thor using the name to get him out of S.H.E.I.L.D custody. The next little easter egg is in the form of Hawkeye. Pay very close attention to the agent that grabs the bow and arrow to stop Thor’s break in to the Mjolnir crash site. The agents name is Clint Barton. It happens so fast that you keep wondering, until you hear the name. A nice little addition to a great movie.

What I didn’t like: Not much! Really the only thing I disliked was the little tail scene at the end of the movie. I was really looking forward to a lead out to Captain America: First Avenger. Instead, you are left with a sort of villain hint. Somehow Loki is either possessing or influencing Erik Selvig. Nick Fury gives Erik a sort of box with a device in it. He says that if the device is fixed it could tap into unlimited power. I’m not sure what the device is, but I guess they did have to start hinting off to the antagonists in The Avengers movie, just wish the scene would have made more sense.

* Watch the video below and make your decision…

At anyrate, I give this movie 5 out of 5 Top Hats! If you haven’t seen it yet, I implore you to find a way. Excellent story, great effects, superior casting, and all the other little things that make a summer blockbuster great helped me to this rating. Make sure to stay tuned for my finishing of my older reviews from a couple of months back….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik