Road to HHN 23

Hey there Darlings! Well it’s less than two weeks out from our annual trip to Halloween Horror Nights. I’m very excited for this year! I’m sure some of you have went, but I’m positive an equal amount have not. If you did go, what did you think? Post some mini reviews here and we  will compare notes. Why not!? Anyway, leading into the event I managed to catch the video review from one of my favorite people. A man known to HHN otakus everywhere as THOR! This guy is great. His videos are a laugh riot and he tends to have the best video coverage. Doesn’t have bad taste either when it comes to which houses are good and which ones stink. Anyway…i wanted to show the man some love and give you a link to his youtube video here. Remember if you like it, go to the video page and like it. Show him some love and tell him Malice Psychotik sent you!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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