Bartleby Smythe and Baxter Collins

Hello Freaky Darlings! Seras and myself are going to be on vacation for the next week. Unfortunately, this is the same week I was going to implement the new writing schedule. So, I have to leave the site in the, hopefully capable hands, of my henchmen, Bartleby and Baxter. This may be a train wreck…I don’t know…what I do know is…it should be entertaining! But before I leave it to them…maybe you should meet them first. I lump them onto one page because…well…they don’t deserve two! Enjoy!

Name: Bartleby Smythe & Baxter Collins

Hair Color and Style: Bartleby is half bald and has grey stringy hair with chops. Baxter has chin length hair, darker grey, with chops.

Eyes: White

Height: Bartleby is 5’8 and Baxter is 6’8 

Weight: Bartleby is Short and pudgy and Baxter is Tall and slender

Clothing: Both wear shades of grey. Bartleby has a Grey coat and wears a worn out grey top hat and pinstripe pants. Baxter wears suspenders with pinstripe pants, black and white stripe arm warmers, and a grey cabbie hat.

Other Identifiable Traits: Dead looking skin and sharp yellow teeth

Race: Ghouls

Crew Position: Henchmen

Favorite Music: Some classical but Baxter does enjoy the British invasion bands. Lot’s of Black Sabbath….

Favorite Movies: Zombie films…who would have guessed…all time favorite though is Beetlejuice

Favorite Books: They tell me they can’t read…but I have seen Harry Potter books on Baxter’s end of the crypt…so who knows…

Back Story: Bartleby and Baxter were Grave Robbers from the 1800’s. Back then, Grave Robbing was pretty lucrative business for two uneducated vagabonds. They were pretty good at it, until the law caught on to them. Whilst hiding in a crypt, they were left with nothing to eat. They made it two days before it got too much to bare. So they got to looking at some of the corpses and noticed their were little bits of meat on the bones. some were even fresher than others. They decided to taste it. to their own surprise, it wasn’t that bad (probably from dealing with corpses as much as they had…they didn’t notice) Little did they know, they had really lost track of time. They found tunnels that lead throughout the whole cemetery. They remained down there for weeks feeding on the dead before they noticed they had changed slightly. They didn’t notice that until after they had attacked a fellow Grave Robber. To be more accurate, they didn’t notice until they had eaten him. Their teeth had grown serrated and sharp. Their finger nails hard and sharp. Their eyes had lost all color and their skin looked a dead grey. They had become REAL Graveyard Ghouls.

Meeting Malice: Sometimes you would be surprised what you find in a graveyard. I sure was when I ran across Bartleby and Baxter. You see…you never really luck out and come across a Ghoul before it’s reduced to a blithering, shambling, wild, smelly, corpse looking thing. I must have happened across them at the right time, because they still retained some intelligence (this is up for debate sometimes). If I didn’t take them in, they would most likely be put to death when discovered. No one likes to keep things around that eat their loved ones remains. I made them a deal…work for me as my henchmen (still to this day I’m not sure why I needed henchmen…but I’ll be  damned if they don’t come in handy sometime!) and in return I would keep them safe and teach them how to snuff out the corpses with necrotoxin ((the thing that makes you a ghoul)) so they wouldn’t progress any further. We’ve been together ever since! They have helped me on many adventures and squashed many zombie plagues in their tracks (It’s like a buffet for them!)


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