Another Year Gone By….

Hey there Darlings! Well another year is about to pass us by and a new year follows it. 2013 was a wild year for me. Exciting, Extraordinary, Tumultuous, Depressing…really sort of bipolar. It would be incorrect to say that I did not have fun this year. But that fun had a lot of pit falls as well. I’m ready to put all of that behind me. This year will be new and have its own set of rules. That is what makes this day so exciting you see. New beginnings. It’s so sad that I have to start those new beginnings working at the mortal job, but hey at the very least that will allow me to test new resolve going into the New Year.

So, looking back on 2013…I met a wonderful lady by the name of Andrea Albin. I went to this convention that she put on called Fatality Fest and a blast. Then from there I got in touch with more awesome people like Katie Mackey and Joanna Shirley. The dudes at Muscle Wolf (some not with that group anymore) Jared Degado, Marv Blauvelt, The Barbosa Twins, and Marko Adams. Then the Soska sisters…The Twisted Twins…And that wonderful flick American Mary. Total win all around. I’m so glad that I found someone like Andrea that opened all of these doors for me and believes in what i do. A big Year end thank you to you and the others mentioned. Had an Awesome Halloween Horror Nights this year. A bit too much on the Walking Dead side, but you know…It was nice to get to go again like old times just Seras and Me…made it all the more special indeed.

This Year also had it’s fair share of pitfalls. A lot of personal issues kept me and the site crippled more than not. I just can’t bring to you all the bad that happens. The way I see it, you didn’t come here to see some depressed fool mope. You came here for some old-fashioned Chaos and Madness…So with that said…I’m putting all of that behind me. All of the bad that happened this year has made Seras and me stronger for the battle ahead. We welcome it with open arms and guns at the ready to take on all that comes at us.

So what do we have to look forward too? A LOT ACTUALLY! Universal Studios has a lot of expansions coming to life this year. A new City Walk Experience, a new Resort, and let’s not forget the next step in the Potter Verse Diagon Ally/Queen Cross Station. A new Halloween Horror Nights of course is always wonderful. A lot of good movies are coming out this year. A New Fatality Fest is around the corner as well. Andrea had her fair share go wrong in 2013 as well and she wants 2014 to be hit with a vengeance…I can’t wait to see what she cooks up. OH YEAH! MegaCon 2013 is looking pretty awesome. The line up is great and i can’t wait. I hope all works out and we can make it for at least a day or two. We shall see….2014 looks bright.

Darlings look into the new..leave last year in the past and make this new year your bitch. I know more new bad things will happen, but use the lessons that 2013 taught you to weather the storm. Raise your glass high Darlings, and I’ll see you all in the new year…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

New Year Post


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