Trouble at the Pole: Entry 6

December 24, 2013 6:49pm North Pole

All day preparations were made. The elves prepared for Christmas and Santa prepared…for retribution. Everyone was gathered at the launch area. The toys were all ready to be loaded and the reindeer to be attached to the sled. Everyone was just awaiting the arrival of the big man himself. The workshop he was hold up in was at the top of the hill overlooking the gathering. He sat looking out the window seething with hatred. He was disgusted by the sight of it all. All of these ungrateful ingrates. All of them smiling like they had been working so hard.

“Bullshit! That’s what this is…it’s all shit the whole thing. No body appreciates what I do. Not a damn person down there and not a damn person in this world. I bet they learn to appreciate things after this night. Everyone will.” As he spoke he finished a bottle of nog and walked off toward the sleigh. He threw on his red coat and put on his leather gloves. The sleigh was now fitted with its own thrusters and could move without the aid the reindeer. Throwing off the blankets that covered the vehicle, the new additions sparkled. Candy cane colored machine guns line the side. Rocket and Grenade launchers accented those. The back of the sleigh that was usually filled with toys and presents…was now filled with all types of guns and ammunition. He started up the sleigh and did a quick system check. “Time for some real Christmas Cheer.”

Down at the launch point everyone was laughing and singing. Smiles lined the face of everyone as they stand waiting for the big moment when Santa rode off into the night. A crowd clap was started by some of the elves to cheer on St. Nick. It grew louder and louder until it was all you could hear for miles around. That is…until a louder noise broke through. A loud crack stopped the clapping and silence fell over the crowd. The crowd started to part except for one elf that remain in the middle. Blood trickled down his face  from a bullet hole right between his eyes. All anyone could do was stand there in silence. Silence that was wrecked by the sound of twin chain guns ripping through elves.

Santa came flying down the hill laying waste to the whole launch pad. Rockets launched from the side of the red death machine and ripped through the nearby workshops. The reindeer flew off to try to get away from it all. Only Rudolph, Vixen, and Dasher made it. At the top of the hill Mrs. Clause came out of their house and looked down at the chaos. A look of shock spread over her face. That shock turned into a absolute terror as she say a rocket pay load release in her direction. In a matter of seconds, the once beautiful North Pole, was now a smoldering war zone.

Santa set the sleigh down in the middle of it all. He looked around, taking everything in with his bright blue eyes. As he looked at his work a chuckle started deep into his belly. That chuckle turned into a laugh, which then grew to a roar of delight. “That was so liberating! All of these years….just building up! I can’t wait to spread some more Christmas Cheer!” Absolute elation spread over the old mans face as he narrowed his sights south. “Ho…Ho…Ho…”

This night…did not promise to be a silent one…


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