20130429_105656Name: Scarlett

Hair Color and Style: Long, wavy and dark brown

Eyes: Change color depending o mood/outfit

Height: 5’7″

Weight: Technically 0…Ghosts don’t weight anything…

Build: Curvy

Bust Size: Nice Sized (she’s a ghost people they are what ever she wants them to be!)

Clothing: 1500’s Irish dress…but we have helped her up grade a bit

Other Identifiable Traits: Scar on lower back and right thigh

Race: Banshee

Crew Position: Psychotik Girl

Favorite Music: Loves everything she has listened to so far

Favorite Movies: Really digs the Princess Bride

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Shiver Trilogy

Guilty Pleasures: Dove Chocolate and Samoa Girl Scout Cookies (what do you want people she is from the 1500’s and has been alone for a looooong time. She did enjoy scaring the Girl Scout though!)

Back Story:A very sad story indeed. Scarlett is a beautiful name, but not this long deceased maiden’s. Our fair maiden was the daughter of a wealthy man in Dublin, Ireland. Way back in the 1500’s she was betrothed to a young ship captain. Everytime he was away, she would look out her window facing the sea and wait. Typical sea romance right? Little did our young filly know that her husband was pirate using her fathers great docks to have safe harbor. He may have loved her, it may have been a cover…no one knows! One day a rival pirate had finally caught up with the young pirate. Captured his ship and killed everyone aboard. Whilst looking through hos effects, he found letters from his bride and the charts to the port. This peaked the rival captains interest and they set sail in his nemesis ship. No one suspected a thing. The ruthless pirates destroyed everything and killed all of the maidens family leaving her for last. As a cruel joke, the Captain told her he had left her husband on a small boat in the ocean, so he may make it back. In a fit of rage she grabbed his sword and managed to give him a nasty cut over his eye. He slapped her to the ground. But when he did, he head hit a rock and killed her. She has stayed on those grounds for centuries waiting for her one true love. Unable to pass on, her mourning turned her into a banshee. She has forgotten almost everything of her life. Now she simply warns of deaths around the area…always alone.

Meeting Malice: Remember when I said that she didn’t remember her name? That’s true! Her name Scarlett actually comes from a fallen piece of wall. But I’m getting ahead of myself! I have to say one of my top five favorite places in most worlds is Ireland. Be it the people, the culture, or the booze…I find them fascinating. So it’s not uncommon that I find myself strolling the country side or the coast. I happened across this poor dear wailing in the ruins of her home. I’ve seen many banshees in my time, but never have I felt so sympathetic toward one. I conversed with her for a bit before catching her up to date. It was hard for her at first, but I have this way with ectoplasm. Now she is well-adjusted, and taking pictures for my site…Oh her name! Yeah, she said she couldn’t remember it…so I saw that work on the ruined wall…and named her that!

20130430_142402 20130430_145403


One response

  1. Lukas

    That sweety chick with huge melons! 🙂

    May 23, 2014 at 8:24 pm

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