Happy Father’s Day, from one Psycho Dad to the Next!

I know I’m on hiatus, but hey I had to come on here to wish all my parental Freaky Darling’s a Happy Father’s Day. I hope you all are having a great one, I know I am! Wish I didn’t have to go into work tonight, but alas I need to make that “fat cash.” If your reading this and are currently saying, “Oh Shit! I forgot Father’s Day and my Troll Dad is going to freakin’ kill me!!!” Fear not! Halloween Horror Nights has updated their page. It’s nothing flashy, but you can pick up your dear Ol’ Dad some tickets to the most glorious Halloween event of the year! Maybe even pick him up a Annual Pass to Universal Orlando. Currently the new Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride is in a soft opening stage. The only way you can get in the park an hour early AND get a crack at it before the crowds is to have an annual pass. Other than that, the ride should open July 2nd. Or maybe yet, pick up some advanced tickets to the new Amazing Spider-Man flick. I picked up a world premier disk from Wally World this morning with a new scene and some behind the scene features. I have to say it has instilled some faith in me. I don’t think it will be awful. Most likely better than the new Batman (don’t get me started!)

Until next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

p.s Did you like how I managed to give several updates while wishing a Happy Father’s Day? Yeah I’m that epic…


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