Happy 420 all!

Well he llo there my pot smoking, deiviant, Freaky Darlings!  Happy 420 to you all. I hope you are all enjoying the your baking holiday. I may not be one to partake, but I do know a few of you out there are probebly enjoying yourselves. It’s interesting because I was thinking about today, and a question crossed my mind: Why is today so special? What is the origin of 420? Well, I couldn’t find that meaning! Not a definitive one anyway. Some say it originated from a group of kids in Cali. in the 1970’s. Some say a flyer at a Greatful Dead show. Otheres suggest it has something to do with the day pot almost became legal. What ever your reason. historicaly there is significance to this day. Oh yes! It’s someone’s birthday today!!! So while you all bake your braincells today, remember who it is in honor of!!!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings

Malice Psychotik


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