Meet Lady Luck!! Halloween Horror Nights 21 Icon Leaked!!

Hello, My Freaky Darlings! I have a treat that I’m sure you will love. You know how Burger King is always one of the main sponsors in Halloween Horror Nights? Well in a year that has been shrouded in mystery thus far. A year that Universal has been so tight-lipped about everything and anything Halloween Horror Nights…a leak sprung in their dam!! Yes ladies and gentleman, thanks to a leak from Burger King we now have a good look at what our icon for this years event looks like! The picture that I have, was actually passed to me by a secondary source…(You really have to love Facebook sometimes! Ha Ha!!)…the person that uploaded the photo’s name is Ferdinand Lopez (We thank you dearly! I give credit where it is due and you sir made a find!) The person that passed it along to me is long time Encyc. Psych. Fan, Joe Edenfeild…So without any more a due and no more wait…It’s with great pleasure this psycho brings you…..Lady Luck!!!

But wait….THERE’S MORE!!! searching through YouTube yesterday I managed to stumble upon a video. The content of this video just so happens to be a rough cut of the commercial for this year…or so it says anyway. ANYWAY!!! It looks completely legit…I just hope to Cthulhu that they change the music and retouch the sound a bit…I’ll just hurry and let you see it! I know you fellow HHN fanboys are geeking your pants for this….

* Editor Note: If anyone knows more about this video do let me know and I will mention it along with your name! By the way the YouTube channel I pulled this from is JeffreyChangaHHN…do leave him a comment and a like or two for finding such a jewel!

At any rate, I will be sure to make another update when they release all the details on the site on August 31, 2011….so stay tuned to for that. With all this being said….

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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