Dance All Night, With Vita DeVoid

If you have never had the thrill of sitting in on a show with Thee Vaudvillains, you don’t know what you’re missing. The first time I ever had exposure to this team was back at Screamfest 06′ (Now Spooky empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend). I had never been to a Burlesque show, let alone a Vaudville style one! It was a real trip! All the ladies are very talented, and as the years go on they just keep getting better and the costumes keep getting more elaborate. With Ultimate Horror Weekend coming up on the 8th, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to hunt down someone for an interview. That someone is Vita Devoid. So guys and ghouls wipe that drool off your mouths, it’s time to…

Dance All Night, With Vita DeVoid

Malice: Today, I have Vita Devoid with me of Thee Vaudvillains. Tell us Vita, what have you been up to lately?

Vita DeVoid: Up to no good, if I can help it!

Malice: For those who are not familiar with Thee Vaudvillains, do you care to educate them?

Vita: We are Florida’s longest-running full-scale vintage Burlesque and Vaudeville show – performers come from all over the state to lend their unique and bizarre talents to our stage. We’re part glamour, part vintage, part comedy, and part freak show. Our acts range from drag, cabaret dance acts, singing, striptease, vaudeville comic acts, standup, fire performances, contortion, bellydance…You name it, we’ve probably got it! Our goal is to offer audiences something they’ve never had access to before, and to inspire people to go out there and try something just a little bit different for themselves.

Malice: How long have you been with Thee Vaudvillains?

Vita: I started casting for this production in March of 2006.

Malice: What is your favorite venue to perform at?

Vita: Cold Keg Niteclub in Melbourne. I also really loved The Church in Dallas, TX.

Malice: Let’s get a little personal. I want the readers to see a little more of you. How did you get your start in dancing?

Vita: Well it all started when…(enter foggy therapy session) I was a teenager in Vero Beach, and I got involved with the Swing dance scene. I started meeting dancers from all over the place, and really became obsessed with it. I started practicing every day with my friends and other dancers from the local studio and kept it up after I moved to Tampa. Eventually I started working as a GoGo dancer with different venues around the Bay, mostly in drag bars so that led me an opportunity to get involved with nightclub performance. The end!

Malice: What music do you prefer to use in your performances?

Vita: We try to use music that reflects a sense of nostalgia, modern artists that have a sound from the past. We’ve also branched out and used songs from Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, so I can’t say we’re too strict on era-specific musical tastes, but lately we’ve been keeping it pretty old-school. Lots of Frank Sinatra and Broadway show tunes.

Malice: When you’re not captivating audiences with your dance, what do you do with your spare time?

Vita: What the hell is ”spare time”? That’s hilarious!

Malice: What are some of your favorite movies titles?

Vita: I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wristcutters, To Wong Foo, House of 1,000 Corpses, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice

Malice: It’s a bit of a tradition around my parts for me to ask a series of “Out of Hat” questions. You game?

Vita: Top Hat? Cloche Hat? Beanie Hat? Bowler Hat? Derby Hat?

Malice: What do you think of the movie Machete?

Vita: I haven’t seen it! But I’d like to – I think the casting is great on this movie, and the production team always pumps out really fun ass-kickery!

Malice:What is your favorite hair color?

Vita: I’ve always been a fan of Violet, actually.

Malice: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Vita: How guilty are we talking? Eating cookies in bed guilty? Or my ridiculous obsession with cult films guilty?

Malice: Do you prefer Rum, Gin, Wine, Beer, or……Jagermeister?

Vita: It’s Jameson or nothing!

Malice: Do you have a chia pet?

Vita: No, but I think I own a ‘Clapper’.

Malice: Between the movies The Birdcage, To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Which is your favorite?

Vita: Oooh…Crap. I’ll have to say To Wong Foo. I am a Vita, after all.

Malice: Well this has been a very fun time! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the group at Ultimate Horror Weekend. what can we expect to see at the show?

Vita: Blood, Guts and Glamour!

Malice: Is there anything you would like to add?

Vita: This Spooky Empire Weekend is a five-year marker for us as a production and I’d like to thank our cast and audiences everywhere out there for their ongoing support of our weird little dreams – without all of you, we’re nothing – so cheers to the next five years!

If you want to check out Vita and the rest of Thee Vaudvillains, they will be at Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, Fl at 7pm. You can also catch them at the end of the month Saturday Oct 23rd at The Castle in Ybor City for Taboo Masquerade. Like I said if you have never see them before, you have to try it once. You won’t be disappointed…

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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