Saw 3-D vs. Paranormal Activity 2

You know I had a completely different write-up planned until I saw this. Originally, the article was about the two titans facing off. I was impressed! My favorite franchise facing off with my favorite movie of last year. It was going to be epic. But alas, Saw 3-D took the safe road and decided to open the next weekend. Giving up the spot that had been theirs for so long. All aside, I still feel that these movies deserve a discussion. You could still sort of say they are facing off with one another (even though Lionsgate is playing it safe). Lets size em up

Paranormal Activity 2

First, we have in the blue corner, the challenger! Coming in at a domestic box office gross of over $107 million. The supernatural thriller…..Paranormal Activity! This movie really blind sided me. I really wasn’t expecting it to be good. I thought it was going to be a movie like the Blairwitch. One of those were you kind of get it for a little while. Then you realize you were just caught up in all the hype. That reaction never happened for me with this particular movie. It impressed me to the point I had to show it to all my friends! (I have some jumpy ones) The film delivered on the jumps and the simple thrills.  I was very impressed with how simple the effects where, while still able to evoke intense feeling of tension.

Saw 3-D

Next, the Red Corner! Topping out the charts at over $370 million for the whole series. The gore film extravaganza, the one, the only…..if it’s Halloween, it must be SAW!! I don’t care what you all say, I am in love with this series. Even when you think it’s going to be a sorry story, it’s not! Who could have known that Jigsaw’s work would span this long (especially when he **SPOILER ALERT** dies in 3!) Saw has impressed me every October since it’s release. And even though the gross box office last year wasn’t so good. (It came in well bellow that ever the original made in domestic box office sales) I still think this year is anyone’s year. everyone knows if it’s Halloween, it must be SAW!

So what is going to come out of all this? I really couldn’t tell you! I’m almost leaning more toward Paranormal Activity 2 picking up the win.Why? there are a few good reasons. For one, you have them working off of the fame of last year. Everybody is still clamoring over the last one, so this next one is going to be super anticipated. Top that with the fact that Saw is an older franchise, and what you have is a recipe for financial disaster. Really you can’t blame them for not wanting to play chicken with Paranormal Activity. Another huge factor is last year wasn’t that good for Saw. The movie got pitted against PA last year. As a result, they only made a little over half of what the original made in Box Office sales. Only time will tell what these two titans will do to one another. Personally, I can’t wait…

The Traps are set....

Otherwise of the reservation,

Malice Psychotik


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