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Happy Valentines Day, Darlings!

Well, a Happy Valentines Day to you all! Such a fun day today is, huh? Love is in the air! People get all wrapped up in Valentines Day…but does anyone really know of the bloody history? Does anyone stop to think of the origin of this holiday? Well I assure you, it’s not just a Hallmark Holiday, as most singles would have you believe…(Although they have cornered the market) No Valentines Day has a rich history thick with Blood that I’m sure you will all love to hear about. I think I’m going to start doing this with all Holidays…I love bursting bubbles!

The Origin of Valentines Day

Research has shown me there are two things that started this day. One is the Roman festival of Lupercalia and the other is the martyr of Saint Valentinus (Oh I do love a good Martyr Story!) In case you don’t know either story here is a little bit of a run down. The Festival of Lupercalia was to celebrate the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. To celebrate this joyous of days, they would sacrifice a goat and skin it. Then they would soak the skins in blood and run around slapping women in the face with the blood soaked strips! Apparently it made them more fertile. The Romans did a lot of silly shit didn’t they? Oh and they would also do a match making ceremony where women would put their names into a hat. Think of it like a sexy sorting hat…you know what never mind…Let’s nt bring Harry Potter into this. We don’t need a new meaning to Slytherin house.

The next part of the origin involves the death of the days name sake, Saint Valentinus. This guy even has two stories to his death! In third century, Roman Emporer Claudius II prohibited marriages to young men that could serve in the military. One story says good ol’ St. Valentine preformed the marriages anyway, was thus found out, and killed. Another story said he was imprisoned for helping Christians escape Roman concentration camps. Either way, while he was in jail it’s said he wrote the first Valentine note. Supposedly it was to a girl he fell in love with. The note was signed “from your Valentine.” The rest is history…

Further Blood Shed

Possibly my favorite story in the history of Valentines Day is the St. Valentines Day Massacre. On this day in 1929, Five members of Bugs Moran’s North side gang were lined up on a wall and executed. This would go down in history as the bloodiest of the gangland murders. It marked the beginning of the end for Al Capone, as this drew unwanted attention to him and his organization. He was arrested two years later for tax evasion. Had this not happened, who knows maybe the government would have never looked into him further. At any rate, you should look up more info when you can. Interesting bit of history if I say so myself.

Editors Note: I’ve been to an alternate time line where it wasn’t found out that Al Capone was behind it. I got news for you all, America is a very different place. Let’s just say that Republicans aren’t the worst thing out there. They may be silly, but they aren’t that bad when you compare it to an American run by the mob…Not a good alternate time line at all! I will say though it’s quite fun!

Well, I need to get back to my Seras. We are going to do things that are going to put the rest of the Psychotik Crew in therapy for years! Ever done it in a star dust cloud? Didn’t think so! It’s good to be a Cheshire Cat! Whether your with someone or not, do have some fun. To all of the singles out there, go find a one night stand (even if it’s manual or battery operated).

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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