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Psychotik Review: Mr. Hush

Alright this has been a long time coming, and I’m so happy to be able to finally review this film. As some of you may know who have been with us from the get go…or those of you that like to browse my back catalogue of articles…know about Mr. Hush. I feel so bad that I have sat on this review for so long. I know a few people who have been dying for my thoughts on it (Literally I have been to two funerals over this so far and can’t do it anymore…lol) Seriously though, this has been a long journey and I can’t wait for the next one David Madison set’s me on. Without beating around the bush…and no more around the tush…Allow me to present…

Psychotik Review: Mr. Hush

Epic cover means epic movie.....

Behold his greatness!

Allow me to start this off my saying I’m generally not a fan of Independent Films. Most experiences I’ve had in the past were very bad. Not to say that their haven’t been times that I’ve been amazed. Also in saying this though, I’d like to add I’ve come to know what to expect from these movies. Hush stands head and shoulders above others. Let’s not start out with the rating though…I want you all to sweat! The film is about  Holland Price (Brad Loree), an average enough guy with a perfect family. This all changes one Halloween night when a priest shows up at his door. According to him, he was taking some children trick or treating when his vehicle caught a flat. He just needed to use the phone. Seems legit? WRONG! I a single instance all goes wrong and thus begins Hollands nightmare. Flash 10 years in the future and Holland has become a drifter that suffers from nightmares of the night his wife was murdered and his daughter disappeared. He still searches for her, clinging to the thought she is still out there. It’s when he stops to settle down a bit…he finds the nightmare…has found him once again.

Before I dive into pro’s and con’s, let me start off with saying this is an independent film, and as such there are some things you have to take into consideration. Independent films are very low budget most of the times. So picking at bad visual effects, shaky camera, and other small details…you can’t really do that fairly. These are present in most if not all independent films. They can’t all have Rick Baker, Tom Savini, or film in an IMAX camera. So if your watching this movie, don’t rate it yourself comparing it to a multimillion dollar flick. At this point you are being unfair. You have to appreciate it for what it is. A throwback to the old horror movies of the 80’s. Something that was done wonderfully. Now that that’s out of the way…Pro’s and Con’s (I’m going to reverse the two so we end on a positive note!)


Really there isn’t much bad I have to say about Hush. The main problems I found was with transitions and character development. Some of the transitions between dream sequences and flashes forward in time are left unclear. It takes you a minuet to gather your thoughts and realize you aren’t really lost. A couple of times it happened and I was like “Whoa, Did I miss something?”

As far as character development goes, you learn a nice bit about most of the characters. Definitely enough to keep the movie moving. I just wish there was more. Some of the relationships that are formed are unclear because you don’t know how much time has lapsed. This con is almost a good thing, because that means the film had characters worth wanting to know more about it.


Ah, a lot of these to be had. But I’m only going to gush over a few. I enjoyed the casting, the story, the ending (the ending is going to have spoilers…but don’t worry I’ll warn you…this is number 1) The casting in this movie is very interesting. This is the first speaking main role for Brad Loree who usually is just a stunt man. I do hope this isn’t his last lead role as he did very well. The antagonistic role is played with a chilling sadistic nature by Edward X. Young. The man plays a villain like no other. He can go from purely calm in demeanor to psycho in seconds.  Stephen Geoffreys is like the perfect lackey and very much so a nod to his roles from the 80’s (Fright Night, 976-EVIL). Steve Dash will make you smile from ear to ear as will director Thomas Churchill. Neither one has much screen time, but boy the time they are on screen…you won’t forget them. Watch out for Spoilers ahead….

Story was another thing I enjoyed. It is cut from the same cloth has most horror from the 80’s, but in an original pattern. it’s refreshing to see a call back to when horror was really different. It wasn’t afraid to have comedy. It wasn’t afraid to be a little campy. The dialogue in this movie will chill you in some areas and in others make you have a real gut wrenching laugh (Listen for “You Smelly Fuck!”…your going to lose it and not get it back!! lol) A + for freshness….Spoiler Alert coming up ….now!!!


Who is this Edward Cullen you speak of?

Who is this Edward Cullen you speak of?

The ending is really worth mentioning as a pro. You don’t see it coming. Obviously you get their is something off about Mr. Hush. A sort of supernatural quality. What you don’t expect is him turning into a grey shark tooth fanged vampire. You also don’t expect one of the most hilarious vampire staking since Paul Rubens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Huey Lewis and the News isn’t a bad addition either. I like the twist ending the most. You sort of see it, but it’s not at the front of your mind for sure. Age old vampire grudge over Hollands grandfather killing Hush’s mate? it’s very refreshing not seeing regurgitated ideas.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I give David Lee Madison’s  Mr. Hush 4 out of 5 Top Hats. If you’re a fan of independent film, or just wanting to see a good fresh horror flick pick it up! It’s available at Blockbuster and through Netflix by mail. I really can’t wait to see further projects from David Madison. Hats off sir…Hats off! That will be all for today Darlings! Stay tuned for more madness!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik

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“You’re so cool Brewster!”…Story Time with Stephen Geoffreys

Well, my Freaky Darlings, it’s been a rather silent spell from me. I do apologize for that. Old Malice’s batteries have been recharged though, and I’m back ready for more! This interview I’m giving to you was a long time in the works. You’ve been waiting for it for quite some time by me either dropping off hints, or even some I’ve already told. This interview was supposed to be posted before Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear, but alas the world conspired against me, and it was delayed. Well now it is here for your viewing pleasure. I do hope you enjoy it as it has caused me many sleepless nights through the whole process. Prepare yourself…

“You’re so cool Brewster!”…Story Time with Stephen Geoffreys

Malice: This has been a while in the works, but I have to say it’s well worth the wait. I have with me today Stephen Geoffreys of Fright Night and 976-EVIL. Also more recently Mr. Hush and Emerging Past. Stephen, I just want to jump head first into this interview! What made you decide on acting?

Stephen Geoffreys: Well, it’s kind of been what I’ve wanted to do all my life since I was little. I think every kid has that fantasy life going on. With mine it was hyper… I was in my own little world. So I thought, “Why don’t I make money pretending.” So that’s what I decided to do. I went to a performing arts high school. I went to a college and graduate school and studied acting. When I got out, I was ready to dive in. I’ve been lucky! I’ve always had a singular desire to do what I really love. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

Malice: Your known well for your roles in Fright Night and 976-EVIL. However, you have been in a few other roles (Fraternity Vacation, The Chair). Do you have any favorite roles?

Stephen: I never categorize what I am. It’s like when you’re an actor, you get scripts and you either take them or you don’t. It’s really not anymore complicated than that. I just happened to have got hooked into “Fright Nights” and some other horror movies. But, it wasn’t really a conscious decision on my part to become a horror actor. Just if the part is good and the price is right I’ll take it.

Malice: Back when you were filming Fright Night, did you ever think that the movie would stand the test of time? That ‘Evil’ Ed Thompson would still be talked about today?

Stephen: I knew it would, but not to the extent it has. The very nature of movies is something you can watch over and over as long as the technical apparatus is available to watch them. It’s a good thing, as opposed to theater, when the curtain’s down it’s over. Film is forever. I would have never guessed… You know I would have never thought kids would come up and say”My Grandmother showed me this movie you were in!”It’s neat though, it’s really great!

Malice: Do you have any set memories from the movie? For example, how long did the make-up take?

Stephen: Yeah, it was an amazing test of patience to sit in a chair for hours  for all the make-up and prosthetics to be applied. But, there was a lot of excitement involved. It was all part of it. I knew I was in great hands as far as the people doing the special effects. Just top of the line great special effects make-up people. It wasn’t to bad.

Malice: What about the contacts used? I’ve heard the special effects contacts used during that period were very painful.

Stephen: Yeah, about that. Around that whole time period, you know around Lost Boys, Fright Night, and when Michael Jackson did the “Thriller” video he had those eyes. They were made using these huge plastic, semi-circle things that they would just shove into your eye. I’m sure it was pretty dangerous. They said you were only supposed to wear them for a little while. Like fifteen twenty minutes at most. I ended up having to wear them for a while. Like the the scene where Peter Vincent thinks he’s waking up Charlie’s Mother and it’s me with the Raggedy Ann wig. I had those things in for at least an hour maybe two. So all the pain and anguish that came across on camera was about 80% to do with those contacts. Then when I did 976-EVIL about a year later, by then they came up with some new technique that they could use soft contacts. I wore them with that movie and they were fine. I think my eye got scratched for like six months after Fright Night wrapped. Talk about suffering for your art!

Malice: What ever happened with Fright Night 2? Why didn’t you reprise your role?

Stephen: I was actually obligated to play in the sequel. The offers for Fright Night and 976-EVIL came the same week. And they said they were going to be starting around the same time. There was no way I could be in both. I had to decide between the two, and I chose 976-EVIL. I would have done Fright Night 2 even though I didn’t particularly love the script. But yeah, that’s why that happened.

Malice: What’s your feeling on the Fright Night remake that’s on the horizon?

Stephen: The way it’s working now is, you take a movie that was successful and use the title. Make another movie, and hope for a really good first weekend and cash in on the notoriety. It’s all about the bottom line basically. You know, it’s a great compliment actually that Fright Night was good enough to be remade.

Malice: Moving along to 976-EVIL. I really feel that the movie doesn’t get the credit it deserved. I personally loved the film! What experience did it offer?

Stephen: Robert was great! We hung out while we were filming. The Highlight was working with Sandy Dennis. She played my mother in the movie. Great, great actress and an Academy Award winner. I’ve always admired her. So playing in front of the camera with her was a real honor. She was great and really funny! She really cracked me up. It’s very surreal, but you get it out of the way, and get down to business. You know everyone is there for the same reason, to make a good movie. I think 976-EVIL turned out pretty good.

Malice: Recently you have start becoming active again in acting. This includes a role in Dave Madison’s Mr. Hush (premiering this weekend at Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear). I’ve been following this movie, and I’m really impressed! How did you come across the role?

Stephen: David Madison, I met him on the set of another indy film, Emerging Past by Thomas Churchill. He was the producer, and I met him on the set. He offered a part on Mr. Hush. I read the script, I thought it was really good, and really liked it. So I did it! I’m really excited and I can’t wait to see it. I hope it really takes off. He wrote a great script and was a great director.

Malice: Is there anything you can tell us about your character “Stark”? What can we expect to see?

Stephen: I’m basically the side kick to the main bad guy. I’m like his little right hand man. Throughout the movie I try to cause as much trouble as I possibly can. I had a blast!

Malice: Let’s switch it up a little. I want to talk about you personally. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Stephen: I’m a runner. I run like twenty-five to thirty miles a week maybe more. I also read a lot. So Reading and running.

Malice: You play mostly Horror roles, but I’m sure that’s not the only films you watch, do you like any genre in particular?

Stephen: I really don’t have any one type of category. The types of movies I like are the good ones. If it’s good and entertaining, it really doesn’t matter what genre it is. I like to be entertained, that’s the bottom line.

Malice: You play a good prankster on film. Is that all acting or are you a prankster in “real” life?

Stephen: No, I’m pretty conservative and quiet. It just so happens I play a lot of characters that are like that for some reason. That’s not really who I am. You know that’s why it’s called acting. You act like something you’re not.

Malice: I’m going to take some time now and ask you some “Out-of-Hat” questions. A few months back I asked Dave Madison who would win between Edward Cullen and David from The Lost Boys. He said David, but David was no match for “Evil” Ed Thompson. So I ask YOU, who would win between “Evil” Ed and David?

Stephen: “Evil” Ed is pretty determined. I would have to say “Evil” Ed without a doubt.

Malice: Are you a theme park man or a beach kind of guy?

Stephen: Definately beach. Without a doubt.

Malice: Do you prefer Main stream Horror or B-Rated?

Stephen: Like I said before, if it’s good. If it’s entertaining. If it’s worth sitting for two hours and watching! There have been a lot of indy films that have been terrible and a lot of main stream that have been really good and visa versa. I don’t really categorize things that way.

Malice: I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to finally get to talk with you Stephen, a real treat! Is there anything you would like to add to my readers and your fans?

Stephen: I’m getting back into making movies and doing plays. So, if you’ve got any scripts or whatever, send them to or

There you have it people! The masterful Stephen Geoffreys is back in acting! Check out Emerging Past and Mr. Hush for a little more of whats to come. That’s all for now Freaky Darlings, but stay tuned for lot’s coming to you soon. There’s more madness to come…you just wait!

Until Next Time, My freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik