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Psychotik Review: “Wit’s End” by David Lee Madison

Oh my, how time flies when you stick yourself in a deep pit of despair. Then instead of finding the way out, you find that you just stuck yourself on a damn hamster wheel! Hello my cheeky monkeys! I’ve missed you all! What brings me back you may ask? After all of the false starts and dud take offs, what made me dust off the key board? If chaos, possible world ending events, a pandemic, civil unrest, and multiverse level threats cant do it… What can? or Who can?! How about an old friend? David Lee Madison ((Mr. Hush, Middle Village)) has released a new movie, Wit’s End. I had been lurking in the shadows while he developed this. So when he asked me to get a peek at it, how could I refuse? It was an honor. Lets get into the review shall we?


Psychotik Review: Wit’s End

Let’s start with the plot synapses: Jeffrey Stevens ((David Lee Madison)) is an amazing father, husband, and friend. Life throws him a left hook when he must battle a unexpected blizzard. Stranded in the woods with no service and just his wits, will he make it home to his loved ones or will this be his Wit’s End… See what I did there? That is the story! Very simple, great story telling. Honestly, I found something very warm and fuzzy in this film. Its not a big Hollywood blockbuster, but it offers something warm to the soul.

The movie sets up establishing Jeff’s character. You have a few warm moments with him and his daughter Jessica ((played by Amanda Madison)). Then you move on to some pretty funny back and forth banter between him and his brother and their best friend, Tom Stevens ((Brian O’Halloran)) and Steve ((Scott Sciaffo)). Pay attention and you may even find an Easter Egg for another set of movies we all love ((Tee Hee)). The chemistry in these scenes are nice refreshing slice of life type stuff, that you can only real life bonds. Warm and fuzzy! The movie progresses with Jeff going out to his family cabin to get some gifts he has stashed away for Valentines while his wife and child are away. Simple errand with the possibility of some free time right? Well mother nature has a way of putting a wrench in your plans. Or in Jeff’s case, a tire iron to the knee and a whole lot of ice! I would love to go further but I really don’t want to ruin anything.

Wit’s End is a slice of life movie we need. David Madison delivers with a step outside of the conventional summer blockbuster and big budget film to tell a tale worth telling. How far will a person go for his loved ones? What type of adversity could they face when it seems like the world has turned on them? In a world with so much pain and uncertainty, this is a warm tale we need. A tale of love that’s just good for the soul. It made me think: What would I do to get back to my kids? How far would I go?

So overall, what do I rate it? How any Top Hats? I think I’m going to drop the rating portion of these reviews. I’ve grown to not really like that style of review. I’m not a fan of metacritic sites. People get to dialed into quantifying movies by numbers. I don’t want to be a part of that wheel anymore. Just go see it! It’s a great movie. Its streaming on demand now. I know Amazon has it. So buy or rent it today, and enjoy some food for the heart and soul!

That’s all for now my cheeky monkeys! It wont be long between these articles. I think its time for me to come back. Like really time ya know?

Until Next Time, My Cheeky Monkeys,

Malice Psychotik


Required Viewing! 10 Movies to Bring in the Holidays!

Hey there Darlings! This article was supposed to be posted yesterday. For what ever reason I was having laptop issues and couldn’t get it to do anything (I need a new one for sure!) Movies play a big roll in my life…and at every holiday! Allow for me to share with you…a list of films that will make your holiday…(whatever it may be)…a great one!

National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationA must for everyone to see. If you haven’t seen it, you go somewhere and pick that shit up and watch it! The movie captures what everyone feels around the holidays. The Griswalds display for us (in every film) how awkward family time is around the holidays. Dreaded In-laws, decorating the house, shopping, that one relative that shows up uninvited…the list goes on. This is the perfect holiday comedy to kick off the season.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasPracticly a required experiance, there is no better multi-holiday movie to exist. Tim Burton lays out what Christmas would be like if every goth kid in the world had their way! If you’ve not seen this, it’s time. The movie has been around 20 years. It’s about time…

A Christmas StoryEven more so than the previous mentioned, I find it hard to believe anyone has missed this movie. This was Christmas Vacation…before it was Christmas Vacation. A movie that tells a tale of Christmas back in a simple time. Come on people TNT does nothing but show this 24/7 at times (is TNT still around?) You have no excuses…

Christmas Carol So many of these movies exist. A lot of them are good…my favorite is the one with Jim Carrey. This 3D extravaganza came out a few years ago and amazed me to no end. You will not be disappointed…

Elf Will Farrel as a giant elf…How could you go wrong? Pick up this movie and be transported to a world of laughter. Maybe I’m over stating this a bit…but it’s still pretty funny and well worth the look if you haven’t checked it out.

Scrooged Bill Murry movies are always good. And “A Christmas Carol”is a freaking classic. What happens when the two meet? Legen- wait for it- Dary!

Jingle All the Way Another one of those movies that addresses problems we all relate to. This one just so happens to deal with finding that “Hot Item” that every kid wants and is going to feel like a loser without. What lengths will the “Ahnold” go to to get this toy for his son? Pretty effing far!

Jack Frost This can work both ways. Either you can watch the horror flick with the murderous psycho snowman. Or the feel good family flick with Michael Keaton. Either way, you are in for a treat. Just don’t mix the two up with the kiddlets eh?

Doctor Who Christmas Episodes Every good little Whovian down in Whoville waits for these. A Doctor Who Christmas special is always magical…or in some cases sad. For those of you that loved Matt Smith, his version of the Doctor will leave us this Christmas…are you all ready? Yeah didn’t think so.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Another one that works on more than one level. Either you watch the original Cartoon or you watch the one with Jim Carrey….Either one is a great…Either one will complete your holiday!

Until Next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik